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  1. At least we know now that they have very good weed there in Carolina.
  2. So this is it. Stone and the Sens avoided arbitration, but the outcome is more or less the same as if they were going through. One year contract, and then Stone will walk away as a UFA with nothing in return for Ottawa. On the other side, Stone has to perform well if he wants to see his value stay at the same level. Then Karlsson will be gone too, like Duchene; Turris is already gone, Brassard too. I still don't believe what is going on there...
  3. According to the local press, Mark Stone is asking $9M for a 1-yr contract while the Senators put a counter-offer to $5M. That makes a $4M difference, which his huge... I'm pretty sure that they will go to arbitration, the money will be split in half, then the one who was supposed to be the symbol of the franchise and actively participate to the reconstruction will surely go away as an UFA after next season. What a disaster. With Karlsson on the departure, Stone as well, and all the stories so far, this organisation is going from bad to worse. How it is possible to create such a mess, only less than 2 years of being close to reach the SC final ?
  4. Hi Guys, I'm asking for you to make a dive into your souvenirs. Do you recall of Torrey Mitchell who spent 2 years with the Wild between 2012 and 2014 ? On my side, I really do not have a clue... I'm asking that because he is on the edge to join the team in my city of origin in Switzerland. They'd like to know a bit more about this acquisition.
  5. 'sbolutely. 3 year is the upper limit for a goalie, but given the leadership and attitude he brings, it's a great deal.
  6. True, but do you think the Wild's management would have selected him instead of a no-name guy who would have finished playing in the bottom rank of an obscure team in the Elbonian amateur league ?
  7. Montréal can never afford to go in "tanking*" mode or at least say out loud that they are in reconstruction. The fans, city and ownership will never swallow that with the risk that the whole city will burn. Next season they have to make the playoffs (but they won't). It's the only condition that would prevent the franchise to make a huge clean up by firing Bergevin, his associates and scouting/development staff. * Tanking makes no more sense right now with the lottery. If a team chooses to go this way, the're just huge numbnutzes.
  8. I jump in your car, guys. I like Zucker too, the effort he puts on the ice, his speed, his motivation and we know he's capable of producing a lot. But let's keep rational and put all the factors in the balance. The good ones and the bad ones. I really would like to have him back in the team, but not at all costs.
  9. Definitely agree with that: the 2 bottom teams should be Ottawa and Montréal, way below the others. Their fans are kinda dumb, they were all seeing them making the playoffs as it was crystal clear, given their roster, that they wouldn't play in the postseason. Now they won't allowing another bad season, so it's pretty certain that major changes will occur during next season. This all depends on what Price will decide and if he will eventually fire Bergevin. Now the Habs are stuck not only for the next season but for a couple of years due to the insane contact (and the organisation's key) they gave to Price and the consequences of the terrible trades they made along with their poor scouting staff. The only positive point is that Victor Mete seems to be a solid D-man that should greatly improve for the years to come.
  10. Kucherov just got his mammoth contract. It's becoming tight to bring Karlsson...
  11. He had a great year, above expectations, when he won the Pens' last Cup. But I have to admit he really slowed down last season in Minnesota and was quite disappointing. Personally, I would have expected a bit better. Still a "locker room" guy with a decent face-off pct, but this contract will be his last.
  12. Pierre Dorion can. Don't underestimate the guy. (And also Bergevin, but this is another story)
  13. I might be wrong but I heard that last year, among all players filed for arbitration, only 1 actually went to it. All the others managed to get a deal with their respective teams. Given that, could we be confident that deals are lileky to happen for Zucker & Dumba before the hearings ?
  14. Karlsson likely to go to Tampa. It seems pretty obvious that he won't be back for the Sens. Ottawa is also planning to give a seminar titled "Course 101: how to dismantle a franchise in less than a year". Dorion will give the lecture but Melnyk might join to give some hints as well.

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