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  1. But without their latest pearl of wisdom, we're liable to think that every team wants to be in a one goal game in the third period of a back to back..
  2. Good thing, too. Cookies have been wrecking my diet lately. I've gotta learn how to say "no" to Girl Scouts...
  3. Dang.. if I'd known earlier about the TV folks being at the Roseville Oval, I coulda put on the McMahon 6 jersey and done a skate-by for y'all. Let's see foot on the gas in the third: I don't wanna see us go into defensive shell mode.
  4. Yep. I thought we had another bust developing on our hands, but he's showing signs of being a keeper.
  5. That was a fun shift. I'm warming up to EEk's game; he's been a lot more active and visible the last several games.
  6. Yep, clean hit.. gotta let that go and save the payback for later. C'mon, Wild, let's keep Mega busy on that red light.
  7. Evening, gang. After a long week at work, another 16 shots and 2 goals would be a fine way to start the weekend. Go Wild!
  8. Agreed. Greenway looks like a real keeper in the making. And Seeler's nice poke check a couple minutes ago was followed up by some great hitting and cleaning out the riff-raff in front of the crease. As for being a paying customer, I've gotten to the point of "show me tweaks that work if ya want me to show ya the money." Nothing's gonna change if 18K sheeple keep standing in line to get fleeced.
  9. Spoken like a true hater. IMO, anyone not named Granlund, Spurgeon or Parise should be fair game for BB's doghouse. How or why Granny got there I have no clue.
  10. @Oregonwildfan Vodka might save the third period.. we could liven the game up with a drunk posting contest.

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