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  1. According to Russo: It doesn't surprise me... guy has been selfish his whole career here.. why should he want to help the team get something back that would help instead of him just clogging a roster spot for the rest of the season and being useless? Nice job Craptain Koivu.
  2. The only thing that makes me gun shy about trading Dumba ... is the fact I'm reading the exact same argument people made for trading Burns years ago.. and use to justify the trade to this day "he didn't show consistency until he was gone yadda yadda". I agree, if Dumba is what he is at this point he's trade bait .. but a small part of me worries the Wild just haven't given him enough time. I'm by no means saying he'll end up as great as Burns but Dumba shows flashes of what could be a very, very good defenseman and he's about the same age as Burns was when the Wild cut ties if I remember correctly. Unless they're getting a proven #1 or #2 center plus other assets back I wouldn't be in a hurry to trade him. At least not yet. If he does choose to pull the trigger.. BG better be getting something very solid in return here as the team can't afford to be set back further by losing more of the Wild's assets for minimal return. Even if a team is in blow-up full rebuild mode they should be getting back more value for the future than what the Wild has been in past trades.. and please no more over the hill aging vets with NMC/NTC.
  3. To be honest and I’ll probably get crap for this but.. if he stinks it up in Nashville and is going to sign for cheap somewhere..l like him enough as a player to bring him back for a year or two once Koivu is out.. as long as he’s getting 3rd liner money and not expected to be our #1 or #2 center. He could thrive as a 3rd line Center or wing with the right line mates that can bury their chances and he can fill in occasionally on line 2 if there are injuries. The big negatives I always had with him here were the lofty expectations and big cap hit.
  4. I like this hire better than the other names that were floating around out there.. hopefully he can convey that message and if certain players don't listen they're shipped out or benched no matter what their price tag is. The locker room has needed someone to come in and clear out the cancerous players for a long while now and it needs to happen no matter if it sets the team back a few years or not. I'd rather be patient and see a proper rebuild that takes a handful of years than sit through more of this mediocre crap with tweaks and wishful thinking. This team needs to stop the "win now" mentality that isn't working and start building for the future a few years down the road with the hopes Kaprizov will come over and be one of those young pieces to build around. I have no problem watching a basement dwelling team for a couple years if there is a clear path they are taking to clear the books and improve in the long run.
  5. I agree with you.. the only name out of those listed that I would even consider is Lombardi.. no thanks on the rest. I'd have no confidence in any of the others coming into this mess.
  6. I actually really like Zuccarello as a player but that NMC is gross. I agree with Illa I have the feeling the Wild is going to lose a young player that they really don't want to lose when it comes time for Seattle to take someone from the roster. The last thing I wanted to see was the team box itself into a corner and face the same situation they did when they lost Tuch and Haula to Vegas.. Unless they can work a miracle and get Parise or Suter to waive the no trade AND be selected by Seattle(at which point I doubt they would even be selected) they appear to be screwed.
  7. It's the off season so I thought it would be fun to put ourselves in Fenton's shoes and see what each of us would do even though the game's trades aren't super realistic or anything its just something I did to kill the time. If you want to try your hand at it feel free to post your results here! I did franchise mode with the most current online roster(april or whatever it was) on the hardest setting with "hard" trade settings. For those with xbox one and xbox live gold membership.. I'd like to mention that NHL19 is currently a free "Games with Gold" game for the first half of the month! so get it while you can if you didn't already have it! I also decided to basically go full rebuild so in no way was I trying to build a contender right off the bat! I ended up with: Zucker-Kunin-Tuch Fiala-Donato-Kapanen Greenway-Barbashev-Aaberg Foligno-Ek-Brown Fehr Burns-Dumba Spurg-Brodin Prosser-Seeler Hunt Dubnyk Stalock Draft picks up coming year: 1st, 2- 2nds, 3 3rds Following year: 2- 1sts, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2- 5ths, 7th all picks beyond that untouched I have Fehr, Dubnyk and Brodin still on the trade block.. hoping to grab a top 6 C, bottom 6 RW, a top 4 D, or a better/younger Goalie. Basically just looking for the best deal possible and then build the rest through the draft/FA. I didn't do anything with Iowa(other than bring Prosser up) or the unsigned guys until I get around to the next draft. The team doesn't look great on paper but I think with a few good drafts and off season moves over the next couple seasons I'm on the right track. It's a wonder what you can do with no NTC/NMCs on a video game.
