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  1. My interest came back to the Iowa Wild team as soon as Sokolov was reassigned back to Iowa after 2 games of play for the Allen Americans(ECHL) and had 1 goal and 13 shots towards the opposite net. Interesting that both (Dmitry Sokolov and Connor Dewar) were included last game, which was nice to see and both played pretty well. The Iowa team won that game against Ontario Reign with a score 3:0. Mayhew put his 8th goal of the season there(and has 8 goals;4 assists; +/- +5 in 10 games). Sturm scored 2 games in a row and has 4 goals already. Mat Robson had his first shutout in AHL. That win against Ontario team stopped the team's 3 games loosing streak.
  2. IMO, it's a time to try at least Mat Robson as a goalie for few games in the big club. I like him too. In general, the team is making not a bad road trip - 2 wins out 3 games; by placing 13 goals in 3 games. Staal, Fiala and Zucker gradually improving their stats also.
  3. It seems the current dilemma among our fans -" must to win" or " must to lose" for every game of the Wild team, which is depending on the fans wishes -1) to tank for the future rebuild or 2) just to get a playoffs spot for the future attempt to reach a Stanley Cup finals. As usual , I am predicting the win tonight against Ducks with a score 3:2(OT). Hope , Boudreau found the solution to be successful in OT. And hope Donato will be able to put a goal tonight. I just do not believe, how good he was in about first 10 games after trading last season, and then became a non-factor for the Wild team as well as for the Calder Cup playoffs in the Iowa Wild uniform.
  4. One elite 1c will not make any differences either for this team ,and as a rule here he will be send or to Iowa Wild team or to minor ligues after few games like we do with most of our prospects instead of doing a rotational 10 games prospects tryout in the big club. Mayhew should be playing in the Wild team 2 years ago and where is he now? Still in Iowa for the 4th year. The coach does not see a valuable players and keeps using players who are not talented enough in the hope that some day they will be highly progressed or keeps using the players who are regressed with their age and interest to win for the fans. He understood this very well as soon as Fenton did his stupid trades last winter.
  5. I am still thinking that 5 to 10 games for a tryout both(Kaapo and Mat - both merit a try)in the Wild from the Iowa Wild will not change dramatically results for this team, but who knows - maybe the mentality of the team towards winning will be changed completely like that happened for the Blues. And still we do see the evident differences of that team when Binnington or Allen are in the net. I always was surprise about the stubbornness of our coach for a Kaapo tryout in the big club last year. Some teams had up to 8 goalies in a tryout in one season, but we had zero at least 3rd season in a row. IMO, any goalies should compete for the rights to occupy the main throne in the big club. I am also surprise about a Darcy Kuemper results in 2 seasons in Arizona, who did not show any best results for years in a previous 2 teams- for the Wild and for Kings and now is blooming as well as their team, which does not have a lot of talent. And we are going to play against that team more often in our Division starting from the 2021-2022 season.
  6. Interesting, that just looked through the ECHL website, because Sokolov was sent to Allen Americans team from the Iowa Wild and found out a goal of the 2019 year for Otto Somppi (Tampa Bay prospect who played for Orlando Solar Bears). Same beauty one as Granlund and Svechnikov did. Here is a link to it: [Hidden Content]
  7. Allen Americans team won that game with a final score 3:2 in OT. Shots 42 vs 39.Gabriel Gagne put a winning goal in OT. 3 stars of the game - Gagne, Guptill and Sokolov. Sokolov also had the most shots for the team (total 9 shots) in that game. Commentators said that maybe they will see him only for a couple games there. And the team looked better and different with him, especially when he was included in PP.
  8. Tonight is a first game for Dmitry Sokolov at the Allen Americans team in ECHL against the Rapid City Rush team. It seems a portion of players(I recognize their names) from this team are rotating between Iowa Wild and Allen Americans during the season. Through the official Allen Americans Hockey web site I started to listen tonight game and through the official ECHL game center I follow the teams stats during the game. After 2 periods score is so far 2:1. Sokolov has1 goal already and the most shots for the team 8. We out shot the opposite team in shots 29 vs 24. Kind of expensive packages for the live ECHL TV even in comparison to the live AHL TV package. Do not know why. Last year Allen Americans team missed the playoffs. Hope this year, with the help of Sokolov they will make it. Here is a link to the ECHL game center for that game: [Hidden Content]
  9. It's a time for the team to start winning at least with the same rate. It seems we are winning about every other game (4-9-0 for October). In the next 5 months (November; December; January; February and March) we have a chance to make about 20 wins(4 per month). Last game we lost to St.Louis. But tomorrow we are going to win against the same team - a Stanley Cup winner of the last season. My prediction is 5:2 in a score. I did not predict 10:0 score, because it does not look too real against Binnington, but 5:2 is giving a slight satisfaction for the game on a home ice. Tarasenko is injured and is not going to be an issue for our team during the next 5 months. Hope, Dubnyk will be able to stop 48 out of their 50 shots towards our net; and Kunin, Donato; Fiala;Greenway and Parise each will be able to put a goal into the opposite net , but not into our net like it happened against a Dallas team. Optimism even the worse one is a common part of our life. We just need to look for it . .
