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  1. I would prefer the Wild be sellers rather than buyers. If we pick anyone up who is worth a crap we will need to protect them from the expansion draft. Rather see us trade away for some high end prospect, or someone ineligable for draft.
  2. Quite frankly I don't see Zack do anything that Sturm, Rau,and the rest of the AHL graduates don't do at a fourth the price.
  3. Hard not to be apathetic when any injury really devastates a team. Early year struggles disapear when Zuccerelo comes back. Foligno goes down and the struggles start again.
  4. Just relly shows how much lack of depth this team has. No Foligno, no Fiala No Good.
  5. I hope Bally sports reads this. Man I miss Gigi, or just about anyone other than Wes Walz.
  6. That's the tough part of athletics. Competitive players always feel they're the guy. That's what makes them"the guy". Then when time passes them by, it's hard to except. Ask any older guy how hard it was to except getting old. The difference is that day comes earlier for athletes.
  7. So I read the article and kind of disagree with some of it. I'm not convinced that Greenway is less expendable than Dumba or Soucy. I did forget about Foligno as he has been out for awhile. The ideal problem solver would be to get Parise and Suter to realize that Seatle relly wouldn't take them anyway, so for the good of the team, waive the NTC.
  8. Ah yes I forgot about that one. I thought I saw 8 skaters and 1 goaltender. My biggest question is, which forward would you rather have over a dumba/soucy combo? Right now I feel either of those 2 would be taken over everyone not on my first lst of 8
  9. So what is everyone's idea on the expansion draft protection list. Assuming we can get Parise to waive his NMC. Do we protect 8 and a goalie, or 7 and 3 defensmen? My thinking right now would be, Fiala, Kaprisof, EEK, Zuccerelo, Brodin, Spurgeon, Dumba, Soucy, and Suter, only because we have to, and Kakonen. I really don't see any of the forwards that indispensable right now. So what did I miss.
  10. I just hope they figure out that Gigi is sooo much better then Wes Walz. Oh wait just about everyone is better than Walz.
  11. I hope so, even if he isn't a world beater offensivley, he needs to be dependable in the faceoff circle. I re watched the wild game from the 7th and noticed a little more body movement in their PP. Maybe that is their missing link.
  12. Totaly agree on Suter, I hope he realizes that Soucy is knocking at his door. If Soucy could learn how not to take a penalty Suter would roll to a 3rd defensive pairing. But I still think the wild need a much better center than what they have available.
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