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  1. He sure doesn't 'lay it all out there for a win' - he coasts; nor does he demand a competent roster with more 'Alpha' players that may infringe upon his monopoly upon Team Direction, or that he is taken off in OT (wherein he fails miserably). He only cares about his pay, his league-leading TOI, his junk PP second assists, and his control over his shifts,, the team, and CL (with 11 and 9). Sorry, that is how I see it....whether anyone can quantify that he 'loves to lose' or not, this guy has been a multi-year cancer. On what team could a guy and his pal hire their own coach and bring him to a club scheduled practice unannounced?!? This is CLEARLY insubordinate behavior, and a complete affront to the hired coaching staff - and was less about winning and more about showcasing himself and Parise to remain key cogs on the PP (and it DIDN'T WORK in terms of improving the PP, but they remained on it for years with lukewarm success).
  2. Dumb said that the ‘4th line goals by Hartman and Donato don’t look like 4th line goals.’ This is because our top two lines play like 4th liners and our 4th (or third) liners play more like top 2 when they have more chances - but CL can’t have that, and neither can the Country Club. I expect some dirty looks from the front of the bench and from CL (and for BB to break up one of line 3 and 4 to make some Country Club member look better and ‘share in the glory’ they had/have nothing to do with by moving an achiever temporarily up to line 1 or 2 to ‘get them going.’).
  3. I would like to see Geek line more than Parise lime.
  4. Correct. No skill based goals. I know Parise has made a career out of this garbage, but it is hit/miss and hard to sustain when you are old, slow, and brittle.
  5. Thank God we are at least drawing even with dreadful Ottawa. Boy, that’s an achievement. I was hoping to be able to go toe-to-toe with division leaders by now in the 11 and 20 contracts. CL has more ‘hopium’ to sell us sheep that keep going to the game and denying what our eyes can clearly see. I should know, I was a STH until this year. Maybe we will see one of 9, 11, or 20 to start OT if the score remains tied
  6. I just marvel how badly this roster has been managed. We have such low talent, and so much $ tied up into immovable (aging) assets, that options are so hard to consider. Even in IA, there is so much focus upon records and ‘butts in seats,’ that the potential for an upwardly trending future for both organizations is stagnant. Thus, I think the Goal/Mission and Execution Strategy that CL has established is clearly the following: Goal #1: Profits via butts in seats Execution: Utilize aging high priced CC vets to achieve by any means possible (sunk money theory). Continue to force the notion that this is our best (and only) strategy Goal #2: Profits via pushing jersey/junk sales with high-priced CC vets Execution: Push marketing message and jersey sales with commercials and announcers constantly highlighting these CC vets - in spite of performance. Goal #3: See 1&2. Execution: Shuffle any successful players (non-vets) to lines to ensure 1&2 are achieved Goal #4: Draft or Trade for anyone that can deliver 1&2. Execution: Leverage them for a temporary period to ensure 1&2 Goal #5: Re-up the aging CC vets for purposes of not validating the past mistake with the aging CC vets Execution: Overspend to secure these CC vets, and provide any NMC/NTC to achieve Goal #6: Grudgingly pay market rate for other player assets when forced to do so, or dump them Execution: Set expectations for these players that are above the aging CC core, and berate these players because they are not delivering 1&2. Never draw attention to sub-par performance of the CC vets, as this will expose the ignorance in the initial and subsequent strategy. This is NOT a sound business plan or strategy. It is also NOT a plan with contingencies. It is utterly idiotic, but continues year-after-year. So my questions are: 1). When will CL figure this out (if not via plummeting attendance)? 2). Who will be the individual that successfully make him change his perspective and strategy? 3). How many more months do we have to wait to see signs of an epiphany? 4). How the he77 are they going to dump or de-emphasize the deadwood they were core to their strategy?
  7. We are REALLY boring to watch. Bruins and Rangers was entertaining. I am guessing that Guerin will give them until XMass to ‘evaluate’, and then will part out this old car and keep a few of the upgrades and try to discard the rest with low return deals meant to discard the trash.
  8. Our top Scorer is tied for 81st in the league. That about sums up our issues on offense. Moreover, we have have 5 players (coincidentally, many of our highest paid) that are double-digit minus in +/-. That pretty much sums up why we are tied for third to last in the league....
  9. Do you think that 20 knows that he just isn't good anymore in crunch time? Or, is he still in a delusion that he is a 'Top' defense man? Stats and results don't lie....He is a
  10. How many times has Suter been on the ice in an OT loss? Probably second only to Koivu. He is NOT an open ice player. A hockey mom could see this....
  11. I frickin knew it. You have Panarin, Strome, and DeAngelo against Suter, Spurgeon and EEK. BB never learns
  12. For God's sake. Knew that goal was going to happen. OT for us again? Will we see the sleds?
  13. If any of 9, 11, and 20 are out there in the first two shifts, we will know that BB has learned nothing. We have to have great skaters with 'pond skills' out there.

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