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  1. I agree with what they said,Parise and Suter needed to be bought out and while I felt Parise would be was shocked at Suter inclusion. Also that price for Eichel is ridiculous and under no circumstances should we mortgage the future for him. His injury and or potential surgery is way to risky to trade Boldy, Rossi and 2 1st's. In the end I think the right decisions were made. Obviously could make the case for keeping Suter and I do think he played well in the playoffs but the quicker we closed the country club the better.
  2. Hey all so sorry I had no idea we were still doing a league again this season. I've just been a bit off on things this year. I for whatever reason didn't get an email saying we'd been renewed but I have found that Gmail is probably sending yahoo sports messages to spam. I also was somehow not following any of these threads so had no idea there was anything new. Again my apologies but I will participate as it looks like I'm renewed and in and October 3rd should be fine for the draft. Thanks again for al the hard work in setting things up every year. Edit: Hmm looks l
  3. Totally on board with Foligno. Dumba well it is what it is, I'd have probably picked Brodin or maybe EK over Dumba. Otherwise I'd just have had 1 AC and not 2.
  4. Not sure how I feel about this one. https://www.hockeywilderness.com/2021/9/10/22666628/mikko-koivu-to-be-around-wild-training-camp-minnesota-wild-legend-nhl
  5. I think this might be the first time I've heard of a player confirming his own signing before it's officially announced.
  6. Well Russo said on KFAN that he believes that they've settled on 5x9 but there still hammering out the year to year structure so an announcement isn't necessarily imminent.
  7. I was browsing YouTube and this part of the video just reminded me of how much I loved Jacques Lemaire.
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