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  1. Close one good game I thought for sure Bjugstad,s pass to Strum for the empty netter was going to bite us in the ass.
  2. Defense sure looked bad against the Hawks as far as offence they couldnt get the zone out of our end and when they did seemed like it was right back in. Only one game and it was preseason. Didnt get to watch the game so its hard to say how soft the goals Kahkonen let in.
  3. Hopefully they will get it together a lot of new players better start to gel.
  4. Preseason or not they looked bad the Hawks shut them down. That was just about the open night roster.
  5. Going to be a long year out played badly last night in the second and third periods.
  6. Foligno but Dumba Ek I agree would have been a better choice.
  7. That no trade deal is a win for him puts him in complete control BG screwed the pooch big time. I dont believe how stupid that was.
  8. Now hes got a lot to live up too 45mil should be fun to watch.
  9. Getting old what the hell is his agent thinking if its 5 years 9 mil per year how many games in the NHL. Starting to think trade him.
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