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  1. 1 minute ago, OccamsRazor said:



    Thanks for taking the time to give us a scouting report.


    So could we see him in the Hobey Baker running??? Sure way to early to say....just a question.


    I think he is a sophomore this year too??


    Can also use D men who can move the puck.

    Kalynuk is a sophomore that stepped right in last season as a freshman and played big minutes. He needs to get stronger for the next level so he is still a couple of years away from the Flyers. However, his puck skills are fantastic and he has a great assistant coach in former NHL defenseman Mark Osiecki to mentor him. Wisconsin is loaded with NHL draft picks on defense - Ranger NHL 1st round pick K'andre Miller plays on the first power play unit with him.


    I'm not sure he will be a candidate for the Hobey Baker - Wisconsin is a very young team and they will need team success for him to get that kind of notice. Of course, if he can maintain the scoring pace he has had to start the season he could be part of that conversation.

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  2. Wisconsin hockey fan - the Flyers got a steal in getting Wyatt Kalynuk in the 7th round in 2017. Defenseman that has some special skating and passing skills. He is fantastic on the power play and as a distributor - controls play while on the ice. Has a nice hard wrist shot from the point that is almost always on net. Through six games he has 4 goals and 5 assists for the Badgers. Really fun player to watch. He still needs to improve his strength but he is a difference maker with the puck. At worst, I think the Flyers will have a nice QB for their power play in the future but he could be much more than that.

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