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  1. Way to go Great Clips - for coming through with the lettuce! "Hairmantown has a new mayor...his name is Mike" "The Hair B&B - and Jake left the key under the mat" "The Sinatra Salad - Vinigrettes - he's had a few - but then again, too few to mention" Here's THE team boys:
  2. So, both teams I saw last week at the Mooch in the section finals have made the semis after today's matinee session.
  3. Blake got past MG by the skin of their teeth. 7-5 with an empty netter. Crazy third period
  4. Speaking as a guy who was all over him in his first few years as a Hab - Waiting for him to be "used right to showcase his skills" - what you are seeing presently is what you get, unfortunately.
  5. ...Aaaaand Warroad is in the process of making it 3-for-3. Yay Hutch for making the record books though. When you allow a kid to tie a record John Mayasich set in 1951...that's not what they had in mind methinks (5 points in one period)
  6. Two wipeouts in two Class A Quarterfinals so far. You could knock me over with a feather
  7. PS - Thanks @CreaseAndAssist for the heads up on this book. I am about half way though it ... just getting now to most of the games/tourney's I remember from my youth - so it's getting really good - The perfect buildup to the tourney itself.
  8. As is my custom, I went to the Mooch last Wednesday for the 2AA and 6AA finals - saw two very good games - both decided by one goal - and I think Blake and Eden Prairie will both make some noise. Clearly I have not seen Andover so I can't speak for them, but I could see Blake winning the AA. I used to broadcast Hutch games and would like to seem them do well - but being the #8 seed and playing Warroad in the quarters doesn't bode well for the Tigers.
  9. Gorgeous day! Head to Rice Park if you need Tix! Only chance all year to see the best player in puck....I've got a fist fulla tix
  10. Yawn. Being that the Wilds have no rivals or star players they chose the defending cup champs. I'll be selling tickets out front then heading to the bars for NCAA football
  11. Wait?!?! Suter, Parise and Koivu are "problems" in the room ?!?! You could knock me over with a feather.
  12. Just saying, he has always been Chucky ... Gally is Brendan Gallagher

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