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  1. There is nothing strange about Lodnia's situation. They held training camp in Iowa and he didn't make the cut and was assigned to the Iowa Heartlanders in the ECHL, and now he's pouting. And I think it's a stretch to say Tim Army doesn't trust the Russian speaking players because he is not giving top line minutes to all the Russian players. That's a pretty bold assumption. I mean, is it even just slightly possible these players aren't as good as you think they are? Is it even just slightly possible that these players didn't impress during training camp? Could there be better player
  2. The Wild have had plenty of players play at a young age. Marian Gaborik (F)- Age 18 - 71g, 36pts Nick Schultz (D) - Age 18 - 52g, 10pts Pierre-Marc Bouchard (F) - Age 18 - 50g, 20pts Stephane Veilleux (F)- Age 21 - 38g, 5pts Brent Burns (D)- Age 18 - 36g, 11pts James Sheppard (F) - Age 19 - 78g, 19pts Colton Gillies (F)- Age 19 - 45g, 7pts Marco Scandella (D) - Age 20 - 20g, 2pts Jonas Brodin (D) - Age 18 - 45g, 11pts Matt Dumba (D) - Age 20 - 58g, 16pts (second year) Joel Eriksson-Ek (F) - Age 20 - 15g, 7pts Jordan Greenway (
  3. I think one thing to remember is Beckman is a left wing. There are two other left wings ahead of him on the depth chart named Fiala and Kaprizov. He’s not moving those two out of the way based on one good preseason. Which means if he was on the Wild roster he would be on the third or fourth line getting garbage minutes. I’d rather see Beckman getting big minutes in Iowa to see if he can continue to produce at a high level.
  4. It did. Last preseason game Boldy got tangled up with a Chicago player and had to be helped off the ice.
  5. Once contracts are signed in the NHL, you can’t renegotiate them. Even if it is amenable to both sides. For once I’d like to see this team built from the ground up. Make players earn their spot on the bench rather than handing them one because they’d were a #1 draft pick. Let players develop at their own pace rather than rushing them. Stop bringing in in high priced free agents that are getting paid for what they did. Stop with the NMC’s. The Wild aren’t going to get a #1 center through free agency. At least not one that won’t come with a high price tag and a NMC and probably well pa
  6. Hopefully his fiancée is vaccinated to protect herself and their child. If Tyler is going to be selfish and only going to think about himself, she should think about herself and her baby. I've often wondered if this pandemic is God's Ultimate Darwin Awards...
  7. Iowa. Last year was his last year of eligibility in the CHL.
  8. I always look forward to these article. I especially like the inclusion of DJ Ricky. I find the views outside the Wild fanbase informative. Sometimes they confirm what we've thought all along. Other times it shows we do look at things through rose-colored glasses. I wasn't surprised by the Parise buyout, because he just couldn't keep up anymore, and I think he wore out his welcome with the coaching staff. Suter I was more surprised at, because of the two Wonder Twins, I felt he kept up his end of the bargain. So the only reason I could see in cutting him loose was that the country club rumors
  9. From what I’ve heard, he’s not the greatest teacher. Where Matt Cullen would go out of his way to talk to younger players and give them tips and pointers, Koivu wouldn’t reach out to the younger players. If they went to him, he’d talk to them. But he wouldn’t go out of his way for them. Maybe they’ll make him a European scout. Or some kind of hockey ambassador or something.
  10. Forgot about how Zucker changed from a scorer to a passer. And the "Fly-bys look cheesy" comment from Parise. How full of yourself do you have to be to tell 22 other guys on the team they should only celebrate a goal the way you want it celebrated? In my opinion, I don't think the "Country Club" wrecked any prospects, per se, but I can see how the way they dictated their ice time, special teams situations, and line mates could have influenced the development, or lack thereof, of younger players, and thus "wrecked" them. Or the prospects just weren't that good to begin with. I do th
  11. I agree that the clubhouse started with the arrival of The Wonder Twins, but I don't know if Coyle, et al were wrecked by them. Coyle really only had one good year with the Wild (amazingly enough it was a contract year. Funny how that works). Aside from his one playoff explosion with the B's after the trade, he's been nothing special in Beantown. Granlund produced while he was here, and we did get Fiala for him. At the time it appeared the Wild got hoodwinked, but Fiala has out produced Granlund over the last two seasons. I will agree with you on Niedereitter. He was a productive player here a
  12. I wouldn't get too worked up over Benn. He's going to be the 6-7 guy on defense. And the reason the Wild signed so many defensemen because we lost a lot on defense. Suter-Buyout, Cole-Free Agency, Soucy-Seattle Expansion Draft. That's three out of six starters. So I can see why they signed Goligoski, Kulikov and Merrill. Trading Dumba is tough because he has a $6M cap hit and a M-NTC kicked in July 1. Plus his play since he signed his big deal hasn't justified the cap hit, just my opinion. Cole got away because the Wild were focused on trying to get Nick Foligno here as
  13. I don't have a problem with this signing. It's for the 6-7 defense spot. Every team needs role players. And I'd rather see a guy like Benn taking the honorary Nate Prosser Healthy Scratch spot in the line up than a prospect. They aren't going to develop sitting in the press box and playing 10 minutes every fifth game. Let the prospects show they are ready and then give them a spot in the line up. Seemed to work for the Detroit Red Wings for years...
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