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  1. Unfortunately, he was not able to take any advantage here because played a minimal time at the 4th line, but still was able to place 2 goals in 7 Wild games. Some other players from the big club have a hard time to put 2 goals even in 20 games. Actually Mayhew put tonight his 30th goal this season in the win 4:3 against Manitoba Moose team (Mat Robson was in the net). Interesting, Gerald Mayhew is now 4 goals behind of the 2009 year record when Alexandre Giroux scored 34 goals by playing in Hershey team. I am thinking that he has a chance to beat Giroux's 11 years old record and even to reach 40 goals level. Other good news, we were able to win a shutout game on Friday against Manitoba Moose team with a minimal score 1:0. Nico Sturm placed a single winning goal from a primary assist of Gerald Mayhew during that game. Kahkonen stopped 33 shots out of 33.
  2. I agree with you yave1964 regarding your team. I do not remember such a poor results for the Red Wings. Hope, your team will get a real #1 overall draft pick this season. Wish your team all the best. Hope, you will pick a better goalie too. Sincerely, from my observation, Detroit Red Wings team started gradually to fall/to roll down , as soon as Pavel Datsyuk moved to the KHL. Maybe I am wrong, but I did not see anyone else who could be his replacement since.
  3. Thanks LIG. Sincerely, I am proud for them. They all three merit that invitation by showing an outstanding results for the Iowa Wild team this season.
  4. We see such a different fans opinions which player is above; at; or below expectations. What is that mean? Our players are still not very consistent in their production and this is why we are at the current position standings. I still do not see a real consistent step up player who can change for us the result of the game when is extremely necessary. Fresh examples of our inconsistency is a recent game against Panthers , as well as 4 games in a row right after the New Year time, which we lost. In general, we should be very careful/picky , especially, to give to player above the expectation grade. Koivu is not having an European grade 10, but, maybe, only 6-7. He had probably European grade 10 about 10 years ago. Effort is effort and it does not mean an excellence in play; his speed and reaction are not the same as they were before; his power play and overtime play are not superb too.This season he is having in 36 played games 2 goals; 11 assists; +/- +1 . I am still waiting for the next Mayhew tryout here(previously he had 2 goals in 7 games). IMO, he could be very helpful for the big club in scoring. And I am still waiting for the first tryout for Sokolov to get more of professional experience in the big club.
  5. Iowa Wild team,unfortunately, lost last game on Wednesday in SO with a score 3:4 against Grand Rapids Griffins. Gerald Mayhew (league-leading in goals) was able to place 2 goals during the game(his 28th and 29th goals of the season), and Menell had 2 assists. Kahkonen stopped 43 out of 47 shots towards his net (his season high in AHL). Anas; Mayhew and Sokolov had a chance to shoot during a shootout time, but only Sokolov was able to place a goal into the Griffins net. According to the Iowa Wild news: " - Forward Gerry Mayhew’s first goal Wednesday set a new franchise record for goals in a single season, breaking the mark he set during the 2018-19 campaign. - Mayhew’s 29 goals heading into the All-Star Weekend is the most by an AHL skater since Alexandre Giroux’s 34 in 2009 with Hershey. - Defenseman Brennan Menell earned his 100th career point with an assist Wednesday night."
  6. Yes. It was. LIG, regarding your imagination on Stalock did you mean a harakiri? I am still thinking about a frustrating end of the game. The 4th soft goal cost us a lot. The Wild team knew Panthers is a high scoring team. Maybe the option for the last 5 minutes of the game(we lost 2 goals in that frame) was just to go into the extremely deep defense from all players to help Stalock or maybe even to replace him on Dubnyk after the 4th goal just to hold the score in addition to the deep defense?
  7. That loss in 5 seconds to the end of the game hurts a lot!!!! Not a bad game but the bad end for the team and its standings.
  8. We were able to break Stars 6 games win streak and won this game with a final score 4:2. Kahkonen stopped 29 out of 31 shots on goal towards his net. During this game Mayhew put his 27th goal of this season; J.T. Brown had a winning goal and assist; Menell had 2 assists(total 25 assists) and Anas had an assist too(total 31 assists this season).
  9. Score remained the same 0:1 after 2 periods. Shots were 24 for the Iowa Wild vs 21 shots for Texas Stars team. Both goalies playing pretty well in this game so far.
  10. Iowa Wild team is playing now the afternoon game(01/20/2020) against Texas Stars team. After 30 minutes of game score so far is 0:1. Kahkonen is in the net. Gerald Mayhew is playing too. Stars team is currently on a six-game win streak, which is the longest active streak in the AHL.
  11. Another not a simple team to play against. Panthers is a high scoring offensively minded team - 3.64 goals per game (1st in NHL). We should be defensively prepared for that game, like we played against the Lightning team.
  12. Yeah, agree, that version(he is not as good) regarding Boldy is not excluded too. Will see in a couple of seasons. Regarding Sokolov - agree too, he is showing his NHL- caliber shot . The valuable part of him, from my observation, he could be very helpful during the crucial moments of the game - PP, OT, SO, which he showed in Iowa.
  13. Ovechkin already had one a half season lockout in his career (2012-2013) and Gretzky did not have any. I think Alex will play from 7 to 8 healthy seasons (up to 41-42 y.o.). He is 34 y.o. now. Jarg played even in NHL till the age of 46. I do not think Ovechkin will get to Wayne's goals numbers, but will be getting close to it. I also think he can pass the Wayne's record in next 7-8 more seasons of placing 50 and more goals per season. So far Ovechkin has 8 seasons of 50 and more goals per season and Gretzky has 9 of those seasons. It is always exciting to see a battle of the humans achievements in sports. Agree regarding - people remember more goals , but not much assists.
  14. Sokolov is continuing to shine for the Iowa Wild team( by having already 11 goals; 5 assists;+/- +10 in 23 played games). He placed 1 single team goal and was #3 star of the previous game and placed 2 goals and was #1 star of the last game. We won that game in OT with a score 4:3. According to the Iowa Wild main page - "Sokolov’s two tallies extended his goal streak to four games and point streak to five, both of which are career-highs for the winger. His four-game goal streak is also tied for the longest active streak in the AHL and since Jan. 11, his five tallies rank second among all skaters in the league." From the good news also - Mason Shaw had his 1st game in AHL after a long period of rehabilitation from the last year injury which he got during the playoffs time. From other news - Gerald Mayhew did not play last 2 games. Is he injured?
  15. I am not sure LIG. Like I said before, something is going on with his mentality to show high level of hockey as well as with his skills during this season.

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