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  1. Minnesota North Stars 1967-1993 = 26 seasons Minnesota Wild 2000-2019+ = 18 seasons Considering the popularity and growth of a franchise you would have to compare the current Wild to the 1984-1985 Minnesota North Stars. If the Wild can make more significant push into the playoffs or even win a stanley cup sometime in the future, the feelings of fans may change more positively for this franchise. I personally have fond memories of North Stars Hockey because of the arena, where it was located, the tailgating at the games, the atmosphere at Met Center, It just was all different. Less stale/commercial and more real. The North Stars had bad teams yes but it was an experience going to those games. Maybe its the difference between old time hockey and the newer product they are showcasing. Or maybe its my love for old hockey arenas vs the new ones. I have to admit that I really liked watching gopher games at the old barn...
  2. I waited a few days here to soak in the Grandlund to Nashville for Fiala deal. It absolutely sucks. You just don't trade away a top point producer on your team. Its just not done unless you are bottom feeding in the standings and trying to fire sale or dump salary. I still can't believe the stupidity of this trade. And to a central divison opponent no less. Still trying to figure out why? salary? no chance of resigning him summer 2019? I suppose we won't know until this time NEXT year if the trade was worth it. With no draft picks in exchange its the only thing to guage is player against player.. Coyle, Neidos OK.. But Granny should have NOT been traded away.
  3. I skated with Mike Kurvers. Toms younger brother. We won the Midget State Championship in '93. Hopes and prayers go out to them!
  4. Thanks. I started off with Big_Canuck years ago but everybody thought I was a Canucks fan ! So I had to change it because I was getting abused as a troll.. LOL. I wish I could have seen the saints live when they were around but I was like only 2 years old living up in Fargo ND. No.. I skate at Minnetonka O.H.
  5. Thanks HF101. glad to be on a board again. See some old names I remember from before. good hockey knowledgeable people on here!
  6. Yep, I last posted on the ole boards years ago. Ohh probably back in 2008 or later... same username.
  7. Hello! The Fighting Saint is Back on MB! ohh I miss the old boards but it feels good to be back with you all again! Drop by and say hello if you remember me! THANKS EVERYONE! GO WILD!

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