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  1. Ha... The advent of his unorthodox approach began after Jacques Lemaire, once head coach of the Wild, mentioned to Rolston during a practice he had a dream the night before that Rolston used a slapshot in a shootout and scored. The very next day, in a game against the Vancouver Canucks, Rolston scored on a penalty shot, beating goaltender Roberto Luongo with a slapshot. After this, Rolston began to use the slapshot regularly in these situations.
  2. Interesting that the Wild want him so bad - but are only offering him a 2 year deal... I'm sure there's a lot going on behind the scenes - but I would think any NHL team would be willing to gamble with him and do something more than a 2 year entry contract - which with this cover mess - and if they restart - would exhaust 1yr of that contract right out of the gates...
  3. Mods: what happened to the Dumba thread I started the other day about his support of BLM and that he thinks systemic racism is why there are few african americans in the NHL... (???)
  4. Good write up... Do you know what he's doing now days...?
  5. Sorry Crease to hijack this thread - but... I actually like what you both said above - but I think what's bugging me is the whole "perspective" thing - or maybe our "proportional response". I think this virus is scary as sh!t - so don't misinterpret me - and this isn't political - I just get that strange feeling that we're not being told everything. Here's why: "On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared Swine Flu a national emergency in the United States (roughly 6 months after the first cases). On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million American had been inflected and around 4,000 Americans have died." Zero sports shut down - zero businesses... We currently have the national guard being activated in several states - and there are currently 9 states where all bars and restaurants are closed - take out only. I currently have a buddy that works for a large hospitality business down here in Austin laying off 48 people today... On a good news side - if there is any - a large conference one of my firms was supposed to be at end of March in vegas - cancelled - and today just emailed everyone their rescheduled date in Vegas for early August. So, lets hope some of these other massive conferences start inking reschedule dates - and start changing the mindset out there...
  6. On a lighter note - I did hear this yesterday: Day 5 without hockey. Found a lady sitting on my couch. Apparently she's my wife. She seems nice.
  7. Right now we are imploding our economy over this (H1N1 infected 60mm ppl in the US, 30mm got medical attention, 18k+ ultimately died). Zero restaurants, hotels, sports, flights were shut down because of it. Think about that for a second - most of you probably don't even remember it - that's how big of a non-deal it was only 10 years ago... What is happening right this second - even echo'd by posts above - is going to shut your country down, and ours. Restaurants are now closing nation wide - only delivery. Everything is coming to a standstill - while all those people have to pay rent, etc. Got 4 texts last night - guys in the restaurant biz, 4 from Mn and 1 from Nv - all let go... Economies don't just refire should this be over on day 15. There is massive damage being done right this second - which could very well implode both countries whether you got sick for a few days or not...
  8. Ummm, the average age of the Covid-19 dead in Italy is 81. I'll let that sink in for a minute. These might also interest you: Italian Deaths due to regular common flu Flu 2014-15: 7,027 (585 per month) Flu 2015-16: 20,259 (1,688 per month) Flu 2016-17: 15,801 (1,316 per month) Flu 2017-18: 24,981 (2,081 per month) [Hidden Content] Italian Deaths due to CV19 CV19 (6 months) 1800 (300 per month) [Hidden Content]
  9. Well, you can get to Vegas from Austin for about $80 round trip - and since the MGM properties are shutting down for 2 weeks - there are a ton of hotels there for like $20/night... This is having a MASSIVE impact on all industries - and I get it somewhat - but there are like 60 deaths - where 80% of the first batch came from the same assisted living facility in Seattle. Back in 2009, the H1N1 virus killed 18,000+ people, no national emergency was declared until the 6th month and about 1,000 deaths - every sport and business remained unfazed throughout the whole thing. Yet here we are - crazy... I think people have too much information - interesting that none of them say you have a 99% chance of being fine 3 days later even if you get it... Yesterday the NHL channel has been running some history of hockey segments - some have been very interesting...
  10. I thought there were some positives and negatives - but was fun to watch them. After a while I was like "where's #9" - so that's a good thing. Was also nice seeing non-vets on the PP. Among several things - I think they struggle at keeping their composure and their positions - many times it was like a chinese fire drill in their own zone. While some on here say the Wild could have taken that - I'd also like to mention that I would not have been shocked to have the Caps up by 6 when I turned it on... Lets see if they can get some much needed points on the home stretch... Also notcied Darby was still on the bench - for some reason I thought he got removed with the rest a year or so ago...
  11. Tough ride this year if you're a Detroit fan - and they have so much speed in talent...
  12. Interesting seeing none of the veterans score in this game - wonder if they see the writing on the wall as well regarding their reputations...
  13. A lot of these people on Yahoo News seem to know a thing or two about the Wild - was kind of surprised there were that many comments on the article: [Hidden Content] "The cleveland browns could use BB."
  14. My bet is BG resigns Mikko for one year - in his view - to keep fans calm - although #9 is one of the people fans are screaming about... Regarding the other two - maybe the rules will be renegotiated after next year with the CBA - no doubt they don't want to implode several teams who face massive challenges regarding their payouts and caps... Remove coaching from the discussion entirely - there is something far more impactful to this team - and that's two people's contracts. And you can also see how those two set in motion the environment to appease them at any cost - because we're screwed if we do - and screwed if we don't. So, the ultimate would be to keep them producing to get value out of them - even though we're getting bent over with their contracts... Maybe the Wild would do better without a head coach - maybe they should try that on for size...

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