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  1. Please, do not worry too much. Kaapo is only 24 y.o. , and still has more time to grow up as a valuable goaltender for the Wild team.
  2. I would agree with that point. It takes a longer time to develop a solid NHL goaltender than other players. We gave a chance for 5 seasons to Darcy Kuemper to be developed in the Wild club, but it was not enough time for him. He became more valuable later when he started to play in Arizona. Sincerely, I have more trust to Kaapo than I had for Darcy. Still, I do not accept the coach decision to keep the goalie in the not the best game for him when he is losing 0:4 and by the end of the game 1:9 because the goalie's confidence is drown down in geometrical progression. The coach should learned ho
  3. Agree. Especially this is a very valuable thing during Covid pandemics as well as during absence or partially filled by fans arenas for these kind of short and strange NHL seasons and divisions. I think during a successful playoffs time ( hope we will see it some day for our team if plays as a team-first mentality at any lines) it is twice more important for the Wild organization to make it stronger. Hopefully, the Wild club will continue their attentive scouting for the real talents at any rounds of the NHL drafts like it happened with CUPrizov (our smiling little bear ) who was a 5th round p
  4. I have an idea to find more regarding Kahkonen confidence. We should give him more games at the end of the season when our playoffs spot will be unreached to other teams below the division's list. Maybe that way we will be able to get his stronger confidence? From my observation in AHL he got his confidence when he played more often on a regular basis. Same happening now with our rookie goaltender there Jones.
  5. Good post. We were talking for years how is important for us offense when we had Dubnyk. And fans talked that we must to place more than 3 goals per game into opposite net to have more consistent success when Dubnyk is in our net. An example was the game yesterday between Avalanche and Blues. We know that Grubauer now on Covid protocol list and Dubnyk is replacing him as a backup goalie who was recently traded from the Sharks team. Colorado team is a superbly offensively minded team, which was able to beat St.Louis team yesterday with a score 4:3 in regulation. So far he is a decent goalie for
  6. I just looked for other players Becoming Wild on their records on fans views. Second is Kevin Fiala - 109,000.00 views in 1 year. Our former player Eric Staal had 98,000.00 views in 3 years. Mats Zuccarello has about 49,000.00 views in 1 year. And CUPrizov now is having more than 136,000.00 views in 6 days, which is an outstanding record of interest around the world attracting to the Wild team.
  7. Hope, in remaining 15 games of the regular season he will be able to get 15 points more for reaching 50 points record. Gaborik had his 36 points in 71 games as a rookie. And Kaprizov is having 35 points in 41 played games. Interesting, how many points he will have in a full 82 regular season games?
  8. Interesting, since the video was published on YouTube by the Wild organization we have already 122,803.00 views. I do not remember in the Wild history such a high interest to the Wild player among the fans around the world just in 5 days of the video presentation. Wow. He is really CUPrizov for the Wild team!!!
  9. Agree. Two(17 and 22) are important pieces of the Wild team. It was a good game and important win as well.
  10. Talbot doing a pretty good saves this game. The Wild should continue their offense without stopping.
  11. Good news for the fans and for the team that he is going to play tonight according to Russo twit. And Fiala is still questionable because of upper body injury.
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