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  1. Would be kind of funny, and telling, if Mikko picked up a one year deal with a different team next year - and went on to have his most productive season there...
  2. Although I pretty gave up on the Wild about 2 years ago - I still have a puck in my office signed by the Derek... RIP...
  3. I don't think BB will bench any of the veterans simply because if he does - and all the other veterans don't get inspired - then that's it... I think in their minds benching the veterans is the final admission that they have a massive problem - and they don't want that kind of focus on them as a team. That also makes the team look horrible to prospects or existing player trade value - and a fan wanting to see a game - where their favorite player is benched... My bet is they're petrified to sit a veteran because the optics it might have - and then what do you do with that NMC veteran when sitting a game doesn't inspire him - and he plays worse the next game..? Not exactly sure what it is about these specific players and motivating them - but it seems like a constant challenge...
  4. Hmmm, I kind of liked what you used to do... Although I sucked at it...
  5. Good game against the Kings... Will be interesting once Nate can return - which from the sounds of it - is going to be very soon...
  6. Just a little tweak is needed... As mentioned over the past decade or more by Rott: It's In The Water Fire BB - fire any one person or trade any player - it's not going to change the overall determination of this team... They're mentally weak - and we've all known this for a very long time...
  7. Will be interesting to see if some of these veterans actually step up... I think I know the answer to that - but it's always fun to hope...
  8. Cody must be ecstatic - good for him...
  9. Just some minor tweaking... My bet is this was all about the $... A dramatic drop in season ticket renewals and merchandise - that'd be my guess...
  10. Not sure how many more years BB has on his contract - but imagine the Wild having to bring back some no name coach to save some cash and cut his teeth on coaching his first NHL team...? Now that would get some fans riled up as well... Actually, my bet is the average fan doesn't much give a crap like people on here - the average fan probably just needs a reason to scream and yell Dooooobs a few times and they're good... If that's the case - my bet is they'll keep filling the seats and selling beer... I imagine they'll hoist #9 to the rafters later next year and maybe get Mikko in a coaching position - so there's that to look forward to I guess... : ) Can't help but wonder how happy Charlie is tonight - to be out of all that - and now playing a game 7 for the cup... I personally would have traded him long ago - but, it's kinda funny know Sutter and Parise will be watching him as they kick up their golfing shoes at the local clubhouse and wonder about their decisions...
  11. I think Zucker will be gone at the NHL draft on June 21st... I really hope LVK picks him up - but not sure there's enough $...
  12. Ugh - obviously some concerns on how great players seem to go to the Wild and start their retirement - but curious what they're going to give up to get this "asset"... "Jim Rutherford has said publicly he's willing to shake up his roster" - hmmm, so did it move to some minor tweaks to shaking things up...? Wonder how much his gopher status plays a role in all of this... [Hidden Content]

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