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  1. Hopefully you add a gif for this one next year I am ALL for animation
  2. Sounds like PUdreau to me....Of course he never had me thinking Oates or Top 6 for ONE SECOND, only coaches pet project.
  3. If they were to change coaches next year (I wouldn't, as I like Evason), I hope Evason takes PUdreau with him. You cannot make a guy Top 6 when he is not (and at age 28). In spite of some decent goals, he makes tons of WTF plays/passes/turn overs/shots that just don't scream anything other than filler/grinder.
  4. Got me there....He was H O R R I B L E.
  5. Teaching moment delivered.......Gracias, now we can really impress next season.
  6. The dreaded golf clap from the Trek Captain
  7. I see Spurgeon is there to contribute the Suter 'limp wrister' on PP. Let's part ways with another 'captain,' shall we? He was better without a letter, and as a small 'no namer.' Now, he has an ego...
  8. I really had no expectation that we would put together such a rotten performance in a pivotal game. Well, Dumba at least got us on the board , his first point of POs
  9. DuHaime tries hard but seems to have ZERO scoring knack. I have never seen a guy be less productive in high quality situations.
  10. I would do it. Neither goalie should be back with Wild next year. I had been hoping that we kept Kahk and brought Wallstedt over to gain experience behind Kahkonen for 1-2 years (and to fix our Cap problem). It all just makes me more disgusted with the Parise/Suter contracts that will strangle the team from necessary changes the next few years. A bad investment is a bad investment, but when they are PUNKS too; well, that just pushes me into pure disdain.
  11. No one has shown up on offense in the past couple of games to support Kap. It is really surprising that Fiala, Boldy, EEK, Foligno, Rig, Hart, & Zucc cannot find ONE GD Goal. Fiala just cost himself a big contract next year, I think, and I would not be surprised if Dumba, Talbot, and even Spurgeon (and Bjug, Benn, etc) follow them out the door. We need $$$ for next year, and this years team (experiment) collapsed at the worst time in the playoffs.
  12. I suspect he sees that we have 'mailed it in' for this game (season). He might be re-evaluating the goalie decisions. Clearly, this was not the right decision tonight, but he probably did not expect the ENTIRE team to collapse for the first time this year - it is uncharacteristic for the last few months (but quite characteristic for Wild in playoffs with different teams/players). I would guess this is Talbot's last game for Wild.
  13. Good points. The score is bad enough, but the lack of energy and focus is perplexing in an elimination game. I swear, it looks like Suter and Parise have returned with the lack of fire on this team.. Tee times up.
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