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  1. Charlie is worth far more than the haters think to NHL personnel guys IMO.
  2. Read the top two posts by the hater, quoting himself. Where is a single actual action? Just more generic hate, hate, hate. Everyone sucks, sucks, sucks. The single actual action was "keep playing the Vets" and that's so stupid the hater had to contradict himself because it was patently, obviously stupid and incorrect. Other than the generic HATE HATE HATE and endless regurgitating of 20/20 hindsight btidches that are history and unchangeable, do any posters actually have some legitimate ideas, or even possible courses of action? My #1 suggestion - shop Big E. Make the call to Wpg. Be up front and tell him he isn't in the Wild's future plans. Is there anywhere else he'd be willing to go. Suggestion #2 - Shop MiG. That isn't saying give him away, very possible or even likely no one will step up and offer enough, but give it a try. Suggestion #3 - shop Fehr. He's been a very solid 4th Liner and PK guy. You'd get only a low pick but anything is better than nothing. After watching him for a year he can clearly still contribute.
  3. Without a doubt a huge NO on Little. Wpg's first will be a low 1st so that and a legit prospect, I think.
  4. I've been thinking this for a couple weeks now and Russo finally came out and talked about it before the latest 4-1 choke against NJD. Big E. definitely wants to stay in MN but there's also clearly no role for him short term. I don't think Wpg is satisfied with Little or anyone else currently on the roster as #2 Center. Scheifle is clearly a solid #1 NHL Center in his prime. Big E. as #2 guy behind him makes sense. The Staals are from Thuinder Bay, I believe. Listening to Big E. he clearly wants to live up here and raise his family. Plus he's going to a legit Contender so Wpg probably works for him personally on multiple levels.
  5. Uff. You think Rask will be a scratch? Seriously?! Thanks for stopping me from wasting any more time.
  6. Great news for the haters. Scape goat for all the Wild's failures over the years hurt. And now the Wild's chances to suck greatly increased... Double Win!
  7. Uhhh… WTF are you babbling about? I still don't know about the Rask/Mikko trade but it'll be a long time before we know. As of now I'm totally OK with it. And I definitely DON'T hate any of the recent lines, other than breaking up Parise and Coyle. But if Coyle ignites Big E. and Greenmway... Problem is the 4th Line still needs an upgrade, especially with Fehr out. And the 500lb gorilla in the room is that the Wild have zero depth on D.
  8. I saw it, too. I'm very interested in how it goes. It's like the Wild has three Second Lines and a weak 4th Line. I really hate seeing Coyle not Centering Parise after how good they've been together most of the last dozen games or however many it's been that they've been on the same line. At different times over the last few years the Zooker-Mikko-MiG line has been one of the best in the NHL. Team really, REALLY needs this line to step up. What is Fehr's story? How bad is he hurt? IMO the line-up would be a lot better with Fehr in and EEk back where he belongs in the AHL.
  9. You hate everyone on the team - why bother watching the team (IF you even do) or posting on a message board? Your list is bogus. EEK has sucked. Hendricks has hardly played. Prosser isn't an NHL-quality player. The othe guys you list have not really been the problem.
  10. Rask isn't small. I'm yet to be convinced he is a "soft" player earlier. My memory is that he's neither small or soft. Unlike the usual posters on these boards nowadays, I'm not making my mind up about him until I've seen him play for the Wild. Same for the other kid. I'm not pre-judging Rask before he even sets foot on the ice for the Wild. The other kid? He works out, great. He doesn't, so what? Cost nothing to get and minimal hit against the Cap. From my personal observation the few games of Carolina that I've watched the last few years Rask seemed like a decent player. Problem was, he's a 2nd, 3rd Liner and Carolina was/is such an absolutely chitty trainwreck of a team that they need him to a Top 2 line Scoring Center-type. I think he's a lot like a smaller Mikko kind of Center. Not as strong or as hockey smart as Mikko, but the same kind of Two Way guy. I don't give a chit about his Plus Minus considering the crap teams he played on. Nino, on the other hand. I think he was a scare crow with lots of tools but no hockey sense or brains. Ran around a lot but way too often skated the wrong way. Classic chicken with head cut off syndrome. Obviously Nino was currently a very bad fit with the Wild. Good move to get rid of his contract IMO. Will Rask contribute? I think more than Nino was. I'm OK with the trade. Not saying it's a great trade, we'll know that in a few years but right now I'm not being a Hater until I see more. No regerts seeing Nino go. Thing I think SUCKS and is a stupid move (IF they do it) is moving Coyle away from Centering Parise.
  11. Yup. This is a no lose situation. An easy, cheap way to change things up. If he really sucks, he's gone. Maybe the kid figures it out. If he does and contributes we got something for nothing. Who knows? Maybe it'll be another Doobie-esque powerball winner fluke.
  12. Ridiculous to compare Rask to Read or Hendricks. Much better player. I'm totally OK with moving Nino for Rask. But feel free to start complaint because Rask will NOT score 40 goals. He's a decent 2 way Center. Be a very good 3rd Line Center on pretty much any team. Big question is are they going to move Coyle back to RW? SOS. Same old chit, jerk him around some more...
  13. I loved Jacques Lemaire interviews! Guy told it exactly like it was, often in a hilarious manner.
  14. That was a remarkably crummy game for the Wild. What a crazy team this year. They look so solid and deep in one game, then so disorganized and ineffective the next Every team has its ups and downs but this is ridiculous.

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