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  1. Dallas won in 2 OT (3:2). Fantastic extremely tough finals! Still Tampa is dominating in offense, speed and puck control, like they having most of the time PP. I have a controversial feelings: wish the win for the team from our division, but realize the class/grade of Tampa team is higher and merit to be the winner. Veterans experience of the Dallas team against the superb masters offense of the Tampa team. It's a rare event to watch.
  2. Khovanov played 3 games in a row for the big club in Kazan. No points yet. Hope, they will come soon. But our other 2 prospects Menell and Lodnia making success for Dinamo Minsk. Menell having 9 points (1 goal and 8 assists) in 7 games and Lodnia having 3 assists in 5 games so far. Interesting, they played today against Automobilist (where Pavel Datsyuk is playing) and won that game with a score 4:3. Both Menell and Lodnia had an assist in that game. Datsyuk had an assist too.
  3. Agree with you. I wished that he will receive a nice tryout time at the Wild team then, but he have got only 6 games in 2 seasons here in Minnesota. Not enough games(actually team won all 6 games) for trading him somewhere else. Fans liked him. I just looked through the Anton Khudobin career stats on eliteprospects.com site. He actually played for 5 NHL teams(Minnesota, Boston, Carolina, Anaheim, Boston again and finally Dallas). 4 teams out of 5(except Dallas) were sending him to the farm clubs to play lots of games there, but, interesting, that his stats most of the time were better when he played for the NHL clubs. Dallas never sent him to AHL , probably, because he became a real valuable goalie for that team. And now he helped to that team to reach Stanley Cup Finals. I think, it is a nice achievement already, which happen not very often for each NHL team. Wish the Wild team will be in Dallas place someday in a lifetime. Do not know when...
  4. But.... it happened. They (Islanders) lost it in 6 games. Interesting, that more than 50% fans, including me, predicted Tampa's tough win in those 6 games. It was a nice battle between Vasilevsky and Varlamov. And now is coming another tough but final battle in Stanley Cup Finals between Vasilevsky and Khudobin. Both goalies played equal numbers of games(19) during these playoffs. Interesting, who is going to win it? Tampa or Dallas? Dallas or Tampa? Who....
  5. Just looked through Nick Bjugstad stats and his size. He is 2010 1st round pick; 19 overall; world champion (bronze medal) and U20 world champion (bronze medal). Also he has a pretty good size. Hope, he will stay out of injuries. Probably, injuries is his main downside. One year tryout for Minnesotan in Minnesota is not bad at all. Personally for me is important to have few Minnesota native players in the team, because Minnesota is a State of Hockey and should always have them as an undisclosed rule. We need to look for the most talented one. I just do not understand why our Minnesotan hardworking talented prospect defenseman Menell(84 assists in last 2 years in AHL) did not have a full year tryout in the big club or at least 50 games , but only 5 games? And now he is in Belarus having 6 assists in 4 games. Last game they beat Spartak team in Moscow in OT with a score 4:3. Menell had an assist in that game as well as lodnia too.
  6. Agree. Hope, some one will take care of him during next 2 months to improve his language before season will start. Maybe not only Spurgeon, but also Foligno. That person could stand for every player during the game and really merit to be the team Captain. At least the weather in Minnesota is similar to the weather in Russia where Kaprizov played for teams then.
  7. No captaincy for Dumba. I still would prefer to trade him for a smarter offensively minded defenseman. In some critical crucial situations, especially during playoffs, we have seen his un-logic decisions. The most fresh one, our last game these playoffs.
  8. Another tough game for Khudobin (Russian transcription of his name H-u-d-o-b-ee-n). He played same way for the Wild team when he was our prospect, by stopping up to 40-50 shots per game. Unfortunately, he was traded for nothing. Why? Still is my question. Our fans liked him a lot. Why the Wild did not give him a solid tryout? He played just few games for us. It was a huge mistake for our former head coach. If I remember, it was Yeo then.
  9. It was extremely tough last game, especially for Khudobin who stopped 38 out of 40 shots. Superb tricky goal for Radulov in 42 seconds in OT made the Dallas win.
  10. He did the same things at our summer camp a year ago. Wish to see him here as soon as possible. His 28 assists last season as a defenseman merit our attention as well as his size. Probably, Fiala will be happy to play with him, because he does the same things. But where is Gordeev? I could not find him.
  11. Thanks for the info. Next week is going to be a perfect weather for fishing. Hope, someone from the Wild organization will find the time for Kirill Kaprizov to take him to the Lake Bemidji,MN and be able to show how beautiful is Minnesota as well as fishing there.
  12. Probably, he is feeling it will be not much playing time for him at Ak Bars Kazan team, because of their veterans. Maybe SHL will give him that chance. Time will let us know.
  13. Fantastic goal for Kucherov at 7.8 seconds before the end of the game. Reminds me our Kaprizov's winning goal at Olympics.
