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  1. LOL playoffs aren't happening. But, sure, I'll play! Let's look at the current playoff picture and take the team with the lowest points %. That would be Montreal (57pts in 48 games, .593) currently in the 1st wildcard spot. Pittsburgh has fewer points, but a better points % (.609). Let's also assume that the final wildcard spot at the end of the season goes to a team that maintains the current pace Montreal is on - .593. That projects to 97 points. So we need 98 to make the playoffs. Currently the Flyers have 42 points in 47 games (.446) and are 14 points clear of the last wildcard spot. In order to finish with 98 points, the Flyers have to get 56 points out of a maximum 70 over the last 35 games. That's .800 hockey. In other words, they would need to go something like 25-4-6.
  2. Yeah, I get that. But surely, they would be within their rights to suspend a player formally charged - not merely accused - with possessing cocaine, no? What happened in the domestic abuse stuff with Voynoy (I seem to remember others too?)? At what point were they able to cut ties with the player? Either way, Lehtera has about 35 games remaining in his NHL career. Enjoy the cottage, Jorald! It's fully stocked.
  3. That makes no sense. Waiving a crappy player is legit. The Flyers would have a field day making that argument. NHLPA: "We are concerned you've illegally waived our client Jori "Snorts" Lehtera." Fletch: "You serious, bro? Haha, Gordon, roll the Lehtera blooper role. This gunna be good!"
  4. I don't like it either. I said in the Minny thread that against a better PK team, they would get exposed, and last night they gave up several odd man rushes the other way. I agree - put Sanheim on PP1, that's what I said in the Minny thread too lol (or maybe retrofit thread??). Are you trolling me, bro?? Have Ghost on PP2. Provorov shouldn't be near any kind of PP this year. Personally, I don't trade Ghost because I think it's just an off year for him. He's on a very reasonable contract, and when he's on his game, he's a game breaker. We've seen it in two of his three seasons, with his fourth one (this one) being a down year. If it was just Ghost playing like this, it might say more about him as a player, but when I see the rest of the team playing like a hot mess, it kind of puts things into perspective.
  5. Don't know much about him. I do remember Noel from the draft year and many Flyers fans happy he wasn't taken. But looking at Noel's stat line, he seems a lot like a Ratcliffe-type player. Tall, goal scoring power forward.
  6. Who did you trade Ghost for? I have no issue with MacDud as next year's Folin. A 7th who can fill in when needed, but definitely not a regular.
  7. Agreed. I have a few people linked to the family that play / have played in the NHL and I've seen how their kids get dragged around from city to city, always new schools, new friends. One daughter has been in 5 or 6 different cities / schools over the past 8 years. And add to that the fact that dad is not often around, and it makes it challenging.
  8. There's also the possibility that Weise / Weal were moved out to make space for guys coming off IR - Neuvirth, Stolarz, Morin, Elliott, isn't Knight still on IR?
  9. Lol no one's showcasing Lehtera. He has about 35 games left in his Flyers - probably NHL - career. He'll ride it out as a 4th liner or healthy scratch. Weise, on the other hand, has another year left, has value based on his play this year, and a reasonable cap hit for a team looking for bottom six help. Meltzer speculated yesterday that the Flyers probably have a good sense on whether or not he would be plucked off waivers, and that's why they decided to do it. Guess we'll know by noon today!
  10. Tough call. The odds are that a 4th overall will end up a fair bit better than a mid-1st rounder or later depending on if they make the playoffs. The 3rd is nice but a real crapshoot. I'd go with the 4th overall even if he's been underwhelming thus far.
  11. That's how you stealth tank. Kinda surprised they didn't call someone up, which may indicate Fletch is closing in on a trade.
  12. Never kill the Golden Goose
  13. Really? I dunno, I'd be pretty stoked to land a 20 year old 4th overall pick for an expiring UFA that is no longer in the team's plans. Puljujarvi is 4 months older than Patrick. It's way too early to declare either a bust. Maybe Nashville or Winnipeg have better prospects / young roster players to offer. Lots of moving parts at this time of year, and I think Voracek could land us something really nice but will almost certainly be in the offseason.
  14. No, I don't trade Patrick. Of course, there might be one jersey # in between RNH and Puljujarvi that I'd trade anyone for.

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