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  1. Gusev, arguably the best player beside Kaprisov in the KHL, signed with the Knights. He was let out of his deal too. One year deal, so it IS possible, but not if the Wild 'drag a$$' to get over there and make a deal. I also would put ZERO concern into how many signed F's the Wild have. Trade or dump whomever you need to. We NEED a goal scorer that is young and we can build around, even if it takes him a few years and an adjustment to his level of play in the NHL. I see very few options for goal scorers among all 11 of the signed Wild F's. They just don't scream 'goal scorer' to me. Sign Kaprisov if there is any way to do so.
  2. This development would really bring some potential excitement back to what will likely be an otherwise DULL off season. I still have little faith in our ability to draft - I have not seen an addition of all new scouts, so expect more WTF choices this year. Even if Kaprisov (and less so Svetlakov) are not immediate gamebreakers in the NHL, I think everyone just wants to see some change of aggressiveness of Front Office (to IMPROVE the team). It would be a flight I would hope that they would schedule immediately upon learning there is an opening to negotiate. But, who knows with this management team. Just DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR ONCE, before apathy and ambivalence takes a firm hold. And, for f#$%sakes, keep the Country Club the he77 away from any of these newbies.
  3. There are so many issues rightfully identified above, but solutions come down to the following for me: 1) Per Illa, no matter what Wild do in terms of 'going younger,' or 'bringing in complementary players,' nothing will change if 9, 11, and 20 enjoy the same leadership influence, position preference, TOI, and Special Teams play 2) If you have laughing in the locker room at losses, lack of energy, lack of care regarding the playoffs, unexpected shutouts, continued lapses at home and against inferior teams, etc., who do you count on to keep team focused and executing - typically your captains. Since the Wild have missed expectations for 6 years or more, tell them "your time is now past as Core (9, 11, and 20)". 3) If you do not allow coaches to make 'coaching decisions,' and allow players to dictate TOI, partners, starts (in goal), Special Teams - you have sabotaged your chances. New agreement needs to be made in Mgmt - someone stated 'stay in your lanes,' would be a good Mgmt discussion upon EOY assessment. The solutions and execution to 1-3 are pretty simple. You bring in 9, 11, and 20 and advise them what 2019/2020 will be; a focus upon youth, and finding the 'next leaders' that may lead the Wild to a deep playoff run. As a result, new As and C will be chosen, and new lines, alignments, and TOI expectations will be instituted. So, "do you want to be part of the transition, or would you like to waive your NMC/NTC and go elsewhere?" You advise them that they are welcome as 'supporting players, but not Core players.' I think 12 would accept this edict much more than 9, 11, and 20, as he did so in coming to the Wild Thereafter, I would get rid of all the 'deadwood' by any means necessary (starting with all within Scouting - and sign the best). That also means Bitteto, Aberg, Rask (or booth expectations to start the season), Brown, Pateryn. I would not sign any FA over 24-25, and I would force my scouts to scout the NHL playoffs, and ANYWHERE they can find some 'diamonds' in the draft (Junior playoffs - no rest for scouting - and I would bonus them for performance). I would focus upon any trade that brings in a player that has character, then skill. Not the other way around. Culture needs to be changed. I would draft potential offensive players in Rounds 1-3 (where skill and readiness are obvious, not worrying about two-way game). I would NOT allow next season to begin without a Team Meeting in Training Camp concerning the new expectations, and I would bring in as many of the young players from Juniors or Iowa as I could, and provide them every opportunity to make the team (including my first and second round draft choices). I would do the same for the next two years to see what I have. I would also pull Greenway, Kunin, Donato and Fiala in with Dumba, Brodin, and Spurgeon and tell them that they are now the Core of the Team (not sure about Staal and Zucker). Just my $.02
  4. Such as; " At pick number, X, the MN Wild select D, Filip Johansson...." A collective "Who!?!" ensues.....
  5. Stalking dissenting opinions. Again. Go back to your bunker. You clearly supported participation trophies in your youth.
  6. Results and our own eyes sure support your baseless conclusions. (I side with Crease and Assist that the locker room is a mess). You will still be there caressing these two selfish players, as they continue to circle the drain. I don't question the effort of 11 this year (absolutely question the effort of 20), I ABSOLUTELY question the leadership of both. The proof is everywhere. I am fairly neutral on Staal - though I think it was clearly a weaker year for him. Who do you think Foligno was calling out a few weeks back. Clue - it wasnt the new guys, the young guys, or his linemates. That leaves very few options. Go ahead and continue to be a sheep.
  7. Which trolls would those be? The trolls that have placed $ and time into the team and watched them fail over and over, and have finally had enough of the status quo? BTW: I have played golf with a few of those people you mention. Though I am not saying any of 11 and 20 (or the father's before they passed) are bad people, we have a right to expect more at that level of pay and responsibility - it goes with the job and pay. Too bad if you don't like people's opinions. Who made you the decorum police?
  8. And hiding them among old, lazy, and selfish players that are not motivated by anything beyond cashing a paycheck and maintaining their power, position, and influence is a recipe for TOTAL failure at all levels.
  9. This is 100% spot-on analysis. No passing of the torch and including anyone in Leadership except those that cannot ‘lead with their play.’ These players; 20, 11, and 9 also have attitudes that have NO BUSINESS in leadership roles. We actually traded in mid range players (at least at F) that might consider as mid-range leadership. This team is f@&$ed up in a BIG way.
  10. Top Notch Crease! I will hang around once in a while in O-Season. Thanks for all your efforts!
  11. Wide open net from 4 feet and 20 nubs it...Indescribably bad. Stars G is smirking at his effort. Rask might be the worst player I have seen a team trade for in a decade. It is one thing to pick up a guy like that as a sketchy FA, but to trade for a guy this bad with no redeeming talent, drive, strength or speed, is just humiliatingly bad judgment by Fenton. I literally laugh at him on the ice. His last goal the other night (second goal since New Years), was this pathetic end-over-end shot that looked like a change-up to the goalie from about 8 feet and a bad angle and just ping-ponged off pads under the armpit to the embarrassment of the goalie. This trade was the TURD of the year for the ENTIRE NHL. Time to enjoy REAL teams in playoffs and hope for luck in the DRAFT (and no current scout making our selection)
  12. This is embarrassing. Stalock has played too well to lose 3-0. We have 9 shots over almost two whole periods. During the same time, Stars have at least 30. The Wild has MAJOR issues from what I have witnessed the past few games. We lack talent, but we also lack a whole bunch of 'grit', 'drive,' and 'pride.' I just don't know what to say about 20. He has waved at at least two players, as they went right by him to our goal. I might not even be surprised if he was done in 1-2 more years. He is just embarrassing himself.
  13. Suter needs to commit to SOMETHING. Radulov has all day for a breaking Seguin to get back post. Goal
  14. Fiala missed a wide-open Donato 10 foot pass right in front of the net and breaking alone. Granlund makes that pass 100 times out of 100. Outside of younger and ceiling, was this trade worth it? Would we have made this trade if Fiala wasn't an ex Pred?
  15. All of the above. Power Play line-up and strategy is just abysmal. I will refrain from any commentary upon the WI FarmHand
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