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  1. Regarding a hockey thoughts, I would start to resume intensively the season with a Traverse City Tournament , happening usually in August. And then everything else in a regular mode according to the preparation of the season 2020-2021 in NHL as well as in AHL. I heard some other optimistic medical news that besides serum anti-bodies responsible for the immunity against of COVID infection, our body developing memory in our cellular immunity, which means the next COVID infections will be much less harmful like a simple non complicated cold/flu. Thus, next regular NHL seasons will be without any stoppage due to the COVID infections.
  2. Sincerely, I am getting more and more skeptical regarding those news especially regarding a mortality stats. Who is doing these stats still is a huge question? It seems is more a political element involved into the medical field than the real stats. Tell you a truth, we do see a different picture during the last 3 months in 7 hospitals where I am working. By getting in time a social distancing, more home isolation, using more masks in public places (mainly in stores) helped to stop spreading this infection and as well as other infections too among the population during this spring. Interesting, that population became more healthier during that time. We have now less patients(40-50%) at the hospitals; we are looking for infected and other patients everywhere to fill the beds, but still we are even more concerned to the infection resistant to antibiotics(for example MRSA) more than to the coronavirus infection. Personally for me , it is a shame to see stats of such a high mortality for my country. I really just do not believe to it (it should be much much less; at least 10 times less) because I work at this highest level of medicine here (for 24 years) in comparison to other 3 countries where I worked before in my 43 years of medical experience now. I also have friends who are working at nursing homes and at closed psychiatric facilities in Minnesota where they do not see such a bad situation about that infection in comparison to the media presentation. Probably, by the end of the year we would not even hear a lot the word COVID-19 through our media, but definitely, we will be more independent in producing enough masks and disinfectant solutions and many other stuff too in comparison before of this spring. Hope, we will able also to build a superb air filtration for this important industry, which is necessary for our healthy life. Regarding sports of helping to change our physical hypo-dynamic status during the last about 3 months(March; April, May) of home isolation I would recommend to start widely to use basketball (#1); tennis and/or just fishing. It will improve in our body all blood circulation , especially, in our lungs.
  3. I would like to be more optimistic and I do not think that we will ever see in our life same such a tough restrictions as we did this spring even if the mortality will raise more. Medical staff around the globe gradually getting now more and more experience in most medical facilities how to manage these viral infections in epidemic or pandemic forms. Between 40 to 52% of population are asymptomatic to coronavirus infection and already having some levels of immunity to it. Certainly next 2 seasons suppose to be milder. This season definitely should be canceled as is because of COVID-19 pandemic. In my opinion, any player if he got the infection, must be treated as a flu patient, with a possible slightly slower recovery in comparison to a regular flu. And maybe, in complicated cases, he will get a transfusion of a unit or two units of donors plasma enriched with antibodies against of coronavirus. Probably helpful would be, if NHL will create a bank of plasma from a players who has already nice titres of antibodies to COVID. Hope, we could get in a next 6 months effective medicine and vaccines against that infection too. It will be also helpful to use in every ice arena before each game a safe powerful quartz ultraviolet C lamps for few hours, which will save lots of disinfectant solutions, a time and money for using those solutions. Medical science technology is working towards that direction. I am still thinking that we will get a milder "third wave" of that infection around the world this fall. "First wave" was not as strong last fall according to my discussions in some hospitals and among my friends. Same scenario had a "first wave" for Spanish flu about 100 years ago (it was not as strong as a "second wave" then).
  4. Completely agree with that. The most recent symbiosis example was our pleasant surprise of the last year Stanley Cup winner - a St.Louis team with their goaltender Binnington. Goaltending and the team's win are very dependable in their solid results and in building entire team's confidence(a firm trust).
  5. Agree with that part too, LIG. For the last decade I preferred even to listen more our games through the FM radio 100.3 (last couple years) and on AM radio in previous years because of their commentators. Talent in any parts of our life is always and forever will be valuable.
  6. Since January we did not have discussions regarding 2020 NHL draft at this thread. I found a recent link "How to make the 2020 NHL draft work": [Hidden Content] And 2020 NHL Mock draft: [Hidden Content] Probably, for this year NHL draft could be done in time if by June will be done serum test on anti-bodies for all NHL draft picks of this season. Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN making those tests or in other clinics in US, Canada, Europe who are capable to do them too. So far, according to the medical research, 52% of our population having already anti-bodies to COVID-19 because it was in asymptomatic forms or in a very easy (like a simple cold) forms. That means, possibly, a half of our draft picks candidates having already immunity to COVID-19 and able to meet together at the draft meeting this summer. And the other half of draft picks candidates who do not have yet immunity to COVID-19 could join the meeting by the video zoom. Just my 2 cents to that topic.
