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  1. It seems Lynxrattle and ClusterChuck are the winners in predicting the 5 goals in Hawks net as well as our win in regulation. .
  2. Record would be fantastic. I wish that Evason will put in PP same trio - Kaprizov- Hartman - Zuccarello and keep them there for awhile.
  3. Hawks outshot us already. So far 22 shots vs ours 11. We kind of slowed down in this period.
  4. Our PP play was not impressive at all. Now we have not necessary penalty on too many players on the ice.
  5. I was proposing to place Hartman with Kaprizov and Zuccarello multiple times at the beginning of this season. The best chemistry trio I have ever seen for the Wild. Maybe Evason read my messages? . Agree, probably Kaprizov brought them both back to the highest level when practicing together.
  6. Interesting he was drafted #1; 30 overall by Hawks in 2013 and played during 4 seasons there. Just heard from Chicago commentators that our team dominated during the 1st period and possibly Fleury will be replaced in the next period to change momentum of this game. We will see.
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