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  1. If Ryan O'Rourke has to go back to Jrs versus the AHL (where we played last year) is a wasted year of development for him. He held his own just fine last year for a very young kid. Just my $.02. Also, if we are going to get through the ugly buyout years, they had better get these kids in the AHL soon and just 'hard pass' on the old deadwood - Rau, Shaw, Dumont, Bart, Mayhew. There is nothing left to see with them. Keep one max....
  2. The selection of Lambos in Rd 1 this year, and O'Rourke and Hunt last year, and the trade for Addison, sure 'turns the page' on the gaffe on Filip Johansson just a few years ago in Rd 1. It clearly appears that they have no REAL plans for him. I still cannot fathom that pick - bad then, a full two rounds higher than anticipated - even worse now, with NO plans for him ever getting a contract. SMH. These picks are ALL important in Rd 1, which goes to show why they needed to clean house at Wild HQs. GMBG is at least making intelligent decisions to clean up a Country Club and Mgmt/Scouting $
  3. What would it take to get a Dylan Strome type player where there is depth in front of him as a stop-gap? That might be the type of trade BG could swallow, but I am not sure what he is prepared to give up for that kind of player (former high first, not yet panning out, and blocked by a player like Kirby Dach).
  4. I was not prepared for a G and D, and no C getting drafted by the Wile in the first two picks prior to the draft. That being said, the value that BG secured with these picks (the #1A or 1B goalie, depending upon preference, expected to go Top 10), and a D that espn.com said is getting 'Alex Pietrangelo' comps, and is 'big mobile and can skate with a great shot' - I cannot argue with that. I wonder if they are thinking of a trade for a Center or a signing imminently? I would assume the Eichel noise has abated, but wonder who else they might have in mind, as they will have to get lucky in Rd
  5. Suter literally HUNG UP on BG?!??? I REALLY hate that guy. What a
  6. This was such a GREAT first post, that I had to give you a REAL endorsement
  7. Well, gents; here I am This is mid celebration. I am now out of gas, so I called CL and BG and profusely thanked them after 9 years of bitter suffering. A new AGE has arrived without the malcontent country club. Parise looked like he got kicked in the nuts on the news - should have thought about that when you contributed towards creating the toxic culture that ruined younger players and ran them out of town. My guess is that the two self-important jag-offs refused to waive their NMC/NTC, and BG showed them the door for the good of the franchise - FINALLY. Now, let's move forward towards
  8. 99 out of 100 first place votes. What were we worried about? Congrats, Thrill, now please re-sign for all the MN fans who faithfully awaited your arrival - not that this will factor into his business decision. How are we all collectively feeling about those two BOAT ANCHOR contracts for the cancers, when we have Kap, Fiala, EEK, etc. to sign. What a clusterfu#@ those contracts continue to be - like herpes - the gift that keeps on giving (with tongue firmly in cheek)
  9. So, I thought I would start this thread. I have looked a a few sites Mock Drafts and the Wild (I know, they have ZERO idea about what the Wild may be thinking). However, they have us drafting a Defensemen and a Wing with our two First Round picks, one of which is ranked in the 40s in their own rankings (USHL player). Do these idiotic publications even read their own analysis, or do they think BG and our Vancouver talent evaluator are that THICK? Additionally, we NEED a center. We hardly need more Wings or D-Men until we take a few swings at Center......Unless Rossi is a C, Beckman is a C,
  10. Board IS alive. Your comment: 'Over the top crazy stupid.' Sounds like you need a 'cry towel,' and 'an education about what happens when you don't produce a goal since April 17' making the most money on the team at LW - you sit until both your production and attitude change. Message was delivered and received, and improvement was secured. Evason made quite a few smart moves this year to move this team forward, and this was surely one of them. Quit 'living in the past' with your ManLove for Suter and Parise; the game has passed them by as (pseudo) stars that have coast through
  11. Well, its been a surprisingly competitive year. Our star has arrived, and we just need some more. We also need to shuffle this roster and get rid of the As of 11 and 20 (if not the players themselves). Pass the fricken torch. A new generation is upon this team. If you'll allow me a finale, a few remaining points: And And, finally,
  12. Not just tired and giving up the puck. He has always been a selfish LOSER who is one of the core common denominators in this team rarely winning a game in the playoffs. There IS a reason why - S U T E R
  13. El Matador just single-handedly blew any chance we had to get back in this.....Can we just DFA/CUT/RELEASE/TERMINATE/LTIR this POS??? I don't care how, just lose this gutless turd. He was past his 'sell by' date 2+ years ago. Must be REALLY hard to tolerate on the team when he makes that much $ and cares that little about nothing more than his TOI
  14. And, EEK just gets cross-checked in the back before the melee. Will it be called?? 5;5? Are you $hitting me?
  15. 15 minutes of Major penalties (-2 for the one minor) or 3 double-minors sure would have changed this game, as VGK would have been on their heels, even if our PowerLess Play did not capitalize. There is just NO WAY to excuse this Horse$hit officiating - it HAS impacted the outcome of this game in a W/L kind of way.
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