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  1. I'm really disappointed that the NHLPA dropped the ball on the Kaprizov situation.
  2. Parise, Suter, and Stall definitely all know it they just have to look at their own stats...
  3. He had a nice break into the zone that led to stall's first goal in quite a while
  4. Well fiala is the only one that you listed that has a positive plus minus so I guess any of them. Mayhew has the potential to help the wild improve (if their goal is to make the playoffs).
  5. Give Mayhew a chance on the top two lines of the wild. Why would you put the potentially top AHL goal scorer on the checking line?
  6. A couple of weak goals against hopefully the wild recover and come back like they have been doing recently.
  7. The wild should be embarrassed and replace their scouts as soon as possible
  8. Kunin with the empty net goal off of the boards while clearing the zone...
  9. Our other goaltenders are inconsistent and not capable of being reliable.
  10. As long as stalock plays like he did last night the wild should let dubnyk ride the pine pony
  11. How is it that spurgeon despite playing like a little boy is still tougher on his feet than Greenway?
  12. This may just be the season ender or the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.
  13. Spurgeon looked like a little boy trying to defend Benn. He needs to hit the gym desperately. Suter doesn't move his feet he just goes for the one handed swing of the stick and gets beat to it.
  14. Mayhew barely played 10 mins last night on the 4th line. This is the least of any wild player and his linemates were mailing it in. At least give him an opportunity to play with a better line and more minutes.
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