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  1. Absolutely agree. Very valid points all. Can you imagine not contacting your best prospect, only to watch him light up the WJCs and Olympics and re-sign with KHL? This was hubris and stupidity by CF and CL - Get off your a$$es in your Xcel suite and jump in your jet and get the kid signed - before it will break the bank like it now will. I am not sure we will even be able to afford him now with the 3 spinsters contracts.
  2. Spot on - ‘He’d get punished.’ Some given the opportunity (if the Core approves), some not (if not a player to make Core look better). Per EJ, there really is ‘something wrong with this team.’ CL, and his allegiance to 9, 20 (absolutely), and 11 (less so), has killed the culture of this team.
  3. Cute little reference to ‘EmptyShell’ for NN. Maybe you should think about the point of EmptyShelf - it means NO TROPHIES. As in real ones.
  4. Apparently you haven’t seen the games AT ALL. It isn’t Aho. It is a different NN. He shoots much more than in MN and half his goals have nothing to do with Aho. It is called ‘being used more and differently,’ and not getting jerked around all the time. He has heavy minutes too. Are you going to say William Karlsson is the reason Tuch has improved so much too?!? That is also NOT the case. We have a toxic system and culture on this team that stifles and misuses younger talent. No two ways about it. OPEN YOUR EYES.
  5. Just sad that we cannot close anybody out. No heart. Not that anyone cares, but our old friend, 22, with two more goals tonight. That is 8 goals with 4 assists in 12 games, versus 1 goal and 1 assist for Rask. Guess we lost another trade badly, and NN can feel like he got a lifeboat off the Titanic. Go young and tank is the order of the day. I have seen enough of the old core.
  6. What’s with 20s continued gaffes at end of game? Is he part of a plan to tank for better draft pick? Wild just suck. Up 3-1, still lose.
  7. Great timing. How does couturier miss the empty net high?!? Should be playing for Wild.
  8. Agreed. Where is the 'eye for an eye' payback with a questionable shot to an Oiler?
  9. Koivu being out at least gives someone else a chance - we weren't better with him either - same for Suter late last year
  10. This is going to be hard to watch for the next 25+ games. I just don't see much light. We can beat the best teams on a really good day, but drop so many games to lesser teams that I just don't see us making the playoffs, or sucking enough to get a franchise type player. Until we blow it up and tank, and the CL/CF induced dumba$$ contracts expire, this team is going to be in a sad holding pattern of below average hockey
  11. I just don't see anything clicking in this game. Rask on line #2 is a head scratch. Our old friend, NN, has scored again for Canes....Guess we traded him KNOWING that the Clyde would be out, and we would need another Center miscast on Line 2....
  12. Suter gets trapped. Turns it over. Odd man rush. Goal. This guy just sucks a$$. If he ever sees an All-Star game again, it is clearly a joke. His offense sucks. His defense sucks. He has no grit and toughness. He now has a careless entitled attitude these last few years. The next 6 years are going to be torture. MOVE HIM SOMEHOW. Challenge his 'manhood' to chase a cup and give him away....
  13. Why does Suter think that he is going to sneak a 'change up' by the goalie everytime he shoots? That weak **** never works unless he is fortunate that someone is able to re-direct the butterfly.
  14. I would hope that they don't mortgage even more of our future by trading picks for a temporary fill in. Koivu is going to be EVEN slower when he comes back for what should be the last (abbreviated year) of his Wild tenure - Thank the Lord! Rask still sucks....

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