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  1. @IllaZilla yes I completely agree. we also do save a little money and Rask has slightly better PPG production so hopefully, the change will help both guys. Though everything I am reading on other places from both the Minnesota and Carolina side are saying Carolina fleeced us big time here and others are asking WTF is Fenton doing. To me, it's way too early to say this trade was good or bad as both players were struggling mightly it seems and you just never know how it will turn out.
  2. also, Rask is a Left handed shot not right Didn't think we'd ever trade him or Coyle. What do you guy's think? But I think a change of scenery was needed. Also, Rask is a center not sure if he plays other positions but if not maybe maybe Coyle is soon to follow. Also here this is for one last time.
  3. January 17, 2019 AWAY HOME Chicago 2 N.Y. Rangers 3 New Jersey 3 N.Y. Islanders 4 St. Louis 1 Boston 4 Toronto 3 Tampa Bay 4 Winnipeg 3 Nashville 4 Anaheim 2 Minnesota 4 Los Angeles 2 Dallas 4
  4. January 16, 2019 AWAY HOME Colorado 2 Ottawa 3 Boston 4 Philadelphia 2 Buffalo 3 Calgary 6 San Jose 4 Arizona 1 Edmonton 4 Vancouver 3
  5. @MNSOTA I'm going on Thursday should I just start yelling profanities at the players/team. Not that they'll hear me from my seats but you never know.
  6. yeah I guess but the TV stand/entertainment center was dropped off by UPS so I decided to put it together and do all this.
  7. Hey, all I Have been completely rearranging my living room and moved everything from one side to the other so router modem everything and so have been running coax through the ceiling (drop ceiling so not so bad) and got a new TV stand and have been trying to get everything back up and running.
  8. January 15, 2019 AWAY HOME New Jersey 2 Columbus 3 Carolina 3 N.Y. Rangers 4 St. Louis 4 N.Y. Islanders 3 Anaheim 3 Detroit 2 Florida 3 Montreal 5 Vegas 3 Winnipeg 5 Los Angeles 3 Minnesota 2 Washington 3 Nashville 4 Tampa Bay 5 Dallas 3 Pittsburgh 3 San Jose 4

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