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  1. We really have nothing in the Top 9. On the bright side we have lots of players fit for really good 4th line roles...
  2. Defence is the base of any offense, so definitely yes. Especially with this team. Considering Zuc I thought he might be a little bit better than Granny. Not by much, and I don't think any team should have any top forwards who are not adept goal scorers. I'm not ready to lose hope on Zuc, though. It's early. Give him ten games. Then we'll throw him under the biggest and fastest Greyhound there is.
  3. It's painfully obvious he doesn't want talk to the media (or to the fans that follow the media). In that sense, Koivu is a Fenton replica.
  4. I hope they won't offer BB as a scapegoat. Show some respect to him. Still, if it starts to look like the fans are not buying tickets and merchandise, it's likely BB will be fired to buy some time.
  5. Saturday's home game is immensely important now. Another loss, after the failed last season, and the mood in the team must be akin to a mood on a sinking ship.
  6. Goddamnit I'm up at this hour, but I can't stay at home watching the game. Only 2-1 and shot attempts for the Wild. With a little bit of puck luck we could still win this one or at least pick a loser point. Good luck with the game!
  7. I wonder if our d-men could help here. Could Zuc just try to feed Dumba and Spurgeon, and to a lesser degree Brodin, Suter and Hunt? The forwards are pretty useless as goal scorers. Could Dumba get near 30 goals, Spurgeon near 20, and the rest of the d-man near 10? That would help a bit with the lack of scoring from the forwards.
  8. In case you missed this: [Hidden Content] I still think he'll get better than this. On the other hand the thing is that he says he just doesn't see the other players, and that happens to me as well. Our forwards are have been nowhere to be seen. If the goal scorers are not in places to score from, what can a playmaker do?
  9. Kaprizov has some really nice stats so far this season. It's beginning to look like he's as ready to try the transition next season. He ain't going anywhere staying in the KHL anymore.
  10. I liked the effort in this game. I felt they did the best they could against a much better team. Is this what is going to be for the rest of the season, being content with "they tried"... Makes me feel sorry for Dumba. He could possibly go for a real crazy goal streak, but for what? Personal success does not mean much after one's team keeps failing.
  11. We need to start getting some points. The team must be in a volatile state, coming from the disappointment of last season.
  12. Hopefully Kaprizov is interested in coming to the Wild. Locker room problems, the way the team has played, the way the team looks like right now in the near future.. there's money but he'll probably get a good deal in KHL too.
  13. Is it wrong to state that all of our forwards looked horrible in this game? The d-men and Dubnyk kept us a in the game for two periods, but the Wild won't win many games where the forwards don't defend so well that the winning team only ends up with maximum 2 or 3 goals.
  14. We should know Granny so well, that he should not be a problem. That leaves only their number one line to deal with. We should have a chance here.
  15. Predators have been lousy offensively and the PP has been horrible. If the Duchene acquisition is not working for them yet, we have a chance of starting with a win.
  16. Nice defensive work. Possibly this is how the season will look like if the Wild is competitive. Lots of real tight games. I didn't see much of this game and had to listen to it on the radio. I do like how Hartman had played and feel that Zuc is an upgrade compared to Granny.
  17. I understand that it stings to let a 4 million dollar guy play there but why on earth would one not let Sturm play if he plays better?! The best players play, others wait for their opportunities. It should be simple.
  18. Just watched the first ten minutes in the Wild vs the Jets preseason game. That was really ugly. Especially bad was Kahkonen in goal. Two against and basically nothing going his way. I'm not wondering anymore about the fact he didn't play in the AHL playoffs. He clearly isn't ready.
  19. Just watched the highlights. Hartman looked good in them, Dumba rusty, and it seemed like Zucc will not find Zach but Dumba instead. Very good passes to Dumba who could have easily scored a pair from the passes. Hopefully the rust wears off quickly.
  20. Those numbers tell a lot, and I agree on the Wild needing to be tougher on the players. NMC's are not something one can't avoid. Those teams with only one to three NMC/NTC's prove that without a doubt.
  21. Maybe the players are in a position to dictate the terms. Maybe they just say it goes their way or they won't sign, knowing the Wild won't find it easy to find any willing replacements. If it's like this we should just accept that the Wild really has no other alternative but rebuild. The only ones with an unquestionable will to play for the team are those players vying for a spot in the NHL.
  22. The thing to do would be to cut losses and trade Parise for anything (a pick, a prospect) that would bring even a minor improvement to the team. But apparently that recapture penalty makes that impossible? We're stuck, apparently.
  23. The term is too long, but as was said before... it is what it is. We can probably trade him, if need be.

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