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  1. Lakers were flying out of Philly when they got the news.
  2. Overcoming a complete PCL tear isn't easy. We'll see next year when he is completely healthy.
  3. Sorry they ain't getting that guy....he's off limits. Not even going to comment on that any further.
  4. Sure you're kind of making my point....we don't need another disappearing act, Flyers are fully staffed in that area. And you know you're not allowed to criticize the Captain ya know...consider yourself REPORTED!
  5. Flyer fans would hate Nylander's soft perimeter play especially come playoff time (sure if they ever even made it) but none the less they would want Nylander's head on spike in Philly. Sure he puts up the points in the regular season but come playoff time when the pressure goes up guys need to elevate their game he disappears from what i remember seeing - his 3 total playoff goals total in 3 different playoff series first round exits as my exhibit "A"... ...nah we have enough guys to hate now in Philly....but if you wanted to exchange a dead horse for a dead horse i would welcome a Voracek for Nylander exchange!!!
  6. I can see them moving Kapanen for a guy like Brendan Dillon who has been rumored to be on the block from the Sharks and he is closer to what the Leafs need. Nylander will more than likely have to be the guy they will have to move to get a top pair like D man they covet. And i would be ok with the Flyers picking up Kapanen but for the right price i have always said they are missing their lucky Finn since Kimmo has retired i don't think they have had once since....my be why they struggle to get right! @WordsOfWisdom Sorry i missed your comment about your grandma i know how you feel i have none left...thoughts and prayers are with you. I would take Andreas Johnsson off your hands to for Ghost or Hagg too it doesn't have to be for only Kapanen. Just a thought. Hell trade Johnsson for Ghost and Kapanen for Dillon bam - backend retooled quickly.
  7. I would be fine with it too...i always said the Flyers are missing their lucky Finn. But for the right price. I disagree sure they need guys who can play actual defense i get that Ghost is ok in his end. They also need some goals from the backend to with Muzzin (3 goals) and Rielly out (3 goals) out they only have Barrie (4 goals) and Dermont (4 goals) and Ceci and Holl 2 goal between them not very much help fire power wise from the backend left. So they could use any help from the backend and Ghost maybe could do that. I think Ghost could use a change of scenery maybe. Now not saying the Leafs would want Ghost but i think Hagg could be useful too he is solid guy in his own end he would be tied for 3rd in points on the Leafs blueline right now.
  8. You don't have to save me a seat I'm president of the bandwagon but we can't find any takers.
  9. No it's fair. In Philly he would be a 3rd line winger playing behind Konecny and Voracek. I can't sign off on possibly giving up and #2 defenseman who is still developing and only played 53 total NHL games for a a 3rd line winger....as I said he has put up 44 points. ONCE. They only way I do it is if @radoran and you need more bitching thread material for the next few years. Then by all means do it.
  10. Then I'm fine staying put. Flyers don't need Kapanen they are ok at RW. They can find a taker elsewhere.
  11. Sorry but I missed this part so you honestly think a kid with this potential is worth a 3rd line winger? I must have missed something else.
  12. And that goes for Kapanen he has put up one 20 goal season for 44 points. So it would seem that Hagg I'd a fair trade for him. So for me it would be Hagg for Kapanen swap take it or leave it. And the Flyers honestly are solid at RW.
  13. Hell to the nah! We don't even know how good Myers is going to be. 6-5 D men with his skillset don't grow on trees. Besides the Flyers are stacked at RW. Hard pass for me.

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