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  1. Faaaak.. that was a disappointing end to a fine hockey game. Good night all.
  2. I say give the man a chance: put him out for the entire OT and let him take the first shot in SO to see if he can redeem himself.
  3. Bingo. I've been ripping on Suter's laziness since the days of (name redacted) hockey boards, and people wondered what I had against him. Nice to see that people have wised up to him. All that talent and size, but zero work ethic. Makes me wonder how he managed to have kids without marrying pregnant women..
  4. The way the Wild PP has been going, even Bob Schnelker would be an upgrade for drawing up Xs and Os. I like what what Wild are doing so far in the 3rd.. throwing pucks at the net with no "defensive shell" stuff yet.
  5. Yep.. it's the proverbial square peg into round hole design. Brad Childress could draw up a better PP than ours. We're sure fun to watch at even strength, though.
  6. It looks like the Wild have solved their 2nd period blues. Would love to see them keep the foot on the gas pedal in the 3rd. Kick 'em when they're down, Wild!
  7. YAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! каприсов стреляет он забивает!! This is only a test post. Had this been a real post, Kaprisov would've scored at the 8:17 mark of the 2nd period.
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