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  1. ^^ For whatever reason - I've never had much faith in him as a goaltender...
  2. Would you have ranked them about the same without Kirill...?
  3. Zero fan of Dallas - but will be interesting to see how Suter fits in there and how he does... Suppose with the heat now turned up on Dumba for getting the A and plugging some holes on D - makes me wonder if his blunders will have more light on them and if he feels he needs to play more aggressive to stand out... I think Ekk will turn out to be a stud - and hopefully goaltending can be solid...
  4. Wonder what Guerin would think of him picking up a superstar and everyone putting the team in the middle of the pack still...?
  5. I dunno... With all the crap he did - and then to see the video above of him smiling - just something makes me now view him as a complete pain in the a$$. I'd rather have three Fiala's than one Kirill (assuming Fiala would have signed for lower $ for longer term)... Essentially next year is the year to do it then - because after that things get very dicey with the dead money for #9 & #20... And I think if we thought the past several years were a clusterfvck with Kirill - I have a feeling we've seen nothing yet when we have to start dealing with him in years 3 thru 5 of his co
  6. ^^ I'm sure some marketing agency got paid a million bucks to come up with that design...
  7. “The player is doing what he feels is right,” Guerin said via NHL.com. “You need to respect that, and I do. I respect Kirill and I don’t think he’s doing anything abnormal right now. It’s just a matter of, ‘When do we get the deal done?'” “I held out twice, and neither time did it work out well for me,” he said. “We’ve had players who have missed training camp, and they start slow. They’re behind. I know from experience it’s not good.” https://www.yahoo.com/sports/kirill-kaprizov-extension-talks-quiet-141910570.html
  8. Almost positive I saw a post that said they modified it due to fans not like it - and removed the white stripes...
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