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  1. @Hockey-78 well, per Fenton having those two guys around (as two right handers - something the team sorely missed) with the sand-paper they bring...
  2. @Hockey-78 Fenton does believe in Coyle. He brought in Fehr and Read to give him (more or less) a mental boost.
  3. SATURDAY, OCT 20, 2018 AWAY HOME New Jersey 4 Philadelphia 1 Colorado 3 Carolina 4 Buffalo 4 Los Angeles 2 Arizona 1 Winnipeg 3 Chicago 3 Columbus 5 Montreal 2 Ottawa 5 Detroit 2 Florida 3 St. Louis 1 Toronto 4 Tampa Bay 4 Minnesota 2 Nashville 3 Edmonton 2 Boston 1 Vancouver 4 Anaheim 3 Vegas 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 San Jose 5
  4. FRIDAY, OCT 19, 2018 AWAY HOME Florida 1 Washington 5 Minnesota 2 Dallas 3 Nashville 3 Calgary 4
  5. My own list of course, haven't seen any of their practices which would be interesting. But, by just going by game-play and watching them move around... 1. Zucker 2. Spurgeon 3. Dumba 4. Suter (Rarely does he seem to really open it up but defending speedsters from other teams hardly ever get by him.) 5. Coyle 6. Staal For various reasons I ranked them like that but I do think Dumba edges out Suter; and Coyle edges out Staal. Breaking across the blue-line from a lead pass Coyle seems to get by people quicker than Staal. His initial burst is quicker so I put him above Staal.
  6. THURSDAY, OCT 18, 2018 AWAY HOME Colorado 1 New Jersey 3 Philadelphia 0 Columbus 2 Pittsburgh 2 Toronto 5 Detroit 0 Tampa Bay 3 Vancouver 2 Winnipeg 4 Arizona 1 Chicago 5 Boston 4 Edmonton 1 N.Y. Islanders 2 Los Angeles 3 Buffalo 1 San Jose 4
  7. During the game they said the Coyotes allow the fewest shots on goal, leading the league. I can't remember if that number was 23.8 or 28.3... Something like that. It was a remarkable stat to say the least. It was also pretty clear Dubnyk kept the Wild in the game with some key saves. I also noticed the Coyotes PP was eerily similar to how the Wild waste their time on the PP. Their players camp out on the blue line while someone skates up-ice with the puck, then drop it back 20-30 feet to a trailing player, who attempts to weave across the line pushing the puck over to someone along the boards... YAWN... Then spend most their time trying not to cough it up and if they get a shot from the perimeter they take it. Another yawn. With the Coyotes only having 2 five-on-five goals so far this year the Wild should have easily steam-rolled them but instead made the game look like a really difficult challenge.
  8. Wild controlled the whole game? They sure spent a lot of time in our own end. At one point, I think in the 3rd period, the puck went whizzing down into Arizona's zone and the commentators noted how fast the ice was down there. Well yeah, the ice down there was pretty lonely... nice and cold, hardly skated on. Giving up 32 shots on goal isn't controlling the whole game.
  9. You're razzing others. Never mind. You probably don't get it.
  10. They look confused and disorganized. I'm curious why they didn't move Ek or Greenway up to play for Koivu instead of Granlund. Granlund hasn't played center for what, two years? Then again the last time Koivu had a replacement it was Haula and he actually did quite well.
  11. In November vote for the same people and see how that works out for you. Voting for the same thing that keeps failing is much like worshiping the same team who's max potential is clearly lessor than most other leading teams. It's comical, childish at best to not recognize Parise, Koivu & Suter will never achieve what Toews, Kane and Seabrook have brought to Chicago so why the silly meme? Are people not allowed to voice their opinion without getting razzed for it? Oh wait, I forgot who we're dealing with here.
  12. WEDNESDAY, OCT 17, 2018 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 3 Washington 4 St. Louis 1 Montreal 3 Boston 5 Calgary 2 N.Y. Islanders 2 Anaheim 4

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