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  1. Maybe and also that could be why Modano was brought in as CL knew he was going to fire Fenton. I personally think they'll go with experience and would want that so Some candidates include former Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextall, former Edmonton Oilers and Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, former San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi and former New York Islanders GM Garth Snow. Only guy on that list that I wouldn't mind is probably Lombardi. They said CL is having his hip replaced on Sept 17th so the search is going to be very quick or have to be as he wants a new guy in place by then most likely.
  2. Maybe he wanted to be fired after he got here and found out how bad the organization was, so he purposely did things to to try and get him fired.
  3. Well I didn't see this coming especially at this time of the off season.
  4. I saw this posted on a bruins site and while yes it's just a fan site still a trade that I wouldn't totally be against. Bruins trade Backes and a prospect or draft pick Wild trade Rask [Hidden Content]
  5. I too think too much term and money along with the damn NMC's that should be outlawed. IMO I would have preferred 3X5 or 4X4 at most not to mention he's another Left Shot LW. Anyways for anyone that actually cares
  6. agree I wouldn't take Knight at 12 and if we really feel like we need a goalie/want Knight and don't think he'll be available 42 then maybe try and move up to the early 2nd round or late first and grab him.
  7. With the 20th Pick in the NHL draft The New York Rangers are proud to select Tobias Björnfot Djurgardens Tobias Bjornfot is coming off of captaining Sweden’s Under-18 Team to a gold medal at the IIHF U18 World Championships. While he only registered one assist in the tournament, his defensive presence was a key factor in the win. He also captained Sweden at the Hlinka-Gretzky tournament, helping the team to a silver medal. He has plenty of international experience as he was also part of the bronze medal winning Swedish team at the 2018 IIHF U18s. Bjornfot represented Sweden at Under-16 and Under-17 level events, including last year’s U17 World Hockey Challenge. Bjornfot got his feet wet in the SHL, playing seven regular-season and four playoff games for Djurgardens. He spent most of his time with the J20 squad. Bjornfot scored 11 goals and 22 points in 39 games. He added three points in seven playoff games. It was enough to see him recognized as the J20 league’s best defenceman and helped his team to finish third. In 2017-18, he played in the J18 league playoffs and helped the Djurgardens squad to the championship with five points in five games. However, despite being 16, he spent most of the season in the J20, scoring 22 points in 42 games. Skating Bjornfot is another strong two-way defender, whose game is based on strong skating ability. He has very good speed in both directions. His acceleration is also at a high level. He pairs this with excellent pivots, agility and edgework to play a two-way game. Bjornfot covers a lot of ice quickly. He is able to transition from offence to defence, or vice-versa, effectively. Bjornfot can also quickly change speeds or direction in order to avoid a forechecker. He also has a strong lower-body which helps him to win battles along the boards and in front of the net. Bjornfot is strong on the puck and his stride helps him fight through checks. Offensive Game In the offensive end, Tobias Bjornfot has a good wrist shot with a decent release. He sneaks in from the point to get it off closer to the net. However, his slap shot could use some work. Bjornfot sees the ice well and makes smart plays with the puck. He makes good passes to start the rush and transition game. He is also not afraid to rush the puck up the ice himself or join in as a trailer. The combination of his stickhandling and skating ability also gives him the ability to skate the puck out of danger and avoid forecheckers in his own end. He has some creativity on the point, but this is an area he can continue to work on. He tends to be conservative and does not take a lot of chances to make an offensive play. Bjornfot is willing to join the rush at times and when he does can provide some offence with his passing skill and his wrist shot as a trailer. This is not something he does very often though, as he is again content to play a conservative and more defensive style. There is potential to produce better numbers than he has put up to date as the skill is there. It will take some coaching to get him to take advantage of the opportunities though. Defensive Game Bjornfot defends well against the rush and is very well positioned and disciplined in his own end. He has a high hockey IQ and reads the play extremely well. His anticipation of where the play is going and what play the other team will try to make is high end. This leads to him breaking up plays and intercepting passes. When turnovers happen, he is quick to transition the puck out of the zone. Bjornfot is strong on the boards and in front of the net against junior aged competition but must bulk up before he is ready to compete in the pro game. Projection and Comparison Bjornfot could develop into a two-way defenceman with a top-four role at the NHL level. Like most young defenders, he still has some things to learn in his own zone. That said, he is already highly advanced for a draft-eligible player. The question here is the offence. It is rarely seen in Bjornfot’s international appearances (with the exception of the Five Nations tournament). While he puts up points in the domestic junior league, there is also some concern that the points per game did not grow much from last season to this one. If a team can unlock his puck-moving and offensive skill, they could have a gem on their hands. Currently, his game is similar to Jonas Brodin but this is a style comparison only and not one based on skill. @pilldoc and the Pittsburgh Penguins are now Finally on the clock.
