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  1. Exactly - it's like a ghost town out there (in the *&^%ing cold ) before games - no one is buying - pretty soon they are gonna need giveaways every night...Minnesotans love giveaways
  2. Yup - spent 8 years in Glencoe and 11 years in Hutchinson as Sports Director at KDUZ
  3. I saw that Friday - really good but not as good as the original. Sadly, many of those great warbirds are gone now - so a lot of computer-generated flying. The original had all real birds
  4. I had predicted Kinkaid's glove stop on Zucker would be a SportsCentre Top-10. Just watched during my workout and yup...#4. After all, ESPN would never pick hockey higher than #3 what with their MLB, NBA and NFL contracts.
  5. As much as I'd love to say he was not himself...I've always been honest about my team. I think it's one of those unexplainable deals...one the has your number?
  6. Dude!!! You are my new best friend! I'm a pirate by nature, so Sailor Jerry is my poison! Last week one of the liquor stores in my town sadly closed. But before that they sold everything at cost! I got four bottles of SJ for a song!
  7. 3rd Johnny Walker Red here I better throw a burger on the grill
  8. Woohooooo C'est Le BUT!!!! 127 games....1st NHL marker for Mete
  9. LOL the RDS guys are talking about Suter never getting off the ice and seemingly in charge of his own TOI

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