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  1. Damn, rux. You’ve hit rock bottom with the entire organization, haven’t you? I can definitely understand. I’m not there yet lol. I actually enjoyed the game last night more than I have in a while, so there’s that. On nights when it’s not enjoyable I just do something else. Someday, they’ll tip the balance toward mostly enjoyable, then eventually full on chub. They’ve gotta, right?? Lol. Until then, keep calm and rux on
  2. Nope, you're not imagining this... [Hidden Content] Just for reference as you read this, here's our PP over the last little bit... Without Knoblauch 2014-2015 - 23.4% (3rd) 2015-2016 - 18.9% (11th) 2016-2017 - 19.5% (14th) With Knoblauch 2017-2018 - 20.7% (15th) 2018-2019 - 12.7% (29th) So while last year the % was better than the previous two, it ranked lower across the league. And this year is a joke. Let's look at PK while we're at it. Without Laperriere 2010-2011 - 82.7% (15th) 2011-2012 - 81.8% (17th) 2012-2013 - 85.9% (5th) With Laperriere 2013-2014 - 84.8% (7th) 2014-2015 - 77.1% (27th) 2015-2016 - 80.5% (20th) 2016-2017 - 79.8% (21st) 2017-2018 - 75.8% (29th) 2018-2019 - 71.2% (30th) In both cases, you can see that the first year with the new guy was ok, mostly following the previous year. My guess is that's the carry-over effect. It happens with head coaching changes too. But once you are a few seasons in, it's really the 'new' guy's results.
  3. I thought they played really well overall. Pushed the pace, got a TON of offensive pressure and high danger chances. Clogged up the neutral zone and mitigated turnovers by limiting to mostly low-danger chances. For 45 minutes, they dictated the pace. Five posts, a disallowed goal, and I'd say one stoppable goal were the difference. I felt they deserved a better fate, but they had their chances at ES and on the PP - they just weren't able to bury anything. And now we're down two starters again. Pickard and Lyon, anyone?
  4. Flyers PP - 12.7% (29th) Flyers PP first 4 games - 5/20 (25%) - That would put us 10th right now. Flyers PP next 15 games - 3/43 (6.9%) - That would put us 31st right now. Over those 15 games, they scored a PPG an average of once every five games. Flyers PK - 71.2% (30th) Flyers PK first 4 games - 13/19 (68.4%) - That would put us 30th right now Flyers PK next 15 games - 34/47 (72.3%) - That would put us 28th right now. Just to be a mediocre team on the PK (15th), the Flyers would need to work at 80.7% (Dallas right now). Amazingly, with a 30th ranked PK and a 29th ranked PP, the Flyers went 7-7-1 over the last 15 games with those atrocious special teams. Even more amazing, the Predators are 1st overall in the league with the 31st ranked PP (10.8%) and 18th PK (78.7%).
  5. I merged them because you can never have enough game threads
  6. Much better. Also, I am not passing judgment on Hart - I was just posting his stats along with a few other Phantoms by way of the previous question. At the end of the day, I'm less concerned about Hart being a legit #1 goalie than I am having at least one freaking guy in the organization being a #1. Interesting post on the Athletic today about Ersson. It's behind a paywall, but the one and a half paragraphs I read were informative The best goalie of this current generation is probably Lundqvist, a 7th rounder. Last year's Vezina winner, Rinne, is an 8th rounder. And the only multiple Vezina winner in recent times, Bobrovsky, is undrafted. So whether it's Hart, Ersson, Ustimenko, Sandstrom, just give us ONE guy to end all goaltending controversy in Philly for at least 5 years!! Is that too much to ask?
  7. I'm sure I had some kind of link in my head at the time I wrote the title and then the post... But I ended up down a rabbit hole and it became more of a random musing on our team composition. I had a long post all typed up in response, but it was just as random as the original, so I'll spare all of you from my muddled thoughts lol. I will add this. The Isles lost Tavares but are sitting in 2nd in the Metro. Where would the Flyers be without Giroux? I'm guessing not 2nd in the Metro. The Trotz Factor? The Rangers publicly announced a rebuild and sold off spare parts. They are 3rd in the Metro. Montreal has also managed to be very competitive in a year they were expected to be bad. This probably won't hold... but maybe it will. What gives?
  8. Hey-o! Look who's back - potentially... Here's Bill M's take -> [Hidden Content] FLYERS28 Claude Giroux - 14 Sean Couturier - 11 Travis Konecny23 Oskar Lindblom - 19 Nolan Patrick - 93 Jakub Voracek25 James van Riemsdyk - 40 Jordan Weal - 17 Wayne Simmonds22 Dale Weise - 21 Scott Laughton - 62 Nicolas Aube-Kubel9 Ivan Provorov - 8 Robert Hägg53 Shayne Gostisbehere - 26 Christian Folin6 Travis Sanheim - 3 Radko Gudas37 Brian Elliott[33 Cal Pickard]Scratches: 47 Andrew MacDonald (healthy), 15 Jori Lehterä or 62 Nicolas Aube-Kubel (healthy), 30 Michal Neuvirth (IR, lower body), 12 Michael Raffl (IR, lower body), 10 Corban Knight (IR, collarbone), 5 Sam Morin (ACL surgery).DEVILS9 Taylor Hall - 19 Travis Zajac - 21 Kyle Palmieri90 Marcus Johansson - 37 Pavel Zacha - 63 Jesper Bratt 20 Blake Coleman - 43 Brent Seney - 49 Joey Anderson44 Miles Wood - 10 Jean-Sebastien Dea - 23 Stefan Noesen 25 Mirco Mueller - 45 Sami Vatanen6 Andy Greene - 28 Damon Severson8 Will Butcher - 12 Ben Lovejoy1 Keith Kinkaid[35 Cory Schneider]Scratches: 13 Nico Hischier (questionable, upper body), 18 Drew Stafford (healthy), 74 Egor Yakolev (healthy), 11 Brian Boyle (IR, upper body), 16 Steve Santini (IR, broken jaw).