  8. Whoops my bad looked at the list and missed it I guess.
  9. With the 20th Pick in the NHL draft The New York Rangers are proud to select Thomas Harley D Mississauga (OHL) Skating Harley is a strong two-way defender with good size and skating ability. He has very good speed in both directions. His first few steps and acceleration are outstanding. Harley uses this ability to change speeds to move the puck out of his zone and make plays through the neutral zone. Combine this with his good agility, edgework, and pivots and his skating allows Harley to play a strong game in both ends of the ice. He can beat defenders off the rush, as well as walk the line in the offensive zone to open up shooting and passing lanes. His balance is good and he is strong on the puck. This should improve as he continues to add muscle to his frame. Offensive Game Harley makes a good first pass out of the zone and can start the transition game. He handles the puck well, especially while moving at top speed. This helps him to rush the puck out of his end and to lead the play in the neutral zone. Harley is also willing to take chances and join the rush as a trailer. He is also able to make smart plays with the puck in the offensive zone. Harley is a creative player. He has good vision and sees plays developing in the offensive zone. He can make passes through tight areas and sets up teammates for good scoring opportunities. Harley has improved his shot this year and the goals are starting to go in as a result. His slap shot has gotten significantly harder and he uses patience and his agility to open up shooting lanes and get it on net. Harley also keeps his shot low, allowing teammates to get to the net for screens, tip-ins, and rebounds. Harley could improve by sneaking in from the point and letting his wrist shot go more often. Defensive Game Harley is a solid defensive defenceman. He keeps good gap control and forces defenders to the outside. Harley forces attackers into bad shooting positions and uses his long reach to cut down passing lanes. However, especially quick and shifty forwards can sometimes give him problems one-on-one off the rush, and he must get a little quicker to handle them better. He also has good positioning and reads the play well, helping him to be especially strong in his own end for a 17-year-old. He does not seem to play a physical game at this point despite the fact that he has a good frame. Harley is willing to battle in the corners and in front of the net, but don’t expect too many big hits from him. He needs to get stronger and add muscle to that frame. Projection and Comparison Harley will need some time to iron out the defensive wrinkles and continue to get stronger. He has the potential to develop into a strong offensive defenceman, quarterbacking a power play and playing big minutes for his NHL team if he can hit his ceiling. While certainly not a sure thing, there is a chance he could become a top pairing defender in his prime. Harley’s game and style show similarities to Thomas Chabot but this is not a comparison based on skill or ability. Tall OHL left defender who plays on Mississauga’s top pairing. Is a balanced four-direction skater with upright skating style which doesn’t detract him from being and excellent backward skater or his ability to close on attackers. Sees time on the penalty-kill but the PP is where he is an offensive standout, and relishes joining the rush and being a QB. Still working on not getting caught flat-footed in transition, displaying better gap control, and reading the defensive coverages in his end, and some might question whether he has displayed high end attack skills or can play in the higher levels and have success in both ends that he has achieved in junior as he is finesse-type player; what is certain is that he currently already displays sharps edging, quick pivots, vision, excellent offemsive hockey sense, and calm composure taking care of business in his current level with solid passing skills and excellent vision. —Bill Placzek— @pilldoc and the Pittsburgh Penguins are on the clock
