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  1. Soucy, and Soucy, and then Soucy. Did I mention Soucy already? After Soucy, probably Soucy. Apart from those first mentioned, my expectations for Fiala, Rask, Parise and Staal were lower.
  2. Mayhew needs to get a shot at NHL. It is demoralizing for the players if they shine in the AHL, and don't even get a chance. If the organisation don't see a way to give him a good shot at a spot, they should trade him. There should be interested trade partners.
  3. Torturing myself by forcing myself to watch the highlights of the game reminded me of seeing the Red Machine butcher Team Finland in a friendly sometime in 1982 or 1983. 8-1 or something. Nobody wants to watch at hockey like this. Basically in games like these there is only one team on the ice playing around some practice pylons. This team desperately needs a rebuild.
  4. [Hidden Content] Right now, we're at a 3.5 % chance of getting Lafreniere...
  5. They probably would be fooled by the names, because in that news channel there is basically only two reporters covering the whole of the NHL. (The media here is not very interested in teams without Finns like Aho, Laine or Barkov.)
  6. Here's what the main News Channel in Finland had to say about Boudreau: [Hidden Content] Through Google translate: "I have at least on the side of social media already raised more than once Minnesota-pilot Bruce Boudreau among the best coaches in the ranks so far this season. Even though Wild's mood is slightly down, I still hold my ground. Boudreau has unbelievably ripped everything from a weakened team. Guys from all over the world [the writer probably means average Joe's by this idiom] now score goals in Minnesota. When Minnesota defeated Arizona 8-5 in December, eight different players scored. The same thing happened a week earlier when the team defeated Edmonton 6-5. When it comes to coaching success, Minnesota is at its core." So in a nutshell the writer says that BB is getting everything possible from a weak team.
  7. Thanks, a pleasure to read. And giving hope about a positive future for us. If the stars align right we'll have some key players growing in the prospect pool. I like Sturm a lot. He could become an excellent shutdown forward.
  8. Dumba, Soucy or Brodin probable goners come expansion draft. That's a hard decision. Right now I'd rather keep Brodin and Soucy.
  9. In 2010 World Juniors Team Russia's best players included among others Tarasenko and Kuznetsov. If Khovanov is able to be 1C in Team Russia, there's hope for him to be able to be a legit 1C for the Wild one day 4-5 years from now. Of course everyone doesn't develop as hoped, but let's keep our fingers crossed.
  10. Thanks, great to read! There seems to be a problem in his off-season training/work-out. I hope by next season he's fit from the start of the season. I doubt there's much time to get fit during the season, if he gets a chance to play in MIN.
  11. This is exactly what I have been thinking about. Nice to see some facts, that back the assumption.
  12. Maybe they can't be watched with a phone (Android/Opera). I'll have to check with a PC.

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