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  1. We have 3 years of salary cap hell coming that we need these young guys to play well on cheap contracts, that is why Boldy and Beckman didnt get on the final roster, do you really want to burn a year on them and then watch them walk away? Fiala is on the third line.
  2. Its preseason so grain of salt. I absolutely love this team this year. 1st line is really good: Kap - EEK- Zucc: You have two highly skilled players and a straight line Center that can play both ways and drive the net. Fiala - Gaud - Duhaime/Pitlick: Yeah I know he is slotted for the 4th line but Pitlick or Duhaime will be on this line before the year is out. This is the one that needs to really play well for the Wild to excel this year. Fiala is freaking awesome and I can't wait to see his first 40 goal season Greenway - Hartman - Foligno: These guys
  3. The reason is they do not want to bring all the kids up right now because of contracts down the road would be my guess.
  4. I could see Dumba gone too if they want to keep Fiala.
  5. Greenway is gone this year. Rask is gone after this year. Rossi will be in the AHL this year so they dont have 4 contracts up in three years for the future of the team. Just a guess.
  6. Wild win the division this year. Write that down.
  7. I will never be a fan of KK. I'm done with him. Fiala gets screwed with and KK holds the franchise hostage and Wild Fans want to blow KK for it.
  8. Seems about right for this team. Our defense is looking nice and I like the sandpaper on the third pair. Cannot wait until we find out what is wrong with Nino.
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