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  1. I cheered out loud when he scored at the exact midnight time CET. but as a long-life everlasting Perry hater, I immediately felt ashamed, like if, as a teen, my parents had caught me masturbating with an old Playboy magazine from 1989. I usually dislike going there with injuries (I mean, TB is without Stamkos). But Faksa and Comeau out really hurt the Stars and its PK abilities. No wonder that Tampa's PP, while being astonishing from the basis, is so efficient. With this series going beyond aby logical considerations, I won't be surprised if the Lightning end up with a PP efficiency around 153.4%. And Sekera is a game-time decision. Caamano is now due for a hat-trick.
  2. To train live, go and make a trip in Switzerland: he's our head coach in Lausanne now and the season is about to begin. (No need -- yet -- to quarantine when flying there: Canada it still listed as a "safe" country)
  3. Well, a quick résumé would be : "It stinks" Coach Bowness insisted on remaining disciplined and staying out of the box, Stars did the exact opposite. Coach Bowness insisted on capitalizing on opportunities, Stars did the exact opposite. Coach Bowness insisted on limiting individual error as much as possible, Stars did the exact opposite. Coach Bowness insisted on not trailing by 2 or 3, Stars did the exact opposite. Terrible brain cramp of Heiskanen and Lindell on Tampa's two first goals. When your goalie is just ok and you give Tampa's first three goals on a silver plate, that's the result. Then the Stars completely lost focus and it seems that the real Lightning showed up, turning the second period into a slaughter house. The high forecheck really hurt the Stars and even when they won most of the faceoffs, Tampa forced the Stars to a lot of turnovers. Getting 1-1 on the following back-to-back games as the best-case and realistic scenario, Tampa would still be leading 3-2 which send this thing back to the line 1 first statement. On a positive note, Tampa always got a rout game in each of its previous series, going to score like 8-1. This time the Stars managed to keep it at 5-2. Not that bad... We also had terrible game 5 and 6 vs. Colorado with the obvious option of being punched in game 7. We know what happened. Games could be so different.
  4. Copy-Paste of Stars' games 1 vs. Colorado and Vegas. Strong push and domination in the first 40 minutes, then the expected strong push by TB, the stupid penalties by Dallas and the Stars' skating back to Yellowknife, NWT. However, the Lightning were not that threatening in the final period, most of the shots came from far and it was for them to enter and take shots from closer spots. Bold prediction for game 2, it will be waaaaay more different.
  5. Goalies: Defense: Offense: Special teams (PP/PK): Coaching: Mental: Experience: Robustness: Depth: So logically, Stars in 6 !
  6. The interesting thing will be between back-to-back games scheduled (eventually) next Friday and Saturday to avoid NFL games. While playing your back-up goalie in one of those two games might be an option, I'm pretty sure both teams will stick with their regular goalie. It's the last straight line, give all what you have. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Finally, we were due to meet
  7. At sight sight, I would list this trade as a 0-0 deal. No winners, no losers, just a tie for both teams. The dog barks, the caravan goes through.
  8. I hate hoping anything bad happening to an opponent. I truly hate it. I would never do that, ever. It's not fair play, it's bitchy, it has nothing to do with sports in general, it's disgraceful. Again, I'll never do that. Never thinking of that. Ever ! Really... never ! I'm not like that. No, I'm not... I swear it... Never... ... ........ But...
  9. Nashville was last in the Central and was not even in playoff contention. They had problems in defense, in goaltending and many forwards were playing way below their standards. In place for several years, they thought the team needed a different message. Replacing him by Hayes was dumb though, The Preds didn't get any better. Poile used to be very good but a couple of bad transactions (the Turris deal, the Fiala trade) considerably darkened their sky.
  10. That Rögle logo... This looks familiar to me but I still can't remember where they took it from. I really don't...
  11. Knights were in an elimination game, they were in the kinda like go-or-die mission. They had the good strategy, they dominated games 2 to 4 with this approach, but you can't sustain that for 60 minutes. For the Stars, it was the classical bend-not-break. The difference was in the battle level. Stars began to win 1-1 battle and faceoffs as well along with better execution in the transition game, giving them more puck possession. Knights went nervous once the Stars reduced the score to 2-1. The changing point was also the Knights failing to score on three consecutive PP. Klingberg and Heiskanen were horrible in the first half of the game and then decided to level up their game and take better decisions. Now, I hope for the other CF to go to game 7 with multiple OTs
  12. Stars have several lives. How many times they were dug deep in the hole and manage to come back... Not the prettiest way nor the most efficient way to win games but we'll take it. I was curiously more confident this time, even at 2-0. Total Knights domination in the first part of the game, but the Stars slowly began to took advantage of the game, winning battles and faceoffs while getting out of their own zone much better. It's playoffs hockey, sometimes we just need garbage goals and capitalizing on special teams. Momentum changed when the Knights missed their third straight opportunity on the PP. And it's finally done with the Reaves hype. He maybe set the tone in game 2 but otherwise he was a total non factor. I'm also happy to send the victimized yapping prima donna Marchessault on vacation. However I was truly sad for Whitecloud. The guy just did the thing to do, but rules are rules and it was not nice to see him devastated like that.
  13. Some bittersweet taste for sure. I respect the fact he remained loyal to the team, having player all his games with a unique team, which is rare, but before you all jump on me but yeah, for the rest, you all made good statements in the previous posts. And he will his jersey retired for sure. 20 Years of history and the only number is still that silly #1 for fans. It's maybe a borderline comparison, but this reminds me Modano. Both wore #9 Both spend all (or almost) all their carrier with the same franchise Both generates mixed-feelings in their own team community towards them about their personality. None of them are/were fan favorite. Both have/will have their jersey retired, being like: "Ok, thank you, blah blah blah, good success in the future" and that's it. Funny thing is, Modano could be the one on the ice for the ceremony.
  14. Leading 3-1 vs. Vegas is quite unexpected. Khudobin stole again that game. Stars' motto is bend-not-break and they are really into this typical management game where they tried the best possible balance with a offensive physical game (not sustainable on a 60-mn game) and controlled defense in a shutting down game. The plan was also to play in Vegas's head, which is working so far, letting Marchessault yapping like a beaten dog and Beaves being a non-factor. But again, there's no margin of errors: once you take bad decisions, stupid penalties, etc. you're likely get screwed. They are the key. Like Mike Bossy said: If your top players are not showing, it's bye-bye on holiday. In theory, yes. Problems are: it's not the Stars' game to dictate offense and have comfortable leads, not unless the opponent collapses for whatever reason. And Vegas is too talented to allow that. So sorry Khudobin, I don't want to put any additional pressure on your shoulders, but you'll need to steal some more games, almost everything is on you right now. But don't forget, Niemi has a Stanley Cup ring... I Think it was Fletcher as GM. It was one of these horrible decisions the Wild made at that time. He was already pretty darn good and I never understood why they let him go. On the other hand the Bruins also haven't kept him.

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