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  1. A lot of it has to do with the fact that these teams have been in playoff from fighting for their playoff lives a few weeks before the season started. It's hard to get in the playoffs and just flip a switch....it look like the Predators will be the next big team to fall. Down 4-2 and the Stars are trying to get back to Dallas to close this thing out. Canes have even things up with the Champs and it will help a lot to get Svechnikov back and try and steal one in Washington. Caps are getting close to being bounce and now they will be without Oshie....we'll see depends on which Mrazek shows up.
  2. Well i have to think with his old coach in the fold Talbot is pretty much a lock to be the backup next year.
  3. Are they ever going to sign Kirill Kaprizov? His season is over he could always join them.
  4. Yeah Flyers only need a few tweaks they have a solid coach now to lead them that will go along ways. Sabres still have to find their guy....i know it won't happen with who is out there but maybe they should bring Ruff back.
  5. Now don't get me wrong the whole Flames team struggled this year for sure. But someone who struggled all year and is signed for 4 more years at 5.75 mill per.......James Neal. Who was a healthy scratch last night. Thy got 7 goals and 12 assist in 63 games....certainly not worth 5.75mill. So how can they rid themselves of this contract....he will be 32 at the start of next season. They will have to send a pick and prospect to a team to take him....i'm looking at Arizona....buh bye James!!!!!!
  6. It was actually the combo of the two. They lost game #2 and #4 by one goal. The Avs just made them pay when they made mistakes (sounds like the Flyers season). Then in the elimination game Johnny Hockey was denied on a penalty shot, denied on two more breakaways. And right after stopped Johnny on the 2nd breakaway the Avs scored to go up 2-0. You could see the air go out of them after that one. Then to make matters worse Johnny finally scored a friggin goal and it gets waived off yeah it couldn't get any worse. And then right after that play Anderssen gets the puck right between the dots in their zone and panics and those it up the middle to an Avs player who passes it to Wilson in the slot for the score and they were done.
  7. And the WORST part he finally scored a playoff goal and they waive it off for goalie interference!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!
  8. Something tells me they resign him. But hey he will be 35 so he meets the Flyer criteria for sure... Hayes will too and i think Hayes could handle the 2nd line role but i think someone overpays for him like Stone. Hayes put up 25 goals last year on a slightly better NY team. They may have to find option C or even D.
  9. And to make matters worse in the first period alone last night he was awarded a penalty shot and had two other break away goals denied and right after the last stop the Avs score and go up 2-0!!!! Dude is struggling hard...i think he needs a change of scenery after this quick exit...i know just the place for him....
  10. I wonder if the Wild would move Kirill Kaprizov one of Fletcher's old picks?? I wonder why he hasn't come over from the KHL. Just asking for a friend.
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