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  1. I usually don't use emojis because I'm too angry with them.
  2. Talent and equity, so to speak, and hoping for a bright and clear sweep in this particular series.
  3. It's cliché, but everything can happen once you're in, especially in that extraordinary situation. All counters are set to zero, it's like a new season where unexpected teams are on top of the standings before fading out. In that context, as much as I'm pissed to admit it, Montréal has a reasonable chance to beat the Pens for example.
  4. I think we'll see after the preliminary round if the season resumes, as the preliminary round is not part of the playoffs as Montréal fans used to shout it out loud.
  5. Playing in empty arenas will give an unacceptable advantage to the Panthers who will feel at home regardless to the hub city they're playing in.
  6. Good point. And even if I despise this whole nonsense solution, I'll be a b!tch and watch it. Because Buttman is God. All governments, doctors, health staff are fighting with this pandemic, trying desperately to put out those fires, but He has the solution. Send 1000+ people in some place in the US and Canada, along with the NHL crew, players, their families, jam-packed them in hotels and everything will be allright. I heard that the final word will come to the players through the NHLPA. So it's still theoretically possible that they turn this down at the end If I'm not mistaken.
  7. Because by extending to 24 teams, you include big markets like Montréal, NY Rangers and Chicago. It's only a money thing. But my understanding is: that stupid best-of-5 qualifying round is not part of the playoffs, technically speaking. The losers of this series won't be listed as qualified teams for the playoffs in the record and stats. That being said, yes, screw that, just cancel the goddamn season and try to have a more "normal" 2020-2021 season.
  8. Teams like Chicago and Montreal had almost zero chances to get in the playoffs and now they are in, having a shot at the Cup. If they lose in the preliminary round, they would be in the draft lottery... The 24-team format allow big market like MTL, CHI and NYR to be lucky losers and back into contention. What did Buttman say? Oh yes: "I want to make clear that the health and safety of our players, coaches, essential support staff and our communities are paramount". Sure... If this really happen, next season is planned to start no earlier than late December/early January.
  9. Me being sarcastic or me being a lady ?
  10. Zajac is way too young and inexperienced. Zucker for a conditional 7th rounder and sign Chara as a UFA with a 5-yr/$7.5M per with a MNC/NTC contract.
  11. IMO Top-6 center, like a player able to play center in the first 6 lines of the roster.
  12. I watched him a couple of times in the LHJMQ when he was pretty dominant in St-John, in a team that was dominant at that time. I wasn't expecting him to install himself so quick in the NHL but after the Karlsson trade people immediately saw him as a replacement. I also attend some Sens games and he managed to succeed in that quick jump in the league. Also on the plus side, he's playing in a trainwreck, unfortunately, but NOT in Montréal, away from distractions and all the negative pressure that surrounds the Habs. Still needs to work on his defensive game but he has a good margin of progression. I think he can be a regular 60+ pts Defenseman.
  13. it's somehow the new reality of these days' contracts. I'm not so shocked because he will be Ottawa's D-man #1 for the years to come and it's the price to pay for that. I'm pretty sure he will increase his stats as well.
  14. I think the League stated than this will be done when Seattle comes in. Coyotes to the Central and Seattle in the Pacific. That being said, I think the Coyotes' future is settled. Once they move in a new area in downtown Phoenix, things are gonna be on the track and they will remain there unless a major catastrophe happens. Maybe Buttman's message shook a bit the organisation when he was surprisingly vague about the future in Arizona, in opposite as when the was speaking about the Hurricanes', insisting that the franchise will "never, ever, ever move elsewhere".

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