  9. I know that's a common narrative, but I feel like he's done a decent job with the kids. Half of our top six is 22 or under, our top defenseman is 21, Sanheim keeps earning more minutes and showing progress, and NAK was rewarded the other night with more time after showing some strong play. Yeah, maybe Vorobyev was scratched/sent back pretty quickly, but at the end of the day, not every 'kid' is the same. Guys like Patrick, Provorov, TK - they have a little something extra that makes sense having them 'figure it out' in the NHL once they're here. He gave Provorov a ton of leeway while he was struggling, and still is. Same with Patrick. TK was shuffled around the lineup a bit, but also developed his game while doing so. Vorobyev? I'm guessing he just didn't show enough to warrant being an everyday NHL player at this point. He's 21. That's ok. That would make 7 guys under 22 on this team, and based on the teams I looked at yesterday (top 12 teams in the league), that is the most. So far in 6 games back in LHV, Vorobeyv has 5 points. Top young guy down there is David Kase - who I've seen compared to Datsyuk - with 10 points in 11 games. He is apparently very fast. Rubtsov has 10 points in 13 games. Myers has 9 points in 14 games. Twarynski (1pt) and Bunnaman (2pts) are kind of at the bottom of the roster, but it's their first pro season. Hart is sporting an .893 save % and 3.28 GAA. Speaking of which, he's played 8 games, Lyon has played 4, and Stolarz 2. It's starting to feel like Stolarz is the odd man out.
  10. I don't think that's necessarily true. Apparently, the lines in practice the other day had JVR with Lindblom and Patrick (even though they're both righties). Could be nothing, or could be something. In that case, I'd guess either Voracek or TK moves to the 3rd line with Simmer and Weal (or Laughton). That might not be bad actually. G/Coots/TK Lindblom/Patrick/JVR Voracek/Laughton or Weal/Simmonds Weise/Lehtera/NAK
  11. Some of the discussion in other threads got me thinking about the Flyers seemingly being stuck in a "two years away" loop. I looked at the Panthers and Flyers rosters, who seem relatively evenly matched. The Panthers have 3 guys who are 22 years old or younger - Ekblad (1st overall, 4th season), Malgin (4th rounder, 3rd season), and McCann (1st rounder, 4th season). All three of them are 22. McCann and Malgin play on the 3rd line, and Ekblad plays on the top D pairing. They have 8 1st rounders in the lineup. The Flyers have 6 guys who are 22 years old or younger - Aube-Kubel (2nd rounder, rookie), Konecny (1st rounder, 3rd season), Lindblom (5th rounder, rookie), Patrick (1st rounder, 2nd season), Provorov (1st rounder, 3rd season), Sanheim (1st rounder, 2nd season). TK is on the 1st line, Patrick and Lindblom are on the 2nd, NAK is on the 4th, Provorov is on the top D pairing, and Sanheim is on the 3rd pairing. They have 9 1st rounders in the lineup. At first glance, not only do we have more younger guys in the lineup than the Panthers, but - - They are expected to play larger roles than those of the Panthers by virtue of their lineup position. - They are less experienced overall than the Panthers young guys. The Panthers also have a future HOF goaltender, and we most certainly do not. Both teams have young coaches who jumped levels to reach the NHL (Boughner from the OHL to the NHL, and Hakstol from NCAA to NHL). Boughner is in his 2nd year coaching at this level, Hak in his 4th. Just looking at some top teams and how many guys under 22 they have - Nashville (1) Columbus (2) Tampa (4) Toronto (4) Minnesota (2) Boston (5) Winnipeg (4) NY Islanders (2) San Jose (2) Vancouver (4) So the Panthers are right in the middle, whereas the Flyers lead the pack. Does any of this explain why we're continually 2 years away from being 2 years away? Next year we'll likely add two more (Frost, Myers) or maybe three (Vorobyev?). What about NAK and Allison? Up front, we could be losing Simmonds, Lehtera, Raffl, Weal, and Weise could be a 13th or waived. Again, that's a huge infusion of youth and a significant loss in experience. They're not all great, mind you, and certainly half of them are replacement level. But it's still a lot of players to break in. Just a few idle observations on what this team looks like compared to the rest of the NHL.
  12. I hear ya. I don't have a ton of faith in Hakstol being *the* guy to lead this team to a deep playoff run / Cup either. I guess my one caveat is that I trust that Hextall knows more than I do, and wants to win. That's the ultimate goal of running a hockey team. I said it before the season started that I feel the training wheels are off and Hakstol is now vulnerable to being replaced if he doesn't deliver. It would be a shame if Hextall waited too long to make that evaluation and lost out on a definite HOF coach who is available.
  13. Thanks! I figure no one reads those long winded posts anyway lol.
  14. So you would scratch Weal over Lehtera? He's down around the 7 minute range for TOI. I like Weal - I think he has great offensive instincts, but as you said, he gets pushed off the puck way too easily. He loses more battles than he wins. Could also recall Vorobyev if NAK is sent back.
  15. I agree with everything but #2. That's an assumption that's really hard to prove. I feel that way, and a lot of fans do, but it's far from any sort of truism. It's a false conclusion.

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