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  1. The rumor is true, his ex-wife-to-be confirmed it last week to pretty much every news station over here in Finland.
  2. Trocheck has been underperforming big time the last two seasons after his ankle injury. Lost a step after that. Currently a middle six center at best.
  3. He's a great regular season coach. Playoff coach? Not so much, as his 42-48 record shows. The coaches that won the cup the past decade all have over 50% winrate in the playoffs.
  4. LTIR is really the only salvation at this point.
  5. Can't really say for sure that Koivu had anything to do with the firing, barely over 9 minutes of playtime last game, of which 2 minutes from PK.
  6. Not surprised, PIT playing an uptempo game and then there's Crosby as linemate.
  7. Guerin also has a history with Gallant from his Islanders days
  8. And I doubt Evason gets promoted from interim status, considering he's been in charge of the special teams, and we know how they've been this season. Kinda hope they hire Gallant, he's a good coach who's able to get the best out of younger players. Laviolette is good too but he tends to lose the lockerroom after a few seasons for whatever reason.
  9. Oh, don't get me wrong, like I mentioned I expected Bruce to be gone but after the season. The blame of this firing goes to the severely underperforming vets. But as it has been said by people many times before; in this business, it's easier to fire the coach than the players (especially those with multiyear NMC contracts). Sad but true. Now there's talk that this firing was done just so we won't reach the playoffs, only to drop out in the first round. It's certainly possible.
  10. Expected this to happen, though not this soon. Not that BB lost the room or anything but he didn't seem to have any solution to the lategame crashing this team constantly suffers from. Among other small things. Wondering who BG is going to pursue to hire as the next Wild head coach.
  11. Wild wanted the prospect and the pick. Chuckie tagged along because Pens needed the cap space to fit Zucker in. They have like 900k cap space now after they got Zucker.
  12. Imagine if we would've gotten that from the Granlund trade.
  13. One or two young top-6 centers is what this team needs the most. Train our goalie prospects. We're a few years away from being contenders anyway. Trade Dumba or Brodin for a top-6 center, that's what I'd do.
  14. Looking more at what they say about Addison and watched some clips, seems like there's a chance he might become the next Spurgeon. Though it may be a few more years before that happens. Looks to me this trade was about getting the prospect and the 1st rounder, Chuckie just tags along for the ride (who still could be flipped for more prospects before the deadline).
  15. Ugh. Chuckie is pretty much Vanek lite. Good PP player but floats a lot without the puck. Frustrated the hell out of me when he played for the Habs. Atleast we got a prospect and a conditional too so it ain't bad that way.
  16. Gonna be interesting if Buff and Jets go through with the mutual contract termination. They're probably going to come after Dumba if that's the case.
  17. Allen in net. It's a loss, since he's a hot goalie.
  18. I'm just waiting for Leipold to come to the realization that the Wild are in for a rebuild. A long one.
  19. If you have a sub for The Athletic, have a read: [Hidden Content] A quote if you don't: Granted, it's mostly for individual players, but I'm guessing he adapts those projections for team projections.
  20. I predict about a 40-45% win rate, which is like 32-35 wins. But only if they play neutral zone trap. Only realistic way they're gonna win games, because we just don't have any proper finishers. And we have a slow team, which means we can't play uptempo games either.
  21. Let's not kid ourselves, most players don't want to talk to the media anyhow. There's a reason most players have their cliché answers. Heck, I'd prefer Parise take his issues with the coach directly to the coach instead of blabbering to the media on "how it should be done".

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