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  1. @Gnarkill I agree 100% with your thinking. The big big problem with the Wild is they have an owner who is stomping around like Veruca Salt say “I want to win NOW!”
  2. Wild sign Eriksson-Ek Not that this is a big deal or anything, but...two-years, $2,975,000 million contract ($1,450,000 in 2019-20 and $1,525,000 in 2020-21)
  3. My favorite quote from Russo's article was: "This is why Guerin has said one of his first missions will be to talk in that locker room and do his best to convey to the players that it’s critical they all pull on the same rope, that they put the team in front of himself. " I can't wait to see how that plays out...
  4. I'm cautiously optimistic for Guerin...but the last time the Wild hired someone from the Pittsburgh organization it was Mike Yeo...
  5. Hopefully Leipold learned that a bromance isn’t the best way to decide on a GM...
  6. I don't know if I'd want 19 year olds in the NHL unless they were of the Connor McDavid skill set. Just average guys (Like Khovanov and Giroux) would get eaten alive.
  7. The biggest problems with the Wild were that they have no stand out young players that are contributing, the defense has skill, but no size, and they lack a Go-To player in the lineup... Maybe Donato, Fiala, and Greenway will change the young player thing. But the defense is still small. And there still is no Go-To player. Not even on the horizon...
  8. That’s because the team doesn’t know what it wants to be. Does it want to be a fast, skilled team, or does it want to be a big, hulking, grind it out team? There is no direction from the front office. Just get some big names... Craig Custance has a great article on how the Central Division currently stands up against the Blues. And I’ll give you one guess who was in last place out of the six teams...
  9. Khovanov is only 19. He can't qualify for Iowa until he turns 20 or has played 4 seasons in the CHL. It's the NHL or the OHL for him. Same deal with Giroux. He is only 19. He needs to be 20 or have played four seasons in the CHL to qualify for the AHL. This is what the Athletic said about him: "I like Giroux’s sense and compete a lot, but I don’t know if at 5-foot-10 he has the speed for the NHL."
  10. This is what they said about Khovanov... Tier: Legit NHL prospect Khovanov had a tough draft season in 2018-19 due to contracting Hepatitis but looked better this season. He didn’t have dominant point totals, but he was a big part of a dangerous power play unit in Moncton. He has excellent vision and patience. He looks to make plays, often making high-end ones, but showed a decent shot this season that I didn’t know he had in him. Talking to his coach last year about Khovanov’s iffy speed and pace, the coach argued it would improve once Khovannov got conditioned. Typically when I hear that I figure it’s a coach trying to defend his guy, but Khovanov did look a step quicker this season, even if his speed is still average, and he played more physical too.
  11. Well, that’s what you get when you make the playoffs. Middle to low first round draft picks. And you’ll get nice players there, but not game changers. And that is what the Wild is full of. Nice players. Until the owner acknowledges that the team needs a rebuild, the Wild will continue to spin their wheels. And eventually the reliance on Parise, Suter and Koivu is going to blow up in their face.
  12. Those were just the top ten prospects under 23 that The Athletic listed. Eleven through 23 were: 11. Louis Belpedio D (Good: Skating, hands, skill, compete. Bad: No projectable role. Doesn't do anything particularly great) 12. Brandon Duhaime RW (Good: Skating, hands, skill, compete Bad: Does everything well, just not great.) 13. Adam Beckman LW (Good: Scorer, skill, finisher Bad: skating, undersized (6'1", 168 lbs)) 14. Kaapo Kahkonen G (Had impressive first half of the season, faded in the second half. Needs to show more to move up) 15. Ivan Lodnia RW (Good: Skill, playmaking, scoring Bad: size, skating) 16. Connor Dewar C (Good: Skating, scoring, playmaking, compete Bad: speed, size) 17. Fedor Gordeev D (Good: size, skating, skill Bad: hockey sense) 18. Filip Johansson D (Good: skating, compete, hockey sense Bad: scoring) 19. Hunter Jones G (Good: athletic goalie Bad: loses focus, trouble tracking puck) 20. Simon Johansson D (Good: skill, playmaking, scoring Bad: skating, defense) 21. Marshall Warren D (Good: skating, compete Bad: size, inconsistent offense) 22. Dmitry Sokolov RW (Good: scoring, skill, shot Bad: defense, play away from the puck) 23. Matvei Guskov C (Good: playmaking, size, vision Bad: inconsistent) Honorable mentions: Brennan Mennell Luke Johnson Damien Giroux Nick Swaney Nikita Nesterenko Sturm wasn't included in the Top Ten List because he is 24. But he was reviewed as their #4 prospect (which is odd). Sturm is being projected as a 3C-4C. According to The Athletic, Hentges does everything well (speed, quickness, skill, set up, finish, compete, etc.), just not spectacularly. He was an integral part of the #1 ranked St. Cloud State team as a freshman. If he continues to develop, he is projected as a bottom six guy. And that's the knock with most of the Wild prospects. They project as good players, not great players. None of them project as players that will make a difference or that you can build a team around. And it's nice seeing someone who isn't involved with the team making these evaluations. I think Wild fans have a tendency to overvalue the prospects and players on the team.
  13. What’s really sad is that five of the top ten prospect are already on the team, and they still missed the Playoffs...
  14. Basically the Wild have a bunch of good prospects, but no one who is a difference maker...
  15. ...and coming in at #22 is the Minnesota Wild...Top Ten Prospects (23 and under) for the Wild are; Matthew Boldy, LW (18) Kevin Fiala, LW (23) Ryan Donato, C (23) Kirill Kaprizov, LW (22) Luke Kunin, C (21) Jordan Greenway, LW (22) Joel Eriksson Ek, C (22) Alexander Khovanov, C (19) Sam Hentges, RW (20) Mason Shaw, C (20)
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