  8. Via Russo's twitter: "Fenton says he’s trying to fix this on the fly without a rebuild" ... here we f'n go again.
  9. If you had asked me this a few years back I would have said just making the playoffs and having a chance is better.. but after the last few Wild playoff appearances I'm okay with missing them all together this season.. granted the Wild's drafting isn't fantastic and I'm not super optimistic they would pick the right player with the improved pick.. imo it's just time the Wild, CL(and Fenton to a lesser extent since he hasn't been here long) all get a wake up call that this team isn't just a "tweak" away from being a cup contender. What could do that better than missing the playoffs and the revenue of the Wild being in them creates? They've been selling us this "right on the edge, only a tweak away" crap for too long when anyone with a decent hockey IQ can see the team is more than just a couple tweaks away from making any noise in the playoffs as an actual contender.
  10. If I remember right they even had to bring in Bryzgalov because Kuemps just wasn't reliable on a consistent basis with the Wild.. he had games here and there where he would look like a NHL starter and then stretches where he would let in plenty of softies and looked like an AHL backup.
  11. Sadly that I'm not sure of other than the stats in the link I threw on that original post edit! I don't get much of a chance to watch the Iowa Wild too much!
  12. Read was the captain and used in all situations while he was here at BSU he has heart and always worked hard and played a good two-way game. He had a pretty good shot and a nose for the net and a real knack for scoring timely goals I remember him being the best player the Beavs had from the moment he stepped on the ice to the moment he left. Sadly, it his game didn't really translate that well to the NHL and while he's chipped in some goals here and there he's never really been a consistent threat if I am remembering correctly he's only had one 20+ goal 40ish point season when he was with the Flyers either his first or second year there but don't quote me on that. He's was one of my favorite players I've had the pleasure of watching at BSU over the years(along with Hunt) its just a shame his game didn't pan out at the NHL level that we've seen so far. Edit: I take that back he had a couple good years with the flyers [Hidden Content]
  13. Awesome! Tell Aaron, Jive and Kenny whats up from Bemidji next time you talk to them! I haven't been on facebook for a couple years so I kinda lost touch with them! if you want some good stories ask them about the Mad Hatter shows up here!
  14. This is what the start of a fire sale looks like.. and I am fine with it. I would have liked more back for Granny, Coyle Nino but who's to say Fenton could get anything more back? these might have been the best offers. I expect more to be done prior to or during the draft also. The Wild need a culture shift and its not going to happen over night and we probably aren't going to be happy with most of the trades but its how you start a rebuild and thats exactly what this going nowhere past the first round(if they even make the playoffs) team needed. Sadly most of the guys we REALLY want gone have no trades or no movements or whatever Fletch loved to hand out like candy and its going to take them being very unhappy to get them to waive those. Fenton is moving what he can when he can. I think some of us including myself overvalue a lot of the players on this team. Sometimes a GM just has to take whats offered if he really wants to make a trade and change.. especially when other teams know how the Wild are in a bind with other contracts and players. The bad part is we have to watch players that get shipped out succeed more than they did here because other teams will put them in better situations with better players than the Wild ever would/could. I look at it this way.. big picture there is a good amount of cap space being free'd up for the future and if it continues Fenton can make a run at some quality free agents in the next few years as well as keep the cap space for our young players that will eventually earn raises in the case that Parise, Suter and Mikko's bloated contracts are still around for years to come.

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