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  1. Iowa Wild team is losing a game with a score 1:4 in 13 minutes remaining of the game against of San Diego Gulls team. Mat Robson is in the net allowing 4 goals out of 32 shots towards his net. Gulls out shot us already 32 vs ours 25 shots. Not the best day for both teams as well as it was really not the best for me too. I found out that my oldest friend for 23 years passed away. Overall , a sad day. It is a time to go, enough for today.
  2. Thanks LIG, especially for posting the videos too. How Kaprizov put a goal from such a sharp angle? It is amazing.
  3. Let's be more positive. I rarely talk about our veterans ( they are what they are - not much we can do with them). Some day they will go. But I am always more interested in a progress of our promising prospects. Otherwise, as a rule we need to fire 2 head coaches per season to wake up the team and keep it in a consistent decent tone during the regular season. Also that was the 1st adjustment game with a new interim coach. It seems he is not so emotional as it was Bruce. I do not know if that good or not. Maybe it is good. We will see late. Despite the veterans did not shoot enough we still were able to make 39 shots. The most did Ek - 5; Fiala-4; Foligno-4. 39 shots in one game is not happening very often for our team. Sharks barely did any shots (20 shots; only Burns had 3 shots; and the rest of the team did 1 or 2 shots), but kept the game simple with a minimal rebounds for Jones.
  4. EN LOL#2. We lost it by out shooting Sharks 39 vs 21 shots. Jones was outstanding in ,practically, not giving any rebounds to Minnesota.
  5. Even if we lose that game, still is looking not bad for us. We out shot at this moment Sharks 36 to 20 in shots.
  6. Commentator said then, but he is back in a line and , probably, nothing too serious to worry . Agree, it is a hard sticky play to work through plus a new head coach to adjust with players in both ways. But both goalies after a 2nd intermission are still good. Hope, we will see some results at the end of the game.
  7. Stalock made a few good saves during the 1st period.. No score yet after the 1st. 0:0.
  8. Nice to see Dumba is back. It seems the Wild is moving their legs pretty well. But we should not get too many penalties.
  9. Here is a video of Washington Caps Boudreau Motivational Speech, published in December of 2010: [Hidden Content] And here is a video of Bruce Boudreau: A Legacy of Failure, which was published in April of 2018: [Hidden Content] I think many players did not like that talk to them. Probably, it happened in our locker room too. We do not know. And Yeo did the same things with our players too. I watched the Yeo's video before. Those are the "small" hidden things certainly affecting coaches firing too.
  10. It is a normal common practice in a league. Same scenario happened between Bruce Boudreau and Alex Ovechkin at the Washington Capitals team. The battle between the player and the coach won the player then.
  11. IMO, It seems explanation is more simple - Parise wanted to celebrate his 1000th NHL game ceremony without a Bruce Boudreau, which is suppose to happen tonight after the game.
  12. We had last night another success for our farm club in Iowa! We had a shutout game against a San Diego Gulls team, which we won with a score 3:0. Kaapo Kahkonen was able to stop all 33 shots toward his net and was a #1 star of the game. That was his 5th shutout this season and his 11th shutout by playing in AHL. Gerry Mayhew was a #2 star of the game by having a hat trick and who is having now 39 goals so far this season. According to the info, Wild General Manager Bill Guerin was in Iowa to watch that game. According now to the new data from the main Iowa Wild page they found a better scoring record in AHL history and moved from the record of 34 goals for Alexandre Giroux with Hershey in 2009 to the 2011-2012 season record when Corry Conacher had 39 goals with Syracuse team then. Here is link to read more about the last game in Iowa: [Hidden Content]
  13. Agree. From the 4th line here Zucker was moved directly to the 1st line of uptempo team in Pittsburgh. Crosby had 2 superb primary assists for both Zucker's goals. I also liked from Zucker that is his nice Thank You Letter to the State of Hockey despite of been suddenly traded . It seems he has a big very kind soul. I even not talking how generous he was by creating a fund and helping to kids with a different forms of cancer in different hospitals here. Not many Wild players did it in a 20 years of the team's history. That letter you can find at the Michael Russo twitter.
  14. I would hire Laviolette even if we will reach playoffs and will drop out in the first round. First of all , to see if he is capable to improve the fighting mentality of the team when it gets the chance. Otherwise other teams will take him before us at the end of the season. Sincerely, I do not see any better experienced available candidate at this crucial moment.
  15. If I am not wrong, our Central Division fired this season 3 or 4 not a bad coaches. It is like a trend for this year.
  16. Agree . Last night our game loss was really frustrating to get for the team as well as we had few of them very similar during the season. Was not the best season for Bruce Boudreau. And of course, other small things are always following that fire we even do not know about them. Last 2 seasons I was more worry about his health (a heart condition and an arterial hypertension), because he was always under a consistent/continuous stress with our team. I think, Laviolette is an interesting very experienced (having one win of Stanley Cup; he also brought 3 NHL teams to a Stanley Cup finals; 10 times playoff appearances) and 10 years younger candidate to hire as the next Wild head coach. Here is a link from Wikipedia about him: [Hidden Content]

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