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  1. There are so many more reasons for this wild team to lose this series than there are to win. Better draft all the way through if they win the lottery. Better positioning going into next year. Whoever lasts longest in the playoffs will have a short turnaround for next year. A chance to come into next year completely fresh, a whole new look. This is a chance to tank without a real “disaster of a season tank“. lose 3 games tank, not like the red wings tank.
  2. Last year we questioned fiala’s decisions as well. If he can improve his skating I think the rest will come. I just don’t know if he can improve his skating enough.
  3. After watching him play the last 2 games, I don’t think I would bring him back unless he could improve his skating. I’m not sure if he is overweight or just slow, but his skating is really holding him back.
  4. I haven’t seen a lot of mayhew but what I did like was his patience with the puck and the ability to see where he can go to stay out of trouble. I am so tired of watching players panic every time they touch the puck.
  5. But do you like him more than mayhew at wing and donato at center. because I don’t see him doing anything.
  6. So in the first game or two reports came out about Galchenyuk not being able to skate well enough for the NHL. So I said, give Chuckie a chance to show what he can do. Now I've seen enough. This is my impression of him. It looks like he has the size and hand skills to play. While not fast he really isn't slow. He doesn't seem to be very quick or have lateral movement. But he really doesn't skate any worse than Eric Stahl or Mikko. So my question is, is he just lost on what to do, or is he just going through the motions and waiting for next year. If he is that lost, why play him as much as they do? If he's just coasting, why play him at all. I say move him to the 4th line and give Donato his spot. Am I off base with this, what do the rest of you think.
  7. I agree with you on Mayhew, he can take galchenyuk's place, because he is doing nothing.
  8. Ok, I have seen enough of galchenyuk, let him walk at the end of the season.
  9. Do you really think the players don’t realize that while they could make the playoffs, and their goalie could play out of his mind and steal a series or two to get to the finals, and their opponent could lose both their goalies, it probably won’t happen. I mean I’m pretty good at what I do, but I know I am not the best. I think they know it too.
  10. No, I think he just doesn't want to do a relocate for a few months.
  11. I only got to watch about 10 minutes last night and about half of galchunyeks first game. The 10 minutes I watched last night he looked awful. Did the rest of the game improve, more than just the goal?

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