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  1. It would be better for us Finns to stay off from music and dancing...
  2. Great win, but I'm getting worried about getting Lafreniere... are we in the not good enough, not bad enough purgatory again...
  3. I wish I could stay and watch the game, but work calls. Good luck with game!
  4. Makar left all alone in the second goal. Didn't they know what kind of a player he is...
  5. I doubt they will let Kahkonen play yet. Didn't he just play in Iowa where the opponent scored 5 or six times?
  6. A very interesting test coming along. Even with some injuries the Avs can totally crush the Wild we saw at the start of this season. Do we see the team not capable of competing, or the team that has played better recently? I expect a loss here. Let's hope they prove me wrong.
  7. Draft well, trade for picks, emphasis on vets, that are interested on helping rookies develop. We can get better in the very long run.
  8. Picks. (No players from the big team, possibly some prospects from the minor leagues, who haven't got accustomed to losing.)
  9. I'd go even further and let Stalock play, until his game shows signs of being off, and then let Duby show if he can take charge for a change. Go with the flow.
  10. I thought I'd never say this again, but a routine victory for the Wild! Nice!
  11. I predict we'll get back to that prediction in 5-6 years, if all goes well, and in 10 years if things don't go that smoothly.
  12. I think we are always the underdogs. Maybe not against Ottawa, but otherwise.
  13. Nice to hear about that! They sound they have a plan, know what went wrong before, and try to correct the mistakes in the future.
  14. Did I understand correctly that you have a background in CSKA? In hockey or other sports?
  15. This should a winnable game. The Sabres have been lousy recently and are probably thinking that their great start to the season might not be for real. The Wild should be able to show that they are really just an ugly twin sister.
  16. Them being playful doesn't necessarily mean they weren't concentrating. They did come back in that game and the goals scored by the Canes were partly something a very mediocre goalie would have stopped. But yeah, I'm also worried about the risk of the team succumbing to a losing attitude. Since they will lose a lot of games, even if they do their utmost best, it would very easy for them to just throw in the towel, and wait for better times.
  17. [Hidden Content] Code red, but still... with the player material you have, you should be winning games with Mike Yeo coaching.
  18. Kähkönen used to carry his former Finnish league team Lukko on his shoulders. Come to think of it, that's not necessarily a good thing. The pressure might get to the goalie in the end and what's worse, really good goaltending can hide some of the team's defensive mistakes. We like even negative things kept out in the open, just like in the old forum. Things that are kept hidden can't be discussed about.
  19. This time they took the "puck luck" route: [Hidden Content]
  20. I just can't keep up with the Iowa Wild. I thought Sokolov was sent back to some lesser team, and now he's there being the first star with 2 goals and +/- +3?
  21. How about Kuemper in his next game? Headlocking Tkachuk [Hidden Content] That's the way to deal with someone getting under your skin, just give it right back! Nice. The Coyotes should send us a thank you card for giving him just one more lesson on how to deal with pressure.
  22. What would it be to see lights out goal tending from the Wild... will Kahkonen or Robson one day show something I've not seen from the Wild in 10 years...
  23. Well played against a better team, I think. Dubnyk was absolutely horrible. With decent goal tending we might have even won this one.

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