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  1. Good article. But of your top five there, I think the only one the Wild realistically will address is #5. I think they’ll make Spurgeon the Captain. As far as the rest, #1 that’s been on them for years and the keep bringing in older and older free agents with longer and longer contracts. As far as #2, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first. #3 is also probably possible, but they’re going to have to move Dubnyk or buy him out. I don’t know about #4. It’s got to be awkward now that the alternate captain agreed to bail on the team last season. But I’d rather keep him here than let him go. Yes the Wild could use the cap space. But they would get hammered with the cap recapture penalty if he goes anywhere else and “retires”. At least if he suffers an injury here they can put him on LTIR. Or maybe the new CBA will allow a compliance buyout and they can use it on him. Hope springs eternal. Leipold chose to build around Koivu, Parise and Suter rather than the draft and the chickens have now come home to roost.
  2. Keep in mind Stalock was signed to a three year deal to make him eligible for the Seattle expansion draft. They can’t expose Dubnyk (Last year of contract and limited NTC) and I don’t believe Kahkonen is eligible.
  3. Well, at least the Wild are consistent. Stumble into the playoffs and then a first round exit. Nice to know some things haven’t changed in this topsy-turvy world...
  4. I just hope Kaprizov hasn’t been so hyped by the Wild FO and others that if he doesn’t look like Connor McDavid out of the gate people will call him a bust...
  5. Good article! I still remember all the goalie controversy threads on the old Wild boards about Fernandez and Roloson. Almost like a Miller Lite commercial: Manny! Rolli! Manny! Rolli! And Kuemper’s ability to give up five goals and then state “I felt I played pretty good!”
  6. Beckman had a great year. If the Wild don't sign him before the 2021 draft, he can re-enter the draft. If he continues to have another great year, he may take his chances on moving up in the draft, where he may command a bigger signing bonus, etc. Plus the Wild would lose a potentially decent prospect.
  7. I think the true numbers of COVID-19 are probably lower, because there has been such poor testing in some countries (USA I'm looking in your direction). I've read some reports where they think the mortality rate may be actually closer to 1% because some people may have had it and thought it was the flu and never got tested. But that's still a lot of people dying. That's the thing that's frustrating working in public health. People are scared, and we try to make reasonable recommendations about hand washing, social distancing, and self-isolation to calm them down. But then you get a "leader" who basically flaunts all of our recommendations because he's worried that he'll look "weak" or his Nielsen Ratings will go down.
  8. The mortality rate for 1918 H1N1 pandemic was approximately 1-3% worldwide. The mortality rate for 1968 H3N2 pandemic was approximately 0.03% worldwide. The mortality rate for 2009 H1N1 pandemic was approximately 0.001-0.003% worldwide. The mortality rate for 2002 SARS-CoV outbreak was approximately 9.5% worldwide (NOTE: 8089 people were diagnosed with SARS and 774 died from it) The mortality rate for the MERS-CoV virus since 2012 was approximately 34% worldwide (NOTE: 2519 people were diagnosed with MERS and 866 died from it, mainly limited to the Middle East.) Far fewer people appear to be infected by past coronavirus outbreaks (SARS and MERS), but the mortality rate is much higher than the influenza virus.
  9. So if Canada banned meetings of more than 100 people, would there still be a parade route?
  10. I’m kind of glad this happened for my Wild. Right now they are out of the Playoffs. Maybe that will finally send a message to Fan Boy #1 that building around Parise, Suter, and Koivu didn’t work...
  11. Not trying to be a smart ass, but I think Disney already made that decision for you...
  12. Personally, I think the US is about three months from this thing calming down. I'm using China as a gauge. Started in December (November really, but that's another story) and now in March China is reporting that new cases are declining. Things are just starting here, so I'm guessing that things are going to get worse before they get better here, probably around June or so...
  13. And that's that. Think they're going to play the last 11 games of the season or just draw a line in the standings right now when and if they resume play in a month or so?
  14. Pierre LeBrun reporting Bettman asked the Board of Governors to put the season on hold (not cancelled)...
  15. I’ve always maintained people are no more than two legged sheep. Or worse. Seriously. Keep my hipster beard but buy a case of N-95 masks? Buy four months of toilet paper even though this is a respiratory virus not Norovirus? My God. How did we discover fire...

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