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  1. Pretty much how I personally feel about this.
  2. No, Talbot didn't get an NMC of any kind. That's why I mentioned earlier that he is going to get exposed in the expansion draft. And WSH got rid of Holtby because he was becoming like Dubnyk: letting in goals easy goals that he should have taken etc. And I'm sorry, being voted as the AHL goalie of the year does not guarantee that he can handle NHL. Samsonov already has almost 30 NHL games of experience plus 3 years of KHL experience. Which made it easier for WSH to go with Samsonov and sign Lundqvist as backup. Ideally the Wild should go with Talbot/Kahkonen tandem, so Kahkonen gets like 25-30 games and takes over as number 1 the following season. By then Kaprizov, Fiala and perhaps Rossi and of course rest of the team have developed a good relationship in the locker room and start showing signs of becoming contenders. I'll say this much. Talbot wasn't signed to be our no.1 goalie, he was signed as a bridge goalie so to speak. Because he's a bit better than Stalock and as I mentioned elsewhere, he's an insurance incase Seattle takes one of our unprotected goalies.
  3. Red hot goalie prospect with only 5 NHL games under his belt. Do we really want another Kuemper-situation? And signing Holtby probably wasn't possible, willing to bet he wants to be a no.1 goalie, not be a body to fill the net while Kahkonen keeps developing.
  4. Wouldn't call him terrible because of his two last Edmonton years, nobody can get good numbers behind that defense, just ask Dubnyk. 91,9% SV and a 2.63 GAA in 26 regular games last season with Calgary, along with 92.4% SV, 2.42 GAA in 10 playoff games. Is a great signing? Eh, one year too much perhaps. But the cap hit isn't too terrible and if he keeps up his Calgary-form rather than his Edmonton 08-09 form, it's good enough. He's going to be exposed in the expansion draft anyway. Kahkonen gets protected.
  5. "A Wild source says the team will dive into free agency for a goalie. Hearing Cam Talbot is the guy Minnesota may be targeting. -Michael Russo" Interesting. I'd be okay with him, sure he had a down year in Edmonton but was pretty solid in Calgary.
  6. Insurance for the expansion draft, so Wild can expose Stalock. That's it really, can't really have two fresh rookies as your only goalies incase Stalock gets taken.
  7. So, who do you think the Wild is going to sign as next no.1/mentor goalie? Free Agency is loaded this year so there's a good chance to get a decent one. Personally would like to see Khudobin wear the Wild sweater once more: He's prolly not looking for a longterm contract due to his age, he has loads of experience of being both backup and starting goalie, his numbers are good and a character guy. That is, if he doesn't resign with the Stars.
  8. Most likely, yes. Hope for the best, expect the worst I always say.
  9. Indeed, also sends a message to the other GMs: "If you want Dumba, it's gonna cost you. A lot." Since Wild can easily protect Dumba if they want to.
  10. Depth players for the teams chasing the Cup. Bonino has Cup experience, and if Johansson and Bjugstad play well enough, someone might be interested in acquiring them.
  11. Remind me, if either Bonino, Johansson or Bjugstad get flipped next tradeline for assets, aren't the assets expansion exempt?
  12. One other aspect that someone at the Athletic comment section brought up: Guerin could've just acquired Bonino, Johansson and Bjugstad so he could flip them for assets the next deadline. It's an interesting thought for sure.
  13. Don't sweat it, you have it ready when you can. And I agree, this draft has been great so far. Couple of promising centers, a defender with an edge to his game (and from what I hear, great captain-material too)
  14. Well considering the head honcho for the Wild scouting staff is the guy who got Vancouver Boeser, Eliasson and Quinn, wouldn't be too worried.
  15. Bonino only has a year left as far as I know so it's not bad.
  16. Guess this pretty much confirms it: we're in for a major rebuild. Here's hoping they revisit Parise Islanders trade.
  17. Wild gets Nick Bonino, 2020 2nd round and 3rd round picks. Nashville gets Luke Kunin and 2020 4th round pick.
  18. In the future, yes. Next season? No, don't be silly. I don't have any particular expectations for the Wild next season because of the major shakeups with the roster this off-season. Heck, I doubt GMBG is even finished tweaking the roster.
  19. Was pretty shocked to see Rossi available when Wild was up. Great kid, and like the fact that he has trained since March on his physical strength and skating explosiveness. And according to several scouts, he and Lafernierre are the two most NHL-ready picks in the draft. Kaprizov - Rossi - insertsomeonehere anyone?
  20. Wild is going to sign another goalie as insurance going into the expansion draft.
  21. Guessing Guerin tries to get a No.1 center with Dumba. If he doesn't get what he wants, I can see Wild going 8 players + 1 goalie route in the upcoming expansion draft, only to protect the top-4 D's.
  22. The rumor is true, his ex-wife-to-be confirmed it last week to pretty much every news station over here in Finland.
  23. Trocheck has been underperforming big time the last two seasons after his ankle injury. Lost a step after that. Currently a middle six center at best.

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