  7. Agree. Kind of a risky call. Sadly to say, the season of 2019-2020 should be cancelled as is, like it happened in similar situation about 100 years ago(1918-1919) because of Spanish flu. Maybe by the fall , medical science will find some effective solutions in prevention that virulent infection, including in sports too or at least to find out who from our hockey players will be immune by that time(October) by testing their serum on anti-bodies to COVID-19. I mentioned at this thread(on April 14) that one single country at our hockey world, which successfully finished this season (on April 3rd) without missing any games was Republic of Belarus. But, yesterday, I have heard that one hockey player from that country was placed already in the hospital by urgency few days ago because of the viral infection of COVID -19. No one knows yet how many more players could be seriously infected after playing with him.
  8. Thanks for asking, Flyercanuck. Tell you a truth, it took for me about 5 weeks to feel decently well after my viral infection started. Since yesterday, I practically do not have any symptoms any more. Before that,after the 1 week of acute faze, I had intermittent/jumping pain in my lower parts of my chest , heart, ears, fingers coming by waves, and rare occasional unpredictable weakness and sleepiness for about 4 weeks. Also thanks to Lynxrattle, when he provided with the information that even an easy forms of COVID-19 could give unpleasant reactions for a long period of time. Thus, I was prepared mentally to that scenario. Nice to have fans from different countries at our forums able to share with the info. In my opinion, so far (maybe till June when viral infection usually transforms into a non virulent latent form), we should use everyone masks every time when we enter in stores.(Ideally, if stores will provide us at the entrance with the disposable masks and maybe a pair of simple latex gloves when customer does not have it just to prevent spreading that infection). l made few of my own masks by using a sewing machine at home. Why do we need them to carry? Because during the regular flu we get anti-bodies in 2-3 days after the influenza infection, but during the COVID-19 we starting to get important anti-bodies in our serum, which are responsible for the humans immunity, usually in 2-5 weeks and sometimes we do not get them at all and be able to carry the virus for awhile . Interesting, according to the new recent research, our medical industry will be able to make in the future serum testing for anti-bodies(Ig M and Ig G) to this virus, which is more informative than for the virus test itself. I heard that some countries, some clinics and our Mayo Clinic in Rochester started already this research, which shows that between 5-20% population have immunity and antibodies Ig G developed since the end of November - December of last year, when we had cases of unusual viral infection sometimes complicated with a strange forms of difficult to treat pneumonia. Hope, these important tests we will be able to produce for the public as soon as possible to find out how our population is immune to that unpredictable virulent virus. I still believe that this is an artificially made unknown virus, having unusual not common to many viral infections way of affection to humans and capable to resist as low as well as high temperatures. Hard to believe, that it was developed naturally, when people ate bats for several 100 thousands years in that area.
  9. Pretty quiet. Directly or indirectly COVID-19 affected us too. We see a huge social distancing without alive hockey discussions. We (fans) missed a real professional hockey, and sport missed us as their real hockey fans. Kind of a vacuum with lost relations.
  10. Just found an interesting info, that single country in the world which not missed hockey this season was Republic of Belarus. Their playoffs just finished on April 3. And it seems this country starting a regular season for soccer having an interest to many European fans, who missed soccer in their countries. Here is a link from eliteprospects.com regarding their hockey Belarusian Extraleague A regarding playoffs standings, players and goaltenders stats, their teams comparison, interesting league facts and etc.: [Hidden Content]
  11. Is that a Sheepshead(Black Drum) freshwater fish? Never caught this size, but had smaller very similar to that one on Mississippi and St. Croix rivers.
  12. Interesting fact, that most people started to wash more often their hands during a quarantine/or isolation time, but some healthy people started to drink more often an alcohol now because they do not know what they can do during this time. Impossible to stay in front of the TV and watch a lot of depressive news. Definitely, people are changing their habits during such a difficult unusual period of our life. Hope, we will never see these harmful pandemics in the future. Our medical science should be on the top to prevent that stuff in the future. I am worry already that we will see during the next hockey seasons less fans in our arenas , because of 2020 unpleasant experience regarding COVID-19 as well as less visitors to the musical arenas , especially in aged/an old fans category and less tourism too. I recently watched a documentary about the most genius inventor of our global history Nikola Tesla (1856-1943; 86 y.o.) where it was mentioned his unusual habit to wash his hands about 100 times per day. He was an extremely interesting person to admire. Here is a link to read about him: [Hidden Content] I looked also through the Internet for not only on a negative sides but for the positive sides of some viruses and found few interesting links to read: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  13. Thanks LIG. I will try to send some questions.

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