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  1. Why not? People get drafted to fill in bottom-6/3rd pairing all the time. Someone always needs to be at the number 2 guy. Better to get one that does it with pride game in and game out, than getting someone who's bitter because he didn't cut out to be the next superstar. That's my opinion at least. Stalock for example is a guy that does his job with pride. He's no Hasek, but he gets the job done well enough. Raanta was a good backup in Chicago and New York. So good that he's a starter now. Carter Hutton is one of the better backups in the league. Grubauer is another. Thanks to Bernier filling in for Varlamov, the Avs got to the playoffs. If you have a upcoming starter in the system, draft a backup (with a starter potential) and develop him as such. Every team needs a working goalie tandem. Would be a different situation if we didn't have any starters in the system. Then I'd draft a starter for sure. But I do see your point! Anyways, the way I see it. Wild needs a top pairing D first, a good C second followed by a RW. Goalie situation isn't that pressing but needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  2. Cheers for the read, really enjoy your articles. I'd personally go for a D on the 1st round. We sorely need one or two top-4 defenders. If Miller isn't available when we get to pick, I'd go with Samuelsson or Bode Wilde, though I'm guessing Wilde is gone even before Miller. But one can dream! Now if none of them are available? Vitali Kravtsov (I know he's a forward. ) Of our 3rd rounders, one probably has to be a goalie. Question is, do we want a backup or a rival for Kahkonen? Kahkonen has had a good year, so I'm guessing the Wild management wants to develop him to be a future starter. Hopefully the transition from Euro ice to North American ice is smooth for him. As for the pick? Jacub Scarek, if we go for rivalry, Jared Moe if backup. The rest of the 3rds? Chase Wouters would be one. From the looks of it, he's even a potential captain in the future. If we go by work ethic alone that is. For the last one I can't really say. Ryan O'Reilly? Can play C and RW. Has leadership experience. Could fill the leadership void in Iowa. Matej Pekar? USHL Rookie of the Year.
  3. I actually had to check who this guy is, because I haven't noticed him at all. He doesn't look like anything special.
  4. Many sites seem to agree on one thing; Wilds veteran core starts to show its age. In my opinion, their age started to show 2-3 seasons ago. Sadly, until things change, we'll continue to be a first-round-exit team.
  5. Was funny when we watched the final Wild-Jets game at work, we actually saw Bruce shout "****!" after a Jets goal. My co-worker, who's a Caps fan, said he had never seen him cuss like that before.
  6. Oh the fond memories of people arguing that rotten, antti and LiG were chasing new posters away with their rhetorics and whatnot. I just shook my head and facepalmed hard when that whole episode occured.
  7. Playing as many games as Doobs does, win column tends to get a bit higher. Not sure if you can fault Fleury for his wins, considering he missed like 25+ games this season.
  8. First, cheers for the pics. It was those that I was referring to; needless to say I remembered a couple things wrong. But looking at where they've scored on Doobs; 5-hole, low corners and high corners, though high corners could be regarded as normal for butterfly goalies. But the amount of goals low suggests that opponemts aim there more; both for scoring and fishing for rebounds. Doobs is pretty average when it comes to directing shots to the corner with his pads. Often the puck lands in front of him and knowing how he's slow to glide from side to side, it leaves him exposed. And here where the D is unable to help him out, most of our D is either a finesse player or too small. From the top of my head, only Dumba, Suter, Prosser, Seeler and Soucy have the physicality to knock people away from the front but Dumba often skates aimlessly, Suter does what he does, the two latter are still fresh so mistakes will happen. Which leaves us with Prosser, who's a decent stay-at-home defender, who also sometimes is able to move people away from the front. So in short: Opponents are able to score from close because of Doobs rebounds, fishing for them with low shots and the Wilds D inability to clear people from the front. Looking at Hellebyucks numbers supports that. He in many ways similar to Dubnyk: slowish on lateral movement, relies on size alot, rebound control I can't comment on, haven't followed him that closely to make a fair judgment. But we do know that Jets D is muuuuch bigger so they're able to keep the front clear, very much like the Blues last playoffs.
  9. Can't count with 82 games though, 1st goalies tend to play 50-60 per season. So it's closer to one soft goal every other game. Biggest issues Doobs has is his low reaction speeds on shots coming to either glove or blocker side. They even compared Doobs against Hellebyuck when the MIN - WPG series started; most of the goals Doobs let in came on high glove and high blocker sides, much more than Hellebyuck, whom had pretty even spread when it came to goals against. Other of Doobs problem is his lateral movement. He's one of the slower goalies when it comes to moving from side to side, he's relying too much on his size. Every opponent knows these two things, which is why they always try to make him move a lot and try to aim the puck high.
  10. The sarcasm is so strong, that it almost broke my phone!
  11. Athletes have different rules when it comes to the military service over here. Heck, they even have it a helluva lot easier than us regular people.
  12. Was it HFBoards by any chance? Don't worry, if it was, most of us old WMBers probably would get lifetime bans if we showed up there, especially Rotty. But back to the point, yeah Mikko has always been in my eyes a 2C at best, but last 3-4 years a 3C due to his lack of speed. I mean, I've seen several times when the puck even runs away from his stick and he can't catch up! Am disappointed that he never got to the same level as his big brother Saku did. If he'd been playing with the same tenacity and intensity as him, Mikko would've been a true beast. But alas, instead we got the Mikko-stare. As for Granny, it took several years before they realised he was a better winger than a center, Torchetti was the one who tried him at wing. Those who followed his progress before he made the NHL jump knew that from his time in HIFK. He did the most damage when he played winger during PP time.
  13. I have a nagging feeling that the older forumers here are all thinking "Erhmagewd!? Wut is happenin'!? Forums exploding!"
  14. Pfft, we'll have that beat in one and a half season!
  15. Holy crap, just got an image in my head of a guy getting smacked with one of those and his head explodes like a splattered orange. You know, like in those C-movies.
  16. It's funny. Co-worker is a WSH fan. Asked him if he thinks they win the game tonight. All I got was 'shut up, don't jinx it!'
  17. That's a fair point. But I don't think Boudreau is going to stick around much longer than to the end of his contract, considering his health has been what it is for a few years now. So they might not clash that much. Though Suter and Koivu might just love Fenton, since one was schooled by Lemaire and the other is who he is.
  18. Most likely, because while the chances of Fenton being allowed to do stuff his way is higher than Fletchers, I don't see much changing. But then again, I'm a "hope for the best, expect the worst" kind of guy, so I'm problably seeing a little light at the end of then tunnel.
  19. Isn't that what you call "tough love"?
  20. Doesn't help when the Wild is 6th oldest team in the NHL currently either. [Hidden Content]
  21. It sure does! Also had a -moment when I saw my thread get stickied.
  22. Hopefully scouting/drafting gets better with him in the house.
  23. Haven't decided if that's a bad thing or not.
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