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  1. How did we not get anything competent in trading granny, coyle, and nino. The new additions contribute as much as i do from my couch. Agree with feeling bad for Bruce, this has to be tearing him apart.
  2. Thats basically what im thinking. Suter is infuriating, that half speed crap eating all the minutes was old 4 years ago with me. You would think all of these guys would want to go to a contender and try to win a cup but it does look like a country club here. Such a mess
  3. I hope some of these lazy vets get tired of losing and waive there no trade clauses. Some of these guys i would give away for free
  4. Being a shooting gallery for the other team being the highlight of our players isnt a good sign.
  5. I still havent gotten my subscription to center ice yet. Seems like a waste of money to watch this team until they figure out this bunch needs to be blown up. Minnesota deserves so much more than this mess.
  6. I bet half there crowd is there to just see that song haha.
  7. Yeah its pretty loaded out east for sure. Calgary shouldnt scare anyone, not to say there not talented but id roll the dice as an 8 seed against them. Vegas, i still dont understand how they win. The central teams are pretty much good but not great. But the wild crapped the bed far to much to even make it.
  8. Im tired of the home record talk, they have sucked all year. Doesnt really matter why at this point. Its really to bad since the west is very winnable. The top teams are nowhere near what chicago was a few years ago.
  9. Season on the line and cant manage a single goal. Sounds about right
  10. I hope they keep Boudreau, not his fault the teams loaded with veteran slugs.
  11. 3 goals seems impossible with this bunch. Feels like they need 10
  12. Feel free to win a faceoff, good grief there getting drilled on those.
  13. Feels like another shutout. This team seems allergic to offense.
  14. Good win by the wild but it shouldnt have been that hard to score. Perfect example of why sell is the way to go. I say sell make changes and root for playoffs regardless
  15. Id rather have 20 minutes hard than 28 playing half speed. However i tend to believe he cant do that because hes slow no matter what. Aka Koivu. The country club has allowed this.
  16. Well said, been my opinion for awhile and i do / did like suter. Im of the opinion of he has value but cut his damn minutes and no more powerplay unless in a pinch
  17. Anybody having cocktails? Im sipping vodka. But its also my friday night
  18. Lets lay on our backs and take it. Its like the wild like to reverse rolls and be dominated haha. This happens everytime and sucks. I dont get it. Same thing happens

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