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  1. Yeah, I’d be surprised if we see him before US Thanksgiving. Probably not before Christmas. Patrick hasn’t played a hockey game in almost 7 months. His practices are short, slow, and without contact. There’s a long way for him to go still.
  2. Interesting. I’d be tempted to ask about Hoffman, and a swap would depend on a few things. What’s going the other way? And how much for how long does Hoffman want? He’s 29, so not really interested in giving him a 7 year deal. If he wants 5 or less, I’d swap Voracek for him. If we actually want to start changing the core, this is one way to do it. I’d keep JVR.
  3. That’s pretty much how I feel these past few years. There might be a bit of grass is greener going on where, at least for me, I only see other teams when they play the Flyers, so I see a small sample of them vs a huge dose of Flyers. Obviously I have more context and sample size for the O&B. I know the Leafs fans are already antsy and there have been threads upon threads plus media musing on whether Babcock has worn out his welcome. There are many ex players who think he’s just a flat out dick. Peters’ post game comments on the Oilers/Flyers game were not rosy. NJ is in panic mode. The Isles were struggling before their three game win streak, the Panthers’ start is probably underwhelming to the fan base. The Stars are a mess. But it is early in the season, and a convincing Flyers 3 game winning streak would quickly change things.
  4. Marshy is an awesome dude. When I worked as a musician for the Sens, my buddy and I would hang out at Marshy's (his bar in the Sens' whatever-the-heck-the-arena-is-called-now - I think it changed THREE times while I worked there). We'd down tequila shots with other fans and bar staff before, during, and after games. He was always around, he'd sit with us, tell us stories, and I just always felt like he genuinely enjoyed just hanging with us and the people around. He knew my by name and would always say hi, ask how I was doing when I'd run into him. Therien's sister was often with us and she was great, so were other ex-players, broadcast teams, training staff, etc. Just a good bunch of peeps, and Marshy was always at the center of it. One of the best gigs of my life.
  5. Right, so maybe the "elite" talent thing is overblown. I'd gladly put Couturier up against ROR any day, and between G and V, we have the Tarasenko factor. They also had Binnington. We have Hart who could be that. Maybe my frustration is more over enjoyment factor lol. I haven't enjoyed watching the Flyers in YEARS.
  6. Absolutely - that's exactly what Fletch is doing, presumably after the Hextall "rebuild". I'm just saying that Hextall had an opportunity to "bottom out" but chose not to (or wasn't allowed to). At this point, the fanbase and Comcast would not accept a true bottoming out. That ship has sailed. And again, don't get me wrong on the Hextall regime. He did what he thought was right. With the benefit of hindsight, it's fine for us to question whether it was the right approach.
  7. I've said it before that my main concern if I look 5 years into the future is that we have zero players in the system right that you can look at their *actual* performance to date and say, "yup, that guy could replace G's production in X years." Konecny's fast start has me thinking he might. But we'd need to see a 60+ point season from *someone* before we start thinking it's possible. Couturier and Ghost are the only guys that have done that lately. Simmonds reached 60 five years ago. And before that, there was Hartnell. Ironically, the years we lost to the Hawks, we had only two guys above 60 points. Richards (62) and Carter (61). So maybe I just defeated my entire line of thinking. Thanks for playing everyone! lol
  8. Good back and forth, guys. I think what all of this really speaks to is a frustrated fan base living through an unprecedented period of badness/mediocrity for this franchise. Fresh from expansion, the team made the playoffs in their first year, and 4 of the first 6 years. Then there were the 89-93 dark years with no playoffs. So it's a strong case that this is the franchise's worst stretch of futility / insignificance despite having one of the top NHL point producers this decade. For me personally, the frustration is in seeing NJ benefit from two #1s, but moreso Toronto deliberately bottoming out and turning it around rather quickly with top level elite talent to emerge as a Cup contender. Hextall chose the path familiar to Flyers fans - the on-the-fly retool. *Something* had to be done following the drunken Homer years to return this franchise to sustainability. But Hextall's solution, we're seeing, has not yielded true elite talent nor has it kept the team competitive. They've burned through three coaches and a GM. Whatever you might think of Patrick and his ceiling, there is no denying that he is one of the weakest top 2 picks of the decade. Ain't much we can do about that but hope he reaches MUCH MUCH higher than he has shown thus far. We're 2-2-1. Let's see how they do the next 5.
  9. Yeah, that’s totally fair. If last year’s Patrick shows up, it’s probably a marginal upgrade. But every once in a while you see flashes of why Patrick was drafted so highly. He’s gonna figure it out. Laughton has never shown any of those flashes, and that’s because it’s just not there.
  10. I think the Flyers definitely have the existing pieces in the system to be a deep team, but a big chunk of it is derailed because of Patrick's injury. It really is a big set back that has no current solution. Man, I hope he comes back soon. The lack of news is... encouraging? Or at least the fact that he's not LTIR is encouraging.
  11. Yeah, maybe. It's definitely possible that the team on the ice could be better with different leadership. The challenge in these cases, though, is that how do you realistically address that? That is a difficult and very disruptive process i.e. it would probably have a strong effect on the team for a while, whether good or bad. Hard to say. So not only is it a pretty hard thing for Fletch to realistically "solve", but it's also very risky on whether or not it will have the intended effect. I'm not saying don't do it. I'm just saying it's not easy, and I would guess, almost a non-starter for Fletch (to move Giroux). He would need a LOT of evidence that there is an actual problem.
  12. And we are seeing this right now. Provorov has had a very up and down start to his career. Ghost is another. Sanheim, TK, Patrick, and almost certainly Hart will too. I know no one wants to hear this... but I'd say we're 2-3 years away Joking! But not really.
  13. Definitely. I mean, the Oilers had more than their fair share of the "process" that was likely delayed by mismanagement, but on that Braun miscue last night, I don't think anyone not named McDavid scores there. He's just on another level. The bad news is, yeah, we don't have generational talent, and aren't likely to get some anytime soon. Hopefully Patrick comes back healthy and has a great career, but he is hardly a generational talent. The good news is, St Louis won the Stanley Cup. Without generational talent. And TB's elite talent was ousted by a team that played like a team, and wanted it more. Yes, you need top talent, and we have that. Maybe we need more, maybe we need "different" talent, I don't know.
  14. That's almost definitely true lol. Honestly, I'd be surprised if PED use in the NHL was NOT rampant. Maybe that's an unfair assumption for me to make, but there's doping in all the major sports, and they're really good at hiding it for the most part.
  15. Like it or not, our season depends on large part for Hart to play "above" his age level. Or Elliott providing some above average play for a stretch if Hart struggles. This is a little bit like the Provorov situation - he is a projected #1 at his position, but 'projection' doesn't help right now. He's at 2.46/.904 after 4 games. We'll know more after 20 games about where Hart's game is at. FWIW, Price's rookie year (20 years old) he played 41 games, 2.56/.920, then dipped for a few years (.905, .912). He he a great year at 23 years old (.923), and then a few more down years before hitting his peak years at 26/27 years old. Kid's got all the physical and mental tools. He just needs experience to reach the next levels, whenever that might be.
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