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hunter wieser

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  1. @DevinWieser LET"S GO WILD, (clap, clap, clap,clap), LETS GO WILD
  2. you know if you copy and paste the whole article that is actually copywriting.
  3. no its on fox sports north tonight and on saturday night's game.
  4. ****, i have to work tonight so i might not be able to
  5. hopefully tonight's game against the Blues will go pretty good for us. we need easy wins, plus we don't need the refs being very stupid tonight. Go WILD.
  6. last nights game against the jets was a ****** cheat game by the ****** jets. so the jets can just **** off. that game pissed the **** out of me.
  7. but if anyone does recall who they were please let me know, but if staal was captain imagine how good the team could be, plus with fenton as our new gm we could possibly have a god daam good team, plus we may end up winning the stanley cup. #stanley cup in minnesota.
  8. let's hope that it will not be granlund, because two years ago he was part of the dream line, along with two other players, i don't recall who the other two were.
  9. but they are saying on wild.com that Staal may be signing a new contract sometime around mid October, so Staal could be the captain for the Wild instead of god damm Koivu. Koivu is like a (pos). he played like **** last season if you do not recall that.
  10. so, if they did not shut down the AVS forum page, does that mean that they may have not shut down the MN WILD forum website.

    1. hf101


      Nope.  They shut it down in June.  The various team pages on nhl.com are independently run.  Quite a few of the teams' websites have shut down their message boards over the last few years.  There are some still some that are running such as the Aves.  Btw - Welcome to HockeyForums

  11. @DevinWieser how about you just post the websites for the avs forums just to prove that they did not shut it down

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