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  1. PP numbers so far this year for Suter and Dumba: This year Dumba thru 32 games 6G, 6A, 12 pts, in 2:43 PP TOI (35-36th for Dmen). Dumba 1st in NHL in PP Goals by a defenseman, 2 more than next best. Last year Dumba in 82 games 2G, 10A, 12 pts averaging 2:21 PP TOI. Why? Experience, better shot opportunities, a little more PP ice time, luck - all of the above probably. FTR Suter - this year averaging 2:53 PP TOI (tied for 29-30th for Dmen) has 12 points, 14th best for Dmen in NHL. Two PP goals for a Dman is tied for #5-22nd. Only four Dmen with more than 2 goals so far this year. Bottom line - the Wild currently has the 7th best PP in the NHL with Suter and Dumba getting the most PP TOI.
  2. In general, maybe. But when you start talking about Great Teams you will invariably see Great Captains. B. Clarke, Gainey, Gretz, Messier, D. Potvin, Yzerman, Sakic, Toews... Does a Leader need to have the "C" or an "A" to be a great Leader? No. But the value of having a Great Leader on a team is immense. And the large majority of those times the true Leader will wear the "C" and be the true Captain of the team. About the only thing I DON'T miss from the Lemaire years is the rotating flavor of the month "C" system. But the fact is, there was no one on those teams who really qualified for a permanent "C".
  3. Years past Dumba's defensive issues weren't caused by him channeling Bobby Orr. They were caused by ineptitude trying to play D. Often he was in bad position or failed to adequately close or maintain a gap. Often his man beat him off the wall to position in front of the net. Dumba also made numerous horrible passes to the other team in the Neutral zone or Wild's Defensive zone. Cutting down on those bone head plays is the difference. Wild Forwards didn't suddenly start covering for him this season when they didn't in years past. Wild forwards have done an excellent job covering for defensemen going deep for many, many years. Although you believe a stupid conspiracy theory like Wild Forwards will cover for Spurgie but not Dumba. The goal production has been facilitated by setting him up for the backdoor one timer and by simply giving him the green light and TOI to fire from the point on the PP. I think it's clear his better defensive play has increased his over-all confidence, leading to better point production.
  4. Experience/Age and playing lots of games with Suter end of last year and this year. Sure glad Suter called Leipold and told him to tell BB to play him with Dumba again! The Wild have been very lucky with injuries so far this year. I hope Dumba isn't hurt badly. The Wild's offense is mostly initiated from the Dmen, and Dumba is a huge driving force for that offense.
  5. They should create a meme of Suter skating back to the bench with the bloody nose and dripping blood - add the old "Give Blood! Play Hockey!"
  6. The puck sitting on their goalie's shoulder - that was insanely heart-breaking! It was kinda like old school hockey but of the three fights, there was about as much actual fighting as 1/2 of an old time hockey fight. All three fights were pathetic.
  7. Very disappointing loss. Obviously could have gone either way.
  8. I'd flip that around. You try and buy a fast car and get name and a guy who plays like a 16 yr old under pressure. Signing Fehr was like buying a full size pick-up that's getting a little old but still running good.
  9. Obviously this proves kakonen sucks. Three bad games in a row? He sucks! Just like Doobie. Carrys the team for six weeks, then has a couple bad games = proof he sucks. Even though if you watched the Tor game, for example, a blind man could see the goals weren't his fault.
  10. I won't share a bed no matter what! Unless it's with the wife, of course .
  11. Yeah, quit posting stuff that's reasoned and rational. You need to develop a nano-second memory and immediately jump to silly, irrational, emotional doomsday conclusions any time anything isn't perfect.
  12. IMO Illa's analysis is dead on, let him gain pro experience where he is unless there's an actual goalie injury. Dobbie's slump is nothing to worry about IMO. Ridiculous to rag on him for the recent Toronto fluke deflection goals. Blame Seeler if you must have a scapegoat. Every goalie has bad games occassionally.
  13. It's a given that "expert" fans will always complain that the players didn't play hard enough. Blacking Refs a distant second. And, of course, even if the goalie had no chance, he'll still be blamed. Also the Haters will rag on the team's top players, for the umpteenth time.
  14. Never been a fan of St Laurent. He's one of those guys who needs to be noticed, needs to make an impact on the game.
  15. Wes Walz was a Selke quality Center. He could put the puck into the net, too. His speed and quickness allowed him to cover even big Centers like Getzlaff and Jumbo Joe Thornton. Although bigger, I think EEk lacks a lot in comparison. I also think Greenway is going to be a Nino/Coyle type of player - good but not great. But hopefully we're wrong about both. EEk learns how to score at the NHL level and becomes a quality 2nd Line Center and Greenway becomes a true scoring Power Forward. But I'm not holding my breath...

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