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  1. Yeah i must have missed it. The red flag for me is yet another team willing to move him. Reminds me a bit of the Drouin situation. Most of my friends who are Habs fans are not fans of Drouin, and not just because he cost them Sergachev. So maybe it’s a character thing? Who knows, but it is odd.
  2. I get no one wants to give up quality, but would you trade Provorov for a 3rd pairing defenseman and a mid 1st round pick? Hextall would get crucified for a deal like that. And even if you add, say, Simmonds, it’s still giving them mediocre assets given his age and likely decline. Quantity alone doesn’t get it done. I’d think at least Sanheim or Myers, or Frost.
  3. Ugh, and to think we could have had PK Subban two picks after Marshall! Then again, I hear Marshall is fluent in German now that he plays in the DEL Warum muss ich diese Sprache lernen?? Ich will nur Hockey spielen!!
  4. Totally! With Homer, the draft was meh and the focus was always on "what blockbuster move will he make at the draft or during the off-season?". With Hextall, it's the complete opposite. I tune out once FA hits because Hexy doesn't do squat.
  5. You're right - he was ranked 23rd. [Hidden Content] I remember he was still considered a stretch at 11. He was definitely a pick that fit the typical Flyer mold. Hopefully he puts it all together and has a great rookie season next year.
  6. Plus he was considered a stretch and a project where the Flyers drafted him. I believe consensus had him as a 2nd round pick, but we reached and took him at 11th overall. This season will tell us a lot.
  7. Not from me... I like Hagg. I think he may have been a bit overused in stretches of the season, but he looks to be a solid 4/5 defenseman. I agree - they shouldn't block each other, but that depends on what happens with the vets. Right now, we have Provo/Ghost Sanheim/MacDonald Gudas/Hagg So unless someone is moved OR Hak slots a rookie above, say, Gudas, there's already a logjam. If Gudas is moved, that still only leaves one spot for a rookie. Also, as if on cue, here's a write-up on Myers. [Hidden Content]
  8. Based on this year's play, I agree - Myers probably 'deserves' a spot before Morin. But similar to last year, they may opt to give that chance to the guy who's paid his dues (Hagg).
  9. I know what you're saying, but it would also mean selling at his absolute lowest value. And we don't *need* to move him... he'll be on the Flyers roster next year, injured or not. I think at this point we may as well wait and see how he does next year. Does he start the season healthy? Can he stay healthy? Can he keep up with NHL competition? Did he become a smarter player (discipline-wise) over the years? Defensively? And so on...
  10. By the same token, there are many cases where the primary assist is incidental to the goal, and not necessarily because of a great play. So I agree with you that arbitrarily giving more weight to primary assists is too broad. There is a lot of context and case-by-case analysis to be made if you really want to determine how valuable a particular assist was.
  11. And I don't know why any team would just take our junk. You can get a better return if you're going to move Voracek.
  12. I don't think 4 years is too long at all. It would be a problem if we had TWO guys under contract for that long... but just one guy who isn't a clear-cut #1? No problem, I say. Unless Hart is the second coming of Brodeur, the odds are he will not be an *effective* and *impact* NHL goalie - let alone starter - until at least THREE years from now. If it happens sooner, then the other guy becomes backup for a few. If it doesn't happen sooner, or not at all, then we're not left high and dry without a goalie. So in the end, I think 4 years is just about right, actually. The best case scenario is that both Hart and Sandstrom make it impossible to keep them in the AHL, at which point you deal one of Hart or Sandstrom or the goalie behind door #3 lol.
  13. I don't know about Morin... Out most of the year, including being out for like 4 months recently, and gets seriously reinjured in his 3rd game back? Meanwhile, Myers logged over 60 MINUTES! I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that Morin makes the team ahead of Myers next year. If Myers shows more, he should get a shot, and then they can figure out what to do with Morin.
  14. Lyon sets the record for most saves in a game by a winning goaltender. The record holder for most saves in a game? Michael Leighton. 98 saves in a 5 OT loss to the Phantoms. [Hidden Content]

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