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  1. It's a thing to generate revenues, of course. But I was surprised to learn that Retro-Reverse discussions originally started back in spring 2019. So it's not Covid-related as one might first expect.
  2. Tremendous job CAR (one of the best logo and jersey back with a modern layout. Right in the middle of the bull) COL (Nordiques' powder blue with the Fleurdélisé, just brilliant) LA (another great idea to go with the original colors. The scheme is sharp) MIN (nice to bring back the North Stars colors, but they inverted the number colors...) Globally ok BOS (well, just Boston being Boston. Nothing special here) CBJ (design and logo are ok, but why so much red ?) FLA (old logo and colors, nothing new under the sun) EDM (They avoided the horrible Oilman and the navy/red scheme, overall very great) MTL (no real change in its history, they just flipped the red and blue) NSH (one of the most hideous jersey in their league inception, they at least avoided the mustard yellow) NYI (what's the point of having the current jersey as their retros? But let's admit all their thirds are horrible) NJ (another nice result with a perfect retro and modern combo) NYR (the Liberty logo is still a nice one and the overall look is cool) PHI (weird scheme on the stripes, but it's overall ok) SJ (good overall result even if it lacks a bit of teal) TOR (like BOS, nothing original here) VGK (crating a retro look with a 3-yr history team is quite a challenge, but the result is ok) WSH (the combination between the old logo and current colors is quite a success) Humm WTF... BUF (All elements related to their identity crisis summarized in one jersey. Messy) CGY (The Black and the horse logo don't make any sense) CHI (O6 team with one of the greatest jersey, why messing that up like that ?) DAL (The idea is great but everything comes flat out with this practice jersey that has no contrast) OTT (while the original logo is ok, there's way too much red in these) PIT (they went lazy as hell, why not going with the original skyblue and current logo ?) TB (the ensemble is way too dull) VAN (the mixed blue/green coming from the terrible 3rd jersey design is pretty weird) WPG (while the logo is smart why all that boring grey ?) Epic fail ANA (the worst jersey of all time brought back. The designers should be sent back to jail) AZ (While Kachina is ok, why the hell bringing back the 3rd logo with that awful purple ?) DET (Another practice jersey. and the grey is a total nonsense) STL (another late 90s disaster design brought up here with this awful nonsense red)
  3. In this context, you will be very pleased with that.
  4. Unfortunately, the second wave is now totally out of control in most of Europe, and particularly in Switzerland (positivity rates top nearly at 30% vs. 7% in the US, and daily new cases on a 7-day rolling average are at 800 per 1M pop. vs 300 in the US - data taken from the Oxford University). They started the season at 2/3 arena capacity before reducing it at 1000 people and yesterday they decided to play without attendance while continuing to play at least until Dec. 1st. Problem is, more than half of the teams are now in quarantine, lots of games are postponed and the decision to suspend the season (and then to purely cancel it which would be the logical outcome given the situation) should come soon. We've been hearing a lot of horror stories in the US but looking at the broader picture and how things are handled in a Europe in denial, I've got the feeling that things are not that catastrophic in the US. My guess is that Rossi will come back to Minnesota rather sooner than later.
  5. I'm on the cautiously optimistic side: Let's see the current situation, the second wave is hitting everyone at different levels but positivity rates (a better indicator because it takes into account both population and test performed using statistical survey analysis tools) still remain at lower levels and we are better prepared for that. No government can afford another strict and integral lockdown for more than two months. We are seeing partial shutdowns and curfews but only in a limited time-range, one month at max. Switzerland is currently one of the most severely hit country in the world with positivity rates of 20%, which is huge and approx. 4 times higher than in the US. They restrict the number of people in the arenas but the professional leagues in hockey and soccer are still operating. For how long? Officially until Nov. 2nd but the idea is to proceed case by case and quarantine teams with positive cases. The key point is to find the equilibrium between limiting as much as possible restrictions while keeping healthcare systems and resources in their respective capacities by controlling transmission chains (and not stopping them). The NHL and its related businesses cannot sustain a season cancellation and everything will be made to have a season. I'm convinced that efficient tracing and targeted measures can help to draw a plan for the 2020-2021 season. It will be surely a shortened season starting on January, even February in the worst case. There's several options on the table: play in 10 games blitz in 8 or 10 bubble cities, redesign divisions based on geography. Letting people that just had a negative test in attendance is maybe another avenue to explore.
