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  1. Losing to a team that is trying to tank would be really embarrassing! So that is what they will probably do!
  2. It makes sense when you consider the only A's are a 3rd line winter and a rookie defenseman. All the B's are second line players on top team. If they were going to go anywhere they would need a lot of A's.
  3. How much of Suter’s play is above expectations or is it that he was so bad last year. To me he is playing about as expected. I do think when his toi was down he had a little more pep in his step.
  4. I think soucy’s play really shows the importance of spending a year in the minors playing a really important major role. Being thrust into critical situations where you are not in over your head really gives a player a better chance to improve his game. I think guys like Eek, greenway, kunin, donato, fiala would benifit from playing a major role in the minors for a month or two. Unfortunately that won’t happen anymore.
  5. Above expectations, definitely soucy, if you didn’t know better you wouldn’t think he is a rookie. Brodin, when he decides to skate the puck out he really looks good. Foligno looks like our next captain, does what he needs to do and does it well, always positive, always supporting his teammates. Below, definitely dumba, spurgeon,zuccerelo, donato I really expected more out these guys and while they show flashes of what we expect there is no consistentsy. everyone else is really pretty much what they are, aging vet, mediocre journeyman, or young not ready for prime time.
  6. Their team speed is non-existent right now. That tenasous forecheck that created the winning streak is gone
  7. Unfortunately their little winning streak while koivu was out really made it hard to get a top 3 draft pick
  8. What a reverse hit by spicy, Seattle is going to love him

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