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  1. no especially his age and the inexperienced defense and goalies getting hurt because of it, i dont want to take a chance. if they had a good experienced defense around hart, different story, which is something fletch needs to address at the TD or in the offseason.
  2. realistically unless we get rid of giroux and jake, i think this team has chance of getting jack hughes, sadly we dont have a chance and the other thing in the offseason, moves have to be made to improve this team, you just cant sit on this team and expect them to win cups, you have to improve the holes if not, it's the same problems as this year because it's takes time for young players to develop, it's not an overnight thing unless you get jack hughes. i get that you love young players but what you dont understand is that they take time to develop, that's where it can hurt your team more than help, you need players that can play now and im not talking about 35 and over, players that can play now around 25-26 years old.
  3. cant they say they'll have rick wilson coach temporary until joel q comes in?
  4. there's too much favoritism, that's why philla never wins anything, besides the phillies and the eagles winning championships, the city just doesnt care about winning, it's all about favoritism, it doesnt matter how bad they play, they still do the same things over and over again. there's no accountability from the gms and coaches, it's always my way and teams go downhill because of it.
  5. i really hope that's not what they are doing because it's really going to look bad on the players, i love to have hughes but for sake for morale it's not worth it.
  6. the goal is to win now and not wait for another 8 years because of giroux and jake is not getting any younger, if you want to wait another 8 years then blow it up, it makes no sense to keep anyone.
  7. i would keep parayko, roster looks good accept for the goalie and coach, if that gets solved, it's a cup contender, actually if they managed to get both parayko and pietrangelo, that would be icing on the cake.
  8. in all in fairness, does age have to matter on how fletch improves the team? i mean what teams are going to give away 25 or 26 star players? i mean karlson was the only player, it's not like nhl 19 where you can trade all your assets for 25 and under elite players, that's very unrealistic and no dumb gms are going to do that and plus it's going to cost more to get them than getting vet players. im not against young or old players, im just saying whatever is out on the market young or old that can make this team better you do it. it shouldnt have to be a certain age.
  9. this is pretty much like last year when we were beating really good teams and we sucked in the playoffs, it's nothing new. i'll put it this way unless hak wins us a stanley cup, he's out the door because he wants his own guy, only reason he's still here is because he wants to go to the playoffs. they know what he is, he's not good enough, they want us to get a winning a record so when the new coach comes in, it will take the team to a new level.
  10. i think unless hak wins us a stanley cup, he's going to be gone regardless.
  11. i really think sometimes things really have to go your way in terms of matchups, you didnt matchup well against the blackhawks, i dont think it's about how you draft, what you trade for, if you dont get your matchups, you are just not going to win. the caps last year, no one else expected the caps to win the cup and it took them a long time to get to the finals and win it all. they never blew it up and they just kept trying and eventually they got their way and won it all. the caps players even said it themselves, they didnt even know why or how they got there, they couldnt explain it. things just go your way. that's just how it is sometimes. you can build a team of stars like the lightning and still lose, with less talented team like vegas to go in the finals. i guess teams just get hot in the playoffs and it works out. im guessing that it's the team that has the most playoff experienced players.
  12. fewer goals? sounds he wants to improve the defense and goaltending. sounds he wants to build this team from goaltending to defense which is our major weakness.
  13. i wouldnt be surprised if fletch trades our older forwards for defensemen, it always the homer strategy that was goaltending and defense and that's why this team is so good, good defense and goaltending, right now we are the opposite of that.
  14. is anyone worried that they would keep hak if they keep winning?
  15. this is what i believe what's happening, i think the gm and joel q are already decided after the Toronto game meaning it will probably be after christmas they will announce the changes because joel q wanted to coach after christmas meaning that they cant announce the gm now and then the coach a few weeks later, it makes more sense to have them both there at the same time. so unfortunately, we have to deal with hak until the new year, that's why homer kept him on because it would make no sense to hire an intern and fire that one because you dont want the players to learn two different systems. it's not good on the players. basically everything that homer is saying is just stall tactics until the new year. hopefully the team can play well until the new year but it's not looking like it.
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