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  1. I should have posted what I thought was fair and likely - 5 years, $6 mil per, $30 mil total. I have to think Zucker's contract had a bearing on this deal. If I was a Wings fan I'd be happy.
  2. Yes, they definitely had some talent, they did win the Stanley Cup after all. E. Stall never was a "Super Star". That year, as a very young player, was actually his career year. For many years after that he was just a very good player on what was usually a very poor team. Neither were any of the other guys you named. Not even close IMO... Unless for some silly reason you think longevity = greatness/Stardom. For a few years Recchi was a "Star" a long, long time prior to that Carolina Cup win, when he was on great teams with true SuperStars. By the Carolina days he was just an aging Vet, a trade deadline guy, jumping team to team. As was Weight - an aging Vet. Recchi and Weight were brilliant Trade Deadline moves by Rutherford, but their days of being even regular Stars were long past. That's why Carolina quickly dropped after that miracle season for them. Eric Lindros was a Super Star. Brind A'mour was never in that class. He was always highly respected and an excellent all around player but never close to a "Super Star."
  3. Hasn't been. That doesn't mean he won't be or can't be.. Hate on him all you want, but at times he's been an excellent player.
  4. Tell that to Matt Cullen and the Carolina Hurricanes. And many of those "superstars" only became "superstars" AFTER. their team won the Cup.
  5. That wasn't a rant against you. That was just in general. And Yes, I do believe Zucker or Coyle or Nino could become en fuego and thrill us all! I am looking for big time improvement from EEk, too. Easy to look back simplistically and wail and gnash teeth, pizz and moan, but where's the fun in that?
  6. I generally agree with this, but I don't agree that's it's impossible for the team to change, that it's impossible for a couple younger guys to step up and make it happen. Last year obviously it didn't. IMO without Suter there was no chance to beat the Ppggers anyway, As far as blaming the owner... SERIOUSLY?!?! No one wants this team to win the Cup more. But just because a team has whiney, entitled fans doesn't mean it's going to happen.
  7. Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. Zucker or Coyle could easily have a break-out Playoff series and rack up decent point totals. Staal absolutely sucked against the Peggers last year. So did MiG. So obviously they should be jettisoned. In fact the whole team except Parise and Cullen need to be dumped, because they're the only two guys who showed up. Going by a sterile games played number is a poor measure anyway. How many minutes did a guy play? IMO opinion silly to look at Zucker's previous Playoff numbers and draw some absurd conclusion that he'll never perform in the Playoffs so he doesn't deserve a long term contract.
  8. Sorry if this is being discussed somewhere else, but what do people think about a new contract for Larkin? Is it going to be big money, long term? A bridge contract? How much? Larkin is quoted as having no worries a deal will get done before Training Camp...
  9. Hi IllaZilla. What was your username on the old official Wild message board? I remember using the term suckhole and had people comment they had never heard that term used before for cherry picker players. I've seen if before in Juniors - some kids have that God given talent and nose for the net. Let's hope Sokolov turns into a Brett Hull clone. The younger Hull was criticized for being a fat, lazy player, too. That's why he was drafted so low, too. Hopefully Sokolov smartens up and shapes up. I'm very high on Greenway. IMO the kid proved last year in the Playoffs he's ready for a full time NHL gig. I love his attitude - he knows he's bigger and stronger than the large majority of players and he's perfectly willing to use that size and strength. I just wish Coyle would get that concept! Mark me down as a "meh" on Kunin, too. All the heart and desire you could ask for, but size, strength, and speed are lacking. I am NOT saying he's a bust, even with the busted knee, but he seems more like a Danny Irmen than a T.J Oshie to me.
  10. Thanks, good to re-connect with you, too. This place does remind me of the old Hockey Boards and Fanhome from way back in the early years.
  11. See you again some time Derek.
  12. Imo the guys they signed for the bottom lines were re-arranging deck chairs on Titanic. Meaningless. The team needs Zucker, Cioyle, and Nino to step up. I'm all in on Grenway. I watched him at The Ralph at U18 and was thrilled when Wild drafter hunter.
  13. Thank you! Very nice of you to say so!
  14. I totally agree that the "tanking" scheme is total hogwash fantasy. For every team that you can claim has tanked (which they probably didn't do intentionally, they just sucked naturally) I could name two teams that have sucked for years and years and still suck, despite the high draft picks - Edm, Buff, Fla, NYI, Tor. True generational talents are few and far between. Fact is, it's hard as hell to win the Cup and several years of sucking doesn't guarantee anything. Not to mention the Draft lottery. I also agree that the Wild not having a true elite Super Star is a bad thing, BUT one or two Super Stars absolutely does NOT guarantee a Cup, it takes a team and a lot of luck. Since the Wild didn't change anything, I expect next season to be very similar to the past year. But if the team gets lucky avoiding injuries, they could easily advance a few rounds in the Playoffs.

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