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  1. How true. One very seldom sees one player dissected like that, and never before a Wild player.
  2. Does Evason have something against goalies, I think after reading Alexandron's and Hockey-78's posts. Has he ever pulled a goalie having a bad game? Why didn't he try a 1A/1B goalie tandem, when Kahk had played so well, the season was this condensed, games every other day, and Talbot having bad periods of playing during his past seasons? Is Evason a trauma victim - still holding a grudge against all those goalies that back in the 80's stopped him from scoring like Gretzky?
  3. Excellent analysis with nice clips to go with the text. I especially like the stats about the shot. Who am I kidding, I loved every single tidbit in the article
  4. My guess is not, if the current team stays healthy.
  5. Yeah, I think we can agree there. We'll hope for an interesting 7 game series, and an OT win where a rookie scores the deciding goal
  6. It's crazy. Why the Blues? They are by no means an unsinkable team for anyone.
  7. The way we've been playing recently, I was thinking VGK wins in five games. I hope you would need your injured players, I hope you do
  8. TBL is the best team by far. Thankfully hockey gods are fickle and they will kick TBL in the groin for the slightest reason. I root for a surprise winner.
  9. Just saw the highlights. That was worse than Kuemper's worst. My first reaction is the fear that do we have a good enough backup goalie next season, or do we have to trade for a stop-gap. I'm baffled. When the Blues scored 9 goal against him, 6 or 7 went in stickside. The goalie coach attached a cord to his stick to let him relearn the correct position. And now everything goes in. High or low, stick or glove side, no matter. It's not entirely on Kahk of course, but it certainly makes me miss some red hot competition for the backup goalie spot from the prospect pool.
  10. To top it off, we don't really know how Panarin is doing. First he was targeted by Putin through those Nazarov allegations and then by Wilson. And I thought I had rough year with the pandemic and whatnot.
  11. Lots of ominous stuff here: 1. The Wild's goal tending is the worst in the NHL in May 2. Nothing from Kap against the Blues all year 3. Nothing from the Wild against the Blues all year 4. No goals against a backup goalie giving up loads of rebounds 5. Another loss against a team that is not that different from us - their players are quite comparable to ours 6. No PP goals again, when it is starting to matter, and Kap still buried inside the PP formation where his vision and skating is lost, and he constantly has two guys on him It may be Evason
  12. It should mean it's all in the past for him, except for the loss of playing, skating and practicing for such months. He should become a stronger man out of this.
  13. It's opening up. Masks still obligatory, social distancing, but restaurants are opened again. And from the pics in the link under you'll see what it looks like in the town that is now celebrating the Championship of the Liiga. The first Championship for Rauman Lukko for 58 years https://yle.fi/urheilu/3-11926248
  14. Losing the depth in a trade is of course another huge problem. We would have to be a bit lucky with our prospects. We've got Addison and Boldy coming into fruition, possibly Rossi and Menell, among others. Eichel and Kap are about the same age, though. We could wait a couple of years for the prospects to develop, and then be ripe for a real run, with Eichel and Kap at a near optimum age and the Boldys and Addison bringing the youthful energy.
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