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  1. ^^ Too bad we didn't have that 8-year max contract when Parise and Suter were negotiating...
  2. Agree - it's weird actually... His rookie season - blows the doors off the votes - nope, he's fishing - c'mon man... He knew well in advance the date of this - and that he was a serious contender... I don't buy it boys and girls...
  3. I dunno - just something a little strange with everything I read about him - not sure what it is - but to be on a fishing trip while the award is announced, etc - maybe his agent is super smart and knows the right moves to get him mega money - but for a guy who loves to play in MN, etc - there sure seems to always be a twist with him. Cut from an article: Though a brief interview with Kaprizov played during the NHL Awards Show on Tuesday night, he was not made available for comment, as he's currently on a fishing trip in Siberia without Internet access. According to the Wild
  4. How long is this clause by MN with Krill regarding MN being the only NHL team he can sign with (the article didn't say). Can he sign with the KHL for a year - and then reenter the NHL without ties to MN...? (just curious what kind of leverage MN has here) Lynx - maybe you can sum it up short if you know - but how did this whole thing happen and how can he be restricted to just MN...? Obviously a star over there - somehow the MN recruiters got to him - took years to hook him - numerous delays for numerous reasons... Guess what I'm curious about - if I'm a super star in the KHL - w
  5. I think there might be a bumpy road ahead - it's great to throw our common sense and reasonable assumptions - which you'd think make sense - but someone like him and his opportunities - I have a feeling it is not going to depend on many of the things mentioned. It took MN how long to get him here...? Hope all goes well - but have a feeling something is going to come out of left field that nobody with understand or be able to rationalize...
  6. ^^ How would you not be able to keep him here - he cannot go anywhere else and has no arbitration rights...
  7. Read this in an article today: "He's only allowed to negotiate and sign with the Wild, is ineligible for an offer sheet from another team and doesn't have arbitration rights. The longest the Wild could sign him for is for eight years." Has no arbitration rights...? Interesting...
  8. Looks like the Wild will finally have some interesting years ahead - awesome. Even Mikko has to be impressed... And I think Parise is getting a dose of reality - those three had their shot for years... Now look at what's happening when part of the tumor is cut out...
  9. "I haven't been told otherwise" - thought that was a bit strange for him to say that part...
  10. ^^ My bet is it is likely to get pretty messy too - since I'm guessing him and his agent think he's going to be much more valuable than what is offered - so will have to arbitrate and find another couple people to justify what they're gonna want for comparables - and suppose they'll also use 11 and 20 to bookend their deal pointing to their contract lengths... Of course all this will happen with Russian translators making it even murkier... When do they have to have something done...? Also, imagine how many other teams are licking their chops and have the money to do
  11. So, what's the deal with Kap and his contract - is it up after this year...? Guessing he's a RFA - but what does that mean - that MN has to throw crazy money at him or he has other options...? I know he blew a season last year - and now played this year for minimal - but curious what will probably play out after this season when his 2 years is up... (??) (boy, and to think Kap would be a fraction of Zach's yearly payout - ugh)
  12. Flipped over the other day and saw Nino make an awesome goal... Hadn't thought of him in a long time... Same with Zucker... First thought was "what the hell is Yeo doing now days." Anyways, good luck tonight guys - not looking forward to such a late game, but... My gut tells me MN - but then can they win 3 straight - who knows... Just not looking forward to watching the Avs go bonkers on either team - hopefully them sitting and waiting a while messes them up...
  13. I'll keep a closer eye out tonight - but little has jumped out at me so far. I recall many years ago when we'd meet the Avs in post season year after year and remember they'd all but rape our guys and get nothing. Was incredibly frustrating - but that's not what I've seen so far... Ps - and Ek - that guy has sure come alive... Guy is in beast mode most shifts - fun to watch him...
  14. Ugh - 9:30pm start... Cancel those meetings tomorrow morning... And Derek - not so sure I agree on the "refs are out to get us" point - I think it's just been bad luck regarding Ek's goals being disallowed, etc (I didn't think last one was interference - I thought he had a skate in the crease)... Regarding the penalties overall - Vegas in Game #4 - gets a penalty in the first couple minutes - Dumba comes up and punches him in the face right in front of the ref after the ref raised his arm - only Vegas went to the box. Or, one of the last games of the regular season - Vegas' #1 s
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