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  1. Suter's ice time comes from him not coming off the ice. It's kind of hard for Bruce to cut his ice time if won't come back to the bench.
  2. I know it's too late to truly tank, but any position down at this point is better long term
  3. I just looked at the schedule. Minnesota has 8 games after tonight, all playoff teams. Arizona has 10 games, only 3 playoff teams.
  4. I think we should be giving extra minutes to Suter, bitteto, Rask, brown and aberg. Double shift every chance. As much pp time as they can get. Improve draft position
  5. The wild have never had scores largely because wild fans understand the need for defense. If a player shows a nack for scoring but doesn’t play defense fast enough he’s sent packing or usually put on the 4th line until he learns his lesson. And when his skills deteriorate, he’s labeled a wash out. We have this going on now with Fiala. How long until he’s put on the 3rd or 4th line until his defense improves.
  6. That could describe a lot of young talent in the league and yes he needs to be smarter with the puck.
  7. Yes he makes mistakes and has pucks stripped off his stick for a turnover, but he can dangle and isn't afraid to try. Will he be better than granlund? Not sure, maybe? He is younger and cheaper. Do I wish they got a 2nd rounder or better to go with him? You bet! But we have him and there's no going back now, so let's hope it works out for us.
  8. There are many who will always look for the positive. I like to see the positive, but I am also a realist.
  9. No he probably shouldn't be out there as a first option. But I think he sucks and is a liability is too much. Yes he's slow, yes his lateral movements are gone, yes he coasts trying to extend his ice time. But his positioning is still good and he does have good size. The overtime goal is not all on him, kunnin got caught puck watching and should have been keeping track of his man. But there is a strange trend in the decisions on how and who plays. Hopefully next year will be different.
  10. They said that because the wild had the puck it didn't matter?
  11. My point is that maybe if they gave stalock a start, where he came in with the game even, maybe once every 9 or 10 days both goalies would be better. But we'll never know because they won't try it.
  12. Do you suppose NY thought to themselves, oh boy one of us gets to score a goal, when they saw Suter and Staal on the ice for overtime
  13. Because you always start your 2 slowest guys for 3 on 3
  14. I can always tell when the game is kind of neutral just by reading the messages on the board. If it's an exciting game there is a lot exclamation points. If it's bad, a lot of bit,,ing. And if it's kind of neutral like tonight there's more talk of dinner, snow blowers and crock pots
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