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  1. @OccamsRazor it is highly unlikely that they would trade Ghost, he is one of the most valued players in that team, along with Giroux, Voracek, and others. They are a great team all around, and i can honestly say that if they ever lost one of those guys, this team would frankly cease to exist merely because Giroux, Voracek, and Ghost really seem like they are the backbone of this team, so it would be a real shame to see one of them go. Just my opinion.
  2. @Jam1986 Oh ok, sorry !! My bad !! I thought you were being serious !!
  3. @Jam1986 When you say Ghost, do you mean Gostisbehere ? Please no !! I love Gostisbehere !! Him and Giroux are two of the best players on the team, not to mention they make a wicked team !!
  4. @ruxpin No, it’s ok. I didnt mean to be rude .. I felt like I was being rude, and I’m sorry about that...
  5. @ruxpin You didnt offend me at all !! I’m sorry if I made it seem that way ... and yes I have been a Flyers fan for a long time ... I just honestly didnt know who that was, that’s all ...
  6. @ruxpin Are you talking to me ? If so, I’m afraid I dont know what you are trying to say ... No offense and I’m sorry if I came across as rude
  7. @hf101 i don’t even know who that is ... Lol
  8. Poor Giroux is trying to understand why his teammates are treating him so meanly. Lol. Chin up, G, we love you !!
  9. G enjoying a group hug in victory of a goal !! Go ahead G, you deserve this one !!
  10. Claude Giroux ( 28 ) having a good laugh with teammates !!

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