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  1. Yeah, he’d be fine. Kinkaid too. Not sure what happened with Talbot. But in Isaac’s article today, he said the Flyers have been in *trade* talks for a goalie. What is happening?
  2. I mean, these are all good ideas, and probably closer to what Hextall would have done. Fletch, however, will do a lot more. He has different, more urgent marching orders. We don’t have to like it, but it is what it is.
  3. No, of course he won’t tell everyone his plan... but he kinda has already lol. He’s been almost too upfront and matter of fact. I wish he were more of a poker player, but he doesn’t seem like it so far. But it at the end of the day, I think there’s zero chance the backup is some inexperienced guy.
  4. Dude, it's like you haven't listened to anything Fletch has said Lol Fletch will absolutely not get a backup for Hart (Subban) that has played a whopping 14 NHL games more than Hart. Dansk has even less experience. If that were the case, he'd have kept Stolarz.
  5. I know, he could do that too... but it comes back to what I posted above. Which scenario would you rather have? IN: Hayes + $750,000 more per season than initially wanted because of limited market OUT: No one IN: Karlsson (RFA, but probably somewhere in the $6M range for 6-7 years) OUT: Ghost or if they don't want him or can't fit him under the cap, 11thOA and/or a top prospect IN: Kadri (3 more years at $4.5M per) OUT: Ghost or Myers + 2nd rounder Because Fletch *will* address 2C. That much is clear. So of those scenarios (and I'm sure there are others we just don't know about), which would you prefer? I'd prefer the Hayes signing first because he's a clear upgrade right now, and no assets are lost.
  6. Maybe you would, and that's fine. But Fletch does not want to do that. He's said it publicly.
  7. I agree when it comes to players on the decline. Hayes is not that, so given Fletch's options, it wouldn't surprise me to see a contract that is higher than he may have initially wanted.
  8. If the difference between getting Hayes and not getting him is about $500,000-$1M/year, I think the smart move is to get him. There aren't any other better UFA options outside of Duchene, and the trade route will be more costly in terms of assets. Put another way and IMO, Hayes at $6.75M x 6 years (instead of, say, $6M x 6 years) is a better move than giving up Ghost and/or a 1st or 2nd round pick for Karlsson (who will command a similar contract) or Kadri.
  9. I'm just coming at it from Fletch's lens and not my own. Subban has been linked to the Flyers, and Ghost has been in the rumour mill for a while. I don't know if the swap would be for each other or in separate trades, but the net result is Ghost = out and Subban = in if we are to believe the rumours. I like Ghost, and I'd prefer if he were on the team. He brings an intangible game-changing element to his game when he's on. That's not easy to find. I probably won't like all the moves Fletch makes initially, including moving Ghost and bringing in Subban... but if the product on the ice is better, then I'm excited to watch the team.
  10. I have a feeling that Hayes will either be signed by Friday or his rights flipped to another team at the draft to recoup the late round pick. They'll know by then if "not his 1st choice Philly" stands any chance at signing him.
  11. I think that if Fletch improves the team without unduly creating other holes he can't fill or depleting the farm system of our top prospects, then it's a good idea. Just based on what we know of Fletch so far, he does not at all sound like a guy willing to give up 11th OA, Frost and a young roster player (even if it's Hagg) for Trouba. He's not reckless. But he does sound like a guy who's not done upgrading the blueline ("we'll continue looking at ways to improve our defense..."). So in that light, getting Subban for, say, Ghost, would improve the blueline without being reckless, and leaving Trouba for teams that are more desperate for help (which we are not).
  12. It's the reality of a limited market.
  13. I doubt it. Think about the players you're willing to include without question (e.g. Hagg). Those are not the players they want, IMO. Especially that there are reportedly a dozen teams interested. The price will be jacked up, and would be something like 11th OA, Frost/Myers and Lindblom. However, we have Ghost as a chip, and that would change the equation I'd guess.
  14. [Hidden Content] Yeah, no thanks. I'd much rather Subban if that's going to be the cost for Trouba.
  15. I'm glad he's gone, but that was going to be true whether or not there was a buyout. So far, our defense is already better with a few simple moves. I really do think there is more to come on defense.
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