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  1. I agree with 'zilla. I haven't been able to watch every game this year either, buy from what I have been seeing, Dumba is earning his check, Suter is still slow, but Zach seems rejuvenated. I think the new 3rd line is big and has been playing with intent. I also think our new 4th line has been a pleasant surprise and our 3rd pair D has been fun too. If anything, the team seems to be playing well together.
  2. Same, was out and about today..... 5 is such a weird start time!
  3. Yeah it would be bad timing MN! Hope you feel better
  4. Absolutely. Worst thing is cardboard box management for recycling....
  5. It's been disappointing in general JTG. Some excitement, a few clanks, but nothing to go 'Oh hells yeah!' as the game has proceeded.
  6. Any suggestions for a random drunken purchase from Amazon tonight? I need more lens wipes, I figure I might as well add on something creative....
  7. It's official. Walz is no better than Chuckles. The homer delusionalism carries on with verve.

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