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  1. This was an interesting read... How Science and Genetics are Reshaping the Race Debate of the 21st Century - Science in the News [Hidden Content]
  2. Ditto. This says a lot about the people here - lots of respectful, thoughtful posts.
  3. Right, they were penalizing the outcome for sure. How far does that extend? If I push you on the sidewalk, and you stumble backwards and fall into traffic and get hit by a car, am I responsible for that too? I think under the law, I would be. What if after I pushed you, someone was behind you and tripped you as you fell into the street? Who's responsible then? Both? I guess the challenge here is that it wasn't Eakin that directly injured Pavelski to that degree, yet he was the one who set it in motion. Maybe they just got the wrong guy. Could you give Stastny a 5 and a game for his part in it? If so, under which rule? I think the outrage comes from the difference between a 2 minute penalty that is washed out after a goal against vs a full 5 minutes shorthanded. I understand it too, and I agree that the officials did not change the outcome of the game on their own. The only real question is whether or not they made the appropriate call. If Eakin doesn't crosscheck Pavelski in the first place, which is NOT a legal hockey move, then we're not having this conversation and the Knights are in round 2. So at the end of the day, the only person to truly blame is Eakin.
  4. Lots of food for thought, and great post overall. Nice to see you again All I would add is my interpretation of @mojo1917's initial post - and my interpretation could be totally off base from what he meant, but what I took from it is that there is a life-affirming way to embrace the entirety of a person - race, religion, language, ethnicity, physical traits, their own personal history, their collective history, etc. In other words, these are all of the characteristics and traits and features and things I can gather from you on an observational basis (whether superficial or from a personal relationship), and all of those things make you who you are. Period. This is in opposition to the life-denying way society handles it now - by judging, castigating, and dismissing on an aggregate scale that filters down to the individual. True, we are animals (which reminds me of another debate I'd love to have), and we are tribal. We are also evolving. So in my world view, I agree with your general point that the way forward is by making these "differences" go away by "not seeing" them. However, I see that as the incremental step that humanity can take right now based on where "we" are in our development as a species. I'd say we're in our mid-teens or very early adulthood. Give it a few thousand years, and "society" may be all grown up, which I think looks more like what @mojo1917 is saying. Of course, we may also be extinct because robots had no use for such "flawed" animals.
  5. This might be a part of the issue. My perception, as an non-American, is that you (the royal you) aren't able to have those conversations on a public scale without it devolving into tribalism and divisiveness. Something appears seriously broken in the American discourse. The vitriol and hatred that are present on social media on the issue of the day are downright disturbing. I just can't believe people talk to other people that way. Perhaps Comcast just thought rather than try and have a conversation that will almost certainly go sideways, especially as it spills onto social media (which it has anyway), they would just do what they feel is the right thing to do. I'm not passing judgment either way, but that may have been in the back of their minds on some level.
  6. I don't think the "severity of the contact" was any more "severe" than a typical cross check we see almost every night in the NHL. Yes, a cross check. No, it was not a severe crosscheck. No way that should have been 5 minutes, IMO of course. The following series of events and subsequent hit by Stastny is what made it the brutal injury that it is. Terrible call, IMO.
  7. He may or may not turn it around - still lots of time. It was a bit of a strange pick by Hextall, but they obviously saw something in him. They won't all pan out.
  8. O'Brien is headed to a lower-tier league to try and get back on track. [Hidden Content] Not great news.
  9. Well this thread could easily be expanded to add a few more teams to the "make us mad" list. Columbus NY Isles (though they were higher seed, they're just not very good on paper) Dallas Colorado You know, it's possible that all the lower seeds except Pittsburgh win their 1st round matchups. What does that mean? True parity? Honestly, the only TRUE upset is Tampa losing to anyone in the 1st round. The other one I would also call an upset is Calgary losing to the Avs. Everyone else was close enough in the season that it's a coin toss, really.
  10. Yeah, adding those two guys would add 50-60 goals to the lineup. I just threw lines together that popped into my head, thinking Voracek would be the set up man for Joe and JVR. But whatever, mix and match to whatever works best. The other thing is these guys will cost a lot less than EK, Panarin, and Duchene in both cap hit and term length. It’s probably the more responsible thing to do, but would it be enough? Or is that settling?
  11. I think Patrick will get better too - but when? Next season? In season 6 like Couturier? Having a true 2C gives the team the luxury of letting him develop at his own pace. I agree, though, Hayes is not that guy. I suspect we’d have the same problems next year. Duchene will want term, if he leaves Columbus. A SCF or Cup can change things. He’d be my first choice if he would do 5 years. Pavelski would be an interesting gamble. He scored 38 goals this year. He’ll turn 35 in July, so I think his contract would be a 35+ one. Fletch would need to be careful. I’d go 2 years. Other than that, you’d probably have to make a trade. Maybe go after Connolly as a 3RW. G/Coots/TK JVR/Pavelski/Voracek Lindblom/Patrick/Connolly Raffl/Laughton/Hartman
  12. The reasoning might be less about "having to do it" and more "she was part of a history that we don't really support in the modern narrative and more enlightened views." So it made sense to drop it. It's the same argument that has been brewing about R Kelly, who is a contemporary, and it's easy to shut him out. But what about Michael Jackson? He's dead, long gone, but his music remains. Should people support him and his estate by listening to his music? Should they ban him on terrestrial radio (is that still a thing?)? Or do we believe that people are capable of separating the music from the person? Is that enough?
  13. I think he’ll definitely find success. He’ll get more out of the young guys. Like you say, the biggest question now is what moves Fletch will make. Could be a very different roster come September. Another thing that stood out in the presser is Vigneault’s cool, but confident demeanour. So much so that I feel he might be a better negotiator and talent evaluator than Fletch. That bodes well for us if he’s involved with Fletch in making decisions for our off-season game plan.
  14. I watched the presser and was impressed with what Vigneault had to say. What stood out the most? That he has one thing left to accomplish and that’s what drives him. Stanley Cup.
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