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  1. Right. Mmm Mikko, mmm... Mmm praise Jesus, mmm... And in every breath fawning all over his excellence they know he alone isn't worth noting his merits without bringing up his brother and none of his teammates. And people buy into it hook, line and sinker.
  2. Another article hints at locker room issues and within days the airwaves are flooded fawning over Mikko and how he's such a great player, a great captain... Stats are brought up in the same breath as how all those barely above board stats are all with the same team. Dreamy.
  3. The player only meeting... Why? They're all playing to their potential. They can't get better.
  4. Can they pull off 14 wins this season? God forbid they get the #1 draft choice and blow it on an AHL'er.
  5. Ah, I haven't even looked. lol
  6. I see in this game (Ottawa) the brain trust shuffled the lines again. Parise - Koivu - Zucker Scoreless half way thru it. (Who the f*** wouldn't know?)
  7. Envy (?) Other teams didn't have a prediction thread. I felt fans from other teams could have picked up on how ours was run, which undoubtedly could have perked more interest across the board. However a representative from each team would have had to run it... Iffy. But, it wasn't meant to be and Pick'em was introduced.
  8. Last year I was asked to not run a MN Wild Prediction thread and instead the Pick'em format was rolled out. So this year I didn't make a MN Wild Prediction thread either. However, what's your prediction for the year? I'm thinking 32 wins and 52 loses. Can they get 32 wins? I'm being optimistic.
  9. What could have been... because there's not much to talk about now.
  10. I'm sure Leipold will teach him a thing or two.
  11. Could visiting a preacher in the off season do any good? Lord knows this team talks a good game but when are they going to play more than one full game every two months? Has anyone kept track of when they do play a full game which stars aligned? Can they paint them in the Xcel ceiling or something?
  12. What the team really needs isn't what Leipold wants. We've seen Leipold's "vision." Havlat, Heatley, Vanek, Backstrom re-signing, then Koivu's overpaid extended deals... Loading up Vanek & Heatley's ice time when it's obvious to everyone not on the payroll they no longer have any drive or desire. Zucker up - down, up - down 7 times in one season, AHL - NHL, Granlund given every chance in the book regardless of his first pathetic year way in over his head. Eight years of upper management calling for younger players to "step up" all the while giving preferential treatment to terribly waning players well off their pace. Dumping any player who does show incentive, drive, heart... For cheap recalls. The Wild for all practical purpose since Leipold bought the club is a retirement center for friends among friends coming here to play soft hockey, hunt, fish, wine - dine (live in a bubble away from media scrutiny), visit children's hospitals with their kindness... Playing hockey hard for 10 minutes out of every 60 then be fed every excuse in the book how they want to be a Cup contender while doing so with their top two lines being no better than any other teams 2nd line... Always falling short of having a top line capable of contending against any team... And if one did start catching wind - blow it up. Scrambled egg line changes. Having bad Power Play units. The 2nd PP unit out-hustling the first PP unit and scoring just as much in 15 seconds of ice time as the 1st unit who couldn't buy their way across the blue line without first burning 1:45 off the clock... Having a bad PP coach, having a bad head coach allowing for the bad PP coach... When it's really the players who are behind who's on the PP (for how long) and who's not. Brunette, Yeo and Fletcher were all safe with the poor PP because it wasn't their call. Same with Boudreau & Co. People blame Parise & Suter for hiring Adam Oates, but who else made that happen? Likely Leipold giving them the nod (and Fletcher getting the green light by Leipold) behind Yeo's back. People, players, managers & coaches can't just walk in on one another's practices without some kind of authorization first taking place. Which is also likely why Suter and Parise never took any heat over it by the front office. The young blood on this team were trained to be doormats. Make no mistake... They were never supposed to surpass the veterans because Leipold would not permit it.

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