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  1. It’s so sad that so many of those players were either played out of position, or told to play a different game from what made their career.
  2. Ok my bad. But of the 3 skaters under 190 , how many pulled regular minutes. My main point was St. Louis was built for playoff hockey. It seems St. Louis always picks size for the tie breaker between 2players.
  3. If the cheerleaders think St. Louis’s success was a “get in and see what happens “ moment , they’re nuts. St. Louis was built for platoff hockey. Their smallest regular player weighs in at 190 lbs. players not timid about taking the body. A coach who got them to by in on solid defense. Balanced scoring. All that requires patience and a plan. Something the wild lack.
  4. Of all our up and comers in the near future, I only see kunin playing center above the 3rd line. The rest are 3rd or 4th liners. Unfortunatly without more right hand shooters, kinin will be forced to play wing. I was really hoping Fenton would package a bunch of these marginal players with draft picks for players with more upside.
  5. I will agree with you on Fenton being worse than Flecher, so far. I hope he is smart enough to learn from his mistakes. Had he bargained out conditional draft picks with the trades he made, we would be having a different discussion. I do think Zuccareloe was the only bigger name he could talk into coming here and it cost a nmc.
  6. Yes I do think the nmc was zuccarellos idea. I think he could have gotten the same money or close elsewhere but the nmc was the candy to get him. I doubt I would have gone that way but I think CL needed a highly recognizable name be signed. Imo not what this team needs at this time.
  7. I think Fenton has done about all he could. Zuccereloe has a good recognizable name, should sell jerseys. Probably had to give the nmc just to sign him as no other big name wants to come here. Everything else is who he could get to come here. Sometimes you have to take what you can get.
  8. I agree with you to point. I just don’t see too many guys smaller than 5’ 9”. 175lbs making it long term. Yes there are exceptions. I also don’t really care for the 6’ 4” 170 lb guys just not enough muscle. Too top heavy.
  9. My only question is can we pick up another right handed dman. Perhaps trade brodin for another righty or can hunt play both sides.
  10. That’s a 20 lb difference. Not even close
  11. Sounds promising. Not a pipsqeeck not a hulk. Wait and see?
  12. I ‘m going to side with fargo to a point. This board has gotten a little on the negative side. Let’s give this Brody the time he needs and see where he shakes out. But if fenton can learn from his mistakes and not pull another johanson pick I’ll give him a chance.
  13. I’m just happy Fenton didn’t draft some kid at 5’8” 160 lbs. at least Boldly has the legitimate size to excell in the nhl.
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