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  1. February 19, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 2 Carolina 3 Tampa Bay 3 Philadelphia 0 Pittsburgh 4 New Jersey 2 Buffalo 1 Florida 2 Columbus 4 Montreal 3 Toronto 3 St. Louis 4 Anaheim 3 Minnesota 2 Nashville 2 Dallas 3 Arizona 2 Edmonton 3
  2. February 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Arizona 1 Calgary 3 Tampa Bay 4 Columbus 2 Ottawa 2 Chicago 4 Vegas 3 Colorado 2 Boston 3 San Jose 4 Washington 3 Los Angeles 1
  3. Sure would be nice. Often I'd like to comment on predictions and/or accomplishments, challenges, etc., and to do so would be fitting.
  4. More than anyone they know they're on the trading block. One can't expect them to show their stuff if they know it means losing their golden egg. If they play too well too much is expected of them. It would require too juicy of other players in a trade causing high expectations. If they play blah it's status quo. They retain the cushy contracts then they get to maintain their position as disposable pawns that still... Get their money.
  5. The Blues are the perfect team for the Wild to beat. Whether in a shut-out, a close game, a couple goals ahead or a boatload. It all depends on how the stars all align. Did each player go to bed last night drifting off while looking at certain stars in the night sky? Did they hear voices? Whispers? Did they eat one too many grapes? Wake up with, or without an alarm clock? Did they put a sock on their left foot first, or their right foot first? Holy mother of Jesus let's hope they didn't get confused with that one! Is every player going to show up and play 60 minutes? No one in the universe understands or can comprehend this quirky inability... As it's been brought up now weekly for about 5-6 years. (Okay I'm embellishing that. It's been longer.) Maybe shave Dubnyk's eyebrows so he 'feels' more 'eyes wide open.' Frankly I'm getting pretty tired of hearing how damn good he is after watching footage of him supposedly tracking the puck up high over his mitt or blocker, as it goes thru the 5-hole down low; or vice versa.
  6. The Wild aren't the only ones. The Twins have given up on players, or felt they don't fit in... So they get rid of them (however means) and they go play elsewhere and excel. Their track record for doing so goes back decades. Likewise the Vikings have done the same with standout players. Making foolish moves that wreck whatever good is going on into something far less than anyone ever imagines or... Well, now fans here literally always come to expect it. And I shouldn't even have to mention the Minneapolis Lakers (now of course the Los Angeles Lakers.) They went elsewhere and flourished and now all we hear on the radio is crap about the Timberwolves. The losing-est team in MN gets more air time than any other pro sports team in Minnesota. Nerve wracking. They build up hope in the fans and screw it up mercilessly. That's a primary part... Of what I refer to as "What's in the water" here in Minnesota. Edit: GM's from all these teams come and go... They're all insignificant. Of this the owners are about the only key ingredient and none of them are in it for anything less than making money while complaining this area isn't a big buck market. But they made their millions! Coaches - who in many cases leave (or the team bi-passes them) and when they go elsewhere they win championships. Tony Dungy and Brian Billick were both assistants for the Vikings, whom they passed over for other selections. Both went on to win superbowls. The players lists are large and I'm not going to spend hours looking them all up. But many of them over the course of their careers were sent packing, only to come back here to basically retire.
  7. @TropicalFruitGirl26 but they always sell players who have an upside this team doesn't use. (Some) of the players cemented on the roster are the ones they need to move and that's just not going to happen. Too many of them are favored by Leipold. Heck, he didn't even realize this team is what it is up until a few days ago and people here have seen the brick wall approached and passed several years ago.
  8. February 17, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 2 Pittsburgh 3 St. Louis 4 Minnesota 2 Philadelphia 3 Detroit 2 Buffalo 4 New Jersey 2 Montreal 3 Florida 1 Washington 3 Anaheim 1
  9. February 16, 2019 AWAY HOME Detroit 2 Philadelphia 3 Calgary 4 Pittsburgh 3 St. Louis 4 Colorado 3 Edmonton 1 N.Y. Islanders 4 Montreal 2 Tampa Bay 4 Ottawa 2 Winnipeg 4 Toronto 3 Arizona 1 Dallas 1 Carolina 2 Columbus 4 Chicago 3 Nashville 3 Vegas 2 Vancouver 2 San Jose 4 Boston 3 Los Angeles 2
  10. February 15, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 0 Buffalo 2 Edmonton 2 Carolina 3 New Jersey 2 Minnesota 4 Boston 3 Anaheim 1
  11. That sums up much of it. (That's why I have my username.) I'll never forget the Wild game when there was a stoppage of play right after an altercation. I forget the exact altercation, hell... It could have been one of the many times when Pierre-Marc Bouchard was run into the boards suffering one of several concussions... And the Wild had a line change. The SECOND Derek Boogaard put "one foot" on the ice the ref gave him a 10-minute game misconduct penalty. The cheap biotch who took a run at the Wild player got a 2-minute penalty causing the initial altercation - in all seriousness it was suspension worthy but that never happened.
  12. Insert eyeroll. At the very least one can only assume where Malkin's stick might have gone. So, ummm, where in that did Raffl make a play for the puck? No where. Raffl could just as well been called for hooking, slashing (coming in over Malkin's hands) and holding since he wrapped his arms around Malkin then punched him in the back of the head. Wild players have been in situations like where Raffl was, and an opposing player reacting like Malkin did by retaliating (not swinging the stick though) but turning around and smacking or whacking the perp... And 99 times out of 100 the Wild player(s) have been sent to the box. We can sit here and argue it but the officiating leans one way - way too often. That's just the facts.
  13. I'm not defending Malkin as much as how this all went down... But if Malkin's back is to someone who's reaching out with their stick firmly holding it between two hands and crunching it over someone half-kneeling over (who in this case Malkin was knocked off balance - simply put it was a hard hit) then the guy mauls him, punches him in the back of the head... And Malkin without even looking flails back with stick in hand, not even knowing where or who it might hit (which is dangerous and penalty / suspension worthy) but what is his 'mark' you're trying to point out? There is no 'mark' he's trying to hit because he's not even looking for 'a mark' to hit. He reacted poorly - no doubt about it. But how can "Intent" be ruled if the dude (Malkin) isn't even looking at the 'El-prick-O' who just cheap-shot him twice?
  14. @OccamsRazor and that's pretty much on-point. The league (refs) totally look the other way for many players while blowing their whistles on others who very rarely 'act out' and if they do it's immediately off to the penalty box for sometimes merely brushing into someone.

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