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  1. I think 97 turning down the 8 year deal is a blessing in disguise. Too many players look great initially and get a bad injury that changes their game completely. Also this will giv BG time to educate Kirill about the wisdom of taking less to make winnig easier.
  2. Yea I don't think there will be as much demand for Ryan as some would think, and anyone with any speed at all will love skating by the waving stick.
  3. I keep hearing how Suter was still playing at a "high level". I'm not sure I totaly agree with that. His speed and lateral movement are gone. He can no longer handle a two on one break away and anyone with any speed at all will skate right around him. My guess they were both asked to waive the NMC and both declined, and both were told to expect a reduced role and neither liked it.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I really expected more from him.
  5. Is being a right shot forward a sure fire way to get a contract?
  6. Part of the problem this year was the unbalanced schedule. It’s hard to compare 2 teams with 30 wins each, when they never played the same opponents. A balanced schedule, each team plays the rest of the league once at home once away, in each half of the season. That way you don’t end up with what happened to the wild this year. the wild played most of their games with st.Louis at the end of the year when st.Louis was healthy. an even schedule would remove that. then seed them #1 against #16 and down the line.
  7. NHL will probably never go to Europe because the Owner’s are too short sighted to overlook the travel cost. And to be clear I don’t really think viewers as a whole dismiss Canada teams as much as you think. All I care about is a quality game.
  8. You may want to check your stats. Americans are 2nd on the list of players having as many as everyone else besides Canada. Hockey is Canada’s game, but the NHL is watched by more Americans.
  9. I certainly hope they go for a true first line center, and a right handed one at that. This team has been hamstrung by its lack of right handers for too long.
  10. Yes if you were a GM, however we are talking about the dumpster fire Sabers. So my guess is they will trade him to Boston for NOT ENOUGH.
  11. Yes, Huala, Tuch disaster that Vegas loves, Leddy traded for Cam Barker?, Greenway, still a question mark. Ek is an awesome 3rd maybe 2nd line center, Dumba, waiting to see if the Haula/Tuch debacle was worth it. And the money and term given to Parise / Suter contracts has been the saddle that every GM after has been trying to get out of. So yes, don't trust your GM with the future.
  12. I think really the best plan is for the Sabres to call Chuck Fletcher and see which player he'd take. And then be sure to do the opposite. I think this would be great advice for every NHL GM for every decision they need to get right.
  13. The wild’s hands are tied with this contract, however just because he plans on being here and playing, doesn’t mean he will. It’s clear that BG and Evanson are running this team now. Zach may not want to admit it, but the healthy scratches were probably very good for him. The Wild need to scratch their regulars more often to find their depth.
  14. Or make the players learn from their mistakes, learn how to play playoff hockey, learn how to defend and find a true goalie.
  15. This is the most promising year for the wild in a long time. when you realize that BG’s worst move was Bugstad as a rental, sends a lot of confidence in our GM.
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