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  1. I loathe that $hitty drop back pass to enter the zone. So damn predictable. We dump and chase with no hope to get to the puck first (due to lack of speed and desire). I agree. Whatever attempt at a 'play book' they employ, ash can it. None of it works. They would be better off winging it at this point. This group of players is just NOT a viable NHL mix. Whomever is responsible for this tire fire (that hasn't already been let go or can be, since the owner is here to stay), needs to be shown the door before Monday. Every game is an abominaton to hockey at this point - in all facets. Purge is necessary. They need a full body cleanse, so that they can flush the excrement from the franchise and start over.
  2. Whom would you list as 'talented players to move somewhere?' You have to trade a valuable asset to get one. For me, I see; Dumba, Spurgeon, and Brodin have value (in decreasing order). Upfront, I am at a loss. Zucker, Greenway and Kunin, have some value, while Fiala and Donato are fading fast (and are not worth what they were traded for). Rask makes me laugh. NO ONE wants any part of the Parise, Suter, and Zucc deals, nor do they want whats left of Staal and probably HE77 no to Klyde. I am also quite certain that no calls come for our goaltending. This is the debacle that CL has created. What is the best return we can expect from this collection of stiffs and malcontents? My eyes/ears would be wide-open if I were BG.....but will CL allow him to completely purge this team?
  3. Oh, and please include Dubnyk in the 'asset' purge. I would rather see Stalock in net for the foreseeable future. There is nothing left to determine with DD; he is a mediocre goalie whom has 5 hole gaffes at the worst possible time. Trade him for a bag of pucks, or just diminish his ice-time. It no longer matters if the league knows we are in 'fire-sale' mode - just DO IT. The faster you start the yard sale, the faster we can begin a slow re-build. Hopefully, we will have a chance at a Top Two pick, can sign Kaprisov, and bring in a youth movement that will at least show hustle and progress, and are happy to be in the NHL. I might even consider dressing the Iowa Wild or an open tryout versus continuing to play these stiffs. At least Boudreau and Guerin will have attentive pupils, versus malcontent 'never were's' from which to change the course of the franchise. Fiala, Donato, and Greenway should spend a week in Iowa to re-ignite whatever fire they still have, which would also get them away from the toxicity of 11, 9, and 20 that is indisputably present.
  4. This 'team' is a 5 alarm dumpster fire. It is a toxic combination of egos, selfishness, backbiting, lack of leadership, lack of team play, bereft of grit, diminishing skills, happiness with financial security, no team speed, and lack of any drive to achieve. CL is TOTALLY responsible for this team 'culture', lack of drafting, asset, and cap management, bad hires in front office, and deception through marketing. He deserves to lose a great deal of money for many years to come. No long-range plan at all exists, and there is no semblance of a 'pay for current performance ' culture. Why would anyone want to come to the Wild, except to cash a last undeserved check before retirement? Where to start? Get rid of the cancers by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE. Either trade them for towels (Parise, Suter, Zucc, Koivu, Staal), put them in the press-box or on IR, and take their Cs, As, and TOI away - IMMEDIATELY. They are now sunk assets. And, do not FOR ANY REASON re-sign that sled of a Kaptain that has been nothing but a mediocre face-off man and pathetic leader since he was re-signed two contracts ago. Play the youngsters on Top Two lines exclusively, and be open to shuttling them to Iowa (and replace them with anyone with grit). NO ONE (fans) wants to see CL's Country Club on the ice (or buy a Warming House jersey of theirs) any longer. WAKE UP CL, before your franchise finalizes a decade long circle down the drain.
  5. Wonder if SUTS will move anyone out of the crease before XMASS? I have never seen a player at that level of pay coast like he does (3 cracks at players in front of the net, but only swung the purse). Yet, he STILL thinks he should lead the league in TOI???
  6. It is one of the worst. Looks like those 'womb brooms' from the 1920s wherein they guy also combs his hair with motor oil, and has the look of a pedo
  7. I hate Wes Walz. He is actually ripping on the Toronto team construction. Bitching about $ wasted on the defense?!? Versus what; the Wild? This guy is a boob and a shill. What an imbecilic comment.....Who wouldn't trade any player or group on the Wild for the same from Toronto?!? Jacka$$.
  8. How about the square no kids neighbors (silent Halloween/sugar protesters) that gave out pencils? It only took us two times to avoid that house, and we spent the next year grumbling about how they were an affront to Halloween.
  9. Fat, happy....AND lazy, entitled, self-important, comfortable, arrogant WITH quickly diminishing skills and NO SPEED
  10. I remain uninspired by this team. They do little to inspire me to do anything but change the channel.
  11. If Koivu continues to lead the forwards in TOI (and Parise and Suter are top at their positions), this team will not only NOT make the playoffs, but will be drafting in the Top 5. I wouldn't mind a high pick, but this is not a year that is as deep as some in the past. I would look for creative ways to package any 30 something VET out by mid next month. I would take draft picks, 3rd and 4th liners, anything to create some team flexibility. The arena will be empty by T-Giving anyways, unless they show some 'will to win and Team First,' which I have never seen from this 'core.'
  12. CL kept from the rebuild for this?!? There were multiple examples to confirm that this 'core' could not win (e.g. the first round humiliations over-and-over). Instead of doing what he could to get a few of his 'core' further upwards of their downward apex to waive NTC/NMC's for a trade to rebuild, he has now boxed himself in with a few more elderly additions, lost the middle 'core' (Granlund, Coyle, NN, maybe Haula, and was soon to be Tuch), and added some questionable young resources back (Donato, Fiala, and...Rask ) There is now no other choice but to tear down before trade deadline this year. The irony is that this (non) 'core' has even less value (and more baggage) than there would have been a few years ago, and rebuilding this team will be an even more daunting task for his new GM. A first step would be to start decreasing minutes and line rankings for the graybeards very soon. That way, at least you know which young guys should stay (or go) by providing them more opportunities (TOI, PP, PK). Also, get on a plane to Russia often this year and get Kaprisov signed in April - at least he MIGHT be a star at a forward position (God knows we have none now). Lastly, get Koivu the HE77 off the powerplay and in the top 3 TOI - he skates like my 75 year old father and is fu@#in worthless. Also, get rid of limp-wrister (20) and whiny ass (11) for any minimal return that you can BEFORE the deadline, as the vultures are circling above them (and will be also in the empty EXCEL by XMass).
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