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  1. From the interviews he's given to the Finnish media over the years, I'd say his mental side is the big question now. He has been a total wreck, totally miserable playing for the Sabres with not one playoffs game under his belt, and the lousy stats to deal with. He does have the right idea on how to get himself going again, though: "Philadelphia on minun tyylinen paikka ja pelityyli sopii sinne varmasti. En malta odottaa, että pääsen laittamaan äijää katolleen ja seinän läpi" Something like: "Philadelphia is my kind of place and my style of play will fit there for s
  2. Atkinson still is an excellent player, a playoffs player, and if there's any locker room problems left after you got rid of Voracek, I'll bet he will confront those players head on. Fletcher totally surprised me with this trade!
  3. Difficult year to draft players. We'll begin waiting these players to mature. It certainly makes it interesting to see team Sweden playing from now on.
  4. I'd keep a little more than one, but definitely the emphasis should be on the kids playing and learning to carry the responsiblity.
  5. Looking good! https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/prospect-interest-jesper-wallstedt-next-henrik-lundqvist/
  6. A goalie as a first round pick? Even traded up to get him. That's intriguing, but I guess they know what they are doing. I liked that Lambos clip. Didn't really see him shooting, but apparently he has a good shot. I liked his ability to keep the offense going. Looked a little bit small in the defensive zone. I agree on the Suter comparison, but on the mental side of things, I'd say Lambos is probably a very good person in the locker room. To go play hockey in the midst of a pandemic in Jyväskylä, and find out it's a small nothing town in the middle of nothing but lakes and trees, n
  7. Way back when Fletcher was our GM he always did these boring Sabres - Wild trades, that nearly always had no positive effect on our team (getting Foligno the one exception). This one is a head scratcher. A really risky thing to do. He couldn't get Jones, so he decided anything goes? It's an interesting one, though. I'll be looking at Philly and Ristolainen next season. I've always wondered where that stud junior prospect went and where did this defensive no-clue liability come from? We'll see next season. They'll dump him if he is what we saw while he played in BUF, but a 1st, 2nd and decent d
  8. The neck makes it a very risky trade. That must affect the price.
  9. "SEA - MIN score 1-0" - time for a fertility clinic
  10. From having a very solid defensive core next season is a bit of a question mark. I'm pretty hopeful Addison, Menell and Belpedio will be able to fulfil our hopes. Addison we've see already, Menell had a huge KHL season and Belpedio had great games playing in the national team as a junior. I also think losing Soucy was nowhere near to losing Tuch. We'll see. Kahkonen might turn out very valuable. Those 2-3 bad games and a bad half season in Iowa scare me, but goalies do mature later, like Alexandron said. Fingers crossed.
  11. It looks like we need to convince Kaprizov about our centers. Otherwise he might only be ready to make a short deal. It's unfortunate and risky, but we might have to take a risk with Eichel. If Kap was more patient, we could wait for Barkov's decision. He would be perfect for Kap. (He even speaks Russian fluently as his family comes from Russia.) I'm not too interested in Hertl or Dvorak.
  12. Won his dad by 4 points
  13. It has to be hard ball. No way a three year deal, nor a mega-deal like McDavid. He hasn't proven he can be a major gamebreaker in the playoffs. Guerin needs to keep going like he has. And definitely no Tarasenko - too risky, he hasn't been himself after his surgery.
  14. I liked the passion in the old forum. You could say pretty much anything without a risk of getting kicked out of the forum.
  15. Sounds like we need to start shopping him.
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