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  1. I tend to think it's pretty clear at this point that: Waddell > Fenton And it's not even close.
  2. Interesting, good job JR! Some crazy trade suggestions fans are throwing. Some see very little value in him. So much negative about him... nothing going for him? What would a JP apologist say to this?
  3. So?! The star talent was there. Untalented players don't score 31 goals in a season. Abusing substances doesn't preclude having talent. Ask Theo Fleury or Grant Fuhr. I've come to the conclusion that when speaking about different ideas of anything you're in your own class. Or galaxy.
  4. If that's the word they're spreading this might have been his last gig as a GM. Sounds pretty ugly. You know, in any case it doesn't look good on your CV. You get your first GM gig at 59 years of age, in a year you get fired. Many takers for a fired inexperienced 60 year old GM? Well, maybe some "director of some development yada yada" position falls in to his lap, who knows.
  5. I can certainly agree to disagree with you on this.
  6. Sarcasm from the beginning to the end. But I'll bite. IMO Scott was an overrated thug. He never faced anyone special, wrong decade. McSorley was a nutcase, the Flyers in the 80's could've been a good home for him.
  7. Hockey is life, life is hockey. You can't always divide those two. He took time to wrote that article; no need to jump on him.
  8. Things are looking much better for the Devils, at least on paper. Despite some missing pieces on their roster. Would you tip them now as a candidate to make the playoffs in 2019-20?
  9. Yeah, the HOF voting panel has become a joke, who knows. If the criteria is "we need to get a minimum of 5 guys in there this year, who'd you have in mind" then I guess even John Scott is in the mix...
  10. A high reward, low risk move. Very nice by the Devils. Only $9 mil. invested in this guy and he might be a genuine 1st line star. Occam, seriously... the Flyers pay Hayes $50 mil., a designated 2nd/3th liner and THIS move is slinging shiit?! Uh oh...
  11. A nice guy but no way near of HOF material. IMO.
  12. I'm neutral on that but he'd fit in the picture: the team is already full of pu**ies, why not get one in charge...
  13. Me neither. Timing is way off. But the decision itself is good if not excellent. Kudos to Leipold!
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