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  1. WEDNESDAY, OCT 3, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Montreal 2 Toronto 5 7:00 pm Boston 3 Washington 4 7:30 pm Calgary 3 Vancouver 2 10:00 pm Anaheim 2 San Jose 4 10:30 pm
  2. If Greenway plays better at center than wing, and Eek plays just as well in wing as center, I'd do it too.
  3. Blame refs, he's the one that provided the stats. So recalculating the performance based on points-per-minute: 7g, 8a = 15 pts / 737 minutes played 0.020 pts/min Which knocks him down below Koivu. Yikes.
  4. Just linking this here. [Hidden Content] Has a breakdown on points/minutes played during playoffs since 2012.
  5. Welcome to the new joint FC.
  6. Eh? 2-way contract, doubt he'll see a minute on wing next to Koivu. More likely spending time between Iowa and Wild, depending on injuries.
  7. Same here regarding comfort zone . Most of the 7+ year contracts make me shake my head and ask 'why?'. Especially when they're 27+ and pretty much passing their prime within a few years. As you mentioned, generational talent is a different matter. Little concerned how Granny is going to pan out. If he keeps up his production or keeps getting better, he's in for a payraise in a couple of years.
  8. So in order of performance: Parise Granlund Haula Niederreiter Coyle Koivu Zucker Staal Zucker and Haula are comparable due to how Wild has treated them. In retrospect, Zucker is the one that should been sent to Vegas, based on playoff performance. Staals playoff experience with the Wild is so small that it's hard to make a fair comparison. Parise, Granny, Niederreiter and Coyle pretty much are where they should be, based on how they've been played. Koivu is the big elephant in the room.
  9. Probably one of the reasons Zucker-Granlund worked so well, Granny is able to feed Zucker. Granny's long pass to Zucker Granny gets puck to Zucker Couple of examples. Staal is another one who's able to use Zucker and his speed. The rest of the vets? Not so much.
  10. Just skimmed through the CBA. Didn't see any mention of only being able to have a single person on LTIR. Mostly there was a lot of text about only being able to get player(s) whose total salary cannot exceed the salary of the person who is put on LTIR and a bunch of stuff about duration etc.
  11. Moves that strengthen our bottom lines and Iowa. Not bad. I especially like JT Browns attitude: "“Let's be real, not everybody can be a superstar,” he said. “There’s only so many to go around. Most importantly is I wanted to play in this league. I made sure that I did what I had to in the situations that I was in to make sure I stayed here. For me, I wouldn’t say it was very difficult because I knew what my end goal was. I wanted to play in the NHL and I wanted to stay there. It was about being open and willing to do whatever it took to stay there." (Quote from The Athletic)
  12. What? No smoke signals? I'm disappointed!
  13. So general consensus is: Wild picked decent players, except for the first-rounder.
  14. They picked one right handed forward now atleast! Interesting sidenote: They haven't picked one US born player yet. Only canadians, swedes and one russian so far.
  15. Yes, forwards have all been left handed, while the D drafted have been right.
  16. As for the rest of the 3rd picks: Alexander Khovanov - Seems decent. Short but looks strong, russians aren't known to be hindered by their height in general. Connor Dewar - Eh? 5th/6th rounder by projections? Small too, don't expect him to get too far in the NHL.
  17. I'll say this much, I did expect Fenton to pick a D and a C in the draft and he did. Did I expect him to pick Johansson? Not one bit, came totally out of the woodwork. And from the looks of it, he's a mix of Brodin and Suter, with slightly better stickhandling (I'm going by the descriptions of him here). And I honestly expected Fenton to pick Samuelsson incase Miller wasn't available anymore. Now the Sabres got two good D out of the draft. McBain pick seems promising though, big aggressive center is one of the things we needed.
  18. A swede, eh? *Looks at Nashvilles roster* Yeah, makes sense.
  19. Yeah, started digging a bit more and I found the same statements. Shame, otherwise seemed like a good choice. Though if his feet were fast, he most likely would he higher up in the rankings.
  20. Really? Haven't heard that he has skating issues. Only thing I heard was that he had a foot/ankle infection in the end of last year, which could contribute. Otherwise people mentioned that he's a decent skater. Thought he'd be a adequate pick because he's a scorer, which we know we need. And he looks like he's comfortable with parking himself in front of the net. CCM / USA Hockey All - American Prospects Game - O'Reilly goal O'Reilly goal Scores twice vs. Cedar Rapids Oh well! On the first vid we can even see K'Andre Miller contribue.
  21. Why not? People get drafted to fill in bottom-6/3rd pairing all the time. Someone always needs to be at the number 2 guy. Better to get one that does it with pride game in and game out, than getting someone who's bitter because he didn't cut out to be the next superstar. That's my opinion at least. Stalock for example is a guy that does his job with pride. He's no Hasek, but he gets the job done well enough. Raanta was a good backup in Chicago and New York. So good that he's a starter now. Carter Hutton is one of the better backups in the league. Grubauer is another. Thanks to Bernier filling in for Varlamov, the Avs got to the playoffs. If you have a upcoming starter in the system, draft a backup (with a starter potential) and develop him as such. Every team needs a working goalie tandem. Would be a different situation if we didn't have any starters in the system. Then I'd draft a starter for sure. But I do see your point! Anyways, the way I see it. Wild needs a top pairing D first, a good C second followed by a RW. Goalie situation isn't that pressing but needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  22. Cheers for the read, really enjoy your articles. I'd personally go for a D on the 1st round. We sorely need one or two top-4 defenders. If Miller isn't available when we get to pick, I'd go with Samuelsson or Bode Wilde, though I'm guessing Wilde is gone even before Miller. But one can dream! Now if none of them are available? Vitali Kravtsov (I know he's a forward. ) Of our 3rd rounders, one probably has to be a goalie. Question is, do we want a backup or a rival for Kahkonen? Kahkonen has had a good year, so I'm guessing the Wild management wants to develop him to be a future starter. Hopefully the transition from Euro ice to North American ice is smooth for him. As for the pick? Jacub Scarek, if we go for rivalry, Jared Moe if backup. The rest of the 3rds? Chase Wouters would be one. From the looks of it, he's even a potential captain in the future. If we go by work ethic alone that is. For the last one I can't really say. Ryan O'Reilly? Can play C and RW. Has leadership experience. Could fill the leadership void in Iowa. Matej Pekar? USHL Rookie of the Year.
  23. I actually had to check who this guy is, because I haven't noticed him at all. He doesn't look like anything special.
  24. Many sites seem to agree on one thing; Wilds veteran core starts to show its age. In my opinion, their age started to show 2-3 seasons ago. Sadly, until things change, we'll continue to be a first-round-exit team.

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