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  1. I’m still not against the Talbot signing. Three years for $3.6M isn’t terrible, but more importantly, no NTC/NMC. I’m guessing that’s why he got three years. He gave up the NTC/NMC for an extra year. This team is long overdue for a rebuild but just kept limping along hoping Koivu, Parise and Suter we’re going to lead them to the promised land. The only place that trio led the team was into a desert filled with “wait ‘til next year!” mirages...
  2. Sure! I’ve been itching to do something other than all this COVID-19 response stuff...
  3. Whether FanBoy #1 wants to admit it or not, his team needs a rebuild. Not a tweak, not a twerk, a rebuild. He rolled the dice with the Holy Trinity of Parise, Koivu and Suter and came up snake-eyes. The team needs to do something different. This building around veterans hasn't worked, unless their only goal was to make the Playoffs. If so, then Mission: Accomplished. But if the goal was to be a Cup contender or even a Cup winner, then it's time to abort mission...
  4. I'm being facetious. I find it humorous the people that eschew the tank because "the draft is a crap shoot and there is no guarantee the player you pick will turn out" don't have a problem with "Just get into the Playoffs, anything can happen!". Even though there is no guarantee the team you support will win a single game.
  5. But...but...all you need to do is get into the Playoffs! Isn’t that what everyone says? It’s better to get into the Playoffs than tank, because the Playoffs is a whole new season and anyone can win it, but there’s no guarantee that tanking will get you a great player...
  6. Beckman is 19, so the way I read it, either he plays in Spokane or St. Paul. I do not think the Wild can send him to Iowa. I believe he has to be 20 before the Wild can send him to Iowa based on what I’m reading about the current CHL-NHL agreement.
  7. Love the article. Hate the Wild scouting. Once again, I think they’ll go with the “safe pick”. I kind of chuckle at their slogan of “Good isn’t good enough.” But yet that is all they strive for. Good players. Mikko Koivu is/was a good player. But not someone you can build a team around. Zach Parise is a good player. But again, not someone you build a team around. But that is exactly what they chose to do. Build around good players, not great players. Five year plan, here we go again...
  8. Not sure where the 163 goals came from, I've got 263 (which is still terrible), but the scary thing is two players accounted for 200 of those goals. #12 Boldy - 0 #15 Kunin - 23 #20 Eriksson-Ek - 24 #18 Tuch - 0 #9 Granlund - 93 #16 Gillies - 3 #9 Sheppard - 11 #4 Pouliot - 9 #8 Bouchard - 110
  9. Lack of success in Iowa may be part of the problem, but the biggest problem in my opinion is the Wild's drafting. They continually pick in those 10-20 slots. You may get a good player in those slots, but not someone you can build a team around. They have no "Go To" player on the roster. The Wild chose to build around Parise, Suter, and Koivu rather than through the draft. And we've seen over the past several seasons the results of this strategy. They have a good team, one that can get into the Playoffs, but then implodes in the first round.
  10. Doesn’t matter if the Wild has gotten the #1 pick. If the Wild had a choice between Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, and Joe Shlabotnik, they would have picked Joe Shlabotnik...
  11. I don't think Mason would have done that. They went with Stalock because he performed well enough this season. He established himself as the starter and it would have been an insult to him to give the playoffs to a rookie, no matter how good he is. Besides, the Wild weren't going anywhere. Why risk affecting Kahkonen's confidence with that group playing in front of him. Let Kahkonen duke it out with Stalock at the start of the next season (whenever that is...)
  12. Good article. But of your top five there, I think the only one the Wild realistically will address is #5. I think they’ll make Spurgeon the Captain. As far as the rest, #1 that’s been on them for years and the keep bringing in older and older free agents with longer and longer contracts. As far as #2, you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first. #3 is also probably possible, but they’re going to have to move Dubnyk or buy him out. I don’t know about #4. It’s got to be awkward now that the alternate captain agreed to bail on the team last season. But I’d rather k
  13. Keep in mind Stalock was signed to a three year deal to make him eligible for the Seattle expansion draft. They can’t expose Dubnyk (Last year of contract and limited NTC) and I don’t believe Kahkonen is eligible.
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