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  1. Boudreau played Hartman and Foligno as fourth line wingers in Minnesota. Great guy but more good ol boys hiring in the NHL.
  2. Mike Yeo will let you know once he's watched the tape......all the best, Flyer faithful!
  3. Tonight, in St. Paul: The Ontario All Stars vs. Team World And just to make it a fair match, we got a couple of Minnesota boys on both teams!
  4. Long day. Watching NFL Dallas v. Saints tonight looking forward to checking Wild updates. Devil's can only hope to keep Victor Rask off the scoresheet!
  5. They pay good money. I do believe in redemption. Idk how he can ever pay money back but he can make changes.
  6. Big Minnesota day. Byron Buxton signed a new contract with Twins, but he strained his wrist in doing so and is on IR....
  7. North Dakota downed Big 10 Minnesota 3-2 Saturday to avenge 5-1 drubbing Friday in Grand Forks.
  8. Coach between periods: "You let that one shot ring right off the post!" Goalie: "What, now you want me to stop the pucks that aren't going into the net?"
  9. Game delayed 20 min due to rough commute per Jersey Boyz
  10. Watchin Jersey feed tonight. Got a sister there. Our guys against their guys.
  11. More likely ask might be Dumba. Not sure I'd make that trade. Again, though, spitballin' though the Miller buzz is coming from established Vancouver beat reporter....
  12. I was underwhelmed. Black was novel concept in 90s. Script, blah. Would guess that black retails well, but I'm not in that business.
  13. Rossi, Beckman, Boldy and Addison are all recognized assets as NHLers. In that sense, they aren't really prospects. Player and a pick?
  14. Another time indeed. Churla and McRae were tough and hilarious, gifted smiling chirpers who knew how and when to get under an opponent's skin.
  15. Addison and Beckman are keepers. Agree that 1 for 1 Miller and Fiala works.
  16. Coach Halstol and Co. broke a skid with a 5-2 home victory over Eastern power Washington Sunday. Donato looked good. Jaden Schwartz of Colorado College 1 goal 3 assists. Carson Soucy of Minnesota-Duluth 1 assist. Caps tough guy Tom Wilson 1 goal 1 assist. The Kraken have sunk to the bottom of the Pacific.
  17. This just in. We have a team with a sub-.500 record in the Mighty Metro and it's none other than the New York Islanders. Yes, the team I picked to top this division is in a spiral. Minnesota ties: leading scorer Brock Nelson out. Bellows with Covid. Parise with 3 assists. Anders Lee 4 goals. Cal Carwreck Clutterbuck 2 assists. On the bright side, they are back on Long Island in new rink!
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