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  1. So at 23 years old, you guys are ready to declare Hagg a finished product?
  2. Guilt or not of trafficking, this is exactly the kind of guy (who has coke at his house) that, as a GM, I wouldn't want anywhere near my players. Honestly, I don't know how the Flyers can *not* suspend him. You don't have 2kg of coke at your summer house without knowing about it.
  3. Those are my 4 cuts as well. Not necessarily what I would do, but what I think will happen. Really, though, those guys will be the first call ups in the case of injuries or trade. Next year, spots open up from expiring contracts. Up front, they have Weal, Simmonds, Raffl, and Lehtera expiring. Neuvirth and Elliott in goal. And Folin on D. Of those, I think Simmonds and Raffl are the only two they may keep. Room for guys like Frost, Twarynski, Rubtsov, Allison, Hart, Sandstrom. Too bad our defense is still logjammed. They have to move someone out (or bench a vet) to fit Myers.
  4. So who are those 6? I think the following are the bubble players Definite cut - Friedman One of - Stolarz or Hart And four of - Goulbourne Twarynski Knight Weise Lehtera Weal Leier
  5. Understandable. For NAK, he definitely doesn't beat out Laughton or Raffl (assuming Weal is 4C). He looked decent but still borderline. For Myers, I suspect it's both a numbers game and also still needing some work. I know it feels like forever, but he's only 21. The vast majority of drafted defensemen are not in the NHL at 21, and this kid was undrafted. So is he better than someone in the projected top 6 right now? Maybe, maybe not. Provorov/Ghost/Sanheim/Gudas/AMac/Hagg/Folin. The challenge, I think, is Hagg. He's not waiver exempt, and would most certainly get picked up. And they aren't going to have Hagg, Gudas or AMac as a regular healthy scratch. So, until an injury happens or someone is moved out, it's not in the cards for Myers right now.
  6. A few observations from last night... - Elliott did not look sharp. The first two goals were stoppable, the next two were tougher. He's only played 4 periods of hockey after a summer of recovery, so there's that. - Vorobyev looked pretty comfortable with G and Konecny. He made several really smart plays defensively and offensively, and part of me wonders if putting him on the top line last night was a kind of insurance test if Couturier isn't ready to go or misses some time during the season. Vorobyev looks like a fine candidate to plug in to that line temporarily. Even with weak faceoff skills, you've got G who can fill in. - Myers had a really shaky game, including an egregious giveaway that led to a goal against. And this was against a mainly AHL lineup. Not sure he's ready, honestly. If they keep him, we need to be ready to live with a lot of those rookie mistakes. - The Patrick line cycled well, and the Vorobyev line was generating chances all night. Also, the Knight line had some really strong shifts. - Top to bottom, our defense had some shaky moments. Still a group that is growing and learning. It will be interesting to see who gets cut today.
  7. Hopefully deciding which of the two they’re cutting. The correct answer is both.
  8. @aziz i found this from rawcharge.com, a TB Lightning blog, re: the Martel pickup. So in essence, it’s the same for anyone claiming Stolarz. They either have to keep him up or re-expose him to waivers if they want to reassign him. Right?
  9. Yes, good point. Also, anyone getting claimed now has to be on the claiming team's NHL roster for 10 games or 30 days, and then must clear again if being reassigned. Does that apply for in-season waiver claims (the 10 game / 30 day policy)? If not, then that is a big factor.
  10. If that's the case, I wonder if Weal's absence means anything as well.
  11. Yes, the timing is everything. And since the teams have yet to submit their final rosters, no one would be considered an emergency recall at this point. There is no roster. So the only real question is *when* Stolarz goes through waivers. Now (in the case of a healthy Neuvirth for opening night) or later (in the case of an LTIR'd Neuvirth for opening night).
  12. Lines for tonight's game per Meltzer. [Hidden Content] 28 Claude Giroux - 46 Mikhail Vorobyev - 11 Travis Konecny 25 James vs Riemsdyk - 19 Nolan Patrick - 93 Jakub Voracek 21 Scott Laughton - 38 Corban Knight - 12 Michael Raffl 62 Nicolas Aube-Kubel - 15 Jori Lehterä - 22 Dale Weise 9 Ivan Provorov - 53 Shayne Gostisbehere 8 Robert Hägg - 61 Philippe Myers 47 Andrew MacDonald - 26 Christian Folin 37 Brian Elliott [41 Anthony Stolarz] As a side note, a few guys on Hockeybuzz picked Nolan Patrick as the top breakout player in the Metro this year. [Hidden Content]
  13. Really? I don't disagree, but I would also be fine with him on the 4th with Raffl and Laughton. But I would also be fine if Weal simply disappeared.
  14. That's how we understood it too, though we have the added complexity of Stolarz not actually having been waived yet. So, in this scenario he basically makes the Flyers roster while Neuvirth is on LTIR. Since Stolarz was never waived and Neuvirth is not on the active roster, Stolarz is not considered an emergency recall the way I understand it. Once Neuvirth is reactivated, they will need to waive/reassign one of their three goalies, who are all subject to waivers. If Hart backups Elliott instead, Stolarz will have to go through waivers now while Hart will be exempt when/if sent back to LHV.

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