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  1. I agree with you totally. Problem is when you have a players like Staal,Kunin,Suter,Parise,Spurgeon,Brodin,Zucker,Donato etc....who is going to jump in if those guys are on the ice during a cheap shot? with the speed of the game against Calgary or Jets you throw foligno to settle up and you end up with a turtle and an instigator and a goal down. Teams like jets and flames will police EVERY line. Touch Gaudreau, guys were all over Pateryn. run Kunin, Dumba or anyone else? Nothing.
  2. I am very interested in this game. Can Fehr,Foligno and Staal maintain last nights hustle? Or will the speedy wingers fly past suter? Hopefully young kids will continue to score and not make Wild chase the game.
  3. As much as I would love that, goon hockey will play into the flames hands.
  4. Exactly Rotty. Sounds far fetched except if you’ve followed the team for a few years.
  5. How would you arrange the PP?
  6. My question is can the Wild win a game without Dumba?
  7. No clue how to get a lane on PP. It looked like they could pass it around on PP all night. I guess that’s why they are the champs.
  8. The Wild are all Tuckerd from reading all those reviews of their brilliant road trip. ( which Doobs saved the day every game)
  9. The Wild are all Tuckerd from reading all those reviews of their brilliant road trip. ( which Doobs saved the day every game)
  10. Penalties will kill us. Caps nearly always score. The Wild needs to play a really tight and sound defensive game, be patient and get the Caps frustrated. Hard to get in on the forecheck if your playing like that though. Are the Wild capable of carrying the puck in? Not sure how effective dump and chase will be.
  11. I just saw a stat that in 2015 the three leading scorers on the Wild was Parise, Coyle,Nino!!!! What the hell happened????
  12. Doubtful Iowa is an option for a 5 million player. Someone on here would know better than I but I believe two way contracts are for newer fringe guys like Seeler and Greenway?

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