  14. I started to look for our prospect stats Toronto native Fedor Gordeev at eliteprospects.com and other internet sites, but I did not find him for this 2020-2021 season. Where he is going to play? What happened with him? He played for 5 seasons in OHL for 3 teams. With a last one team Guelph Storm he became an OHL champion (gold medal) in 2018-2019. He is a pretty good size defenseman (6'7"; 225 lbs), controlling pretty well his stick and a puck, having a superb speed. Gradually in years his stats are improved. Last season he had the most assists in his career - in 51 games 28 assists;4 goals; +/- +3. In my opinion, it is a time for him to move at least to AHL Iowa Wild team. I liked also a lot how he played together last year at our summer training camp with forwards Khovanov, Lodnia,Sturm as a team. Here are his impressive highlights for the 2017-2018 year: [Hidden Content]
  15. Hope, we will see some plenty of fruits (means goals) on-ice out of him too. We really need his on-ice production and his leadership for the team to win games. I was impressed how Kevin Fiala was trying to move the entire team towards winning during these playoffs. Interesting fact, that King Clancy Memorial Trophy started in 1988. We never won it (even when we were as a Minnesota North Stars team) until the year 2019. Jason Zucker won it. And now Matt Dumba for the year 2020. 2 years in a row the players of the Wild team won that trophy. Here is a list of NHL King Clancy winners : [Hidden Content]
  16. Today, the game in Belarus between Dinamo Minsk team and Ak Bars Kazan team ended with a final score 4:5 in regulation. After 2 periods Dinamo was leading 4:3,but lost 2 goals in a 3rd. For Dinamo team all 3 our prospects were involved in the game. Menell had 2 shots on goal and had 1 assist; Lodnia and Falkovsky did not have shots on goal during that game. Alexander Khovanov was not involved for Ak Bars team in that game. I also found out through eliteprospects.com that Khovanov is planning to play also in VHL(Supreme Hockey League), which is a step down from KHL similar to our AHL for farm professional clubs prepping players for KHL even despite this league is functioning independently. Here is a link to read more about it: [Hidden Content]
  17. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting game in KHL. Dinamo Minsk (we have 3 our prospects there) will be playing against Ak Bars Kazan team (we have 1 prospect there). We will see if any our players out of 4 will be involved into that game. Hope, at least Menell against Khovanov. Interesting fact, that Ak Bars(Kazan) team won with a score 3:2(OT) the 1st season game against CSKA (Moscow) team where Kaprizov was playing before.
  18. Interesting, if anyone from the Wild team is helping to Kaprizov in accommodation to Minnesota before the new season and a training camp will start. Hope, at least Galchenyuk or Sokolov who are able to speak Russian will try to explain many things around for him and hope, he is not alone in Twin Cities. Or maybe other players are involved into his quicker/faster accommodation here? I am sure he is watching the current unpredictable playoffs series. But maybe someone will take him fishing too before the weather will be changed? Does the Wild team/organization has their own resorts in the Northern parts of Minnesota or they are renting them?
  19. Just found out that our former Wild player Minnesotan Jordan Schroeder, who played in our team 88 games for 3 seasons signed a 2 year contract with Helsinki(Finland) based KHL team Jokerit. How small is that world!
  20. Actually we have 3 our prospects signed with Dinamo Minsk. Ivan Lodnia, Brennan Menell and Stepan Falkovsky. Lodnia did not played in any games, but both our defensemen played already for Belarus Cup: 2 games - Menell and 1 game- Falkovsky. They did not have any points in those games. So far Menell started successfully in KHL - 4 points in 2 games. In his first game he had 3 assists and in his second game (Dinamo won over Jokerit with a score 1:0) he had an assist too in that single goal.
  21. Completely agree with you. Unfortunately, the team did not show enough efforts, speed and class in game 7. 16 shots just a ridiculous number for that crucial game of the round 2 these playoffs. An example, how the team should fight , was a Colorado team, which made in their loss in game 7 44 shots and placed 4 goals towards an opposite net. From my observation these playoffs also showed how important and how difficult for goalies are redirected shots towards the net. The team who is successful the most in that task having more success in their results too.
  22. Agree 100%, he is a long-term project. Hope, his freshman year in Boston would be better than was for Boldy.
  23. My wish also was seen him in AHL first, and then in NHL. I am still hoping that he will find his way even through KHL to play in NHL, which is the highest level of professional hockey. So far, Khovanov impressing me as a hard-working player who has plenty of talent.
  24. LIG, Not at all. AHL , in my opinion, is a 3rd hockey difficult league in the world after NHL and KHL. Lodnia,understandable is a freshman for the real professional hockey. But for our Menell( 23 y.o.), who played already 3 seasons for the Iowa Wild team and 5 games with the Wild team, it was not a surprise that Dinamo Minsk(Republic of Belarus) gave him playing time right away. I just found out that the Wild organization did not signed him yet . Wow, the young Minnesotan defenseman from Woodbury,MN who had 42 assists in each of the last 2 seasons(total made 84 assists plus 17 assists during his 1st season) with the Iowa Wild team is still unsigned in our big club. I am really proud for him that in his 1st game(OT win) for the Dinamo Minsk team he had 3 assists against the team from Kazahstan Republic. I was hoping that 2 defenseman from Iowa Menell(1st) and Belpedio(2nd) will be playing for the Wild club this season, but ,unfortunately,it seems will not happen this soon. I also think, Mennel can replace a Spurgeon in the future, because he is a solid playmaker.

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