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  1. Find a trading partner wanting #12 and grab Brink with a later pick. Brink trailed only Hughes and Turcotte in USHL U18 points per game. He was ahead of Zegras, Boldy and Caufield. He didn't have the benefit of playing on that powerhouse US USHL team either. Brink had to lead his team in scoring.
  2. It will be interesting to see what he does with the pick in June. Defense is a big need for the Wild, but there are going to be some excellent forwards still available at 12. One of Krebs, Caufield, Dach or Zegras should still be available. If he drafts goalie Spencer Knight he should be fired immediately.
  3. I have one. Not JR though. I have Raanta on the back of mine but might have to change it out for Kuemper.
  4. I'd join. I usually do two leagues/season and I'm not committed to any yet.
  5. Same. There's not much to discuss this off season. Same team, same leadership. Yes I know Fenton is new but he seems like a Fletcher clone. No exciting draft picks either. Look at what the Blues did this summer. Now that's something worth talking about.
  6. Yes hockeydb is excellent. I use it so often that my devices always have a hockeydb window open.
  7. THG I like the term as I did with the Dumba signing. I don't think these contracts are going to bite us. I was a tad concerned both contracts were going to be longer terms. Here's a take from THG. [Hidden Content]
  8. Not a fan of long term contracts and with the cap increase I'm not hating this deal as much as others are.
  9. Let's start the rebuild now. This is no longer a contending team. Fletcher has trashed this team and Fenton can't do a thing about it.
  10. I subscribed to Shannon's YouTube channel over a year ago. I'm a pretty big fan. His coverage is pretty straight forward and without bias, which is why he's grown from a few thousand subscribers to 50k today. During the season he does about a ten to fifteen minute video previewing the nights games and then he reviews the games when they are over. It's nice to have that type of coverage in the States. He lives in Vancouver but doesn't really favor them. He's as much a Bruins and Stars fan as he is a Canucks fan. He's changed the way I watch the game. I follow the league as a whole much more than I did in the past. The Wild franchise isn't really that interesting to me. Not like it used to be anyway.
  11. It would have been a horse **** trade for the Coyotes too. Instead they got Galchenyuk straight up for Domi without giving up Dvorak and having to take on the Ennis contract. Marc Bergevin is the dumbest GM in the league.
  12. He's a huge gamble and I'll be watching close to see where he lands. He's a defenseman who doesn't play defense at all. Which explains the minus -29. 67 pts though in 63 games in the OHL for a defensman is impressive. People who watch him (I have not other than YT videos) claim he's very gifted offensively. I've also read if he could play defense he'd be drafted after Svechnikov. He's projected to go anywhere from 15-25. Not overly small at 5'11. He's 17 until August so the baby of this class.
  13. I think that's it. I saved it and will give it a shot sometime soon. Thanks for finding that.

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