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  1. *POOOOF* Guerin has granted your wish! Meet the Wild's two new Top 2 Centers: Bjugstad and M. Johanssen
  2. I agree. It wasn't his fault the Wild grossly over-paid and over-hyped him.
  3. Why not? Nothing to lose. He sucks, so what? He's decent - Great! Free player. Not like he's taking anyone's spot. The Wild has ZERO Top 2 Line Centers.
  4. I would LOVE to see the Wild get Monahan for Dumba! As far as Big E. for the soft, underperforming, underwhelming M. Johanssen. Meh. Good deal for Buff adding an experienced, classy Vet with a very reasonable contract. Johannsen is just another warm body to fill a sweater until the Wild finds some real players. Just some change for the sake of change.
  5. Here's an idea - DON'T WATCH, just go away and find another team to whine and bidtch about.
  6. All time worst, most boring half time show ever! Nasville fans into a coma! Thanks Urban for such a boing dead azz garbage song! That'll kill any crowd enthusiasm!
  7. Not too bad so far, but I hope this isn't another year where when the first reaction to a Wild PP isn't, "DECLINE THE PENALTY!!!"
  8. But I think Derrian Hatcher beat somebody up! IMO that late 90's hockey was by far the most fun to watch! I saw Joel Otto, the Bemidji Beaver skate by. I think about the Edm-Cal wars back in the day. Otto vs Messier! There's nothing like that nowadays.
  9. I went and watched the replays on YouTube. The fight didn't quite go like I remembered! Or Tkachuk vs Dirty Claude.
  10. I don't know if he'll be a decent GM but Bill Guerin was one of my favorite players back in the day. Had an all time great play in an All Time great game. Probably my second favorite game of all time - US vs Canada in 1996 World Championships. The US had a really, really great team. Guerin dropped the gloves and went after Keith Primeau. Beat the hell out of him in my memory. Then Keith Tkachuk beat the hell out of Claude Lemieux. I"ve often thought about looking for a tape of that game! And when Lemaire's NJD team won the Cup Guerin was a key guy. I hope he becomes as good a GM as
  11. I've researched exWild players many times. Crazy that so much time has passed since we were trying to guess who would be the first Wild Captain. Here's an exWild player who I thought turned out to be an above average defenseman - Andy Sutton. Huge and super raw. Lemaire played him at forward and D but Risebrough traded him too early. Was pretty good for Nashville. I don't remember if you mentioned them but Joel Ward and the defenseman Michalek went on to have good careers after a cup of coffee with the Wild. I'd say Nick Leddy would also be on the list of players mistakenly t
  12. No one who knows anything about the NHL would consider Seto a "Star " in any sense of the word or in any context relating to him and the NHL.
  13. Setoguchi was fighting a raging alcohol problem. That sad story came out a long time ago. You all apparently have a very different idea of what constitutes a "Star" or "Star Talent."
  14. Maybe. Rask was playing hurt last year. Obviously he's no PMB Peggy Fleming but a couple years ago he was a decent player. Three years ago, I think, I watched a Carolina game and he was one of their better players. He could easily turn into a solid 3rd Line Center IMO. And I like the Hartman signing. Chicago hoped for a lot more from him, like being a 2nd Liner. But he's not that good. As a 4th Liner he's going to be a stud. Very similar to the not-Nick Foligno. Big, tough, physical with decent skills.
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