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  1. Yea, other than the random games giving up soft goals and juicy rebounds, he’s a vezina candidate.
  2. The only controversy I see is that dubnyk is ordained the automatic starter. I think with the way he is playing, he is just another backup goalie. so rotate both your backup goalies evenly until one proves worthy.
  3. The trend I have noticed is that each goalie plays well for 2 games followed by a game of giving up soft goals or juicy rebounds. In any event neither goalie right now appears to be the long term solution.
  4. I think after Dubnyck's mediocre play in his last game and Staylock's play last night it is time for the alternate every game rotation. If either truly shows he is #1 then change, but right now I don't see one better than the other.
  5. Here is my prediction. No one currently on this team wins a Stanley Cup while on this team. Matt Dumba, Jordan Greenway, Luke Kunin will be ready for retirement before this team is cup ready.
  6. I think kunin would get a better look as a 2C if he could figure out how to win more than 47% of his faceoffs. Until someone, anyone, can win faceoffs reliably we are stuck with koivu.
  7. Dubnyk was much better against San Jose in relief. The juicy rebounds in front were gone.
  8. I watched the game this morning. Horrible on most accounts. Valiant effort at the end, but pretty miserable performance before that. After San Jose went up 4-1 they seemed to lay back and coast, unfortunately the wild were so inept at passing they weren't really able to take full advantage of it. The officiating wasn't that great either, a lot of stuff should have been called both ways. Dubnyck did play well in relief, especially his rebound control. The line of Eek, kunin, Greenway was strong, especially greenway's ability to hold the puck while being checked. I am not sure if the Wild came back, or San Jose folded.
  9. And if kakonen comes in and is the worst thing anyone ever saw, do they double down on dubnyk? this club probably would.
  10. I wanted them to package everyone they could with the pitiful prospects we have for as many draft picks as possible. when there’s no one left the nmc’s will want out.
  11. I would take that trade. Rask really hasn’t shown anything to make me think he will improve or contribute in a meaningful way. maybe tafoli can help, and we definitely need more right handers.
  12. Yeah, they got up 3_0 and started letting Dallas skate through the neutral zone with speed, untouched.
  13. Will this team ever learn that the best way to protect a lead is to keep doing what got you the lead in the first place.

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