  6. Stefan Noesen (21th overall by OTT) - almost 200 games for a terrific 54 pts. Lots of hopes in the only Texas-born 1st rounder in history, but a serious bust. I'm also listing Eriksson Ek and Kunin as underdogs. Not eligible yet but I bet on Puljujärvi for a next first round bust.
  7. Whatever happens, the sharks will sign him on a 1-day contract to give him the opportunity to retire as a Shark. This reminds me Guy Lafleur. Technically, his last club was the North Stars when they selected him on the Expansion draft that followed the dispersal draft made to unmerge the Seals/Barons part of the franchise, leading to the Sharks inception in the NHL.
  8. I read that 50% of the League's revenues come from the gates. I guess -- hope -- that everything will be made to have people back in the arenas, even in progressive steps.
  9. Pietrangelo asked an insane amount of money ($9.5M AAV for a long-term deal). I know he's one of the best D-man in the league and is probably worth that but in the context of the pandemic and the flat cap, it was unreasonable. So the Blues just made a business decision by being proactive and take Krug at a lower price when it was still time to do so. I'm not worried about him, he got the big paycheck he wanted in Vegas, but he shouldn't whine on how he's disappointed with all this and how things turned. He wanted to play that game and as a UFA which is perfectly legitimate and understandable, but it's a game that can be played on both sides...
  10. I followed him while he was playing his junior hockey here in Québec. Very talented, but no brain before he joined the league. He has a great potential but really lacks consistency. It didn't work in NY, AZ and Columbus, so there's a reason for that. Ottawa proposed him a very good deal but he turned it down. So the strategy was: ok test the market and come back if it doesn't work. So if Ottawa re-signs him, it will be on a much cheaper deal. However, a prove-it 1-year deal at $1M max, I'd definitely go for it.
  11. Allen with a 2-yr/$2.9M AAV extension for the Habs. I was expecting way worse from them given their latest awful signings but it still makes Montréal the team with the most expensive goaltenders. For a squad that will only fight for a play-off spot, that stinks and no prospects seem to be visible at that position yet.
  12. Stars just inked RFA Faksa with a 5-year/$3.25M AAV. I was more or less expecting that kind of deal, though I'm a bit surprised with the duration. Not a bad deal, we noticed he missed a lot in the playoffs in the PK and faceoffs. Not spectacular but still an important key in the system. Pysyk was also signed for a 1-year prove-it deal at $700k. Very good signing IMO as he can play both in defense and as a winger, which gives lot of flexibility. As a consequence, Janmark is logically leaving as the only UFA forward. With Comeau, the Dick, Cogliano and Faska still in the team, it was redundant to keep him at a salary of more than $2M. Just a business decision. This left the Stars with approx $7M available in cap space with Hintz and Gurianov to sign. I wish Nill good success in his grocery calculations. By the way, Markström at 6-year/$6M ?!?! Have the Flames lost their minds ? Horrible contract that cracks the top-3 of worst signings with the TJ Brodie and the Anderson deals.
  13. It's a very good deal for Pietrangelo, I'm not so convinced in a Vegas perspective and their team chemistry. They cleared space by sending Stastny in Winnipeg and Schmidt in Vancouver after to desperately get rid of Fleury. And now they are still above the cap. They are the perfect team to try this kind of gambling but they may regret it.
  14. It was about time for the Habs to have a good deal after the horrible Anderson contract.
  15. RDS just announced Pietrangelo in Calgary, 1 year at $700k. Don't know what they are smoking, but I wanna try that.

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