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  1. Me too. I think if nothing good will happen actually in a first 2-3 months of the regular season(by losing lots of games), then the current coach will be moved out of the team sooner than the end of the season. Kind of a pessimistic thought so far regarding our nearest team's future.
  2. So far the team is doing well during the pre-season. 3 wins(against Boston and NY Rangers) out of 4 games. The last game against NY Rangers still is going (score is 4:1 in 13 minutes left of the 3rd period). Overall they were able to score so far 14 goals in those 4 games. Here is a link to a beautiful goal Maltsev was able to put into a Ranger's net: [Hidden Content] I think the team has a nice chance to make a playoffs this season.
  3. Sadly , Gordeev (already 20 y.o.) was assigned back to OHL . I think he was pretty good at the Summer Camp as well as at the Traverse City Tournament this fall. Among the all defensemen there he was the most noticeable player. I would prefer to see him in AHL at least to get more of professional experience and evaluate his play better and closer in Iowa Wild team. Sokolov, Lodnia, Dewar were already sent to the Iowa Wild. None of them as well as Guskov and Giroux were not involved in both pre-season games. Sturm so far was performing well during the summer and is performing well now this fall. But still production for the big club is very low - 2 goals in 2 pre-season games (1 goal from Hartman and 1 from Sturm). Where are abundant goals from the big players of the big club?
  4. We missed a pretty solid recent opportunity to sign Brock Boeser. He was finally signed 3 days ago on a 3 years deal with Canucks. They were able to find money for a short term contract. Here is a link: [Hidden Content]
  5. I also love Spurgeon's play a lot , but surprised for such a long(7 years) term of his contract, which is should be 4 or maximum 5 years. Practically same deal as Zuccarello have got out of Fenton, now Jared have got out of Guerin. Are the players dictating their rules/wills? It seems the tendency as long as team is getting older then sooner or later the entire team would be NMC or NTC covered with the long terms. IMO, fans feel older with that team every second of their life. I already do. So far I do see less and less room for the youngsters in the big club and/or their foggy future here. This way rebuild is just only a dream impossible to be real in a nearest future. Are any other NHL teams doing same way for about 30% of their players as we do or we are an alone exception?
  6. My meaning reason is the same as LIG’s - the Wild should pay to Kaprizov slightly more to attract him somehow here(on an entry level) at least for a short 1-2 seasons contract. Just checked our roster(69 players) for the training camp this fall and did not find our 1st round draft Boldy; a 2nd round draft Firstov; and a 3rd round draft McBain of this year, but found lots of new names- invitees (total 14) for a tryout. [Hidden Content]
  7. Wikipedia said that Gusev signed this year a 2 years deal for $9 M ($4.5 M per season) with a New Jersey Devils team. I think Kaprizov capable to make the same thing as Gusev did . If the Wild will not make a nice offer, then he will look for other team.
  8. Same as Gusev did this year - instead of $2 millions per year he commanded $4 M. And I think he got it through the New Jersey Devils $4.5 M for the season 20/21 because Vegas Nights did not want to pay these money. Here are the fresh(today) news which I found. Canacks did not have money to sign a very promising player Brock Boeser , but we have them and a nice opportunity to sign him as soon as possible. Here is a link to read about that chance: [Hidden Content]
  9. Thanks SpikeDDS. A very nice review of the team's character, forwards as well as an outstanding goalie's play(who played 3 games). Congrats to you and to your team too!!! They really merit that cup.
  10. Just found out that we did not have such a poor results in that tournament (zero wins) since 2013 despite we always had invitees in our team. Agree with both of you IllaZilla and Lynxrattle. I watched everything what you said from the mentioned above players, except was not enough goals into the opposite net. Only 2 players, as I predicted to see one goal during the tournament out of them, performed that task (Sturm and Guskov), and 2 players (Dewar and Lodnia) performed that task on about 50% by putting 1 goal into the net. Actually Guskov as well as Will Bitten had the most points in our team (each had 1 goal and 1 assist) in 4 games. Sokolov and Beckman each only had one assist. Probably, Sokolov would play better in his played 3 games of the tournament if not got a face injury during the 1st game which needed to use a face and mouth guards after. Gordeev was good in 2 games by shooting pretty solidly from the blue line towards the net. Unfortunately, opposite goalies were able to stop those shots. And also I have seen during the tournament that Gordeev and Guskov able to perform nicely toe-drags technique. Probably, if the Khovanov played in the team then our overall results would be better for the Traverse City Tournament of 2019 as well as if our goalie Robson would play in all 4 those games. But he played only in a 1st game(score was 1:2, when he stopped 35 out of 37 shots).
  11. It is , probably, the right price. From my understanding, Fiala was waiting for a better proposal and this is why it took longer to sign his contract. Hope, they will keep those left $5 million to sign next year a contract with Kirill Kaprizov.
  12. I also would like to see those players in our team as soon as possible just for more closer evaluation as a valuable prospects for the big club. The Traverse City Tournament is a superb creation for that goal. So far , even with such poor results(4 losses in 4 games) at the Traverse City Tournament for our team this season(a 1st place from the bottom instead of a 1st place from the top)still I would like to mention some good efforts for those prospects - Sturm, Sokolov, Beckman, Guskov, Gordeev, Giroux, Dewar, Lodnia, Robson. We still need more solid leaders capable to lead the team into a winning mode. As well wish to see in our team more higher lever of the talent like Kakko is for the New York Rangers team. Here is a classic goal of the art (I talked previously about it) which Kakko put in OT into a our net(Jones was then) during a 3rd game of the tournament. (amazing record - in 2 days 331K views already on the internet): [Hidden Content]
  13. We lost with a final score of this game 1:6. Shots were 28 vs 30. I think Chicago goalie played superbly well, but our goalie was not as good to compare.And Chicago team as well was better too. At the last minute of the game we were able to avoid our embarrassing shutout by placing one goal(Connor Dewar did it). Not much I could say through the entire tournament for our team - we are still missing enough production, production and again production as always our weakest spot. Instead of to see 4-6 goals per each game (in 4 games),which most teams did that, we had see for our team just 1 goal in 2 games, 2 goals in one game and 3 goals in the other one game (total 7 goals). Not enough to feel great as a NHL prospect team.Defense(based on invitees) was not an issue, but production(based on our prospects) was an issue for the team. Interesting why Firstov was not able to be involved into our team for his evaluation as a future highly scoring prospect for the Wild team? So far I do not see a really highly scoring players for our future Wild core. The tournament did not show that for me. Who knows maybe they will be able to transform into them later during a developing process, but at this moment is a huge question, because some of our prospects are playing for 2-3 seasons in that tournament?
  14. After the second intermission score is still the same 0:3 (shots 14 vs 23). We killed nicely a major penalty of 5 min, when we played a good portion of the time 3 vs 5 players. We had also a few chances to score, but Chicago goalie was able to stop all the shots. So far noticeable in this game among our players - Sturm, Guskov, Beckman. IMO, the last duo players(Guskov and Beckman) I like more and more, because they are always tend to improve the game results. It seems Sokolov is off today, who played the previous 2 games in a face and mouth guards because of injury during the 1st game of the tournament.
  15. Actually Wild started to play at 11 a.m. for the 7th place against Chicago. After the 1st not good period for us score so far is 0:3. And in shots we are 5 vs 14. Baribeau is in the net for this game. Instead of him they should put Mat Robson, who actually stopped 35 shots out of 37 during the Wild 1st game of this tournament. IllaZilla, try to use this Fox Sport link to watch for free 2 periods of the last game. Click on a link( 7th place game) at the right top corner: [Hidden Content]
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