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  1. I’m fully on board. Downside is after this season it’s going to be tough to get him some help. Hopefully the young guys step up
  2. This will take awhile to get use to
  3. Rumor has it that Parise signed with the Islanders. Once again I can’t find confirmation on it
  4. Looks like he signed a 5 year contract at 9 mil a year
  5. The Evander Kane saga took another twist today as TMZ has reported that the San Jose Sharks forward has claimed that his wife assaulted him in the past and that he has gotten a restraining order against her. Kane claims that "the woman (his wife) has punched him in the face multiple times in past." "Evander says in the docs that the physical altercations first began in 2019 -- about a year after they were married -- saying Anna got so upset with him during an argument that she hit him "7-8 times in the face with her fist."
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