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  1. Likely Parise isn't getting a lot of love from the owners sitting on the bench with him after he offered to break his no trade clause.
  2. I'm glad all the 'promising talent' the Wild pretended to know how to develop found their way on other teams' rosters. Too bad half of them are head cases thinking they were the problem with the Wild. As I said 8-9 years ago now... The Wild get rid of anyone who shows any heart. The spark plugs, the pistons, the passionate players with a deep love for the game are history.
  3. Meanwhile, the Nashville Predators are still happy Craig Leipold sold the team. Psst, hey Mikko want to waive your no trade clause? Umm no. Psst, hey Zach want to waive your no trade clause? If there's an opportunity with the Islanders... ok. No Psst to Suter speaks volumes. Here's a guy worth about 8 mil/season when the Wild acquired him and the only reason he got more was because Zach gave up some of the cash that would have gone to him. Aaaannnd meanwhile... Spurgeon is still the teams best d-man with Suter being way over paid...And his a
  4. Right. Mmm Mikko, mmm... Mmm praise Jesus, mmm... And in every breath fawning all over his excellence they know he alone isn't worth noting his merits without bringing up his brother and none of his teammates. And people buy into it hook, line and sinker.
  5. Another article hints at locker room issues and within days the airwaves are flooded fawning over Mikko and how he's such a great player, a great captain... Stats are brought up in the same breath as how all those barely above board stats are all with the same team. Dreamy.
  6. The player only meeting... Why? They're all playing to their potential. They can't get better.
  7. Can they pull off 14 wins this season? God forbid they get the #1 draft choice and blow it on an AHL'er.
  8. Ah, I haven't even looked. lol
  9. I see in this game (Ottawa) the brain trust shuffled the lines again. Parise - Koivu - Zucker Scoreless half way thru it. (Who the f*** wouldn't know?)
  10. Envy (?) Other teams didn't have a prediction thread. I felt fans from other teams could have picked up on how ours was run, which undoubtedly could have perked more interest across the board. However a representative from each team would have had to run it... Iffy. But, it wasn't meant to be and Pick'em was introduced.
  11. Last year I was asked to not run a MN Wild Prediction thread and instead the Pick'em format was rolled out. So this year I didn't make a MN Wild Prediction thread either. However, what's your prediction for the year? I'm thinking 32 wins and 52 loses. Can they get 32 wins? I'm being optimistic.
  12. I'm sure Leipold will teach him a thing or two.
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