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  1. I was there too - and there WAS one time Rosario didn't run out an infield grounder - so not everyone hustled. The one saving grace was the crowd for the most part boo'd that bogus effort
  2. For sure! The odd thing is...this has happened before, but never got more than a day or two. I can't remember the last Twins game I've seen...but this has been most of the summer! And now it bleeds into Wild season too. I suppose there's no way to prove to them we deserve a rebate being that we get a certain tier in order to watch Twins/Wild?
  3. Yup - I have DISH and have not seen a Twins game for months - why do I still have to pay for FSN ???
  4. Got great seats for the Habs tilt...and a "free" coffee and pastry ... And still made it to campus by ten to tailgate. WOW. Lots fewer peeps in line than the last few years...very telling indeed?!!!
  5. Pissed? Really? Any team that needs an alternate sweater has their site set on the wrong prize. Seriously? Gimme a break. Good lord.
  6. Works out perfectly...I can go there at 9 and still get on campus quickly to tailgate for the Rodents tilt. Thanks again for the heads-up @IllaZilla
  7. It should be taken down and reintroduced as a keeper's number
  8. For an or-gan-EYE-ZAY-shun that has done countless lame things - THAT takes the cake.
  9. But wait - there's a #1 retired in the rafters - isn't that "winning"??
  10. Yeah...I like to go down there and pick em out with a live human. I love their reaction when I say "I want two downstairs as close as possible, AND on the side of the ice the Habs shoot twice" ... That usually throws them for a loop Now that you say it...I do remember going down to get them after first attending a Golden Rodent football game ... So I bet the second Saturday in Sept. is the date.
  11. Thanks...I shoulda thought of that since I always go down there on the first day
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