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  1. I agree, it would be nice if he used his quickness more often to gain body position over the defense similar to what we have seen from donato.
  2. Granlund is so slow that fiala caught him twice and picked his pocket twice on the same play.
  3. Not only are the celebrations lame but that is a prime example of poor sportsmanship to celebrate like that during or after a game. This isn't the NFL.
  4. You usually get the same thing every time regardless of which team scores as lapanta says "he shoots he scores." A little enthusiasm announcing can go a long way.
  5. When the wild scored the announcers spoke quietly "and they scored." It was really awkward. It reminded me of the backup announcer from major league when the main announcer gets drunk and falls asleep. Ball, caught.
  6. Not really they just spend most of the time talking about how great their team is and random jabber about nothing and spend the least amount of time doing play by play.
  7. I didn't think it was possible but the New York Islanders announcers are actually worse than the MN wild announcers.
  8. Suter unleashing with that booming wrist shot of his
  9. Not goon hockey I'm talking about standing up for a teammate that may have been injured because of a cheap shot. If you aren't going to fight, make them pay on the score board. It's a slippery slope but you let the other team take too many cheap shots and your top players will get injured. Dumba hits a guy cleanly and has to pay for it with two cheap shots until he is injured. Kunin hits a guy cleanly and then gets a cheap shot from the other team and was temporarily injured. No retribution for either, and no real prevention from other teams committing similar cheap shots against them in the future.
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