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  1. LIG. Just finished listening. Perfect presentation! Like it a lot.
  2. Thanks a lot HF101! I am planning to place there my personal experience, which I recently passed and to bring some simple advises to make this disease a little bit easier or maybe even to save lives for our fans, for our players, for our relatives and to everyone who will be reading that message. It will take to me slightly awhile to finish my writing, which I started yesterday. Sorry, my English is not the best. It takes a time for me to write something important, in my opinion.
  3. LIG. Thanks, just started to listen in about an hour talk. You have a nice voice too, which I did not hear for the last 15 years since knowing you on the main Wild fan zone link.
  4. We are OK Howie. Finally, I started to write after the interval of unhealthy break. Fortunately, storm is not a catastrophe. Optimistically believing, hockey will come back with no a 2nd wave of the Corona this fall. Sincerely, Alex
  5. Sadly to say is #5.Cancel everything til next season to settle first somehow down our global health situation caused by COVID-19. Just opened our forum. Unfortunately, it seems, the topic regarding COVID-19 was removed. I wanted to share some of my personal recent experience about it and some advises on preventing/minimizing chances on transforming that disease into a serious complication- pneumonia . Anyway, world famous virologists ( I listened recently few discussions on YouTube) predicting that this extremely contagious, not well researched yet virus will have the same transitional way as happened for many viruses before, which means a chance to change its acute stage (viral disease) into a latent form (hidden not invasive form) for people in our globe. Usually it happens from June til August. I really believe that this prediction is right. Very important that the globe will build some level of immunity after recovering from this disease before that time (before June). In general, different levels of humans immune system on many viral diseases are forming after successful recovery from these diseases.
  6. Flyers could be a winner , because is able to surprise us.
  7. So far those strict precautions(some countries/some cities are/or were shut down and etc.) are staying to the levels of a biological weapon precautions. I do not remember similar precautions against any other viruses last and this century which had such a pandemic character. Something is more serious, which we even do not know in public. I heard today Israel started to quarantine for 14 days every person entering their country. The problem is - the incubation period for COVID-19 could be even longer, more than 14 days. In some masked cases were even up to 3 weeks. The other problem that this virus, unfortunately, does not bring a strong immunity to the body after the disease. Known already cases of repeated coronavirus disease for the same patient. Better do not travel until the situation will be under the complete control. In our hospital all missionaries of the surgical teams to Africa and Latin America are cancelled already. First of all, we should not panic. Any panic;any stress destructing immunity system. Ideally, the virus should stop spreading as soon as it will get into the nation with a strong immunity system. We already talked about this before at our forums how to build a strong immunity system for our hockey players to prevent missing games because of cold or influenza infection. That part is even more important to fight against COVID-19, because it is affecting our immunity. I even heard that a portion of coronavirus DNA is a part of HIV DNA. Surprisingly, media more talking about masks, not shaking hands to each other, using more often disinfectants instead of talk of building a better humans immunity system by using daily in their diet more dark colored fruits and berries, which are containing/rich in polyphenols; anthocyanins; antioxidants; vitamins; minerals. Those fruits could be used in different forms - fresh; preserves; dry forms; slightly boiled fruits; raisins and etc.(blueberry;blackberry;black currants;black grapes;black cherry; sour cherry ;elderberry;raspberry;pomegranates) as well as to include more in our diet red beets too. Nice that media finally started to recommend to stop smoking for everyone who is smoking , because it realized that smoking is a well known silent killer of the immunity system. Clean ecology is very important too. Because a dirty ecology badly affecting our humans immunity as well as it is a good persistent source for the multiple virus mutations. An examples are recent(during the last decade)variations of different viruses - chicken virus(bird flu), pig(swine) virus, SARS, MERS. From where they mostly came ? If the globe is more clean then the more healthy less diseased population we will see around the globe. Overall, it is a global problem, which we should resolve fast and more seriously, but not each country individually. Regarding NHL playoffs, hope it will not be ruined this year because of the coronavirus influence.
  8. He is getting better/more focused and the team is playing better around him too. Otherwise, without that, we will have a chance to miss Calder Cup playoffs after such a strong regular season this year.
  9. Thanks LIG for the prospects report too. I always like to compare their stats in progression. As more as season is getting closer to the end as more I am impressed by the stats of some of our promising prospects(106;98;79;75;61 points for some of them already this season). And our goalie prospect Jones having a nice season too. It seems we are getting a solid future for the Wild team. Hope , we will not waste it.
  10. Fiala is playing more and more look like Gaborik. Let's say he is our second Gaborik in the Wild history. . And our win in OT was practically a Fiala's win when the team received a PP after his individual play around the net. And then he finally scored a game winning goal during that PP time. If he will play this way consistently till the rest of the season, then he has a chance to make a 30 goals this season. It is going to be the best achievement in his professional career. Parise also having a chance to make a 30 goals this season as well.
  11. Why do they still put him in the net? I still would prefer Stalock and even Robson for a tryout to build for him some NHL professional confidence.
  12. Sokolov is not playing already 2 games in a row. Is he injured? At least our team finally won last game today after losing few games in a row without Kahkonen. It seems Robson started to get some confidence.
  13. A first half of a 2nd period is kind of boring to watch from our side. Ducks are pressing, but we are doing practically nothing. No offense at all. An interest to the game at this moment is dropping down too.

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