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  1. Love the tear down, this off season will be the best ever if we can get rid of Suter, Parise and Zucc but if Bill Guerin can do that he will be the best GM ever.
  2. Anas is an AHL player and that is what he will be.
  3. If he plays like Jane this is a waste of money.
  4. He will be the top goalie in the NHL next year with our Defense
  5. As long as Suter and Zucc are gone I will be happy.
  6. Had no spot in MN unfortunately, would really have liked to see him packaged with Doobs.
  7. Better than Slow ass Staal and Koivu. I bet we get Ehlers for Dumba.
  8. Love the move. Next ship Social Justice Dumba out for a real 1C. Trade Parise for a person with an expiring contract and if he can get rid of Suter too, damn he might just go into the Hall of Fame :)
  9. The future Wild stars turned out to be overrated. Zucker is going to be good and he was good here but he is not a number one option so he will be great being third or 5th in the Pens. Nino is and will always be streaky. Granny, is he still in the NHL? Coyle solid third line center that costs more than Ek. Next we will have to trade away Dumba to get rid of Doobs. Brodin for a Center, sounds like for Vincent Trocheck and a piece. Hopefully we can get Staal and Koivu to waive no movement clauses to get some more pieces. Looks like Galchenyuk, when he is playing fast, is a good player. I have no idea if it is motivation or what but he seems big enough to play and can shoot, would love him on a cheap deal. Kaprisov, hopefully, is coming over That is a hell of a top line if we have Fiala, Kap and Trocheck. Second line with Zuccarelo, Kunin and Donato. Third Line with Greenway, Ek, Foligno. Fourth Line use as a scoring line because the third line can do both check and score. Add in an NHL goalie that can actually make a real save and steal a game and we do not look too bad.
  10. When I worked for the Wild CL had nothing to do with the players just the business side.
  11. If we can get Galchenyuk for cheap why the hell wouldn't we try it? I would love the see Dumba, Brodin and Dooby gone at the deadline, for some nice prospects. Koivu and Staal gone for pics. This team could do well next year with a real #1 goalie, no idea where to find one of those even though we used to have them in the pipeline at all times!
  12. Love the trade, under performing top 6 forward that has really regressed from his contract year. We got a top defensive prospect that can help us move Dumba or Brodin for a legit #1 C or goalie. We have an enigma winger that could blossom or turn into a 5th or higher if he takes off here ala Nino 20 game streaks. We got a #1 pick. Most of all we HAD to move Zucker to make room for Kaprisov, because Parise and Zuccarello are going nowhere.

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