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  1. Yeah was good back home now tho I’m scotland and going to watch game against Florida. Was easy to get to in the end as got metro to city hall then straight down from there. Nevwr got to see much of Philadelphia think that will be next year when plan a week there
  2. When you look at that table and with the amount of goals conceded is very worrying. To know where we are in the table and overall to be -3 is baffling to say the least. The defence need to get better if want any chance of keeping this streak going and keep going up as the forward is playing well but defence isn’t 60 goals conceded. Only 3 teams have conceded more.
  3. Elliot was immense from the first period to the last. I think In the 2nd period tho where Blackhawks finally beat Elliot but it rattled the post we knew it was going to be our day. Long may the streak continue tho.
  4. On way back to New York after the game: elliot was immense in goal today and giroux just does what he does best. Any other day tho and we would have lost that game and not won by the comfortable margin we did. Defensively we sometime look all over the place and that could be the downfall. Happy for the win tho. hopefully won’t be my last game I see live also
  5. Trying to judge how going to get there tomorrow would I be right in saying I could get the train from city hall station to AT+T station.. thats if there still on tomorrow about 11.20am
  6. Haha I’m behind the goal of that helps lol... yeah will deffo be In Philly next year for a game when I come back over again. Can’t wait.
  7. I didn’t mean during the game I meant before the game is it allowed to take videos of the atmosphere and pics of it all or is it not allowed a wouldn’t do during a game of course
  8. Question also are you allowed to take pics and videos inside the stadium when game is on or is that forbidden?
  9. Cheers vis. Been in New York now second day and walked 40,000 steps lol. Legs are paying for it now. Saturday is getting closer so going to be an amazing day none the less but a win will make it even better. Going to broadway tonight tho first with the missus lol.
  10. Shall try my best. 9pm here and got. 1hr drive to airport at 4.30am so can’t wait lol. Want to see the eagles stadium also and rocky stairs while I’m there before the big game!
  11. I’m not looking to buy a flyers and eagles top at New York. Mum at the roosevelt next to madison square garden. The mega bus stops at independence hall visitors centre.
  12. Heyy thanks for input all :) i am actually staying in New York from tomorrow to Monday, and as the flyers are at home I couldn’t miss this. Travelling there game day by the mega bus!
  13. Well this Saturday coming up will be my first time at a flyers game and can’t wait. Travelling all way from Scotland to New York then on the Saturday for the big game. Excited is a understatement. im looking to purchase a top there for the Flyers and the eagles but not sure where to buy them and roughly about the coating if anyone can help would be good thanks. Go flyers!!!!
  14. I’m sure I will but only 4 weeks to go this Saturday and I will text that atmosphere. Also can’t wait to buy my philly top also
  15. Can’t wait to get to my first flyers game in November against the Blackhawks.cant wait for the atmosphere and see giroux in the flesh!!! Im new so maybe a bit slow of messaging or replies as in Scotland sorry if so!!
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