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  1. Here's a NHL Round Table (the one DevinWieser mentioned?): [Hidden Content] They got Scott Stevens there as well. Stevens talked about how he likes Boudreau, and the effect of the contracts of 11 and 20, and of Leipold wanting the Wild to advance into playoffs.
  2. Another interesting tidbit, this time from the Star Tribune: "Boudreau didn’t watch the Wild’s first game without him, a 2-0 loss to the Sharks on Saturday, but he did check the players’ ice times afterward." Did he want to find answers to the same questions we are thinking about? 1. Was the firing a reaction to vet TOI? 2. Will the vets now start/keep on hogging TOI from the youngsters? In his first interviews as the Wild's head coach Boudreau (IIRC) stated that TOI is the most important tool a coach can use when one tries to influence accountability. When one assesses Boudreau's era one also needs to think about the ability to fight for the power to influence TOI. The Wild as a TOI battlefield seems like a battle any coach is doomed to lose.
  3. From the article about Boudreau's firing: And, from a hockey perspective, it just felt to him that Guerin had been distant with him lately and not including him in hockey decisions. Guerin was also starting to voice his displeasure after losses with some of Boudreau’s deployment of players and lineup decisions and Boudreau said “it’s quite possible” the decreased ice time amidst the development of players like Kevin Fiala, Joel Eriksson Ek, Luke Kunin and Jordan Greenway were rubbing veterans the wrong way. “But I dismissed all that as nothing out of the ordinary,” Boudreau said. “Maybe that was my naivety.” That to my ears sounds the strongest hint we'll ever get, that the vets really seem to have influence over TOI. We're in deep s... and we can't get ever get rid of 11 and 20, because of the recapture penalty EJ0226 wrote about.
  4. Could it really be a case of, "ok if you two idiots think you can run the show, then run the show"? Evason being a yes man in order to make it clear to 20/11 that they are not capable of running the show by themselves. If that would be true, it would indicate a truly hideous distortion of authority relations in the organisation. I surely hope it's not like this, but if it is, the yes man thing won't work in the long run. It might make a difference for a short time, but they would likely forget the lesson pretty soon and start fighting for control again, at the first instance they are not pampered by their superiors.
  5. Booing as well. I think there's a real risk of alienating the fan base. Hard to imagine that, so quickly after the excellent Zucker trade, but it seems they need to make another trade just to make us forget the bs they keep on feeding us around the Boudreau firing.
  6. I was thinking along those lines as well. Coaches change, players change, roles and TOI change. At least one thing does not change. Suter on the PP and playing all the time. Is he really that good and that constant, always the same, always the best d-man on ice? Never hurt, never playing badly, never in need of lesser TOI or role.
  7. Who knows what happens in the locker room. Maybe someone will spill the beans post-career. I'm sure I will be surprised by the facts if and when they one day come out. It certainly has been miserable to follow in the past. The culmination point perhaps being Scott Stevens's sudden departure after only a year as an assistant coach. If Stevens is not tough enough to survive our locker room, no-one is.
  8. They have been great. Every team loses here and there. Now it's a question will they make sure they won't lose two in a row.
  9. Ruxpin, we're pissed because the Wild can't get anywhere as long as our locker room is able to oust any coach they want the moment the coach wants them to do something they don't want to. This has now been going on from the start of the Suter/Parise era, and will probably go on until their contracts end. Boudreau gone is not the big deal, it's the way and timing of this that indicates once more that yes, the players really do have control over things they definitely should not be controlling. It makes no difference whatsoever who the coach is as long as the coach does not have authority over some players. When Guerin came, there was hope that maybe Guerin would be able to correct the power relations, but Guerin's behaviour here makes it seem that either he doesn't get the big picture, or that he's joined the player bandwagon. If either of these fears is close to truth, the Wild is doomed to its mediocrity until the end of the Guerin/Suter/Parise era.
  10. Guess who said what: "the guys need a different voice right now moving forward." Quote on Boudreau firing, but was this said by Suter or Guerin? "maybe a new voice will help certain things" Quote on Boudreau firing, but was this said by Suter or Guerin? With 6 years left we'll hear the same blaming the coach -routine from Suter about the next coach as well. He always looks for a scapegoat. It's pathetic.
  11. Yep. There are the official rules, and the rules that are followed in reality. We should be grateful that the NHL isn't force feeding us this shootout garbage during the playoffs.
  12. Dumba for Domi would certainly make it easier to forget the badly timed (and disrespectful) firing of Boudreau!
  13. It certainly is a job you wouldn't wish for even to your worst enemy.
  14. Here's a measurement of what Guerin had to say about Boudreau's firing.
  15. [Hidden Content] Why? I'm waiting for a pretty good explanation for this one. Not unexpected, but what is the point?
  16. Well at least a point. Not good enough, though. An OT win would be a must here. Not looking good. Rely on Fiala here.

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