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  1. so do you help people who use accessibility features like if there deaf or Blind?
  2. just depends if the other provider is willing to pay up for the channel or not.
  3. Also @MNSOTA Dish chairman Charlie Ergen told analysts and reporters that it's possible a deal will never be reached.
  4. Anyone know if there are any NTC or NMC?
  5. Hmm maybe it's a mobile issue won't be home until later tonight and will try then as the new invites say the same thing.
  6. Count me in again, had lots of fun last year and looking to exact some revenge.
  7. Maybe and also that could be why Modano was brought in as CL knew he was going to fire Fenton. I personally think they'll go with experience and would want that so Some candidates include former Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall, former Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, former San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi and former New York Islanders GM Garth Snow. Only guy on that list that I wouldn't mind is probably Lombardi. They said CL is having his hip replaced on Sept 17th so the search is going to be very quick or have to be as he wants a new guy in place by then most likely.
  8. Maybe he wanted to be fired after he got here and found out how bad the organization was, so he purposely did things to to try and get him fired.
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