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  1. I have one more story to write and 4 to edit today for my February/March Magazine...and, - once I send them all (with accompanying photos) to my art director for layout - *then* I will be heading to the Cap-City for this tilt. And with a hotel room booked, will get properly oiled up on Molson Golden and Reid's *almost* authentic Poutine. After a good ten minutes perusing the closet I finally decided that the 1946 Rocket Richard sweater would be fitting for this tilt. Allez Habs Allez!
  2. Dumba's hit was a big topic of discussion from Grapes tonight on Coach's Corner on HNIC
  3. I checked through 8 pages and didn't find anything regarding expansion to bump - but with this announcement (Cough* Cough* should have been Quebec City) ... one note regarding yet another expansion draft for the startup in 2021: VGK don't have to cough up any players...BUT they also don't get a cut of the $650 Million expansion fee.
  4. Did you guys see Grapes on the HNIC feed during Coach's Corner? He LOVES Dumba
  5. Since Mr. McGoo was a constant punching bag in the old boards - I thought I'd forward this news... [Hidden Content]
  6. He was a "mult" just like a few of the others mentioned here. *yawn*
  7. It really DID feel like old times. Winnipeg invasion tonight. Jets and Crash Test Dummies. Banner day so far
  8. Great seeing Angelina_E, PTOJoneser and EvilEmpire at Alarys! Made $175 for 40 minutes of selling out in Rice Park before the game -- thank God for Jets fans! At 7th Street Truck Stop now, pre-concerting ... watching the game before Crash Test Dummies (speaking of Winnipeg) at 8 at the Fitz
  9. Yup - good stuff. I remember that - and I also remember thinking that it was a good thing the game was outdoors that day in Buffalo - because between he and the Milbury Dough-Boy, - those two egos wouldn't fit in an NHL arena
  10. Great Story on former Fighting Saint Goldie Goldthorpe here. He didn't get the part in the movie "Slapshot" because he broke a bottle over Paul Newman's brother's noggin [Hidden Content]
  11. Nucks preparing for tonight's tilt (not sure how they broke into the old "Met" now that it is no more..but anywho) ...
  12. Icechipper - that "Hot Line" that the WHA version of the Winnipeg Jets had (Bobby Hull, Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson) is STILL to this day, the most electrifying line I have seen live...albeit at the St. Paul Civic Center (with the glass boards) not in the Peg.
  13. For JimTownGuy - the board's #1 Brock fan:
  14. Some things never change Glad you are here JTG If I am honest (and I am) had there been message boards then - I would have been posting stuff aboot Orr and Beliveau all the time, as I loved them as much as you love Boeser Come to think of it - I still do post aboot them
  15. Do the pitcher and pizza deal at Dry Gulch

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