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  1. "It was reported today that the NHL has reached a uniform agreement with Victoria's Secret who vow that their game sweaters are 90% lighter and more comfortable than the ADIZERO sweaters the players currently wear"
  2. Sadly, this is the end of an era...the last Minnesota State High School Tourney's All-Hockey-Hair Team. The Grande Flow-Nally [Hidden Content]
  3. Nope. That "honour" goes to Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley in Boston....and second place ain't close.
  4. I guess we'd have to be if we thought owners, GM's, Coaches and Players actually read these forums.
  5. LOL. Nobody is insinuating people can't enjoy the Class A Tourney. I just don't. Anyway...I did 6-and-a-half minutes of research to verify my point. Here is just a sampling of a few first round Class A wipeouts … only going back as far as 2010. IMO This should never happen when you are down to the final 8 teams…first round of sectionals maybe. It’s a trend not an exception. 2010 Warroad - 9 Rochester Lourdes - 0 Breck - 11 New Ulm -1 Mahtomedi -7 Alexandria -1 ---------------------------------------------------- 2011 St. Thomas Academy – 13 New Ulm – 2 ---------------------------------------------------- 2012 St. Tomas Academy -7 Little Falls – 0 Breck -7 Duluth Marshall – 0 Hermantown -7 Rochester Lourdes -2 ---------------------------------------------------- 2013 St. Thomas Academy -12 St. Cloud Apollo -0 ---------------------------------------------------- 2015 Hermantown - 8 Spring Lake Park – 0 ---------------------------------------------------- 2016 Breck – 8 Mankato- West -0 Hermantown – 11 Litchfield/DC – 3 ---------------------------------------------------- 2019 Mahtomedi – 6 New Ulm – 0 St. Cloud Cathedral – 7 North Branch - 0 ** New Ulm – Since 2010 – they have represented their section 5 times and have been outscored in the quarter-finals: 41-7 in those 5 appearances. Ban them and their section if that’s the best they can send
  6. Now *THAT* was some good puck. Happy for my buddy Tommy Nevers
  7. Why didn't you say that? I couldn't figure out that post You meant "than" not "then" - the "then" threw me off It appears as though you were proposing a 50-team tourney....that got whittled down to 20 and then 5 (mathematical impossibility ) That's even worse than the ill-fated, two year "Two-Tier" experiment of '92 and '93
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