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  1. They'll probably be tired from all the energy they exerted in that loss to the Panthers, so I'm guessing they come out flat. And they've wrecked any chance at a top pick by winning as much as they have. Typical Wild. Not good enough to do anything in the Playoffs, and not bad enough to get a decent draft pick (sitting at #7 right now)... The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...
  2. I was secretly hoping the the NHL and NBC would allow Winnipeg, but of course money talks...
  3. Hockey Wilderness did something similar to this... [Hidden Content] Not sure if I agree with a majority of the players getting "B's"...to me if they were "B" players the team shouldn't be dead last in the Central...
  4. I’ve prattled on enough here. Someone else take over talking to themselves...
  5. At least the Wild don’t have anyone like Jack Edwards or Brian Hackett. Those two are the WORST. But yeah, for supposedly being The State of Hockey, they kind of chintzed out on the announcers...
  6. Walz: “ You just have to finish when you get your opportunities” Thank you Captain Obvious...
  7. I’m tired of hearing about all these Grade A chances the Wild have...put it in the frickin’ net! This isn’t horseshoes...

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