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  1. It was meant as a joke. Thanks for the lecture though.
  2. I agree with that bolded statement, but none of those things translated in cup wins, or even meaningful playoff pushes.
  3. Just for fun go look at the Bruins, canes, and preds pages. Not one thread started about their newly acquired players. That's how little value those guys had around the league. So ask yourself, how was Fenton supposed to get high picks, top prospects, and great players in return if what he was selling was a marginal talent.
  4. Lol... The GM only gets a few months to prove himself here. That's why MN sports always fail, they invest so much emotion into the players, good and bad, they never look at the bigger picture. The players they traded were of little value, except Grandlund. The core of this team can't be moved, but building for their departure is the smartest thing I've seen the wild do in years. So good for Fenton!
  5. Hahaha! After last season the wild boards lit up with anger that CL announced they were a tweak away. Now they realize that a tweak wasn't feasible and are breaking the team up, and shockingly (not really) the forums light up with the same dudes pissed that they aren't tweaking the roster. Face it guys, the majority of the fan base just isn't as excitable as you are. We all know that Granlund. Coyle, and Nino weren't going to hoist the cup here so who cares. The truth is most of the Wild players aren't worth a whole lot, they are all just over achievers. So go kick rocks for awhile have a beer, or twelve, and relax.
  6. Please summarize your post. I ain't got time to read a pessimistic rant about a sports team.
  7. SHOCKER!!!! You don't approve of anything the Wild do. You seriously think the Bruins would give up a 3rd? Personally I feel Fenton sucks cause he should have gotten Pasternak and a 1st for Coyle, because you know Coyle is so great.
  8. Jesus! MN fans are such b!tches. Two days ago it was "tear this team apart." Today its complaining that pieces of this garbage core is being tore apart. I read that no one on this roster was worth a bag of pucks, then Fenton gets you 2 bags of pucks and you f-ing whine about it. So which is it? A roster full of trash or a roster full of gold?
  9. Alright! I'm glad to see only one paragraph of dislikes, followed by a paragraph of what you are happy about. Maybe there's a chance for you to move out of Rain Cloud City.
  10. Whoa! Easy on the optimism bud! It's not welcomed here...
  11. Hahaha! You forgot to mention soft! The Blues were always big and played a nasty style of hockey, but now Yeo has turned them into pansies... I love it. Seriously, Maroon got punched in the back of the head and no one stood up for him. I figured Foligno was gonna get beat down later in the game, but they did nothing...lol. Blues fans must be going bananas at this point.
  12. And you developed the idea that this team is too old and slow to compete, right? So why do you expect more out of the this old, slow team? The whole "I see it but no one else does" shtick is wearing thin. We all watch the same games, we all know what this team is, so just give it a rest dude. Every franchise has internal problems, coaching issues, ****** trades, and terrible contracts, it's a clown show throughout the league. So try to enjoy some hockey. As a fan you don't have to agree with every move or decision management makes, but at some point you got to actually cheer for these guys.
  13. Notice where Winnipeg is on that list... Yikes! The Peg might just be the next dynasty.
  14. Voting? WTF are you talking about? Are you trying to make this political? Whatever.... Anyway, why can't I voice my opinion without being razzed? Nevermind I forgot who I was talking too.

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