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  1. I imagine he might get a half dozen games in Minnesota then returns to either the 67s or is loaned to an Austrian club so he can begin season on time.
  2. It's musical chair time for NHL goalies. All were all-world at points in their career, and every team that takes one is looking for either a big turnaround with the proverbial "change of scenery" or a mentor. Stalock unfortunately can mainly mentor a minder to ride the pine.
  3. For a third round pick in 2021. Other move of the day is signing Sturm for two years. Sturm is stronger, a better skater and can take face offs as a center or work the wall as a left wing. Donato, I don't know, seems like his stick was too long. Clears really more a roster spot, as Donato is at $1.6 million.
  4. Well, he was Mr. Hockey Minnesota. His bio mentions core surgery and leg injuries. Hope he has no underlying concussion issues we don't know about.....
  5. You guys know how I feel about this, as in my opinion Brodin is the best hockey player on the Wild, mobile, high hockey IQ, and ability to shift directions seamlessly. He's also a cool hand carrying the puck out of our zone. Might I add speed as well.
  6. Brilliant. We got ourseleves another Johansson. Coaching pee wee, all I had to do is say, "Justin....get out there," and five guys jumped over the boards. So in about two years' time we will have Marcus Johannson at center, and Simon Johansson and Filip Johansson on the defense. At a minimum, this could cause confusion for Wild opponents. "Keep an eye on Johansson out there," a coach might instruct. "Which one, coach?"
  7. What's the story with Buff? Never heard a definitive account of that mess...
  8. Time to turn C over to Brodin. Clearly best hockey player on the Wild and one of the most mobile defenseman in the NHL. Skating is unreal and he can carry the puck through traffic.
  9. And I have to say this here: Jonas Brodin is the best hockey player on the Wild and it's not even close.......
  10. This dump and chase boring. Get puck on good sticks
  11. Name them the Wanderers and they can wander around as the NHL shuffles rinks and shuttle shifts teams to the next hockey "hotbed."
  12. Johnson is 25, a product of Grand Forks, N.D, four-year starter at the University of North Dakota. He has proven he can perform at the NHL level..... Anas is among the hottest players in the AHL, a product of Maryland, 28 years old, who played collegitly at Quinnipac University....put up 70 points in 63 games....

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