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  1. I wasn’t aware that Parise initiated this discussion last summer - good to know. Do you think Suter was approached and declined? I am just curious. It is always interesting to understand what might really be going on, as some rumors they want out there ‘get legs,’ while others they don’t, are totally unknown. I would be encouraged to know a few things: 1). That CL has allowed BG since at last summer to ‘clean up the mess’ including breaking up the Country Club. This would give us all the assurance that he is not a TOTAL imbecile (since we are stuck with him as owner) and will try for 5 more years with these rejects for a ‘tweak to win a SC’ 2). Knowing that 11 and 20 at least asked to be considered in a trade to a contender (whether successful or not), with CLs approval, let’s us know they have at least a tiny bit of competitive fire and pride, and are not going to soak us until the bitter end no matter what is proposed. 3). Knowing 1 and 2, at least we can feel that there might be a pinhole of light at the end of what has (and may be) a long and dark tunnel of ineptitude and empty promise, which presents no promise until 2026. 4). Perhaps we will NOT have to lose some promising talent in a Seattle expansion draft if we can offload all these millstones prior by ANY means.
  2. ‘Par for the course’ for Suter. I don’t think he even cares what he looks like anymore. Someone said before - like Roger Dorn from the movie Major League - he only cares about his marketability (QwikTrip in Suters case) and his contract. He DOES NOT care about winning at all. He measures himself by TOI and Assists, as well as his paycheck only. He is what’s wrong with athletes that get the big ‘until retirement’ contracts. It is really embarrassing what he represents.
  3. So, was Suter not asked to waive his NMC/NTC because the Wild think he is worth retaining? Or, is it because he has little value (no teams inquiring about him), or the Wild know he has no interest in chasing a S.C.? It would be interesting to know, since their was mention of moving both Koivu and Parise but not Suter. Either way, the days of anyone seeing 9, 11, and 20 as anything more than boat anchors upon this franchise has to be here now -even to the most casual fan. I join EJ in hoping the end is painful for them - I just wish it wasn’t on the Wild ‘clogging up the works’ for the future.
  4. We can’t seem to free ourselves of past stupid decisions by any means at all. I was hoping for any ‘addition by subtraction’, without too much concern for our return assets. I just want the Country Club broken up - ASAP. Not to be at this deadline.
  5. I have a solution to our Wild problems. What are yours? Can we just take a team building trip this summer up to Yellowknife and somehow ‘lose’ 11 and 20 in the woods? That would solve our problem with the cancerous players and contracts, as they haven’t technically been cut or traded, just lost to the native wildlife. Then, we could institute a minimum flexibility and speed standard for all forwards to earn a contract - that should take care of any potential interest in re-signing the Klydesdale. Just dump Dubnyk at deadline for a bench blade sharpener or some numbers for ‘chuck a puck’ at some mini mite tournament. Problems solved, more cap room. Sign Kaprisov, make a smart draft pick, bring up Khovanov or other young forwards and move forward.
  6. Galchenyuk with a really nice winner.....Maybe we keep him. Looked good tonight with 2
  7. Wes Walz: "You need your best players to make big plays and the Wild are coming out with Zack Parise".... who soils his shorts
  8. JT Miller utterly embarrasses Dubnyk. A 10 foot attempt at a poke check and miss. Just embarrassing. Fiala stoned. Canucks for the win with Toffoli - airmailed
  9. 1st two OT shifts - no Country Club. We actually have owned puck possession. Now a Parise sighting. Good Lord, he sucks. Even his try hard choppy style is embarrassingly slow. He left Petterson wide open twice with Suter on the ice (and Kunin). So, the only pressure on the Wild is when these two idiots are back on the ice together. Still no shitvu....
  10. The old 0.00001% limp wrister. Suter thinks that this type of shot has ANY value even in Pee Wee hockey? It looks like a 9 year old trying to lift the puck.
  11. 3 Man echo tonight......The definition of apathy - NO ONE cares CL. How about them apples?!? Expect your $$ to begin decreasing drastically if you don't give fans something to watch (no one wants to watch your relics labor up/down the ice anymore, in spite of how much you are paying them - and you have FIVE MORE YEARS of 11 and 20). Play the kids no matter the feelings of 9, 11, and 20....Wes Walz makes me attach my thumb to mute button full time.....

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