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  1. No politics in sports, I do agree. Every time there are Olympics Putin invades a neighbour. 2008 Georgia, 2014 Crimea/Eastern Ukraine, 2022 Ukraine, annexation of Belarus. The Jets did this: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/video/hoosli-ukrainian-male-chorus-sings-ukrainian-national-anthem-ahead-jets-canadiens-game/ One reaps what one sows. Putin started the re-politicization of sports, doping of 15-year-olds, using athletes as election magnetes, now he gets it thrown right back at him. Dmitri Khristich is joining the defense of Ukra
  2. I'm having mixed feelings towards Kap and Kulikov, as citizens of a country that might attack mine when they're done in Ukraine. I'm also having mixed feelings towards the Wild. At a time like this I really don't want to see a team cowering away from aggression. Sports have teached important values from the ancient Romans to the Aztecs: one should never give up, no matter what. The Wild burns the Flames 6 - 0. Slava Ukraini!
  3. Embarassed by the lack of compete here. Hopefully the Wild eventually gets better in accepting the need to win the 50/50 pucks.
  4. The team has two glaring deficiencies. It leaves opponents uncovered, thus defense leaks and as a consequence we don't know if our goalies are good enough. The worse problem is lack of aggression. Kaprizov was challenged all through the game, as it should be. He held out well enough. But none of our players were challenging the best Flames players in similar fashion. Hockey is still also about grinding and playing a little bit mean. Our third and fourth line guys are mostly passive in challenging the other team in the good old Canadian fashion, and even the ones like Foligno don't have enough
  5. Kylington could have caused a major injury to Kap with that leg trick of his.
  6. We look like a beaten team already. The game should not be over yet, though.
  7. Yeah that's what I think as well. The Flames look like a team I would love to see in the playoffs. Smart and tough as nails.
  8. I wonder how Kahkonen will take this game, if it turns out into a goal scoring festivity for the Flames.
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