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  1. Limp wrist...Limp Dick...IS there a cause/effect there that he is refraining from telling anyone about ?
  2. I would feel better if our veteran A didn't play like a limp-dick and made a mite level pass, but a W is a W
  3. Surprised that CL didn't put ill-Suited on the ice for a statsheet builder. God knows he cannot score a meaningful goal in spite of all is TOI on PP
  4. Fiala and Greenie line needs to heat up and be consistent for the playoffs...Otherwise, Kap is going to get utterly mugged and abused on EVERY shift.
  5. I said ISH at a business meeting in NY once and they looked at me like I was speaking Mandarin. MN only lingo, I guess. However, at least we don't talk like East Coast heathens or Southern types with the noun; All Y'All - WTF does this mean?!?
  6. Franchise-long issue. So many shots passed up or not taken over the years. Kap probably got sick of it this year (outside of Fiala) and just started shooting. There is a noticeable difference in Kaps lack of patience with others converting on his passes - he just shoots more often - I would too
  7. How many times is illSuited going to ring the puck around the boards to the other team in our D zone. I swear, how has this guy EVER been acknowledged as a good player? His IQ just sucks, and his skills were never Top End either
  8. True, but in 17 straight? That shows too many passes along the boards and too much generally Boobery with the puck without pulling the trigger
  9. Soucy with a G. We have 4-5 better D than Cheap Suits. Maybe he will retire or waive his NMC and be shipped out for a few busted sticks
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