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  1. 20 minutes ago, IllaZilla said:


    Yeah. It was pretty sad. I get it that it's Thanksgiving Weekend, but gee whiz. Even a good chunk of the big gold "M" at center ice was visible. So much for "Pride on Ice".


    There's no way The Ralph would ever be even 50% Gopher Gold.

    The Ralph had 11,500 fans for their exhibition game against Manitoba in October. Set an exhibition game record for the Ralph 

  2. 15 hours ago, IllaZilla said:

    Ugh. Either these UND guys are really good, or the Goofers are really bad. Or maybe both. 

    Gophers are young. Motzko is a good coach and he will get them back to relevancy. Not going to happen overnight. With that said the Big Ten conference isn’t doing college hockey any favors. Sad when the Gophers cant even fill the Mooch up when the Sioux are there. In fact it was 60% Sioux fans at the Mooch Thursday and Friday 

  3. Still a damn good rivalry even if in different conferences. UND at Minnesota starting tomorrow and Friday. Throw out the records when these 2 play each other 

  4. 9 hours ago, IllaZilla said:

    My oldest got tickets to the November 29th tilt at Marriucci between UND and the Goofers. Should be a good time!


    Although I am having mixed emotions about this one. Kind of frustrating to see the Goofer athletic department let the men's hockey program fall this far...

    Gophers are young this year. Going to and have had growing pains. With that said throw the records out the door when these 2 play against each other. It’s still a heated rivalry despite being in different conferences. There will plenty of green in the seats come Thursday and Friday 

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