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  1. I think this is right choice from Koivu! This is great example how Captain should act. Younger team needs leader, and even though he could/should have jump to "hunt for Stanley"- teams, he does this. Gotta respect Mikko! He really loves Wild team...
  2. Koivus effort for the team is outstanding. I give him european 10! Great job! Year after year best Wild player. The rest of the players seems to be more interested of summer games....
  3. Congrats to Granlund, can imagine how happy is he now. Trade to team where he actually can win stanley cup!
  4. Wild really needs Koivu, there is no any leader now in the team
  5. If you want to read Disney fairy tale, then Spurgeon or zooker could be Wild Captain. But back to this world, those guys are very far from leadership things...poor choices in many ways. And what comes to family guys duo Suter and Parise, they sure are fantastic Captains in the home area. Wild has already outstanding Captain Koivu so why to change it? End of this story.
  6. Hello everybody, so happy to be here! Im too from the old wild forum(different nickname).
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