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  1. I can already see a hungry Doug Wilson driving his car to a McDonald's in San Jose...
  2. Thanks for telling OccamsRazor. Prescribed benzodiazepines were the first step in the end of the road for my stepbro. One really needs to be as careful with prescription drugs as illegal ones.
  3. Nice GM work, for sure. The Oilers now either have a winger for McDavid or a Pulju with much more trade value. It's going to be interesting to see how he manages when he plays without McDavid or Draisaitl.
  4. At first I totally bought in on that
  5. I hope I'm not naive but I really think the NHL is going to sort the problem out. Not entirely, and not perfectly, and not soon, but I think they just can't afford to keep turning a blind eye.
  6. Definitely a different feel. The team has an eery resemblance to Bill Guerin. There is no question whose team this now beginning to be.
  7. I thought I'd link this article: https://www.tsn.ca/a-decade-after-his-own-loss-len-boogaard-feels-sorrow-and-anger-over-jimmy-hayes-death-1.1708676 All the more respect to Foligno fighting when need be. I'm just hoping the NHL solves the problems, so that the players don't have to risk getting injured while protecting others.
  8. Easily the most entertaining game since - I can't even remember when. Kaprizov had some pretty wonderful stuff last season, but this game had it all. Bad PK, bad goal tending, bad discipline - but never mind, it's early season, the stuff that mattered was guts. They had the balls to stay in it. And then the end of the game. That is what Kaprizov gets paid for. He forced the refs to give the OT penalty by his tenacity on the puck. And then Eek: hat trick, dying seconds tying goal, OT winner - all scored from where they should be scored from, the edge of the blue paint. A
  9. The first two games were well-mannered with the next to no rough stuff. The Jets don't have Byfuglien to humiliate us with anymore, but Maurice is still an old school coach. I expect they will still try to dominate the Wild physically. I would be surprised if they managed to succeed on that. The Wild of today should be able to counter any rough stuff the Jets are capable of.
  10. It'll also be interesting to see how Suter is handled by our team. I'd expect there to be some animosity behind the friendly faces.
  11. Stars lost to the Senators. Suter 24 TOI, no goals, no points, plus/minus -1. Stars PP 0/2. Hopefully Suter keeps on ruining his new team in similar manner as he when was still playing in Minnesota.
  12. Good problems to have, when players on the roster are doing ok, and there's promising guys waiting for the opportunity. No points for Beckman/Rossi, that's the one glitch. Hopefully it's just a one game anomaly.
  13. The team is starting to look like Bill Guerin And if Boldy and Beckman end up as goal scorers, and Rossi and Khusnutdinov as reasonable centres, the Wild could be quite a handful in 3 - 4 years.
  14. It's nice to see the Jets again. I'm guessing that it's a team that has weakened a bit from when we last played them. We'll be wiser after the home opener. I wish I could be there - after all this Covid isolation it would be marvellous to see the team in the arena supported by thousands of fans.
  15. Absolutely. The wins were definitely earned ones against teams doing in their best for their home crowds. Right now it's as good as it ever will be.
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