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  1. Alright! I'm glad to see only one paragraph of dislikes, followed by a paragraph of what you are happy about. Maybe there's a chance for you to move out of Rain Cloud City.
  2. Whoa! Easy on the optimism bud! It's not welcomed here...
  3. Hahaha! You forgot to mention soft! The Blues were always big and played a nasty style of hockey, but now Yeo has turned them into pansies... I love it. Seriously, Maroon got punched in the back of the head and no one stood up for him. I figured Foligno was gonna get beat down later in the game, but they did nothing...lol. Blues fans must be going bananas at this point.
  4. And you developed the idea that this team is too old and slow to compete, right? So why do you expect more out of the this old, slow team? The whole "I see it but no one else does" shtick is wearing thin. We all watch the same games, we all know what this team is, so just give it a rest dude. Every franchise has internal problems, coaching issues, ****** trades, and terrible contracts, it's a clown show throughout the league. So try to enjoy some hockey. As a fan you don't have to agree with every move or decision management makes, but at some point you got to actually cheer for these guys.
  5. Notice where Winnipeg is on that list... Yikes! The Peg might just be the next dynasty.
  6. Voting? WTF are you talking about? Are you trying to make this political? Whatever.... Anyway, why can't I voice my opinion without being razzed? Nevermind I forgot who I was talking too.
  7. Lol...I see the the usual residents of pity city showed up tonight. All of you said the wild did nothing to improve in the off-season, yet your expectations are high. Nashville is a cup contender playing at home. WTF did you really expect?
  8. Hahaha! There is no excuses for Koivu, Parise, and Suter, yet I've read several for Nino. Come on, he just doesn't have that it factor to become a star. If he was treated so unfairly then why did he sign a contract here? He could of left, but he didn't. He is who he is a 40-50 point winger who gets paid exactly for what he does. I'm not saying he's a bad hockey player but he isn't gonna be the stud you want him to be. I know this is an unpopular take, but Personally, I think he's a loafer. I little bit of a Vanek attitude in him. He can bring it some nights, but only when he wants to. And that is why he sees less ice time. No conspiracy to ruin his career. Just his own attitude towards a team game.
  9. To be fair, the trade for nino was a good trade for MN, especially since it was a Fletcher trade. Nino had been trending up since he arrived but it seems to me he plateaued. He might not have reached his potential as a draft pick but considering what the wild gave for him it was a win for MN.
  10. That line would be a great 3rd line, but a Parise-EEK-MIG 2nd line would be weak. No shooter for MIG to pass to and no shooter for Parise to tip or dig out rebounds. According to wild.com it looks like greenway will be on the wing with Stall and zooks for the Carolina game. Will be fun to see what the kids got.
  11. It hasn't been a good start for sure. I just get annoyed when things get rough people come out of the woodwork with the "I told ya so" and patting themselves on the back like "they" have it all figured out.
  12. True, but I'm kind of done with Nino, and by giving him a true shot at success we'll know who we got, and he just might gather enough points to create interest from other teams.
  13. I would like to see Greenway-EEK-Coyle, and left together for a several games. Coyle is a vet now so we need to see if he can lead a young third line. If not, Fenton has a center/winger to trade. Same for nino, get him some top minutes with zooks and staal including pp minutes and if he flops we know for sure he peaked, and another trade option. I'm not expecting much from this team come April, so I would like to see this season as a tryout for the future.

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