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  1. Duhaime and Gaudreau are still on the team because they are doing their jobs as third-fourth liners. They aren't shiny, but they get the job done. Teams need role players just as much as they need scorers. As much as you hate Greenway, he's doing his job too. I get that he is incredibly frustrating to watch. But every year he's increased his point totals while playing less games. Pitlick got caught up in a numbers game. The only options the Wild had to send to Iowa without waivers were Boldy, Duhaime or Dewar. Boldy and Duhaime are doing their jobs, so they're not goi
  2. The Habs took him... Montreal Canadiens claim Rem Pitlick after Wild put him on waivers
  3. Gaudreau is a right shot and takes face offs. That’s why he’s still on the roster. Both Rask and Pitlick are left shot centers. Rask takes face offs, but Pitlick doesn’t. The Wild knew they’d get Rask through waivers because no GM in their right mind would pick up that $4M cap hit. If Pitlick gets claimed, no loss. Still kind of scratching my head why the Wild claimed Pitlick in the first place… And yeah, I think three years is a bit long for Merrill, but I’m guessing it is to get them some certainty through the next three seasons when they have $14M in dead
  4. Wild, Merrill agree to three year extension Three years at $1.2M/season...
  5. I swear the Wild's power play would still be ranked in the low 20's even if they had Gretzky, Crosby, and Ovechkin on it...
  6. I don't think that will happen. His cap hit is still $4M. Any GM that picks him up at a $4M cap hit for that production should be pantsed and thrown in the street... Even if the Wild pay part of his salary, he's getting paid $4M this season. Since the season is half over (roughly), he is owed $2M. If the Wild picked up half his salary, maybe he'd be worth $1M to some team, but then that team would still have the $4M cap hit for the rest of the season. Not sure what teams would be willing to absorb a $4M cap hit for half a season for a non-productive player that will be a UFA after
  7. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but they have a bunch of different years and charts and heat maps and such: NHL Injury Viz
  8. Why? This teams going nowhere for a while. IMO this team has been over performing all year.
  9. If I hear a comment on “-9” again I’m gonna puke. What did you idiots think it was going to be in January in Minnesota? 60F like is was in LA?
  10. First game I get to watch this year and they **** the bed…typical.
  11. I find it ironic that Bettman told Leipold In 2011 the only way the Wild would get a Winter Classic would be to get some superstars on the roster. And yet here we are, with the Wild having no superstars on the roster but hosting The Winter Classic.
  12. I'm surprised the train hasn't gone off the rails over the Wild trading Will Bitten for Nolan Stevens... Blues send Stevens to Wild for Bitten
  13. So if the Flyers can’t turn it around, do you think Yeo will be fired by Fletcher…again?
  14. Well, there was the Wonder Twins (Form of a Boat Anchor! Shape of a Sled!), Der Kapitan, Dubnyk, Staal, and a few other bums on the team they got rid of. But, yeah, you're more or less right.
  15. I work with Epi's and they are very concerned with Omicron. It is far more virulent than the Delta variant. There are news reports about Omicron having milder symptoms, but a majority of the people infected with Omicron have been younger healthier people. We don't have a good cross section of the population (young, old, men, women, etc.) infected with the virus to say "Don't worry about it." And the more we let this thing mutate, the greater risk we run of it turning into something that transmits like Omicron but kills like Delta (or worse). While overweight people are more at risk
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