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  1. I agree on Berube not being a key that would change the Wild. The missing key is accountability and the reasons the Wild is not held accountable probably go way up to Leipold.
  2. When Berube succeeded Yeo he demanded accountability. It's the same thing Boudreau promised when he became the Wild's head coach. The other promise was kept, the other was not, and the results are clear.
  3. The GM's are shooting themselves in the foot with the NMC's. That doesn't change the fact that Fenton should not go that way - if the player in case is not McDavid and the term reasonable.
  4. I just watched the 3-3 Youtube clip. Get those Russians in major offensive roles. They seem to be able to score and have the hunger to shoot when they get the chance. I was impressed by them. Otherwise pretty meh.
  5. May he enjoy his large orange drink, double cheeseburger and onion rings in the warmth of Arizona:
  6. The good thing about the state of the team is that the leftovers of other teams are not interested in the Wild. So far no Kessel, and no Pavelski
  7. A nice signing! Hunt ok for that kind of money. I'm still wondering if some of the d-men in Iowa couldn't replace him.
  8. Another left wing, dictating another (probably bad) trade in the near future...
  9. They should just make a decision. Either pay for the scouting and analytics and do your own drafting, or just make the picks according to Bob McKenzie's list. It's pretty much a crapshoot anyways. Of course they will not have the gall to do the latter. They'll just keep on pretending they have decent scouting and decide to make a bold pick along the lines of no-name, no-future Johansson - just to make it appear like the scouting organisation is efficient enough for its tasks.
  10. Leipold squandering his wife's money and the team getting nowhere fast brought this song to my mind: "You're not looking forward and you are not looking backYou've lost the warranty, you'll never get your money backMy baby's buying me another life, getting nowhere fast"
  11. In hindsight the fact that Scott Stevens only did one year for us is probably an indication of a rotten culture in the whole organisation. The ones who won't take it leave and the ones who submit to the crap stay - and it's a vicious circle ad infinitum.
  12. Over in the IIHF championships things have looked good for the Wild. Fiala with very good stats, Kunin motivated, Kaprizov playing in a line with the Russian big boys. It's only the IIHF, but hopefully that is some indication of good things to come. I still think Fenton was wrong with Fiala, but hope for the best anyways.
  13. Fingers crossed... our faith is in Kessel's hands. Heatley - Vanek - Kessel... does not that sound so familiar. What is it that the organisation wants to be a retirement home, not a hockey team. Is it the fact that Leopold should retire, but doesn't...
  14. It is going to be great to see how Kaprizov compares to all those Russian NHL stars
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