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  1. 5-6 seasons and we'll be competitive again...doubtful about being playoff bound though.
  2. Lets face facts here though...Buffalo will still be a bottom feeder even with Hall.
  3. I agree. However, he's got to learn to respect players and appropriately treat them with respect otherwise he ain't getting another shot .
  4. Assistant level is gonna have to be his next stop
  5. I think in retrospect this was long overdue. Babcock treats his players like hot garbage. Simply can't be having that in today's game.
  6. “Are goalies overvalued in today's game?” This is a great question in today’s cap-era. I believe they are critical and highly valued in today’s modern fast pace game. However, I do think you have to remember that it’s just a few teams that overpaid their goaltenders. This clearly isn’t the norm throughout the league – these are outliers. I believe due to the stats alone of these goalies means organizations will learn and there won’t be a trend to shell out $8+ million to starting goalies. I agree with the question of how much a starting goalie is worth and what’s his v
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