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  1. I agree, for GMs it’s vitally important. But it’s not for me. I have zero control over it. So if Provy really wants to play for $58M instead of $64M, he will. If not, he’ll hold out until he gets what he wants. To @ruxpin‘s point, it does feel like a giant middle finger from the PA to the NHL saying, “sure, you can keep the same rules for RFAs if you want, but this is what it’s gonna look like... still sure that’s what you want?”
  2. I mean, in the end, I don’t care much about salaries. I realize it’s an important variable for GMs, but I’m not that. For me, it’s more about does Provorov prefer to play hockey for, say, $58M or NOT play hockey and hope for more money? If he’d prefer to hold out, suit yourself. I can’t begrudge a player for doing what he thinks is right for him. I just want to watch the Flyers, with or without him. Sanheim/Niskanen Ghost/Braun Hagg/Myers Morin Friedman
  3. I think he misspelled "PLEASE expose me in the Seattle draft!!"
  4. Bring us a Cup, and no one will care or remember!
  5. Ain't nothing wrong with that. That's the way markets work, ain't it? Someday, the Flyers will be in a position again to be a desirable destination that doesn't require overpayment.
  6. Could be used as a chip to get Hoffman
  7. Our favourite rumour monger has this to say... [Hidden Content] Sources are telling me the Panthers have been talking to Edmonton and Philly about forward Mike Hoffman....Edmonton is very interested and it sounds like a deal was getting close, then Philly jumped in and got involved...it sounds like if something is going to get done, then it gets done this week... Hoffman is signed through this year for $5.187M then is a UFA. 29 years old, 70 points last year (career high), 36 goals (career high). Plays both wings. That would really give the offense a boost. Don't think the cost would be that high since he's only signed for a year. Imagine this... G/Coots/Hoffman (because of his goal production) JVR/Hayes/Voracek Lindblom/Patrick/Konecny Raffl/Laughton/Pitlick NAK That's pretty nice on paper.
  8. I think this is a potential blind spot. It will take more than just a healthy Hart. He’s a 20 year old kid with 30 games of NHL experience. It’s possible, but quite unlikely, that his career trajectory is only uphill. The majority of ups and downs will probably be over the next 3 years. So what if Hart comes out and plays like Provorov in his down year? Still giving full effort but struggling with the workload and expectations of a new top dog role in the NHL? Then all of a sudden, you need to rely on a sketchy Elliott to pull you through the lows and an improved team defense. This is the primary reason I’m not sold on Elliott. I like his fight, and he’s a fine goalie when healthy. But the last few seasons have not been kind to him.
  9. Actually, the Flyers couldn't offer him 8 years. Only Winnipeg could. But the exclusive negotiating window was probably helpful to convince a player to come to Philly which apparently was not his top choice. Either way, definitely worth the 5th rounder.
  10. This is one of the biggest factors that will tell us if this is a different team different coach, or same team different coach. Haven't been above .500 after 10 games in 8 years. Only above .500 after 20 games once in last 8 years. That needs to change. Relying on late season surges is not a recipe for success. Of course, the Blues might disagree.
  11. RIght now, I'm thinking Caps Canes Isles Devils Flyers Pens Rangers Jackets Unless the Adams division teams play poorly enough to only nab 3 spots, Flyers will once again be a bubble team. Of course, that outlook is based on nothing but paper evaluation on August 2nd. May change by August 3rd. The big X factor for the Flyers, IMO, is if AV can finally get this group of chumps to play up to their potential from Game 1, and not Game 41. When's the last time we actually saw that happen? Eight years ago. The last time we were above .500 after 10 games and after 20 games. 2018-2019, 4-6-0 after 10, 9-9-2 after 20, 15-20-6 at 41 2017-2018, 5-5-0, 8-8-4, 18-15-8 2016-2017, 4-5-1, 9-8-3, 21-15-5 2015-2016, 4-4-2, 6-9-5, 19-15-7 2014-2015, 4-4-2, 8-9-3, 16-18-7 2013-2014, 3-7-0, 8-10-2, 20-17-4 2012-2013, 4-6-0, 9-10-1, 17-21-3 2011-2012, 5-4-1, 11-6-3, 24-12-4 Seriously, that's consistently bad to start the season.
  12. In 2014 then again in 2015 Hextall took jabs at teams that tank (he was jabbing the Oilers in particular). At the time of the 2015 comments, in January, the Flyers were 17-21-7, near the bottom of the league and 11 points out of a playoff spot. Here's what he said. Flyers finished 6th in the Metro, 24th overall, with a 33-31-18 record. Missed the playoffs. McDavid was the top pick that year. In retrospect, how would you feel about Hextall realizing, "ok, this isn't happening, and finishing in the middle of the pack just out of the playoffs is not ideal either. We have a real opportunity to draft a generational talent. Let's look real hard at our team and decide who is and who is not in the long term plans among our top level players." Is that tanking? Is that being proactive and seizing an opportunity? Is that being disingenuous? I don't know. I don't like the idea of 'tanking' either, but it really depends how it's approached and the long-term plan behind it. No guarantee of getting that 1st overall, of course.
  13. I don't know how the organization feels about a tank, but Hextall abhors it. He used very strong language against the idea of tanking. I feel like there are ways to do it that are more 'honourable' or at least not as shady. I see it as a bloated team deciding to really lean things out, reassess, and build a new foundation. Honestly, all this contract swapping to help out teams in a cap crunch feels shadier and more of a circumvention - collusion at its best. Interesting read here on the bogusness of offer sheets [Hidden Content] I just want them to drop the puck already. This 42 degree weather (something like 106 for you south of the border) is making me loopy. I've been at the beach almost every day.
  14. From the sounds of it before they signed, and looking at the aftermath, it seems like only Myers and Stralman may have realistically been available to the Flyers regardless of who was GM. And Hayes, which required a draft pick to get that negotiation window. He said it himself that Philly was not his top destination of choice. So, it's a much deeper pool, but the Flyers are cordoned off in the shallow end.
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