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  1. Well if we did draft a D next year he might be in the AHL by the end of Suters contract.
  2. I think the Minnesota wild are truly like the Island of misfit toys.
  3. It shouldn't matter but I just know dumb and dumber will try and hype up his Minnesota roots and so will Pierre Mcguire on NBCSN broadcasts. Also think the team will as well to some extent, just to try and get some token cheers. I could care less where your from, it could be from Minnesota or it could be Antarctica for that matter as long as your a good player that's what matters. If your not a good player and or not performing then you get booed regardless of your hockey roots.
  4. Yes and he's a Minnesota kid so he'll already be on the fans good side
  5. Bad trade for Pittsburgh only get a conditional 7th and retain 50%. Conditions are 70 games played or 35 pts. So we basically get a free reclamation project IMO
  6. And then Russo says he thinks he's gone for good so wonder if that changes our plans at all
  7. wonder if we kick the tires on acquiring that pick by offering up something starting around Dumba or Brodin + Greenway and other prospect(s) and get #15 as well as try to package in Nylander or maybe another young player like Abramov or the recently acquired Hållander
  8. Good insights, and I think will probably Pick Lundell, from what I've been seeing/reading is most mocks have Rossi and Holtz off the board by #9. They say that Lundell is a good two way center so would be a perfect Koivu replacement and someone we'd pick. Lundell says he tries to emulate Barkovs game so hopefully we don't get a Koivu 2.0 if we choose him. I have also seen a couple of mocks that have Perfetti falling to us a 9 but no way I think that will happen. I have also seen Iaroslav Askarov mentioned, but there is no way we take a goalie at 9 and if we do I think it'd be dumb as we have Kahkonen who I think should be given serious consideration as being a starter in the near future.
  9. Not sure exactly where Alexander Khovanov is in his development but I wouldn't mind seeing him on a line with Fiala and Kaprizov. I know he'd probably need AHL time first and we'll have to wait as he's loaned to the Ak Bars Kazan of the KHL but still with Kaprizov here it might be interesting to see a line of Khovanov, Kaprizov and Fiala.
  10. it's like he's a ball and chain attached to the other players. Probably has a clause in his contract that says the other players aren't allowed to skate faster than him or some chit.

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