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  1. Isn't it a prerequisite to have once been "built" in order to "rebuild" Asking for a friend
  2. He's a Rag$ fan so I am sure he was envious of Beelzebub
  3. Sunday Matinee vs the Habs on Oct 20 oh...here's the rest: [Hidden Content]
  4. Not Wilds draft related - but I'm listening to Adam Sandler on the Dan Patrick show right now and he (Sandler) mentioned he went to the Yankee game last night and added he was in a box with Jack Hughes and said he was "the nicest kid he's ever met"
  5. Thanks Wilds, for passing on Caufield
  6. Why Cheeseburger Phil said no to the deal: [Hidden Content]
  7. Agree with this 100% - tailgating in winter was awesome (and even better in springtime when they made Cup runs) - I also loved the original Williams Arena for Golden Rodent puck
  8. If one deems to be a true fan of his/her team ... not wanting said team to be in the playoffs immediately disqualifies them.
  9. Dubnyk's gaffe - made #14 of Elliotte Friedman's "31 Thought's" 14. After two controversial net-off-the-moorings calls in Toronto (March 13 vs. Chicago and March 15 against Philadelphia) the NHL sent out a memo asking, among other things, officials to be more diligent about replacing nets that are jarred loose. That note scorched Minnesota’s Devan Dubnyk in Monday’s 1-0 loss to Nashville. In the third period, seeing his own net dislodged, he went to the bench for an extra attacker, knowing that the rulebook dictates the Predators cannot score in such a situation. Is Dubnyk brilliant or not for leaving his net during bizarre sequence? The rest of the Wild were fooled by this move and took a too-many-men penalty. But it could have been worse, as the net was put back in position during play by one of the officials. In that case, the Predators could have scored. Dubnyk admitted later to reporters that he saw the Rangers’ Alexander Georgievdo the same thing during a 3-2 loss in Edmonton and thought it a smart play. Here’s the problem: the date of that game? March 11 — just before the two controversial plays and ensuing memo. In case anyone forgot, what happened Monday will be a reminder.
  10. "It was reported today that the NHL has reached a uniform agreement with Victoria's Secret who vow that their game sweaters are 90% lighter and more comfortable than the ADIZERO sweaters the players currently wear"
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