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  1. He could be the highest drafted North Dakotan if he continues to progress like he has been
  2. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    That’s right. Peters was the coach at the time if I remember right. Had lunch with the team and all the other stuff that goes along with recruiting. My high school coach went there and ended up getting cut by the California Golden Seals
  3. Jimtown guy

    UND Hockey

    The Beavers always are a lunch pail type of team. Come to play every night. Got recruited by them back in 79’. They were D3 at the time then
  4. Went into the Grocery Store today, just so I could bang on the Plexiglass in front of the cashier to feel like I was at a hockey game....I was respectfully escorted out
  5. Despite the loss it was nice seeing the Wild go toe to toe with the very desperate and physical Caps team.
  6. There are some idiots on Facebook. Couple dolts said pull Stalock. He had no chance on any of those. The one thing he did screw up in and that was the high stick he gave Oshie which resulted in a goal

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