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  1. Two ways that can happen: Lose more season ticket holders - again for the 3rd time / cycle. Have every single prospective coach flatly tell Craig (Fenton) they're not interested.
  2. #1. Get Craig's hands off the steering wheel.
  3. The Wild may be giving younger players more ice time, but they're not growing or doing themselves any favors by hiding them among old vets who don't have much left in the tank anymore. Almost every successful NHL team has a range of Captains and their Alternates that span across their age gaps. The Wild have zero young players or mid range (age) players in those roles.
  4. My opinion over the past 8 years hasn't really changed. The Wild have an owner who likes his pets. Locker room dysfunction has been discussed for 6-7 years now. That hasn't changed. The coaches: Richards, Yeo, Torchetti and now Boudreau have all had their hands tied as well as many players. Eight years ago I said it all lands on Craig Leipold and I still hold that same view. One can blame Fletcher and we have, but to a higher degree during the Yeo years I don't think even he or his assistants had much say in the utter stupid moves to keep playing $7 million dollar a year players without getting sh!t for results. Between Fletcher and Fenton the same old crap is still the same old crap. Every single one of these "Upper Management" a-hole's are to blame for NOT being able to get results out of their assets as best as the team sees fit. None of them have made decisions based on doing what's best for the team. Nor many of the genuine supportive players either.* Leipold, keen as keen can be like a smug a-hole in a pig kissing contest... Loves throwing his sweet touch on his commands each time he dumps something or someone respectfully valuable... By saying and pointing out, "I didn't re-sign (insert name here) last year, the year before his contract ran out - so that should have been an indication to you all he wasn't coming back.' We've heard that several times. And as I've said before, this whole organization is ALWAYS 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years behind; to making the right decision when it's most needed. The insane always running the asylum is always too little too late. None of this sh!t is breaking news and none of it is new news. edit: The genuine players... Management wouldn't know how to give them their due and it shows.
  5. April 6, 2019 AWAY HOME Tampa Bay 2 Boston 4 Vancouver 2 St. Louis 3 Carolina 3 Philadelphia 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Washington 1 New Jersey 2 Florida 5 N.Y. Rangers 2 Pittsburgh 4 Toronto 3 Montreal 4 Columbus 3 Ottawa 1 Buffalo 2 Detroit 4 Minnesota 1 Dallas 3 Chicago 3 Nashville 4 Edmonton 2 Calgary 3 Winnipeg 4 Arizona 2 Vegas 3 Los Angeles 2 Colorado 3 San Jose 4
  6. April 5, 2019 AWAY HOME Columbus 4 N.Y. Rangers 2 Dallas 2 Chicago 3 Los Angeles 2 Anaheim 1
  7. April 4, 2019 AWAY HOME New Jersey 1 Carolina 3 Ottawa 3 Buffalo 2 Montreal 2 Washington 4 Tampa Bay 2 Toronto 1 Detroit 2 Pittsburgh 3 N.Y. Islanders 3 Florida 2 Boston 3 Minnesota 1 Vancouver 2 Nashville 3 Philadelphia 1 St. Louis 4 San Jose 3 Edmonton 0 Winnipeg 2 Colorado 3 Arizona 3 Vegas 2
  8. April 3, 2019 AWAY HOME Ottawa 3 N.Y. Rangers 2 St. Louis 2 Chicago 4 Calgary 3 Anaheim 1
  9. True, but many players who leave here are given better chances, play more and often play with more confidence.
  10. April 2, 2019 AWAY HOME Nashville 2 Buffalo 1 Boston 3 Columbus 4 Tampa Bay 2 Montreal 3 Pittsburgh 3 Detroit 2 Carolina 2 Toronto 4 Winnipeg 3 Minnesota 2 Philadelphia 1 Dallas 3 Edmonton 2 Colorado 3 Los Angeles 2 Arizona 3 San Jose 4 Vancouver 1
  11. @rottenrefs Picks Monday April 1, 2019 Toronto Maple Leafs 2 NY Islanders 3 NY Rangers 3 New Jersey Devils 4 Washington Capitals 4 Florida Panthers 2 Tampa Bay Lightning 4 Ottawa Senators 3 Colorado Avalanche 2 St. Louis Blues 4 Winnipeg Jets 3 Chicago Blackhawks 2 Calgary Flames 3 Los Angeles Kings 2 Edmonton Oilers 1 Vegas Golden Knights 4
  12. Just about every player here has worse outings in a Wild sweater than wherever else they play. Why do you think that is?
  13. Wild management never put trust in Kuemper. That can be said for a lot of Wild players they get, try to use for a bit but the long and short of it all is it puts doubt in a players mind along with instability. That causes question and doubt which weighs heavy; causes too much burden. And that creates a lack of confidence. I laugh at the "I told you so" folks who told us so and are constantly proven wrong then try to defend their opinion.
  14. March 31, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 2 Philadelphia 3 Carolina 3 Pittsburgh 2 Minnesota 3 Arizona 2 Columbus 4 Buffalo 2 Boston 4 Detroit 2 Calgary 3 San Jose 4
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