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  1. Hope,they will start with our star - Kaapo Kahkonen. It is time for him to show his excellence. It will be a big mistake to put Dubnyk for such an important game #3. We also need badly production from all lines as well as from our defense, especially, from Dumba who is practically a zero factor so far. We badly need his goals and be more focused on a high tensioned game,but not on raising hand. Last night we received 7 power play penalties, which means we were not well organized during the game and should be out of the penalty box like we did in game #1.
  2. Nice Fiala x 2!!! tonight. But unfortunately, was not enough to equalize the score at least. It was not the best game#2. And Stalock should be replaced after 2 periods by Kahkonen. Too late efforts.
  3. I do not think so. In my opinion, it is going to be the most toughest Cup in NHL history without fans, without opened bars and restaurants with lots of other restrictions. We have a co-worker whose son is now (assistant)in Edmonton helping to supply a Colorado team. He is surprised how is not an easy Cup is going to be in everything. I think the winner will be proud not less as the regular Stanley Cup winner. All teams are pretty competitive and professional.
  4. It was a beautiful pass of Parise to the shorthanded Kunin's goal. Nice finish of the 1st period. Shots so far 10:9 after the 1st intermission.
  5. Game#2 it is not an easy one for us on start. First shot and as fastest goal at these entire NHL playoffs series so far. Unfortunately, into our net . They(Wild) should stay out of the penalty box and to start improving our offense from all lines like Hurricanes did and won their series in 3 games against Rangers. Impressed already with their result.
  6. Fiala's first goal in game #1 against Vancouver. Parise and Staal assisted to it. Stalock in the net. Score so far 1:0 after 12 minutes of the play.
  7. Surprisingly, Dubnyk was not too bad against Colorado, which we lost with a score 2:3. He did not allowed any goals in that exhibition game in comparison to Stalock who allowed 3 goals in our net. Unfortunately, they did not tried Kahkonen to see his potential in that game.
  8. I am predicting at least 60 points for Kaprizov during the 1st season. He was the best player in KHL the last 2 seasons and he needs to show how good he is in NHL now. As well as he is a pretty young player too and has enough energy to show his skills. He also needs some good support(physical and mental) from his teammates too during the games and outside the games. Without that is hard to show anything good for the team. I liked that Spurgeon is talking and supporting him by mail for a month already, and Kaprizov had nice communications with Foligno and Guerin too. Good men and I impressed and admired about them. That way the team is building. Interesting if Kaprizov arrived to Canada or still has difficulties to get a visa? Any info? According to Russo - he supposed to have a quarantine for a week and to have 4 negative Covid tests in 4 days, and then he is clear to practice with the team.
  9. Expanded roster for our team from the Michael Russo twitter: "Goalies Kahkonen and Robson; Defenseman Bartkowski; Belpedio; Menell; Forwards Mayhew; Sturm; Johnson; Rau and Kaprizov. That would equal the maximum 31 players." Addison; Anas and J.T.Brown were not on the ice today and meaning they are not going to Edmonton with the team according to Michael Russo too. Hope, Kaprizov will be able to connect to the team in Edmonton. Probably, would be nice to present him to the immigration service to get a visa that he introduce a very important part for the team's success during this playoffs series.
  10. I was able to see scrimmage on YouTube. I liked more the green team than the white one. Or maybe it was a reason to put two competitive team against each other, which one was more offensively minded and the other one was more defensively minded. And to see which style was more effective. Regarding Kaprizov , Michael Russo was worried how to put him on quarantine when he will come. I think the most simple solution - 2 weeks of isolation in a hotel room. If no symptoms or temperature in 2 weeks then he is clear to practice with the team. Hope, Kaprizov will get a visa soon. Or maybe he got already?
  11. Agree. That would be a nice intriguing line - Lodnia-Dewar-Duhaime. LIG, You are probably right regarding his decision or because the crowded lineup in Iowa for the next season. Dinamo Minsk is not a bad KHL team. With that team he could get some nice experience by playing in KHL. It seems our Wild club will receive in the future more players which had an additional very valuable experience from KHL. Nice. Not many NHL teams are having that option.
  12. I am thinking , that Kahkonen would be the best choice as a starter goalie against Vancouver. He was great in both Wild's scrimmage games(did not allowed any goals in his net) and really merit be a starter goalie. Second choice is Stalock after the first game if we loose.
  13. He could improve a lot of things at Ak Bars Kazan club. That team is such a toughest team in KHL with a very long pretty good winning history(3 times Gagarin Cup winner in a last decade). I am still impressed about tremendously improved Khovanov's +/- stats when he had +58 and 99 points in 52 played games this season. No one in a Wild history had these stats in that period of time. It would be nice to see Khovanov some day playing together with Fiala and Kaprizov for the Wild team. It could be in a future pretty nice offensively minded line because, no doubt, all 3 have a real professional talent and capable to bring intrigue into the Wild play.

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