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  1. I noticed a lot of online rankings had the Wild around #20, and they all mentioned Kaprizov as the main reason the Wild weren't ranked lower...
  2. I wouldn't get too excited over Bouramman. He was a seventh round draft pick.
  3. What the hell is it with the Wild and Swedish defenseman lately? They trying to corner the market?
  4. Kunin was called up after 36 games, where he totalled 13 points. During those same 36 games, Sam Anas had totalled 28 points.
  5. Good article. I think the key to Iowa's success is for the Minnesota Wild to leave the Iowa Wild alone. The Wild have had a bad habit of pulling players from Iowa up and down at a whim or "to give them a taste of the NHL". Partially this is a function of the parent's club poor cap management, but the "to give them a taste" nonsense? What do they think pre-season is for? For once it would be nice to see a player that dominated at the AHL level be given a call up, rather than give a guy a roster spot because he was a #1 draft pick...
  6. At least the Care Bear shoots gold hearts with his stare....
  7. If the Wild do not start letting the younger guys get more time on the PP, it's only going to remain the same: Koivu on the half wall, Suter on the point with his limp wrister and Parise getting pummeled in front of the net. The young guys aren't going to learn how to handle the PP if they're never allowed to be on it...
  8. Gaborik was one of those players who was dangerous whenever he was on the ice. Maybe not Sidney Crosby dangerous, but much better than any player the Wild currently have. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay healthy until after he left the Wild. I think Burns could have been a great player for the Wild (much better than Brodin) providing the Wild pick a position for him and let him there. They were constantly moving him from defense to forward and then back to defense. That had to be really hard for him to keep having to adjust back and forth like that, and it may be why he didn't really blossom until after he left the Wild. As far as Lemaire staying, I don't know about that. According to @CreaseAndAssist, in a book by Tom Lynn, it was insinuated that Lemaire was turning into a cranky old man. Even when the team was winning he wasn't happy. So I don't know if he would have stayed. Besides, Fletcher had just been named GM, and usually GM's like to bring in their own people. So it doesn't surprise me that Lemaire left the team.
  9. I’ll believe it when I see it. There are reports already that Jordan Greenway already has a roster spot...
  10. The bottom six was not the problem in the Playoffs. Anyone that thinks it was has a screw loose. It was the big guns: Koivu, Niederreitter, Zucker, and Coyle. All MIA. Parise was Ok before he broke his sternum (how in the hell do you do that?!?), and so was Granlund. But even those two only manage eleven shots in eight games, barely a shot a game. But when only 1/3 of your top lines shows up for the Playoffs, that's a recipe for disaster. Which is exactly what happened.
  11. It's me, KA. Took the name of my favorite Vandals song "Illa Zilla (Ladykiller)". When I was a kid we played pick up hockey on the East Side of St Paul and there was always that one kid that never came back and helped out. He always hung around the other end of the rink and kept screaming "Pass it to me! I'm open!" Yeah, no **** you're open, come back on defense and help out! I would love to see the Wild leave their rookies in Iowa getting big minutes and proving they can dominate before they hand them a roster spot rather than giving them a roster spot on the bottom six and teaching them how to make popcorn in the press box...
  12. No, I don't think you're howling at the moon. There are enough of us here that see what other successful Playoff teams are doing and then see what the Wild are doing. And the Wild aren't doing what those teams are doing. I'm still convinced that the Wild are constructed like a Moneyball team: competitive over a long season, but not for a short series against top teams.
  13. Part of the equation is that the NHLPA publishes what each player makes. So players can look at their contemporaries and say to the Wild "Those guys put up similar points to me and got paid $X for Y years, and I have similar numbers, so I should get the similar compensation." So teams have to justify why they are only giving Player A a three year deal when Player B, who put up similar stats, got a five year deal. Usually the only way that works is if the $ increase or the team adds a NTC or some other bonus or perk. $15M for three years ($5M per year) or $15 for five years ($3M per year). Seems simple. Same amount of $, one way it's concentrated, the other it's spread out. But now the Cap comes into play. All of a sudden you don't have room for that $5M salary because you overspent on a UFA three years ago. You really want to sign the current player, but the only way you can do it is to decrease his yearly compensation. So you add years to the contract so the player is getting the same amount of $, just over a longer period of time. Players like that, because they are getting their desired compensation, and they are getting the added bonus of stability. The Wild certainly can certainly try to negotiate shorter contracts. That doesn't mean the players are going to accept it. You potentially could end up insulting a player and have him leave for nothing. I think the Wild's Playoff woes go beyond any individual player. It's a team philosophy of not wanting to get physical, to skate around the perimeter and take shots from the outside rather than crash the net and get those garbage goals. Until that mentality changes, this team is going to continue to spin it's wheels. They'll have a good regular season, get into the Playoffs, and flame out.

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