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  1. A horrifying thought, but it does seem possible. The teams need the fans to help pay the bills and the fans cannot come until the pandemic is over.
  2. Yeah, I know. If I was Kahkonen, I would probably be out of mind with frustration. But he seems fine with it. Developing goalies is weird. We don't want a Kuemper situation. As in having a potential home run goalie, who suddenly turns out to be really shaky any time he gives up a goal. Shelter the goalie to let him grow, and then stop sheltering him to let him grow even bigger - but how does one know when it's the right time?
  3. We might need to pay quite a bit of the salaries of the troublesome triad to get rid of them, given the corona virus changed economy situation of the teams. We can only hope that Mr. Leipold has the means, and sees value in paying our way out of the dead end. They sold Gretzky, as they say. Maybe the impossible will happen here too.
  4. Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE interviewed Kahkonen: [Hidden Content] It's in Finnish, unfortunately. My impression was that KK accepts the situation of needing to fight for the place in the sun, and can cope with the frustration of not getting the spot yet. My guess from the interview would be that frustration would only start to mount by next fall, if he had played well, and would still not be in the big league. He has not played for months now and that is a factor when he gets back in action, but feels that he's ready for the fast ride when it starts.
  5. Back on the topic here: Greenway has been disappointing, but apparently Guerin has told him that in the exit interview. Now it remains to be seen, if Greenway can stop being nice on ice, and find that inner demon from the depths of himself and start playing the way he needs to play, and has the frame to be successful with.
  6. If there ever was a chance for Anas to make it on the NHL, he wasted it playing in Minnesota's organisation. But yeah, Iowa definitely needs to cleared of older players.
  7. I like him always driving to the low slot. That's where the goals are scored from, especially in the NHL, and especially the playoffs.
  8. What is the one objective thing an AHL player can do to show he deserves a chance in the NHL? Anas did that. He got points. That is a fact. He looks too small to play in the NHL, or he's not going to fit in Minnesota Wild, etc are opinions. Why bother play in Iowa if no matter what you do you won't get one game in four years. Anas's treatment reeks of country club mentality. "No matter what you do, you won't get a chance, because you don't look like you belong to the country club." I hope our organisation starts respecting achievement.
  9. I just listened to Russo's Straight from the source -podcast, where Scott Wheeler describes Rossi and his family. Sports reporter Wheeler lived with the family for some days before the Covid-19 time, in order to write a story about junior hockey lifestyle, so he has quite a view on Rossi's personality. Here's the link: [Hidden Content] You can listen to it on Spotify, as well. On a nutshell, Rossi sounds extremely conscientious and driven, maybe even to a point that one thinks if he will be able to cope with adversity. He has a great relationship with his father though, and the father sounds like a person who can probably make his son see the need to be able to crack a joke or two in a tough spot. Sounds promising.
  10. Thanks. That makes sense.
  11. Hey, as a Wild fan it really isn't my business at all, but Turris? No way. I've seen a lot of him, playing against the Wild. A waste of space. If you have goal shooters, consider Wennberg. You would get him dirt cheap, with a tryout deal, and then trade him by deadline if he continues slumping. Someone would take Wennberg off your hands, for sure, if need be. If Turris fails, no-one wants him. He would need to be bought out.
  12. Bonino, Johansson, Bjugstad for picks and then another wonderful draft 2021! I can see us becoming a contender through drafting, the way things are now seeming to go.
  13. That is what I have been thinking about as well. Stalock plays most of the games, kahkonen second most, and then Robson some to get an experience of what it is like in the NHL. They don't even need to do well this season. I highly doubt they will be competitive by next season. On the other hand, maybe Guerin wants the team to hang in there in most games, even if they would lose in the end, just to make sure the culture of the team changes. With a Fleury or Markstrom they would hang in there losing most games with only a goal or two. But hey that is what we have been doing, anyways. I just don't get it. Can someone shine some light on this need to bring in an experienced top goalie for a year?
  14. I can suddenly dream about the Wild being capable of winning a playoffs series one day Oh, wouldn't it be loverly!
  15. I liked Kunin, but the two second round picks sound pretty nice. We're getting faster in a couple of years if the picks work as intended.
  16. Diminutive average skater? Sounds like Granlund. Wait, Granlund was a lousy skater. It's an upgrade from Granny, then, and in the end G. was very useful for us - we got points and then Fiala thanks to him. At first I didnt like this pick. Maybe it is a good pick after all. Rossi feeding Boldy. It might work.
  17. In the highlights he seems to be creative, drives to the net, and shoots when he needs to. It would be interesting to see a clip with all of his shifts.
  18. Things are certainly changing. At a tough price, but what needs to be done needs to be done. I hope they don't acquire a new goalie. Use Stalock as number one goalie, and KK as number two. We're not going anywhere in the near future, so why pay for Fleury.
  19. Dubnyk still being traded. Not a fun time for the players and their families.
  20. Perhaps a good trade for the Hawks and the Kings, but Määttä is beginning to look like a golf ball being hit around the golf course. I doubt he's going to stay long under the crimson red skies of California, either.
  21. To me Leavins is pipe dreaming. Laine has made it clear that he wants to play with Scheifele, and if not him, then a 1C in another team.
  22. A very good point! I think I'm going to keep an eye on this draft
  23. Soucy's playing against Vancouver was a disappointment. I feel giving him this much is a bit risky. Hope they know what they are doing. I did like his game during the season before Covid break, though. Hopefully he gets that back. On the other hand we desperately need some size, if we are going to succceed in tougher games. It's tough to say about this one. Hope for the best, and he can be moved if need be.
  24. Thanks. Interesting. Especially the info about Scott Stevens's leaving having to do with the country club mentality. And funny to hear about the Minnesotan door holding etiquette, too

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