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  1. I agree what a dumb trade. Let's get a guy who has bad character and inject him into what was a winning culture. If this changes the trajectory of the Iowa wild season it is all on Fenton.
  2. How about getting him some Swiss Miss hot cocoa and playing like his professional hockey contract is paying him?
  3. Nino plays hard when it is for his country and no paycheck, but hardly plays when it is for the wild and his huge paycheck of 5.25 million per season. Embarrassing.
  4. I'm ok with Nino not making it to Iowa as long as he isn't on the ice any more with the wild.
  5. All star Dubnyk should just stay in the net and try to play the puck as little as possible...
  6. Do those two alternate driving the Greyhound bus to Iowa? If so I'd say we may have a fit.
  7. Nino is getting paid 5.25 million a year and is lost. They kept juggling lines hoping to get him and coyle going. Coyle figured it out and is playing well now but it doesn't seem as though anybody can help in finding Nino.
  8. I thought I remembered him breaking his foot when he kicked the wall after an argument with the other goaltender.
  9. Latendresse was notorious for finishing every last morsel of poutine....
  10. Dubnyk needs a rest on the bench...I don't think he has the durability to play this many games.
  11. You are a dolt. Dubnyk should have been pulled after the first weak goal. Dubnyk's body of work this season doesn't matter a ton if his head isn't in the current game and he is letting in easy goals, pull him. Suter isn't a coach and needs to stop pretending to be one until he retires. Bruce needs to step up and be a coach and tell suter It shouldn't matter who his preference is to play with he is a professional and needs to do what is best for the team. The wild broke up a scoring pair of defense and a shutdown pair for neither just to appease Suter. Suter is one of the captains and supposed leaders of the team and here he is again throwing another team member under the bus rather than taking blame and fixing it. Suter clearly has lost a step with his injury and Suter's weak wrist shot is of no help to anyone on the powerplay.
  12. Dubnyk and suter both played awfully and both should be benched accordingly. Why does boudreau change the defensive pairings up when suter gets his panties bunched up during his moody period? Boudreau is pandering to the players rather than being a coach and suter is trying to be a coach when he is supposed to be a player. It is time to switch back to a shooter on the powerplay point and not suter and it is time to bring up kappo kahkonen and give him a try as well.
  13. I'm pretty sure it was granlund stall and Zucker when zucker was a point per game. They swapped him for Greenway to try and spark Greenway, and had Zucker try and spark Nino's play. Zucker hasn't been the same since.

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