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  1. They brought in Jost to take Fiala's spot with Boldy and Fiala. Talbot is going to be gone because how do you go back to him after not trusting him with the playoffs? I would like to keep DeLo and Middleton as well.
  2. Score first and we win, dont score first and then we need to win two in a row for Mike Yeo
  3. Jost had an awesome game, he kept showing up. The GREEF line was amazing. Wait until Fiala and Boldy get going. DeLo was awesome telling Schenn, keep it up and Ill end you and Schenn's balls shrinking when he tells him he doesn't fight
  4. Flower with the start, look for huge rebounds and easy goals in open nets when he overcommits.
  5. 5-2 Wild, Spurgeon gets run and is out in the 1st.
  6. I like that he addressed all the weaknesses on the team without spending a 1st rounder or gutting the prospect pool. 1. Goalie, Flower could be the reason we advance past the first round 2. Dlo taking care of business so the GREEF Line can stay on the ice 3. Mattson so MAYBE we can clear the trash out in front of the net. 4. Jost could make a push to center the Fiala Boldy Line if not he gives skill to the hotdish line The team is better after giving up a prospect that wasn't going to stay here, a Center that refused a longer term deal and a Goalie that
  7. So why did they take Rask?
  8. Sturm turned down a longer term, team friendly deal. He was gone so might as well take a chance.
  9. You trade Dumba in the offseason to get the most back. Dumba needs to be gone he is not worth Tuch, Huala and Fiala. I think Goligoski looks hurt or old I can decide which. Sturm is gone so sell when we can. If we can sell Talbot do that too.
  10. Damn KK is playing great, maybe he was dinged up and got better.
  11. $9 mil baby actually showed up! I am a little amazed, he looked engaged and actually trying.
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