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  1. I totally agree on the force feeding Dumba problem. At the last home game that was their plan and they made it easy for Colorado. I don't envy those guys blocking his shot, but very few got through to the goalie and they weren't the type of shot that could be tipped easily. The fans seemed to love that strategy though.
  2. I hate staying up late to watch a loss like that. I had to bite my lip so I didn't wake people up at the beginning of the second period. It was bad enough that they didn't call a penalty shot, but no penalty at all? WTF I just cringe every time Suter scores a goal. Now the Wild are convinced he's a scoring machine and we get to see him and Koivu out there whenever we need a goal badly. This team could be so much better if they could get 60 minutes out of them.
  3. Those were the days alright. Those poor goalies in their leather gear facing Hull's slapshot. As much as I loved the WHA, it was a major deal for Winnipeg to join the NHL. The only bad thing for the Jets then was that there were so many fans of the "original" six teams. You couldn't tell who was the home team when Montreal or Toronto came to town. Montreal especially had hard core fans with the large French-Canadian population in and around Winnipeg.
  4. A lot of Canadian kids grew up watching that cartoon. It used to be shown in Winnipeg along with a Pinocchio stop motion show. Both were made by the same people that made Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.
  5. My heart rate is finally back to normal after last night's game. Another fun comeback win for the Wild. Listening to Gorg on KFAN on the way home I was wondering if we watched the same game though. He said it was the most complete game they had played this year. I thought they had yet another sluggish 1st period and the first part of the 2nd. Stahl was first star? Other than his goal he didn't look good at all out there. He seemed to be struggling to keep up with everyone else. Colorado has a talented young team now, so I thought this was an impressive win.
  6. I figure it's time for me to stop lurking and join in on some of the discussions. I'm a season ticket holder since the first season so most of the time I won't be able to join in on the game day threads until after the game. I moved to Minnesota from Winnipeg when both cities didn't have an NHL team. Now I have two favorite teams to cheer for. I don't offend easily so I should fit right in.
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