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  1. 27 - 9 shots in last two periods. Someone needs to bury it. Too many shots without results.
  2. Kaprisov is going to double everyone in assissts. I hate him playing with Johhanson and Bonino - a waste of 97s skill. Also, I have yet to see Parise or Fiala return good passes to him for all the passes he dishes to them. Glad we have some shots, but I don't think we want Kaprisov to only shoot when he is creating his own shots
  3. Agreed. I really don't like how we incubate some players too long (Kahk), while others languish in the minors (Menell), or get pigeon-hole'd on lower lines (EEK), while the old pre-retirees get all the minutes and opportunities (Bonino, other Centers, previously Klyde). I would just like to see some ingenuity in terms of our player management. We just seem to wait forever to made a bold decision. At least they have not left Kaprisov to marinate on lower lines than he belongs. I want Rossi up as soon as he is healthy too - no time like the present.
  4. Two (young) guys with big skills upfront (finally), Something to look forward to during the year.. BTW: Foligno is so refreshing. He said they 'were terrible for two periods, and began to play in the 3rd.' This is such an improvement from the 9, 11, and 20 disinterested cliche and platitude interviews. Trade 20 and give 17 an A...
  5. Total effort goal. The reason he should have 20s A.....Many bone crunching checks too. Gritty is definitely his game.
  6. Re-sign Kaps before he gets too expensive. Fiala probably already loves him with all the A+ chances he never saw last year. Get Suts to go on LT injured reserve with a hangnail or a limp wrist and we can afford his extension
  7. Kaps could legitimately have 5 As in this game with quality scoring chance passes.....
  8. Are you on Mountain or West Coast time (j/k). We must be the only ones still up......OT it is. Perhaps we will see Suts and Parise start with some other S L O W mate like Rask? OR, have we finally figured it out?
  9. Echo....echo....echo....I'm an idiot....you're an idiot (if you have ever seen the Grinch - I hate Jim Carey and his politics, but he was made to play the Grinch) Low attendance on this board. Has the apathy with CL's team reached its trough yet? Did anyone (aside from us 3-5) even know Wild opened their season tonight? Or, is everyone in bed by nine?
  10. BTW: As it relates to the PowerPlay, has anyone else had enough of the sprint to the opponents blue line with a turn to fire it to the hopefully charging defensemen? It fools no one but us, and we bobble that pass more times than not. Was that a by-product of the Parise/Suter/Oates insubordination play? Maybe it works for a highly skilled team (like the old Hull and Oates line), but we look geriatric trying to execute that play. How about a low-risk entry; would that be too much to ask?!?
  11. Kap has had two other passes right in the middle that Fiala and Parise did not bury. He looks as advertised, and will shoot or pass. Fiala needs that skill level with him. Otherwise, he will be doubled up or shadowed,
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