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  1. Thanks rotten, it was getting all too positive around here!
  2. Well... - He was out already against the Bolts, yet the Wild won. - He's at -6, the worst +/- rating in his career. - He played every game last season when the Wild were eliminated from the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. It was also the first time he's ever played every game in a season. So um... I'm going to play devil's advocate here and ask does the Wild really need him back?
  3. Speaking of which: now that Brind'amour removed Nino from Aho's line, he's back to his old self. A defensive liability who can't score to save his life. On pace for 8 goals and -16 rating... ouch. Seems like it was good for the Wild to get rid of him.
  4. I don't know Miles how you do that. They were outshot yet again. How can you expect them to win constantly when they are being outshot and outplayed so often? That winning streak was more or less a fluke thanks to unusually efficient scoring and bad goaltending by the opposing goalies. I guess many had hopes that this streak was a turnaround. This is the true Wild, a contender. But the qualities of this team don't change over night. The way guys like Aho and TT played and schooled the Wild defense... that's modern hockey. Speed, hockey sense and desire to win. The Wild has many qualities but those three I mentioned...*facepalm*
  5. Absolutely. The Wild haven't got a bad game out of him yet. With his size say like Edmundson's shot would been an easy save. I think it's obvious Stalock isn't a choice in the long run. Too inconsistent. He gives you the occasional good game, mostly mediocre games. Better than Dubnyk but that isn't much is it.
  6. Yeah, but you asked yourself what's "the biggest winning streak" they can achieve? Now it's 5 but after the next five games it'll be a 10 game winning streak. Well, after Dubnyk gets back we're back to normal. Dubnyk is the perfect tank commander.
  7. Chuck, the Wild have had in the two previous games 49 SOG and scored 9 goals! While the opponent has had 80 SOG and scored only 6 goals. More like the opposing team's goalies have been the factor (Vasilevskiy .762). Yet I think having Dubnyk out while winning hasn't been coincidental. Wild's efficiency has been phenomenal but we all know it won't continue like this. Especially for a team who's been a low scoring team for ages.
  8. Can the Wild play back-to-back a game where the opponent outshoots and outplays them yet they stick together and grind a win? They need stupendous goaltending for starters. I still have a hard time seeing NOW this roster, which essentially hasn't changed much from last years, has finally figured out how to play to compete and win, constantly.
  9. I don't know if he "loves" it but he obviously doesn't mind it either since you see him saving himself in every game. Leaving everything on the ice - when was the last time we saw Suter in that state? If a player "loves" to win, say like the SC, he sure would've asked to be traded a long time ago.
  10. The Panthers outplayed the Wild but the Wild outscored them. So the 10-game point streak is tied for second-longest in Wild history. So was CL they right - this team was only a tweak away from being a contender? And I and a few other posters wrong, they don't need a rebuild? Was that tweak getting rid of Granny, Coyle and Nino? Or was that tweak getting Zuccarello and Hartman? Or... was it replacing Dubnyk with quality netminding? Kahkonen. His 44 saves set a team record for a rookie goalie. A couple more of performances like this and the Wild can officially start shopping Dubnyk. But they better wait for his wife to recover and family can get the pieces back together. But hey @ClusterChuck, you're only a win away from getting your prediction come true?!
  11. I don't blame Suter. I was referring to Brodin's diminutive role on the PP. He has tools, giving him more PP time makes sense. And Suter giving some of his own time to Brodin makes even more sense.
  12. So does it seem like the Oils were only shy of a good coach and #1 goalie? Things look so much different after only 12 months.
  13. Hey, just pointing out the facts. Only 2 points from a wild card spot, they are destined to make it. Nah, who am I kidding...

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