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  1. I heard it Barzel grumpy about him.
  2. I’m not sure if the passing to Brodin was before the rib injury, but if after the injury I could see why someone else should be passing.
  3. I think they signed Bugstad as a cheap Right handed shot. RH shots seem to be very hard to find. Fleury cost us a player that had no intention of playing for us. Bringing in Fleury allowed him to trade Kahkonen for Jacob Middleton. This makes the Kahkonen move look so much better.
  4. I would not mind signing an ageing star, if it was for a role player position to possibley move up occasionaly. However the Wild are not at that stage yet.
  5. I’m trying to think what would BG’s worst move be? Signing Bugstad?, he’s still pretty cheap. Golgoski? When healthy and rested he’s OK. Maybe dragging his feet on signings last summer cost him some player options? However after listening to the Dan Berrero interview Guerin hinted that the locker room issues were NOT solely Suter and Parise. Maybe losing some of last year’s players wasn’t such a bad thing. So what has been Bill Guerin’s worst move?
  6. Dumba’s shot has changed since the peck injury. His backswing is higher than it used to be. Not sure if that is the reason, but he needs to work on it.
  7. Were those contracts signed in the same year? Salary inflation is real. A 6 million player in 2015 would get much more 3 - 4 years later. At the time and age of Dumba it looked pretty good, thinking he would improve. The peck injury really seems to have set him back.
  8. Pretty sure we will have 1 more year of Dumba. Hopefully they can get him to lay off the giat hits and fighting. he also needs to go back to his short backswing slap shot. As far as wieghing salary into play peformance, it's a salary cap league. Performance for pay always needs to be considered. I'm not sure Spurgeon earned all his pay this year either. It was an uncharecteristic year for him. I hope they can find the money for Middleton though, not a superstar but seems very dependable.
  9. I finlly was able to watch Bill Guerin's end of the year press conferance and noticed how relieved he was " to finaly be able to do the things that we wanted to do". Was that an admission that the coaches did not have the final say in how the yeam was run.
  10. I think this off season will come down to one overall strategy. Who the Wild feel is a bargain. Do they want Fleury? Yes,for the right price. Will he take what they can afford, I doubt it. He really isn’t any better than Talbot. Can they afford Fiala? Probably not. I think they will trade him away for an up and comer, just like the way they got him for Granlund. Benn, Bugstad, goodbye, goodluck. Dewar, Dlo if the price is right. If they can trade Dumba and Fiala it would really help free them up for more options.
  11. I’m not as hard on Dumba as a lot of posters are, however I do believe he needs a pay cut to stay with this team. He is not the player that the team hoped he would turn into.
  12. I saw those reported injuries elsewhere, and if true explains a lot of his play. If true management should have reconsidered his ability to play.
  13. Vegas started out as the poster child of how to start a franchise and has mucked it up worse every year along the way. Trying to bring in the “big name” guys to get them over the top. Firing an awesome coach as a scapegoat. Bringing in even bigger “ big name “. Now firing another good coach. I can’t think why anyone would want to go there.
  14. Just an observation, that perhaps st.Louis noted as well, Fiala’s line didn’t take off until Boldy arrived. Did St.Louis take away Boldy’s game thereby negating Fiala? why did they stick with Duhaime, who was invisible for 4 games and not try Bugstad?
  15. Pretty easy analalsys? I thought starting Fleury was amistake as well, prefering a rotation for 2 older goalies. Fiala's dissapearance wasn't unprecedented. The coaching decisions/mistakes were made well before the season. Everyone knew that the Wild were unable to juggle lines, as they relied on chemestry not structure. Evanson really had little flexability to make line adjustments. The special teams issue was season long, showing just enough improvement to stop a total rebuild. In my opinion the only way to keep a player like Schenn from targeting small guys is
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