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  1. Only Dubnyk would leave the ice with no penalty being called, and he's done it twice this year what a Pucking idiot.
  2. I'd hope many but some of the main guys that need to go can't AKA Suter, Koivu Staal Dubnyk so we'll probably trade nobody or trade guy's we shouldn't. Also very hard to trade guys that no one else would ever want.
  3. well you really don't want to hear the coach say he doesn't know what to do and fack.
  4. March 25, 2019 AWAY HOME Florida 2 Toronto 3 Pittsburgh 5 N.Y. Rangers 2 Buffalo 2 New Jersey 4 Boston 3 Tampa Bay 4 Dallas 1 Winnipeg 4 Vegas 3 St. Louis 4 Nashville 4 Minnesota 3 Los Angeles 2 Calgary 5 Detroit 1 San Jose 4
  5. March 24, 2019  AWAY HOME Philadelphia 1 Washington 4 Arizona 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Montreal 2 Carolina 4 Colorado 3 Chicago 4 Columbus 2 Vancouver 3
  6. Were The State of Hockey but they must think were the State of Dumb if they feel the need to tell us which Staal Brother scored for which team. I know there doing it for there own Benefit so they can keep track who plays for which team and all but still couldn't they just keep that to themselves. Also I know I know bye bye IQ points.
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