  10. June 12, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Boston 2
  11. Yeah I was torn between Soderstrom and Podkolzin at #10 but went with the more offensive player.
  12. Very tough decision here as the Canucks needed Boldy a LW and anything other LW seems like a stretch. Well in all actuality the Canucks need just about everything. So with the 10th pick the Canucks are proud to select RW Vasili Podkolzin a.k.a. "Vasily Podkolzin He's a tplayer who can make a difference in every game he plays. Smart, powerful and feisty, he earned the trust of world junior coach Valery Bragin in Vancouver and that should not be taken lightly. This kid is going to be a fan favorite when he comes over in a couple of years. So yes he's not coming over right away but he's worth the wait. Dynamic up and winger who can make a difference in every game he plays with his and ability to play a power game, get in tight, barreling through opponents to make plays. Lines up at the half wall from the right side and uses his left shot to fire blasts on the PP. Smart and always in motion, looking to have the puck returned to his possession. He captained the Russian Hlinka Tourney team by example. In the Bronze metal game, while on the PK, he worked the wall in his end to unearth a puck which he quickly got up ice giving his teammate a breakaway. His teammates attempt was stopped and as the USA team tried to exit their defensive end, he meets the exiting US player with contact, and the puck rolls to his teammate at the red line who advances it to him. he enters the zone near the left wall and as the US defender closes, he spins back around and fires a backhand pass to his teammate who got another chance. Always working, and has such quick hands and head. I chuckle at the various scribe's concerns about his "hunched over skating stride, kicking heels out; the same concerns were articulated to me about Mike Gartner in the 1979 draft, who was passed on by Colorado, St. Louis and Detroit and available to the Washington Capitals in slot four...it didn't stop him from scoring 40 plus goals in eight seasons for a total of 708 goals/ 1335 points. The year the Blues stole Tarasenko 16th overall, I commented in my mock (where I had Tarasenko "a gift dropping to slot ten", due to the "Russian factor") how this was a top five guy. I am going to go out on the line right now and say this kid is the best up and down winger in the class, and everyone should start praying their team doesn't pass him by, because he is the real deal, from Russia with love. --Bill Placzek-- He’s a complete winger with all the qualities that you want in a player, Craig Button - TSN 2018 Very strong on the puck.. plays the hard way.. fierce but disciplined.. sound puck management.. possesses an effective move to his forehand, Draftin Europe 2018 @BobbyClarkeFan16 is up next. On a side note in real life if the Canucks don't get Boldy they should trade Virtanen for some LW help.
  13. With the 2nd pick the New York Rangers are proud to select Kappo Kakko. What really is there to say. He is the concensus number 2 and even showed he could have been number one. He is 6'2 180lbs and just has a skill set you have to see. He didn't struggle at all in the world juniors this year and actually showed he could play with the best and even dominate. There really isn't much else you can say just need to see him in action. A quick-thinking winger, Kakko never seems to be in a rush. He reads the game exceptionally well and finds himself a step ahead while the play is still developing. He is confident with the puck and capable of handling it in small spaces. With decent size for a player of his age, Kakko protects the puck well and uses his high hockey IQ to make smart offensive plays. He plays a mature game and is already strong enough to compete with men in the Finnish Liiga. Kakko excels offensively and beats opponents with smarts and skill both on and off the puck. (Matias Strozyk, 2018) Blessed with incredibly soft hands and tight-quarter quickness, Kakko is a reliable stickhandler who uses timing plays to either get open or create space for his linemates. It’s hard to call a bigger winger elusive, but Kakko’s shiftiness is both rapid and unpredictable — he constantly lures defenders into a compromising position before exploiting the smallest of windows into an unabated path to the goal. Kakko uses a variety of moves and fakes to get himself into shooting position, but he doesn’t not require optimal conditions to wire off a blistering, accurate shot that is labeled for the corner or far post. Kappo’s endurance is excellent during the first half of his shifts, but like most larger forwards, he can run out of gas in the middle of a play. (Steve Kournianos of The Draft Analyst) @AJgoal is on the clock with the 3rd pick.
  14. June 9, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 2 St. Louis 3
  15. I will be gone until Monday evening. I have the 2nd pick so really shouldn't have an issue deciding who's name to put down. Might be very basic at first just a name until I get home and can put in some better info/write up in. Also We'll see if we get to the 10th pick by Monday evening or not. If we do then that'll be just a name as well until I get home.
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