  10. Agree. At least it is a goal of the year of the 2019-2020 season. Just a beauty of the puck control with a stick during a crucial minutes of the game by Andrei Svechnikov. Look how this player is so valuable for the Carolina team at his age, and at the same time our Wild (50 goals scorer in OHL) young prospect Dmitry Sokolov who was playing together with Andrei Svechnikov in same line and creating the best chemistry in OHL was sent on Monday from AHL to ECHL. And we are consistently and stupidly talking about a Wild team rebuild, when our coaches and GM not capable to see the treasure under our feet and placing it even deeper into the dirt. It would be nice if Sokolov will be traded to Carolina and to see him playing successfully with Svechnikov - nice communication among the players producing the best results. Our Wild coaches do not get that axiom.
  11. Probably he saw that beauty out of Granlund.
  12. or at least, it will end up to a coach be replaced if we will keep losing lots of games. Why it took so long for Bruce Boudreau to put together Zucker-Staal-Zuccarello? I was proposing that line as soon as Zuccarello was signed to our team. It seems this line is the best so far for the big club, because it does have a some continuous production. But still it is not enough , because other lines have close to zero production. Hoping, that our defense will increase in goals from their side too. At least Koivu and Parise should be benched, Suter should have a less playing time - impossible to see too many mistakes(he is not a young goat anymore, but looks like an old bull). Mayhew and Dumont should be reassigned back to the big club to make some improvements/changes in our standings. Would be nice if Mat Robson will get a try in the Wild uniform in the net too. Otherwise we will remain at the bottom of the league like many commentators and fans are predicting.
  13. Here is a next strange decision of Tim Army yesterday. Is that normal, when yesterday our new AHL rookie Connor Dewar( almost a 40 goal scorer in minor leagues) was benched again because Mayhew and Dumont were reassigned back to Iowa? Why Tim Army did not bench the players who are not presenting any future interest for the team? Mayhew(2 goals in 6 games for the Wild and 5 goals;4 assists in 5 Iowa Wild games this season) and Dumont were playing well in the big club last week and yesterday each put 2 goals for the Iowa team in the win in OT. Like I said before - what Mayhew(26 y.o.) is doing in Iowa Wild team when he supposed to be playing for 2 years already in the big club? Why we do not bench Parise, Koivu, Fiala, Donato, Greenway, Ek because they are not producing goals and place instead of some of them Mayhew who did produced 2 goals in few Wild games and consistently producing goals in AHL 4th year in a row ? That was a question to other head coach - Bruce Boudreau. And why do we sign mediocre players from other teams without seeing and diminishing our own treasure? That is the way how 2 mediocre teams(Wild and Iowa Wild) are developing for decades. It seems we do have 2 blind coaches working simultaneously bad in 2 teams, because both coaches are not capable to find and to resurface the promising talented seedlings towards the production as in AHL as well as in NHL. Why we need always to look for the trash outside, but not for the treasure inside? Just do not believe, that the young highly scoring players for decades in minor leagues, became a waste in AHL and NHL. No doubt, it seems the coaching staff is weak physically and psychologically in both clubs.
  14. No, the problem is more global. Sincerely, I had some hope before, but lost yesterday any interest/finished to watch and listened on a radio games of Iowa Wild team after they sent Sokolov to ECHL. I know many fans around the world will do the same because of that an idiotic strategy for the youngsters, especially regarding Russian players, who started to bring a lot of interest/intrigue to that team. Personally for me, the Wild GM Bill Guerin is a progressive manager, because drafted this season few Russian players having a nice potential. But I am not sure now about their future here, especially for signed Sokolov, Khovanov, Lodnia, Gordeev, Falkovsky, and not signed Kaprizov, Svetlakov, Guskov, Nesterenko, Firstov. I am very skeptical at this moment based on watching strange decisions in 2 years made by those people - 2 head coaches (Bruce Boudreau and Tim Army) and Iowa Wild GM Tom Kurvers, who, it seems, are just a haters of Russian players based on a massive idiotic zombied anti-Russian propaganda. Still remember how Boudreau was trying to move down to lower lines or even to bench the highly productive Alexander Ovechkin and finally he lost his position/was fired, because the Capitals owner was smarter than Boudreau and looked better to the team’s future. So far making a conclusion, as long as they are here (2 coaches and Iowa Wild GM), we will not see any Russian players in both clubs. Wish that those 2 coaches and Iowa Wild GM will be removed out the system sooner than later, because they are losing lots of fans around the world. I will not have any messages regarding Iowa Wild team any more. Done with that part of my life. It seems the Iowa coach Tim Army was not able to find any solid and friendly communication with Sokolov. Dmitry was in a very good shape: played tremendously well during the Summer Camps and the Traverse City Tournament; 50 goals scorer in OHL played pretty well and had very good stats(16 goals;14 assists in 60 games) in the 4th line last season in our AHL team; unfortunately, was included only in one out of 12 playoffs games last year; unfortunately, was included only in one out of 8 games of the 2019-2020 regular season (had 6 shots in that single game);unfortunately, was not included into any preseason Wild games as well as Lodnia and Guskov. Lodnia was even not tried in any AHL games and was sent back to OHL. Hope, Sokolov will be traded to Carolina and will play with Soshnikov who had a beautiful chemistry together in OHL, by producing multiple goals per season there. Or maybe he will find an interesting NHL or KHL club by the help of his agent. Just do not want to listen more about his shape from any one , but should look on a shape of Tarasenko, who still is the best highly scoring player for the Blues. Probably, Radulov punished the Wild team(3 goals;1 assist;10 shots) yesterday just for Sokolov. Do not know what to say more – the big club evidently is not producing enough for years, but highly producing promising prospects are diminishing their roles for nothing in our system, because of a stupid decisions of their coaches or GM. That is a global problem for this organization.

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