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  1. Who the hell cares that he got drunk? He didn't hit a kid, or his wife, its not drugs and he was out with an illness anyway. I could care less about a 4th liner in the last game of the season tying one on.
  2. We need to sign a real back up goalie.
  3. This pace did not happen, damn Wild!!!
  4. Huh? Granlund is one of the most overrated players the Wild have had. You can see that Fiala could develop into a special player, Granlund is maxed out as a passing guy that has to be forced to shoot.
  5. Who will win the Russo Cup?! The Wild need this win for sure.
  6. Granlund us overrated in Minnesota by a lot. Fiala was a top 10 talent that needed a place to play, you can see his playmaking ability. Granlund was proven to leave goals on the ice to try and make a pass. Coyle flashed but man Donato looks fast and dynamic. Nino was my favorite player but I thought he was hurt this year, he didnt go into the corners and couldn't score if Rask wasn't hurt we could see more of what he had. If Fiala turns into a stud are you going to look back and say damn I'm glad Fenton didn't hold out for that 3rd round pick.
  7. The trades are working and the team is supposed to be built around the future. Hunt has been a nice find, Aberg I think feels like a miss, Rask who the hell knows, Fiala looks awesome and Donato is a shooter. Nino would NEVER break the top 6, Parise and Zucker have that on lock in MN for better or worse. Granny didn't shoot and we need shooters, Kloos is what he is an AHLer. We gained room for 2020 and beyond.
  8. Nobody can say the team did not look the fastest it has in years against the Peggers.
  9. I like the trade. Granny has always been overvalued here and this year the lack of shooting killed this team. We were not going to win the cup this or next year, more than likely, and his $8 mil number is incredibly high for what he produces here. We got younger again and broke up most of the youngs that did not pan put to star status. I would have liked a prospect but if Fiala turns out to earn a similar $8mil number this is a big win for the Wild. Through these deals the team got younger and less expensive. These guys earn some contracts we have a solid core when we get the Russian Reinforcement.
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