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  1. Possibly the worst captain in Flyers history. Not all his fault, he got the C way too early and Lavy didn't do him any favors by calling him the best player in the world. He wasn't even close to being in that conversation and he never recovered from the expectations that he couldn't live up to. Flyers will never win a Cup with Giroux as captain. Decent player but not a leader in any way.
  2. Appreciate the effort but little consolation and not that it matters but Legion of Doom line was Lindros, LeClair, and Renberg.
  3. I know we are missing 6 "starting" players but this is another pathetic showing against the B's and yet another choke on the big stage for the Flyers. 1-5 in outdoor games. If the Flyers accept another invitation to play outdoors I'm going to take a dump on Fletcher's doorstep.
  4. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. AV better ***** lay into these guys.
  5. Bruins have our number for sure. They are in the Flyers head now. Better hope we don't face them in the playoffs (if we make the playoffs) or we are done and dusted.
  6. I think G only has 1 goal in like 26 or 27 playoff games and he is wearing the C. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Konecny should be captain, but neither should Giroux.
  7. I’d consider holding onto Jake since he was the only one of those three that played with some heart and grit in the playoffs. Giroux should have been dealt when we could have gotten something good for him but I’d take a warm beer for him at this point I’m so disgusted with his effort. JVR never has and never will be an elite player, no idea why the flyers wanted him back. I don’t think we will get anything but a low draft pick for him.
  8. where have you been? Claude has been Captain Zero in the playoffs for years now. He had one good playoff run nearly 10 years ago. Good regular season player, invisible in the playoffs, terrible captain overall.
  9. We haven’t scored 5 goals since I don’t know when but it ain’t looking good. We have basically been outplayed in every playoff series for 8 years. Sigh.
  10. I’d like to see Giroux play for 6 minutes. 60 minutes from him seems like a dream.
  11. Can’t hold a ***** lead even when our playoff lives depend on it. This problem goes back well beyond AV but can’t we get one ***** coach that can get these guys to play 60 minutes?!
  12. I missed the explanation as to why our first 3rd goal was not actually a goal, can anyone fill me in? The puck was clearly stuck on the goalie pad and over the line.
  13. yep, I’d say out of 8 periods of hockey the flyers have been soundly outplayed for 6 of them. Hart is the only reason this is a series but he isn’t going to steal it for us.
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