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  1. When I watch preseason games I look for 3 things. Style of play, that should be set by the coaches. Who looks good and who looks bad. In the wild I didn’t see anyone stand out, good or bad. Usually the ahlers stand out as not belonging. The style of play, for the most part, was a little slow and passive.
  2. I didn't get to see the whole game, but what I saw left me unimpressed. Parise seemed motivated, but I didn't see much from anyone else. The new guys looked lost or over matched. The style of play unchanged. Lose the puck, wait for Dallas to make a mistake or turnover. Very little forecheck, especially from the regulars. Let's hope they noticed how well an aggressive forecheck worked for Winnipeg and Vegas last year.
  3. I am in a wait and see position right now. I don't really expect a lot, based on our free agent signings, but hope the style of play will change enough to make up for the lack of talent.
  4. Gaborik was also one of those guys that floated around the blue line waiting for a pass for the breakaway opportunity. As far as playoff scoring, we could improve if coach starts demanding a more aggressive forecheck. One player trying to pressure two defenseman is a recipe for disaster. Players like Nino must be willing to hit someone, Mikko must drive all the way to the end boards if he is the second player into the zone. There are many examples of play that could be changed by coaching a slightly different skeem.
  5. I didn’t have any trouble with Cullen after the 2/3rd part of the season. I actually thought he was better than koivu, and given his age and contract he was a fair deal. Expecting a player like cullen to be a pounder is a mistake. Players should play to their strengths, not weaknesses.
  6. I really think the wild’s season will turn on the play of Eek, Kunin, Greenway and goaltending. The vets are what they are, probably no surprises from them. I haven’t seen greenway much, but not impressed yet. I thought kunin was better than Eek before they went to minors, but then got hurt right away. If the new crop of young guns play well, we’ll be ok.
  7. Well we kind of changed coaches. The first year of Boudrou, he coached until playoff time, after that it seemed we had the same coaching as when Yeo was here. I am interested to see which coach we get this year. The coach that rolled 4 lines for 2 periods and then played the hot hands in the 3rd, or the coach that played the highest paid whether they produced or not.
  8. Yes that is the problem, however you can change the way you do things with the same team. Be more aggressive on the forecheck. Stop breaking up good lines to “get someone going”. They can get themselves going or find a different role to fill. Stop wasting overtime with players not suited to that game.
  9. Let’s remember Russo speculated the possibility of a nmc/ntc. I have’nt seen anything showing it.
  10. If he does his books the way the govt does, not making your projected profit equals a loss.
  11. Even if they had taken giroux they would have tied to make him a checking defense first forward until his skills and offensive drive disappeared.
  12. That is so funny because it is so true!
  13. Well I am just hoping that under a new GM this crap changes. If not maybe I'll sign up for the NHL package and find a new team to follow.
  14. I totally forgot about gaborick walking away for nothing! Far and away the begining of the end. I'm not sure if it was a true trade rumur or just fantasy, but I remember a rumur of a trade, gaborick at his peak for the rookie sadin twins. If that was real it would have been a steal.
  15. Yes you can't just iron fist them all Mike Keenan, but you can send the message. And if a players temperment is that soft they probably aren't cut out for the NHL.

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