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  1. Me being sarcastic or me being a lady ?
  2. Zajac is way too young and inexperienced. Zucker for a conditional 7th rounder and sign Chara as a UFA with a 5-yr/$7.5M per with a MNC/NTC contract.
  3. IMO Top-6 center, like a player able to play center in the first 6 lines of the roster.
  4. I watched him a couple of times in the LHJMQ when he was pretty dominant in St-John, in a team that was dominant at that time. I wasn't expecting him to install himself so quick in the NHL but after the Karlsson trade people immediately saw him as a replacement. I also attend some Sens games and he managed to succeed in that quick jump in the league. Also on the plus side, he's playing in a trainwreck, unfortunately, but NOT in Montréal, away from distractions and all the negative pressure that surrounds the Habs. Still needs to work on his defensive game but he has a good margin of progression. I think he can be a regular 60+ pts Defenseman.
  5. it's somehow the new reality of these days' contracts. I'm not so shocked because he will be Ottawa's D-man #1 for the years to come and it's the price to pay for that. I'm pretty sure he will increase his stats as well.
  6. I think the League stated than this will be done when Seattle comes in. Coyotes to the Central and Seattle in the Pacific. That being said, I think the Coyotes' future is settled. Once they move in a new area in downtown Phoenix, things are gonna be on the track and they will remain there unless a major catastrophe happens. Maybe Buttman's message shook a bit the organisation when he was surprisingly vague about the future in Arizona, in opposite as when the was speaking about the Hurricanes', insisting that the franchise will "never, ever, ever move elsewhere".
  7. Amongst all keywords related to the Wild's current situation (GM, owner, Coach,...), one word is the centerpiece IMO: Culture. I honestly don't know what it takes to have a bit of a resolution to this giant mess, but one thing has to change: the team culture. If you want to change that, you have to remove every malignant cell in the entire body. If you let just one single sick entity in the system, the cancer will spread again, soon or later. I'm really afraid that this can only be validated when the Parisé/Suter era is over, when it's absolutely certain that these guys (and some other) have an absolute zero influence on anything that touches closer or farther the franchise. In that sense, letting the assistant GM in charge for the whole next season seems to be the least worst option.
  8. Even NHL.com uses sarcasm in their team reset articles. They wrote "key substractions", "Bitetto" and "Åberg" in the same sentence.
  9. That's why you have all those beautiful job descriptions such as "second general advisor to the special team assistant coach", "special consultant of the third alternate scout assistant" or "second executive assistant to the alternate back-up goalie advisor". Seems that you are absolutely essential to the organization, but in fact you are just there and probably cut the lemons or prepare the warm-up towels.
  10. I vote for the same circus than happened in the 1st round: Sharks' sweep and I put 10 bucks on it. If I win, my summer vacation will be paid.
  11. 3 shots in like 45 minutes. The Blues' domination was quite embarrassing, moreover in a 7th game. A Dallas win would have been one of the biggest steal in NHL history, but that was close to happen, having Radulov be able to adjust his one-timer instead of chasing flies with 1:30 remaining... Game #6 was quite the same with a lesser extent. Seems that the Stars just ran out of gas after game #5. Benn was absolutely ordinary, playing heavily with no emotions and no urgency.
  12. I also picked the Stars in 6, but Bishop has been inconsistent so far vs the Blues: terrific games followed by so-so performances. After game 5 I was sure Dallas would close the series at home, but they remained in the locker room, so here we go with a 7th game and everything is open, it will be 50-50...
  13. Really close series there, but I feel the Bruins a just a bit superior (experience, depth). The insertion of Backes seems to work, Rask did great against the BJ. Bruins to the limit, in 7.
  14. May 3, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Islanders 1 Carolina 6 7:00 PM Dallas 4 St. Louis 2 9:30 PM

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