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  1. Nice WILD home opener win!!!! 4:1 Parise and Fiala were able to score in this game tonight too.
  2. I agree with you and prefer our wins in regulation but not in OT, because we have all divisional games. Kind of my dream to see Kaprizov and Fiala with a center tryouts EEK as well as Sturm. Both play hard, have speed and smartness. Why not to try them in that position? It seems parents of our Minnesotan player Bjugstad are going to watch tonight this game at arena. It is going to be his first game at home.
  3. Another important next 2 home games against Sharks. Hope, tonight it will be a must win home opener game for us. Probably, Dubnyk and Donato will play like lions against of us. In my opinion, in comparison to 2 our previous opponents the Sharks team is capable to score more goals and we should be ready for it as offensively as well as defensively. Our goalies should stay on the top of their play too. Agree with MNSOTA, that before of playing against of Colorado team 4 games in a row (like in a playoffs mode staring on Jan,30) we need to collect as many points as possible in our 4 games(
  4. I also like more and more Sturm's hard play and, of course, Brodin's IQ. Kaprizov had a nice chance to score also. Despite Fiala was not able to score, but, I think he was very helpful too during this game. Nice , that Kahkonen was able to hold this win - the 1st team's win this season in regulation!
  5. WILD WIN!!!! Foligno was very helpful during the last 3 minutes of the game.
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