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  1. I am proud of them for earning that point. They damn sure did. Hart was brilliant. One goal on 36 shots tells me so. Plus that shiny 972%. I would have went with the game winner from last shootout is my complaint. Jake to start of all people? I would have went Farabee Giroux Coots. Anyways hard earned point with the top team in the East. Rest up boys.
  2. So funny watching Gudas doing what Macdonald showed him so well how to do... Jake has heard our bitching!!!!!
  3. At this point this is a game i would be happy just getting a point in and forcing OT. This is the best team they have faced this year hands down so far. A very aggressive and good skating team. Hart is doing all he can to keep them in this. I would love to earn a point. Let's do it guys.
  4. This is true mainly his partner....him on the ice AND Voracek out there to (who was doing snow angels while everyone else was chasing the play. I agree too. I really would like for his partner to come around...it would help...but Travis is struggling and no his offense has disappeared as well. Sanheim has only 2 points in the last 10 games....and pointless in the last 5.
  5. He got caught waaaay out of position on the goal but otherwise he has looked pretty decent. He just has to remember his main responsibility before free lancing. I would love for him to keep his goal scoring streak going tonight they need a spark.
  6. Oh yeah those are banned from the site as a precaution. Yes those too....but we don't have to worry about that...they don't have any.
  7. That 3rd line just isn't working. I really don't know what to do with Voracek. He just doesn't belong here anymore....
  8. This and he has looked fine but remember we are talking about the 4th line and a role player. So check back in a week and we may hate him and want him gone. But so far he reminds me of Arron Asham minus the get under your skin part or at least i haven't seen that in his game yet.
  9. Why this place isn't intended for folks to stay on their respective team's board. It's meant for all hockey fans to speak where they want it just needs to be respectful. We welcome all opinions even if we don't all agree and i feel i speak for pretty much everyone here. So please you're always welcome...any fans here regardless the team they pull for.
  10. Wow Flyers got lucky there pipes are a goalie's best friend...
  11. At least Hart looks like he is ready...then will need him... Come on Flyers they need to go into the locker room and regroup. Not a smart play by Sanheim there while i was typing.
  12. It just looked to me all 5 guys where just chasing the puck and forgot what they were supposed to be doing...it happens. Myers being with Sanheim isn't the most ideal duo....Travis isn't good in his own end at times...very soft and still learning to himself. It happens while learning on the job.
  13. A power play goal here would help...a lot...i know Captain Obvious and all...
  14. Wow Myers why are you so high in the zone chasing the puck abandoned your position and that is where they scored from. Can't do that kid. FFlyers get caught down 1-0.

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