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  1. Yes, he's apparently a very tenacious, hard-working player. I'd prefer him over Stewart any day, and that's without even seeing him play! NAK, meanwhile, was a healthy scratch on a severely depleted Phantoms team, so there's that. I think it's probably safe to say he will never be a regular NHL player.
  2. David Kase got called up and is available for the game tonight, though not sure he will get in.
  3. Also, the Stars have just fired Montgomery. His "values" were inconsistent with the Stars' organization. Old school coach house cleaning incoming....
  4. I suspect it's because there is a significant number of people who are unable to have opposing viewpoints without it becoming aggressive, vile, and personal. You know exactly how an open comments section on that press release would go. @RonJeremy is certainly entitled to his opinion, but the very title of this thread and the language used in his opinion (no disrespect meant, RJ) is inflammatory. Can you imagine that in a Sportsnet comments section?
  5. Per official Flyers channels. Also, Myers left practice with back spasms again. He's out for Wednesday, and the plan is not to call anyone up for the 3-game road trip, at least for now. Stewart and Hagg will be in. They will have no extra healthy players on the trip.
  6. That was a fun game. Except for the potential injury to TK. Laughton was a true leader tonight. Chirping, hitting, being a pest, starts the play on the Provy goal, and then buries one himself to take the lead back. And then tells off the entire Sens bench? Hell yeah. I hate that punk Tkachuk. Borowiecki is a punk too. Fun, emotional hockey! I'll take 10 games like that over just about any other game this season. This is probably a good learning game for the kids. Develop some passion. It was a playoff-lite kinda game.
  7. Yeah, I just meant that even without Niskanen, they're running away with the division. The two teams were coming at the trade with different needs.
  8. It's probably a win-win. Caps get cap relief this year by taking Gudas AND getting the Flyers to retain, and Gudas comes off the books at the end of the year... and the Caps are still running away with the division.
  9. Good question. Our lines in general just aren't generating any scoring. Jake is my least favourite player to watch.
  10. Yes, it did become an accepted norm. And it's now becoming an unaccepted norm. They've gone from over a fight per game to one fight every five games. [Hidden Content] The same trend is happening in the lower leagues in almost identical proportions. So, whether or not you go on and do other things, fighting is going away.
  11. Football is a contact sport and doesn't tolerate fighting the way hockey does. It just has a long history with hockey and is a generational change before it's completely gone. But, yeah, I really do miss the intensity and chippiness that made me care about my team and truly hate the other team. Now, it's just a bunch of dudes skating around and I like the orange ones lol. As I said in another post, though, it could really be a function of having sooooo little Flyers playoff action in the past 7-8 years. I enjoyed watching the Lightning/Jackets playoff series last year and the atmosphere on the ice and in the stands is what we just don't get as Flyers fans when they're golfing in early April.
  12. I really think they will. It's the only major sport that allows fighting. It's at odds with current social norms, and with the announcement that the PA is getting involved in monitoring and rooting out player abuse by coaches, it's the way things are going. There's barely any hitting in today's NHL, and very few organic fights. It's quickly becoming an anachronism.
  13. For sure. At least temporarily. But look at the young players coming up. They didn’t grow up on what we did. They grew up in a different time, different social context, different idols. I wouldn’t be surprised to see fighting eventually banned under heavy suspension. Which is fine, because it’s becoming nonsensical to see grown men fight playing a sport (at least one that isn’t a fighting sport). But, yeah, the kids are learning a different game at a very young age.
  14. Exactly. There used to be storylines. Now there’s fancy stat lines.
  15. Well said. Can’t say I really disagree with anything. Kick back, grab a beer, because this is gonna be a long one. We’re goin’ down one of uncle B’s rabbit holes. The biggest thing “missing” in my opinion is that there are no longer events that cause emotions to rise and elevate my own emotional investment in the team I love. Fights are gone, except for the odd token bout. Normal hitting is very gentlemanly. Game-changing hits are non-existent. Chirping and chippiness are gone because there’s nothing to chirp or be chippy about. It’s basically down to goals. I don’t want to go back to that because we now know how freaking damaging it can be to players. I’ll never forget Lindros curled in the fetal position courtesy of a Stevens hit, or Primeau getting a cheap shot elbow to the head that was the beginning of the end for him. It is completely at odds with how we see things today. At the same time, I hated the Penguins because of Malakhov. I hated the Devils because of Stevens. I hated the Rangers because of Avery. And all of the smaller cheap shots those guys would take during the last of the true rivalries. And our players truly hated them too. So when we struck back with a cheap shot of our own, or delivered a clean bone-crunching hit that got every freaking Flyer fan on their feet, **** that was fun. Then they would fight back and ratchet up the intensity. Start a fight in a scrum. Both teams would chirp endlessly. Little shots after the whistle. Snow the goalie’s face on a whistle and get everyone’s back up. We would ratchet it up one more. I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen next. That’s what I don’t feel from hockey anymore. Those regular season games with true rivals were intense. Even as recently as 10 years ago, before all of these real significant changes to contact started happening. There was a reason to hate them. Now, do you truly hate the Devils? Rangers? Why? Because they sometimes score more goals than we do? There’s still some of that left with the Penguins and Bruins. But once Crosby, Malkin, and Marchand are gone, what’s left to hate?

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