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  1. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    Former UND coach Dave Hakstol hired as an assistant for the Maple Leafs
  2. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    2018-19 highest average attendance North Dakota-11,398 Wisconsin-10,044 Minnesota-7,944 Ohio State-6,437 Minnesota Duluth-6,028 Omaha-5,816 Penn St.-5,801 Michigan-5,628 Denver-5,568 Michigan St.-5,461 Notre Dame-5,368 Massachusetts-4,876 New Hampshire-4,735 UMass Lowell-4,615
  3. In the seven seasons preceding the Parise and Suter acquisitions, the Wild averaged 89.4 points per season. In the seven seasons since acquiring Parise and Suter, the Wild averaged 90.0 points per season. Conclusion: The acquisition of Parise and Suter has added NOTHING to the points column.
  4. This series puts a huge smile on my face. So many smug Pen fans in town here. Pens are getting a bit old. Defense has slowed down quite a bit. Just want the Isle to finish them off Tuesday night. No need to give them any hope
  5. Anyone predict the Isle would be up 2 games to zip? I didn’t think so
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