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  1. Me too. I like Svechnikov a lot since he was playing in OHL together with our former prospect Dmitri Sokolov in one line. Sokolov had in that season 97 points. Even had more points than Svechnikov had. Carolina gave a chance to play to Svechnikov at age 18 in the big club, but Wild was afraid to give one single game to Sokolov in 4 years and did not signed extension contract with him this year. Now Sokolov is playing at VHL (Supreme Hockey League)for Wings of Omsk and having already 5 points(3 goals;2 assists) in 4 games. In my opinion as well as my observations, a lot depending from a coach
  2. MN Wild made 8 cuts and trimmed roster to 46 players today.
  3. Hopefully, soon. It seems he could be our next candidate for Calder trophy. Dean Evasion was very happy how Beckman played last game and he thinks that our prospect is not only a scorer but has already a real professional NHL mentality. Actually that line Beckman- Giroux - Bitten was very good last night which netted 2 goals in our loss 6:2.
  4. Surprisingly, they do have a NHL Russian hockey channel, Kubrick Stanley channel and some other channels, which I was able to watch recently on YouTube mainly because of Kaprizov's contract. We have a lot of NHL Russian players and drafted prospects(practically most NHL teams have it) which were presented on their tables. They do have an experienced experts who played before in NHL or were closely related to NHL and they do detailed discussions/analysis about NHL Russian players; about their progress; their weaknesses; their injuries; their future in NHL or no future at all. Regarding Kaprizov
  5. Our 1st pre-season game we lost tonight with a score 2:6 against St. Louis. Wild team roster for this game was mainly based on our prospects. #mnwild lines at #stlblues tonight Greenway-Rossi-Boldy Rask-Sturm-Bjugstad Cramarossa-Turgeon-Novak Beckman-Giroux-Bitten Hunt-Benn Lambos-Hicketts O’Rourke-Mermis Kahkonen Hammond Among all our players I would like to mention 2 forwards for this game (Beckman 2 goals and Bitten 2 assists). The rest did not show much.
  6. I was listening few Russian hockey channels. You are right they are giving more appreciation to him. It was a discussion who is on a 6th place Kaprizov or Svechnikov from Carolina? And they put Kaprizov, and Svechnikov is on a 7th place. The rest of other Russian players having less interest to their media. They think Kaprizov did more for the Russian hockey by winning Olympic gold after placing GWG in OT and winning a Gagarin Cup with CSKA, Moscow. And also he won a NHL Calder trophy last year, but Svechnikov was not able to do that.
  7. Initially in addition to Foligno A, they had a second A for EEK as a choice, but they finally decided to give two A to the best trophy fishermen this year Foligno and Dumba. I think also they made a good decision, because both players are the nice fighters for the team.
  8. Especially, when most games we are going to play in our toughest NHL division. Playoffs spot will be not an easy one for us in comparison to the last season. Hopefully we will make it and will be able to pass at least 2 rounds with such a promising roster including Kaprizov, Fiala (who said he has a fire in his eyes for this season), Boldy and Rossi.
  9. Thanks Lynxrattle. Nice interview with Guerin. It seems he is confident in everything he is doing for the team's success. Interesting, that Russian hockey media talking a lot about this contract; pluses and minuses, but they predict very high interest and attention to our team in the world. They put him on a 6th place among all NHL Russian players after Vasilevskiy, Kucherov, Ovechkin,Panarin,Malkin, but his rating could be higher in a future. Their hockey media sadly said only one thing that Kirill does not like to give an interviews to them.
  10. Interesting, I was thinking yesterday to place the question here : Where is Alexander Khovanov? And an hour ago Russo just placed an answer: He is expecting to be at Iowa training camp on October 3, because he was able to get a visa. Exciting good news - team is getting more stronger, talent is coming to it.
  11. Happy Birthday MARCO!!!! who is having today (09/23/21) 20 y.o.
  12. According to Russo twit: Lines to start #mnwild camp basically are Kaprizov-Eriksson Ek-Zuccarello Greenway-Hartman-Foligno Gaudreau-Rask-Fiala Duhaime-Sturm-Bjugstad Rau-Rossi-Boldy I think this way will be more interesting tryouts during the camp: Kaprizov- Eriksson Ek - Zuccarello; Boldy - Rossi - Fiala; Greenway - Hartman - Foligno; Rask - Sturm- Bjugstad; Duhaime/ or Novak - Rau- Gaudreau; Beckman- Giroux- Dewar/or Lodnia
  13. Day #1 Kaprizov personal training because he needed to take one more Covid test. From my understanding he was vaccinated recently in Florida.
  14. Marat Khusnutdinov and Matvei Guskov still playing for the best KHL teams SKA, St. Petersburg and CSKA, Moskow respectively. Both prospects played 7 games there and are having 5 points(1 goal;4 assists) for Marat and 4 points(2 goals;2 assists) for Matvei.
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