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  1. I've made that point a million times in here....I have a few of the ASG sweaters from the days of using the classic league colours of black and orange. Infinitely superiour to the lameass neon, glorified moto-cross jerseys they wear now.
  2. And yet they BOTH were better than the grade schoolish sweaters the Kings and Avs rolled out for their Stadium Series tilt
  3. LOL at Staal's shootout attempt. I guess we know why he wasn't in the fastest skater competition Edit LOL two pathetic attempts This is like when they awarded Kuba an All-Star slot based purely on the fact the game was in Minny. #unworthy
  4. Excuse me sir - is that octopus slime oozing down your pantleg or are you just happy to see me.
  5. NB - when you open the article - that awesome large photo you see is mainly Tony Esposito of the Blackhawks and Brad Park (then of the Rangers) but that #21 you see in the dark (blue) sweater of the Western Conference is Bill Goldsworthy of the NorthStars. He wore #21 instead of his usual #8 which was worn by Barclay Plager of the Blues - the home team got preference apparently.
  6. So I did a search to see if there was a thread on this before starting this so and came up empty. so anyway, Dave Stubbs wrote a fun piece for NHL.com today and I wanted to share it. It is about the 1970 game - also in St. Louis. I remember that late-night game as it was my 12th birthday and I watched BOTH the NBA and NHL All-Star games to extend my personal celebration...although admittedly I knew nothing of the spat over the organist! LOL! check out the story! I sure wish coaches and players cared that much these days about winning and "unfair advantages" in the ASG Things changed somewhere along the line [Hidden Content]
  7. Yup - Hermantown, Lake Minnetonka and Grand Rapids. I wish I had gone to the one at your home rink in Elk River - looked like a cool place (I remember great background shots on TV of kids sliding down a hill to the rink)
  8. Im not sure? Isn't he still getting paid by the Wild Six classes overall: [Hidden Content]
  9. Isn't it! They were good guys too. Won 1 and lost 2 though...but by far they got the most double-takes. This was in the beer/warming tent between games. I spent a lot of time in there yesterday (Sat.) Holy crap it was cold with that wind whipping across the lake. It's still plenty cold today, but thankfully not as windy
  10. These guys were my favourites today "Jagrbombs" Check out that shoulder patch
  11. At Maynard's now, swilling Surly Furious ... All checked in, got my assignments and waiting for the music to begin. Best team names I've seen so far at check-in: "Loud and Plowed" ... "No Regretzkys" ... and my personal favourite: "Hattrick Swayze"

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