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  1. I say move EEk back to Center and keep Greenway on the wing. Nino the other forward. I'd shop Nino. I didn't watch the games but reports were he had a great World Chamionship tournament. He has positive attributes. I can't believe there's no interest in him around the league.
  2. Depends on priors but easily two. BUT you can see Dimiao could be called the aggressor. Stupid play by Dimiao, he got what he deserved. Thanks for the link! I'd never seen that play before!
  3. I think the large majority of the fans do understand that simple idea, it isn't some great insight. And if you asked the people in the Wild organization, from the towel boy to Leipold, I think you'd get the same answer. Of course the Wild organization is promoting their product but I don't remember anything about them being a legit Cup Contender. Play the games, see what happens! As far as constantly whining about past tradesby people who are no longer with the orgnanization and repeating the obvious over and over and over - there's a fix for that. The "Ignore" button.
  4. Mikko had an excellent game against Nash. Not because he got an easy goal but because he won a lot of very key face-offs, was involved offensively and escellent defensively. I am far from a Mikko fan, but I'm not such a hater I can admit he had a very good game. Hope there's more! With MiG and Parise, there might be. I'm writing off Nino. He's clueless out there. I hope BB figures it out and leaves Coyle with Big E. and Zooker.
  5. AZ was one of the best teams in the West the last 30 games last season. The Wild easily could get beat by the young, fast AZ team. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. I expect the Wild to win but I hope the team doesn't have your attitude or they're going to get beat.
  6. Whiners and haters whine and hate. That's what they are. Wild played very well tonight. Beating Nashville at home is a huge task and the Wild were in this game, just not quite good enough.
  7. Did you watch the first few games before BB moved MiG back to Mikko's wing? Neither of the Top 2 lines was worth a chit. But no doubt MiG is the most skillfull puck handler and distributer amongst the Wild's forwards. Hugely important for the Wild he plays well.
  8. Walz just nailed it - if the Wild plays like it did tonight for the rest of the season they will win many more games than they lose.
  9. The old goats - Parise, Suter, Mikko - were the best players on the team along with MiG. And Dumba. Playing with weak sister Brodin is negating Spurgie, unfortunately. And for the people who made the stupid claim Spurgie is a better Dman than Suter, or Dumba, for that matter - have you been watching Spurgie when he's not Suter's partner? MUCH less impact on the game. Still a good player but MUCH less effective. And Dumba is looking like a stud as Suter's partner. What a coincidence!
  10. IMO that was the Wild's best game of the year. The Chi game was a Win but against an inferior team. Koivo and MiG had an excellent game. When BB FINALLY moved Coyle to RW with Big E. and Zooker that line played much better. Another clueless game by Nino. Brodin has been a weak link all season long, too, IMO. We're finally seeing Dumba make the big jump to being an impact player. Fehr is a tough old war horse but when he's your 3rd Line Center your 3rd Line is just another 4th Line. The WIld's 4th Line is non-existent, you just hope they don't get scored on.
  11. I don't have a dog in this fight, I dislike Van a lot and Fla a little. IMO that was a very dirty play, easily worth a two game suspension. Finishing the check no big deal but it's easy to see Matheson slammed Petterson to the ice. VERY dirty, dangerous action.
  12. Doobie's been outstanding. His play turned blow outs into Loser Point games for the Wild. I thought Suter looked tentative the first couple games, then played great the third game vs Chi. The Carolina game just sucked with all the penalties. Only Doobie was worth a crap.
  13. Based on the first 4 games this looks like an easy 4-1 range Win for Nash. But it's hockey, and hockey is a flukey game, so who knows?
  14. I think it's pretty clear the Wild is missing a true Top 2 Line offensive Center. Give Mikko 15 mins a night with Nino and Coyle on the Wings or one of the young guys, EEk or Greenway, and just leave them alone to play responsible defensively, grind and bang, and I think you'd have a very good 3rd Line. The problem is the huge hole at #2 Center. By default we're stuck with Mikko. He used to be a substandard #1 Center, now he's a substandard #2 Center! Wouldn't it be wonderful to see him in the correct role for a change?! It's getting tougher and tougher to deny Coyle and Nino are nothing more than good 3rd Liners.

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