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  1. Those aren't minor smoke signals, either. I think it is very obvious with the 7 year deal that Brodin is the one they chose, particularly if they keep Soucy. We need to trade him before he (or someone we don't protect to keep him) gets claimed in expansion draft. Intelligent use of minimal assets now will be paramount. We have seen them thrown away in the past (NN trade comes to mind).
  2. I don't think so. I think Dumba or Brodin will be traded for some offensive asset and to position for the expansion draft. I think Brodin is the more reliable player, and you don't make Dumba a captain (only to trade him). I think Spurgeon or Foligno will be an A or a C. Perhaps both, if they can lose Parise before the season.
  3. I don't think he should have his jersey retired. His contract and self-imposed whiny entitlement to the #1 C position was as much of the obstacle as Suter/Parise acquisitions. Also, he felt that he DESERVED PP time, in spite of all the listless shifts passing the puck along the boards. Outside of some decent defensive play on PK and winning face-offs (when he could cheat), the only value he had was being there every game (almost). And, I would have rather seen him out more often to see what else we had at Center. I think he was too smart for that, and knew he would lose his spot and probably played in some games that he should not have. To me, he was the most overrated player in the NHL over an extended period. He was also the least deserving captain, given his demeanor and overall game. To LIG's point, I felt a sense of relief when he retired like you would dumping some old junk out of the garage that you had held onto too long and never served the purpose that you acquired it for. Maybe we can now jettison another 1/3 of the Country Club before next season and refresh the locker room.
  4. Agreed. Though, there are guys in the 50+ year old mens league that are faster than Koivu was. So, if he is our 3rd or 4th C, it would be a speed improvement over Koivu, which still isn't saying too much. I see no downside, and he should know that he is probably on his last opportunity (without a minor league flyer). I think both he and Galchenyuk better train hard and realize that opportunities are becoming very scarce for them.
  5. This is a NO LOSE acquisition for the Wild. Not sure how it will work out, but a nice one-year audition. Great size and a bit faster than Koivu. I wonder if they would have pulled the trigger on this experiment if Klyde had not retired? It sure creates options when the dead WOOD are out of the way. How can we move the other two quickly? Get Parise to the Isles, or Suter to .....anywhere. I doubt there would be many takers without us assuming most of their contract for that first year, however.
  6. Absolutely agree. I would have had more respect for him if he ever showed that he had a pair and that they had dropped. Also, I would have been more of a fan if he neutered the Suter/Parise entitlement as soon as they arrived. It did NOT happen. He was the core of the Country Club, and a very assumptive 'Kaptain.' So, I wish him well, but have no sympathy for him in soaking the Wild for so many years.
  7. Totally agree. So, how do we get CL to see the TRUTH staring him in the face? Or, how do we get the sheep that always fill the Xcel to see the reality the Wild face? THAT is the problem. Watching the seals (in matching jerseys) clap relentlessly while 9, 11, and 20 were introduced made the bile rise in my throat. Not a savvy group - Wild fans.
  8. Exactly. You back into the playoffs so the owner can collect a few bucks, the sheep feel included in the enthusiasm of said playoffs, you miss out on premier talent, and you repeat the process over and over until your franchise stagnates. Sounds just like the Wild. I am all for a two year purge and tanking exercise. A fire sale is LONG overdue with respect to this team - a Tear Down, or liquidation - "All things must go, no reasonable offer refused." Smart GMs with guts (and a learned owner) would commit to doing so, and thereby breaking the cycle.
  9. This is great information. Given that you filtered this list with the likelihood that they SHOULD be available when the Wild pick at 9, and that you do not believe that the Wild will go D (and hopefully not G), what do you think the probability will be for each player being picked by the Wild (each assumed to be available)? Additionally, what would you expect from each of these players in terms of production once they are established (1-5 years down the road)?
  10. In case I missed it on Beckman. Does he have to stay for his whole Jr. season for a particular reason (his young age via the rules, or?)? Also, I guess I don't know why they would not want to challenge him further, unless the rules prohibit this. I would hate to see him plateau and get complacent, in having to repeat the same level again. I do understand that he would likely benefit from an additional year to develop a bit more of a body for the next levels - he seems pretty lean from what I have read and seen via his highlights...
  11. Good insight, LIG. There has been confusing information about Khovanov's deal in the KHL. I have heard it said by Russo and others that it is a 'one year deal.' I have also heard that the Wild could request him back 'mid-season.' Thus, why I asked the question about him - I knew that he had signed with KHL, but didn't feel it was clear what the terms were. Of course, he would have to really show something there to be requested back in mid or late season, but I thought I would ask if you had more information. No idea if the Lodnia situation is different, or not (e.g. full one year deal with no prospect for return until 2021/2022. As far as Beckman, he has enjoyed such an unexpected rise (at least for me), I had posed the question in the event that he somehow was invited to camp and really impressed. I was curious how the board thought that BG/DE might deal with him. Would it be different than in the past (forced to Iowa for 1+ seasons), if performance and his pretty impressive rise (coupled with the Wild's dearth of scoring/playmaking) would compel consideration of 10 games or more during the early or later part of the season? As for the rest, I tend to agree on whether it is Lundell versus the rest of the draft options. He has had a better preparatory path, he has some size, and he fills a pressing need. Not true with many of the others that we MAY have a chance to draft. Tuch has surprised with his extra gear (for me), as well as his ability to finish. I don't believe that he would have been presented with the same opportunity yet to thrive on the Wild (as he has with Vegas). This begs the question: When will the young players be allowed to progress unobstructed by the Wild if warranted? Is it going to take more years of milking the old vets to the end of their respective contracts? Kaprisov will not be a reasonable comparative, as I simply believe that they must give him Top 6 time to start, due to pedigree, fan/ticket expectations and enthusiasm, as well as the lack of viable alternatives. If other young prospects have to take the longer path through Iowa (wherein they may be blocked for a time by the most recent players including Kunin), I think it is VERY disappointing. We clearly have a speed and talent gap that I would like to see filled sooner than later. Just my $.02
  12. A couple of questions for the board. A. What are the chances that we see the following rookie players for 10 or more games next season? 1) Alex Khovanov? 2) Adam Beckman? 3) Calen Addison? 4) Wild's 1st Rounder this year? 5) Ivan Lodnia? 6) Hunter Jones? B. What are the chances of the Wild adding a Top 6 player via trade? C. What are the odds that Parise is on the team after the Trade Deadline next year? BTW: Watching Alex Tuch continue to develop in the playoffs is making my bowels loose......6 game tryout for us with our history of playing relics at the expense of Top Prospects is pathetic - it clearly has NOT worked for us for more than 10 years.
  13. The only consolation is that the draft is deep in numbers. We should get a very good player. Also, if we start a REAL rebuild, going with youth and de-emphasizing the country club, we should have a couple more years of top 10 picks. I have heard that the 2022 draft will be one of the best drafts in years with ‘several elite prospects’, as opposed to just one or two. Perhaps we can secure one of them as we re-build?
  14. Bettman highjacked the #1 overall pick for the benefit of the big market NY Rangers. I’m sticking with this assumption. Wild can’t have nice things IMHO.
  15. What do you think it would take? I am guessing one of our first rounders (likely for next year, as Pitt will not provide this year), one of Dumba or Brodin, and two of Greenway, Kunin, EEK, and maybe Donato (maybe one if it is our highest draft pick).

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