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  1. Regardless I am proud of the club, hopefully they have something left for tomorrow.
  2. STAALLLLLL?!?! Regardless what pressure!!! GOOOOOODDDDDDD
  3. Oh my damn EEk has been a shooting machine tonight! Are him and Donato rooming together?!?!
  4. They need to teach Greenway how to work the front of the net. He's starting to get it, but he really needs to set up camp and beer batter some walley... maybe make some smores.
  5. What the heck do I have to do to get a warning point around here, it's still zero!
  6. Me too, but my guess is that they have designated STs players and Foligno is probably MUCH better at PK than Aberg is...
  7. Nah, you do the points thing and prolly post alot there, I don't know the whole NHL well enough to try and predict scores...
  8. What can I say, I am the king of blathering and pointless posts... or gifs.
  9. It sure seems the loss of Klyde and the addition of some youth/speed has shaken things up. I agree, they are fun to watch again!
  10. Well crap, hopefully not bad for Kunin. We can't afford any more injuries
  11. EEk has really been aggressive tonight. I thought he was a bit of a ghost last game so it's nice to see.
  12. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I was surprised about the snow, for some reason I thought you lived down south. Either way, who else is unexcited about the alleged foot of snow coming this weekend?
  13. I am actually going to order PJ's after the game tonight, so funny!
  14. Probably, but he always seem hurt more often to me and a diva by the time I was really paying attention.

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