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  1. Yeah we dont those Finns, we need those Finns that are now playing in the Stanley Cup Finals. Jokes aside, I do think we should emphasise getting players from Canada and Russia - just for the fact that they have a huge pool of players, meaning exceptional skills are most often found there, not in small hockey countries with a small pool of players.
  2. No matter, fast or slow. It seems we might finally get to draft heaven in this tank.
  3. Whatever one thinks about the trade, I guess one can't really say that it was not a ballsy move by Wild Bill.
  4. Elliotte Friedmann wrote that the trade is Guerin's way of telling the Wild the room is too comfortable for them: [Hidden Content] And yeah, I also think Foligno has all the right qualities of a captain.
  5. All the best to Staal, btw. He's a class act
  6. If we now trade Dumba for Monahan we can rename Minnesota Wild as Minnesota Reclamation Project. Jokes aside, I can live with this. Now we really need a 1C, and if acquiring one fails, we're rebuilding, no matter what the owner thinks.
  7. NMC ?!? WHAT THE ... Is it just impossible to get any player to stay with the Wild without the shackles?
  8. There was a big interview with Anton Lundell in the Finnish media: [Hidden Content] It's in Finnish, unfortunately, but there's two interesting bits and pieces: 1. The kid has watched previous drafts live in the middle of the night - sounds passionate about the NHL 2. Team first guy
  9. I think you are right about the comfort zone. By asking to be traded he would have broken against the team first code that until recently has been very strict in Finland. Koivu is a son of an old school hockey coach, the little brother of a Finnish hockey demi-god Saku. Asking for a trade would have meant admitting he failed.
  10. Sounds ok to me as well. We get to throw the dice and see if Bjugstad can recover from his injuries, Bjugstad gets an opportunity to redeem himself, and PIT gets rid of him and makes a bit of cap space room. The fans get another home boy. If Bjugstad fails, it's only one year, in a year the Wild is not going to be a contender anyways.
  11. So, Koivu decided to retire. I feel frustrated by how it went for him. He could have been a Selke winning centre in a Stanley Cup team. Instead he ended up as a Wild poster boy, a pretender 1C when his team lacked a true 1C. All the best for him, though. He ended up in a difficult situation. Earlier he could have solved the dilemma by asking to be traded. Not an easy thing to do.
  12. Nice highlights! The assist at 1:52 of the clip made me smile. First he makes the opponent's line look ridiculous by dancing around everyone and then fools the goalie by passing to an open linemate at the goal post.
  13. Interesting. I didn't know about SHL. Let's hope there will be coaching available to help Khovanov to be a more wholesome player.
  14. Wouldn't it be ironic, if they first traded Zucker right after getting the trophy, and then Dumba? It's going to get interesting after the playoffs end.

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