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  1. Suter in a nutshell: -extending own shifts at will -limp wrist shots every single time -getting turned around/skated by constantly -letting the puck hop over his stick at the blue line so teammates have to get back onside and reset -being on the PP/OT with negative consequences -destroying locker room chemistry and creating a rift between a few vets and the rest of the team -brown-nosing Owners/GMs -choosing his own defense partners no matter if it hurts the team -been through many GM and coach changes.. with one of them calling him uncoachable
  2. Was Steve was the nice guy with the dog(although I believe the dog eventually passed sadly)? I remember him too if so! I never made it to any of those meet-ups being so far north.. I wasn't at so many games just a couple/few per season when I could get time off work and schedule it in! The pictures everyone would post from them always made it look like you guys had a great time! Yeah, I probably could have worded that better! it def wasn't ALL of the Finnish posters! and we definitely had some obnoxious homers of our own you guys had to deal with as well! lol good times!
  3. I'm not worried yet.. his agent knows what a talent he has and they're playing hardball to get him the most they can over his whole career.. not just for one contract. BG has seemed competent so far in his GM skill and I can see them working something out that works for both sides. I think the main thing freaking people out is that he's Russian and we've seen Russians bolt to the KHL. Any young player with his skill from anywhere would be wanting to maximize the money they can make both now and later. It's up to the Wild if they think he's that guy to pay him and keep him happy by
  4. I never really ventured outside of the old boards until they forced us to leave and now I'm here on occasion when life slows down a bit lol so I didn't get to see all that on HFBoards at all! I would have gotten a kick out of it for sure! I actually remember you pointing out Zack Phillips skating issues well before the Wild drafted him in one of your pre-draft prospect write ups. Then, the Wild took him and most of us let out a collective groan realizing we just gave away Burns for basically Charlie Coyle and "Beer Time" Setoguchi.. You were spot on with that one and I don't know
  5. I had completely forgotten about crazy amy! all of these memories flooding back reading this are great nostalgia lol I also remember my inbox being full of non stop message requests to get in touch(I'm talking THOUSANDS of messages) with Tom Saterdalen from a guy that wrote a blog(100% wasn't LiG lol). I let it slip that he's my relative on mom's side in a post and we had a guy constantly trying to get me to get him in touch or get him his contact info even though I stated multiple times I never really spoke to Tom outside of large family reunions or a quick hello at hockey tourn
  6. We're celebrating up here today! lol I think they can still give another team value at a much, much cheaper contract and reduced role but I am very glad they're no longer on the Wild. Those cap hits might hurt in the future unless the cap rises a bit but this helps us ice a competitive team. I'm wondering if they were asked to waive the ntc/nmc for expansion but said no to try to force BG's hand out of anger at last season's situation. Either way.. good on BG for making those moves and allowing us to protect the younger guys. I'm hoping the cap rises enough that the hit isn't goin
  7. Man, I miss those boards.. this place just doesn't hold a candle to the Atmosphere that was over there. Great Times! The Avs fans piling in at the start of the playoffs any time the Wild faced them only to slowly die off when they realized the inevitable. The battles with Canucks fans.. and Ducks fans. The posters from Finland that would come in and shame us for knocking holes in any Finnish players game at any time even if it was obviously something they needed to improve on. All of the college and high school hockey talk. The hilari
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