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  1. @mojo1917 @OccamsRazor Thanks guys! Round 2 tomorrow night!
  2. Hey fam! How is everyone?! Flyers hockey is back and it's glorious! Damn that forward lineup is DEEP! Hart is the real deal. The only question mark for me is on defense. Did not like Braun on the top pair. Let's see what happens when Ghost is ready to go. They have nothing to lose by trying Provy/Ghost, Sanheim/Myers, and then probably Gus/Braun. GO FLYERS! **** THE PENS!
  3. The mortality rate for the seasonal influenza is around 0.1%. They’re estimating the mortality rate for COVID-19 to be about 3-5%. Pretty significant difference.
  4. I don't know what it is with the modern idea that vaccinations are just not that important. It's the SOLE reason we're not all dead from the measles or smallpox or a host of other infectious diseases. The anti-vaxxer movement is a strange one, isn't it?
  5. This is the primary reason I get the flu shot each year. It's not for me, it's for my daughter, my mom, my dad, my nieces and nephews... If it can help in any way, I'm in.
  6. You can and would infect other people even if you were feeling well. Symptoms can be absent for a few weeks. I enjoy talking hockey with you, but dude, it's not about you. Also, happy birthday Enjoy a Corona - the virus free kind.
  7. It absolutely helps to eliminate as much non-essential gatherings, travel, and contact as possible. Hockey is absolutely non-essential.
  8. People's reactions are so bizarre. My sister has a trip planned overseas for the entire family (incl. 4 young kids) and said when they get back, they'll keep the kids at home for 14 days (mandated from our Dept. of Education). I said "What about you?" "Oh, I'll go to work." "Um, doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose?" "No, it's fine. I should be able to handle it." "Mmm-hmm. And what about your patients? What about mom? Dad? They're in their 70s - prime demographic for mortality." And she has a PhD! Love my s
  9. He did this two days ago, was diagnosed last night.
  10. It would be interesting for sure. I'm just not convinced this is going to magically get better in 3 weeks. I would guess based on what I've seen that it will get much worse in terms of infection rate, before it gets better. There are too many stupid and cocky people like that basketball player who was touching all the mics as a display of, what, primitive male behaviour? Well guess who was diagnosed with COVID-19 two days later? Dumbass. Hockey and other sports are so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Let's see how this all shakes out!
  11. Caps and Devils cancelled their practices this morning. NHL will have announcement at 1pm EDT. I suspect it will be shutting down the season until further notice. We'll always have the 9-game winning streak.
  12. This is probably the last night of the season ... unless they shut it down today. I can't imagine the NBA shutting down and the NHL *not* following suit when they share arenas, facilities, dressing rooms.
  13. Yes, it sucks. There's a very real chance it derails the playoffs. I have a trip scheduled to Boston next week with my daughter to see Billie Eilish. So far, the # of cases in Boston are low, but that could definitely change in one week. Our Department of Education just released a press release saying ANYONE travelling internationally (I'm in Canada) must self-quarantine for 14 days upon return - children are NOT to be sent to school during that period. SO basically, I'm faced with cancelling and forfeiting about $1500 or having my daughter miss two weeks
  14. Echobats is still just the two of us, but in a completely different direction. We've been getting a lot more traction doing more pop type stuff, and honestly, we just don't have time to do full organic band based stuff. I wrote so many songs that would fit the Drama Tree mould, but it takes a lot out of me because I'm writing all of it - drums, guitars, bass, keys, and then I'm performing, recording, mixing, producing it all as well. Long-term we are focusing on the production, writing, engineering side of music, and what we release as Echobats is proof of concept. We are taking on
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