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  1. Watching Nashville vs. Florida. 2 on 1's, not working as a close knit five-man unit, not clearing the front of the net. We have it good. It's only for lack of 1C and 2C that we are not right there as a contender. We should grab the points here, no problem. If the will to win is there, the points are right here, up for grabs.
  2. Eichel is probably fed up with the situation. I wouldn't count it out. He could go Dubois.
  3. I guess that our troubles in defending against VGK, and troubles in scoring against them in the other one, points to the fact that we still don't have a 1C. Previously I've been keeping this dream alive, the dream of somehow getting Barkov from Florida. Now that they are starting to look legit, Barkov is not going anywhere. He wants to win and if the Cats keep on winning, that's it. I happened to read this article from the Players' Tribune by Mark Scheifele: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/articles/mark-scheifele-2020-nhl-awards He really appreciates Eiche
  4. They even look alike, Moscow Olympics mascot Misha and KK
  5. This game was like a Foligno -Khnyzov fight. Over with the first punch. As it should be
  6. Still time for a Kaprizov hat trick - 3 incredible passes in a game, that is.
  7. The words I learn in these threads... thankfully we don't get these KT commercials here in Finland.
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