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  1. We would be a better team if Nino and Charlie were going, right? So as long as we are winning as a team, why not try to help them get going by putting them in good situations. The more guys we can "get going" the better. If we start losing again, then we will need to shift gears to get the wins. But for now, let's give them chances.
  2. I think they need to convince Nino to start hitting again like he used to. The number official hits is about half of what he did 2-3 years ago. He can start there. Go hit someone, Nino!
  3. Seems like the team is playing pretty well right now. Dubnyk looking strong, solid defensive play, contributions from all over the roster. Some guys have not scored yet, if we can get them going, things should be even better right? As far as the playoffs go, if you've watched the past few years, we look faster, not slower, but we get pushed around. The trade-off for dropping Cullen was to add some toughness. Let's face it, Cullen was not going to scare/hit anyone, a true gentleman. That is one example of how we should be tougher. I think we have a chance to have a good playoff run. That being said, you have to make the playoffs first. Looking good so far and if we can get guys like Nino and Ek to actually hit the back of the net, it should only get better.
  4. Coyle seems to be playing hard and getting some results. Nino, I don't understand. He used to play with grit and some speed for his size, but he now falls over a lot and never blasts anyone. I would like to see him put on the checking line to go out with a mission to hit, forget the damn puck for a while. See if that invigorates him a little. Right now, he is adding nothing to this team. Also, Greenway falls over way too much. He needs to get a better base. 6'6" must be tough, but he's got to figure it out.
  5. I've noticed quite a few BS calls so far this season. It's caught my attention. The Wild seem to be getting the short end of the stick in almost every game. Maybe we should track the penalties and call them bs or fair as we go forward and see what the number show. The total penalties for vs against go beyond statistical error. I think it's something to watch. The good news is that statistically speaking, we should start seeing that disadvantage tilt in our direction.
  6. Staal - 32 Zucker - 30 Niederrieter - 25 Parise - 25 Granlund - 25 Coyle - 20 Dumba - 16 Koivu - 15 Ek - 15 Greenway - 10 Spurgeon - 10 Foligno - 10 Suter - 5 Brodin - 10 Brown - 5 Kunin - 0 Kloos - 0 Fehr - 5 Hendricks - 5 Read - 0 Rau - 0 Seeler - 2 Pateryn - 1 Prosser - 0 Pateryn - 1 Total 266 An improvement by 13 goals. I believe they will focus on cutting down goals as well and improve from 232 down to 220. A net positive of 25 goals. That will be a great season and will be in the top 10 for the league.
  7. I think we need 270 goals (up 17from last year) and allow 220 (down 12 from last year. League was 296 and 203 respectively. My tally comes pretty close to this on goals for (Staal 30, Zucker 30, Nino 25, Parise 25, Granlund 20, Ek 15, etc...) I think we can do it if we get full years out of these guys and maybe a couple of young guy surprises. I think we can cut down on the goals against too. We added some grit and with any luck, we will get more PP opportunities. Our numbers are not terrible, in fact they could be very, very good. I am going to go into the season with high hopes. We are in Minnesota after all!!!
  8. I know, right? Just trying to get a fair but not-so-negative post going, but this is a tough crowd. Seems like the changes folks want with the team/org. on this board are never enough. I have to say, I may be crazy, but I have a feeling we will be pleasantly surprised this year. Just a gut feeling.
  9. Also, I think it's safe to say that Las Vegas will take a step back.
  10. Let's look at teams that should improve and those who should slide. St. Louis seems to have improved their roster, I don't see the same as I look at probable line combos from: COL, DAL, CGY, EDM, CHI, SJS, LAK, NAS, WPG, ANA. I don't see that any of them have really done a lot to improve their roster. Some of those teams are already really good, but I don't see anyone leapfrogging the WIld this year with the exception of STL. Change my mind.
  11. Yes, I do, can't be any worse than Cullen no matter who you put out there. Probably the softest bottom 6 in the league. BB needs to push the bottom 6, big time. Got to see some big hits.
  12. This is the good stuff! Let's talk about what can be done to maximize what we have.
  13. So let me understand the viewpoint of most here. We are a good team, made playoffs 6 straight years, no easy feat. We are a bad playoff team. We have changed coaches. We have spent to the cap, possibly to undeserved players, but ownership will spend. Our problem is elite players need 1 or 2 of them. Very stable roster, but this roster won't get it done in the playoffs. We don't have assets to use in acquisition of eilte players. So we are good, but not good enough. No assets, so can't do anything about it. So the only option is to completely tank for 1 draft pick. How is this prudent? I think you have to keep plugging along and one year, maybe you catch lightning in a bottle. I really think "tanking" is an absolutely terrible idea. The last time we had a team tank (North Stars in late 80's) no one would show up to the games and they move to Texas. Those top picks (Modano and Lawton), one was HOF the other was not even close. Why not focus on real things instead fantasyland. We needed tougher guys, I think they have done that. Cullen for example, provided absolutely no toughness, he was a waste of time. Pominville, the same. Now we need the guys we have and brought in to deliver that toughness, especially in the playoffs. I expect a much-improved 3rd and 4th line. The top 6 are really the same, but hopefully a healthy season. My biggest complaint is Dubnyk. He can be very good, but he also crushes our team with soft goals. If you all remember Jon Casey, he was the same thing. He could stand on his head and be amazing only to let up soft goals at the worst times. He made it to the Stanley Cup as our #1. My fantasyland dream would be that Dubnyk can do the same. Your turn.....
  14. 2 choices, give up or keep trying. I would prefer to keep trying all the while looking to make a splash at the deadline. Elite center or Elite goalie. I figure we might as well try to make a splash and if it fails, who cares, no worse for the wear. I think you probably are the same, just won't admit it. Why else would you post so much on the board?

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