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  1. Seeing all those names on 1 year deals come in now it does strike me as a surprise that Anas wasn't signed to a 1 year deal too. Unless there was something we don't know about behind the scenes maybe he wanted more money, more term or an actual NHL shot and the Wild wasn't willing. The big question I have now after the latest moves is why sign Rau and Cramarossa? there has to be more to the Anas thing than we all see cause it would make more sense to keep him in one of those spots if it was between him and those two. I get why they would keep Greenway over Anas but not why they would have Rau
  2. Leaving the Size thing completely out of it.. Anas is 27 and probably is what he's going to be at this point.. a good AHL player that may get a cup of coffee here or there in the NHL with injury call-ups. Had 0 trade value. Greenway is 23, still developing and has yet to hit his prime. Still has trade value. No brainer on who to keep if we're comparing the two...... I could also see the Wild moving on from some of the "older" AHL players so they can actually use those minutes in Iowa for developing young prospects moving forward.
  3. Meh I guess I hae a bit of a different view from most that hate this move... I can deal with it.. to me this tells me they are invested in Kahkonen or Jones and are giving them time. The Wild gave nothing up but a contract for a stop-gap for a few years imo is far better than giving up assets to trade for a guy like Fleury. Would you guys really rather see that they signed a high money/long term guy and completely blocked out the young guys while tying up even more money during a rebuild and right before the expansion? This is a reasonable deal for a 33 year old who led the league in basically
  4. No more "two way" Finns that play soft and don't use their body.
  5. The team is loaded with "2nd or 3rd line centers" that would be 3rd and 4th line centers on any other team. Staal was our #1 but he's not a true #1 anymore in the NHL imo he's just the best we had. When you plan on scouting and drafting for that spot you aren't guaranteed anything either and probably have a couple of years before the player is ready to be a #1 or #2 center in the NHL unless its a elite/franchise/generational player.. which we never seem to be in the position to draft. I don't think its smart to stop kicking tires on all possible fits with expiring contracts just because the f
  6. I agree lol I'm all for 1 year fringe player contracts or reclamation projects that expire soon if it will make Parise and Suter both want out. Getting out from one or both of those contracts would be huge moving forward. At this point the Wild HAVE to get worse to get better.. they f'd around too much trying to just put band aids on long-term problems with the roster and trying to adjust on the fly without actually rebuilding. As for MJ.. I don't know enough about the guy to even comment on him as a player. I don't follow Buffalo too closely. I guess I'm just hoping he comes in, p
  7. Not hyped about this deal but don't hate it either.. low risk and he's under 30. The Wild need depth in the middle badly.. so if he stays healthy and it works out great.. if not .. cut him loose.. no biggie. I actually am relieved to see Guerin kicking tires on deals like this instead of just going after a declining veteran center. I'd rather see what Bjugstad can do for a season than lock up another old overpaid player for multiple years.
  8. Thanks for the time and loyalty, Koivu. That being said.. this was fantastic news!
  9. I'm up north in Bemidji, MN and it seems like when anyone from any of the major MN sports teams or anyone that's athlete or celebrity comes up this way they've usually stayed at Ruttgers Birchmont Lodge on the lake. I don't know if they have a deal with the teams or if it's just the preferred vacation spot for fishing and stuff but that's where they're always at I have a friend that has a membership to work out and swim there and he meets all kinds of people(not so much this year obviously). Sadly, even though it's a beautiful spot to stay and they have private cabins and it's also on Lake Bem
  10. According to Russo: It doesn't surprise me... guy has been selfish his whole career here.. why should he want to help the team get something back that would help instead of him just clogging a roster spot for the rest of the season and being useless? Nice job Craptain Koivu.
  11. The only thing that makes me gun shy about trading Dumba ... is the fact I'm reading the exact same argument people made for trading Burns years ago.. and use to justify the trade to this day "he didn't show consistency until he was gone yadda yadda". I agree, if Dumba is what he is at this point he's trade bait .. but a small part of me worries the Wild just haven't given him enough time. I'm by no means saying he'll end up as great as Burns but Dumba shows flashes of what could be a very, very good defenseman and he's about the same age as Burns was when the Wild cut ties if I remember corre
  12. To be honest and I’ll probably get crap for this but.. if he stinks it up in Nashville and is going to sign for cheap somewhere..l like him enough as a player to bring him back for a year or two once Koivu is out.. as long as he’s getting 3rd liner money and not expected to be our #1 or #2 center. He could thrive as a 3rd line Center or wing with the right line mates that can bury their chances and he can fill in occasionally on line 2 if there are injuries. The big negatives I always had with him here were the lofty expectations and big cap hit.
  13. I like this hire better than the other names that were floating around out there.. hopefully he can convey that message and if certain players don't listen they're shipped out or benched no matter what their price tag is. The locker room has needed someone to come in and clear out the cancerous players for a long while now and it needs to happen no matter if it sets the team back a few years or not. I'd rather be patient and see a proper rebuild that takes a handful of years than sit through more of this mediocre crap with tweaks and wishful thinking. This team needs to stop the "
  14. I agree with you.. the only name out of those listed that I would even consider is Lombardi.. no thanks on the rest. I'd have no confidence in any of the others coming into this mess.
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