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  1. I still like Stalock as our solid backup goaltender now, and even much better than Kuemper and everyone else we had during the last decade. In my opinion ,he is still our good option to use it for the next season and even more before our young promising goalies Kahkonen and Motte will be able to develop in Iowa. Both Dubnyk and Stalock need a team's support (like I said the same for the our goalies in Iowa). Very similar situation for our both teams at this moment. Minimal or even zero production from some team's players, +/- -4; -5 stats for some of them during the game makes our current position in a Division and a Conference. Still I am not sure that we will make playoffs this season. Good team but not a consistent in their results and a confidence. Any way, I liked a lot last game against Flames. We need sometimes some sparks of madness, to stand for each other, especially in a playoffs time, which we are missing most of the time as a real competitive team.
  2. Dear lord, Zdeno Chara is even taller - 6'9", 250 lb and in his 41 y.o. age is still a captain of Boston Bruins. Anyway, it was a nice first start for Falkovsky, but unfortunately, our Iowa Wild team lost yesterday with a score 2:5. Kohkonen was in the net. Our brick wall is losing its steadiness and definitely needs a support from the defense and even forwards to build his (Kaapo Kohkonen) confidence again. Actually our both young goaltenders need team's support. We need also more wins in regulation (too many OT games with loses for the team). It seems our team's production is suffering , especially from the defense. Hope, the most tallest guys Soucy, Warner, Falkovsky will start to shoot more pucks towards the net.
  3. It was an excellent game!!! I was impressed of the 4 PP goals. Wish to see that team's effort as well as a high scoring result every game , same way as Tampa doing practically every time at least 3 seasons in a row. All lines were pretty strong. Maybe Seeler needs to take some boxing lessons? That is attracting fans a lot to the big club. Because some fans when they see a depressive results from the main team started already to look for some other attractions. For example, some our employees with their families(they are also a huge Wild fans and now Iowa Wild) are planning to fly to Arizona and watch Iowa Wild games there against Tucson Roadrunners next spring , because of an outstanding team's results for this season.
  4. Agree. Same we could say, especially, regarding Granlund and Zucker in the previous years. Similar discussions , same high expectations. Definitely, talent is there. And experience is progressively developing.
  5. Agree about that. We do see for years Dubnyk is playing most games and getting finally in exhausted/or+ traumatized conditions, but backup goalie is getting less playing time practically in rusted conditions (last 1.5 years for Stalock). Same happened recently with Kaapo Kahkonen in Iowa (nice they decided to put Motte during the last game). That is a normal human nature to react that way on a consistent stressed conditions during a multiple games performance. I am surprise that probably, Dubnyk as well as coaching staff do not really realize sooner or later this final outcome. Anyway we need a win , and it does not matter how - by an outstanding goalie performance, by an outstanding team's performance or better both.
  6. Who knows? Last game Edmonton was able to put 3 PP goals out of 6 PP into our net, which is a 50% PK. And we are 3-7-0 in a last 10 games. We are gradually sliding down and Canadians gradually going up. I am not sure about tonight outcome for us. Just hope, our the youngest line (Greenway-Ek-Kunin) will make some production and also hoping at least for 1 point out of that game.
  7. Actually, for both Wild teams it was one of those nights(2:7 for the big club and 4:5 for the Iowa Wild in regulation) as well as for our all 3 goalies (Dubnyk - 3 goals; Stalock - 4 goals; Kahkonen- 5 goals). Definitely, aliens somehow affected on our ancient performance.
  8. We badly need points. Personally, for me, it should be a must win game for us. If we will play as we did last 10 games, then it will be very difficult to reach Nashville, Colorado, Winnipeg, and even Dallas. From a solid 2nd place at Western Conference, we are now at a 9th place there. Still, I am worried about the outcome of that game, because Oilers doing now a better performance with a new coach.
  9. Agree too. Let’s him to develop. It seems Kahkonen has a solid talent to merit our attention. For the 7th time in the last 8 games the Wild headed with him into overtime. We also lead the AHL league in overtime games (total 12 already) because of our goaltending performance helping to head the game most of the time to overtime part. But from the other side that means our production is not the best. We do not have recently lots of high scores against opposite teams, just initially when season started. Sokolov, probably, is playing on the 4th line , because I do not see that they are giving to this rookie a lot of playing time. Yes, he does some tactical/positional mistakes during the game, but I think, they should give him more time to develop better as an offensively minded scorer. And also they should look for the best chemistry among him and other forwards. Despite of playing less time and less games he already has 5 goals and 6 assists, +/- +5 in 15 games. I still have some questions to our defense performance and its developing. Why we should not try to develop among 3 defensive lines at least one the biggest defensive line, based on their height and weight? We have already 3 pretty tall and heavy defensemen – Soucy, Warner, and Falkovsky. Warner(6’4”; 221lb) involved more (played 21 games out of 23), Falkovsky, practically not involved at all and Soucy(6’5”; 208 lb) is playing occasionally(17 games). Regarding Falkovsky, he is not looking as a monster at his 6’7” height; 239 lb. as media presented. I looked on Zdeno Chara anthropological stats – he is even bigger - 6’9”; 250 lb and he is still a Bruin’s captain at his 41 y.o. believe it or not.
  10. Unfortunately, it was a not good finish for that game. After 3:0 for the Wild it turned to 3:3 in regulation (Wolves put 3 PP goals out of 6 PP). We went in OT and lost it at the last minute with a final score 4:3 . Chicago out-shot us 30:19. But at least we have got 1 point.
  11. For anyone who would like to listen now Iowa Wild game against Chicago Wolves here is a link: click on 1460 KXNO live radio. [Hidden Content] We are ahead 3:1 during a second period. And here is a link for the stats of this game : [Hidden Content]
  12. You already answered. 98% is too high for the Wild team, this is why we are good team but not great (like IllaIlla said. ). We were talking for years, that in general, our team is not playing hard for the entire 60 min.game, full efforts are not there 100 %, but weaker (maybe for an average 60% per game), which is not enough. And personally for me, the real team's effort is equal to the will to win performance (not all the time I do see that) as well as to the hard 60 min. play per game. Agree that the outcome of the game and the effort are not proportional. I mentioned that before too. I was willing to see a nice team's effort even if we lose against of Toronto. And that happened then.
  13. We have a good chance to win this game. Hope , for our 2 points game there.
  14. I do not think so at all. The effort is not for our team's play every game 98% there. We are not talking about each personal player mental and health status readiness for each game. For example, in games against Buffalo and Chicago - our team's effort was about 30%, against Coyotes - about 60%, the third period was practically a complete 0% effort when we lost 3 goals in a first 6 min. of the 3rd period, and then had only 5 ineffective shots through that entire period by losing 3:4 in regulation without showing any will to win. It was a complete gave up effort on that game. But last game against Toronto we had maybe about 80% of the real effort. Here is a nice team's effort example at the game on Sunday between Ducks and Capitals(you can watch a recap or condensed video on YouTube 12/2/18) when after losing 1:5 Ducks were able to put 5 unanswered goals with a win of 6:5 in regulation on the Capitals home ice arena. Probably that is a game of the season 2018-2019.
  15. Kaapo Kahkonen named goaltender of the month in AHL for the first time in Iowa Wild history. We are also on a 2nd place in the entire league there!!!!! Here is a link to read about it: [Hidden Content]

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