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  1. Tarasenko pass. 5 or 6 year deal like crease and assist brought up would be fine any thing shorter term nope. there's always mother Russia.
  2. Love to see the wild play hard ball with him but I doubt it would happen.
  3. Never expected this I thought Zack for sure but not both like BB said there goes the country club. .
  4. https://www.twincities.com/2021/07/02/wild-sign-joel-eriksson-ek-to-eight-year-42-million-contract/ too much?
  5. That was pathetic they're done you could see in the middle of the second and in the third. They threw in the towel nothing left one an done again every last one of them quit. Vegas showed them how a good team does it. I dont mind losing but to give up is ****** sad. I dont want to hear about some geriatric goalie tmf's
  6. Boldy has a hell of a shot PP goal
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