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  1. Well that's a setback. Damnit. It would have been an immensely important experience to get into the AHL playoffs and compete there.
  2. Yes he is, but I don't know how, or how serious it is.
  3. So Stalock stole this one. They have recently looked like they need to lose one to get reminded of what they need to do to keep on winning. Great going, though! It looks like we'll be in the playoffs!
  4. Looking good now. Wildcard spot getting very close here. I have to go. GL with the game!
  5. We don't deserve a win playing like we have played this period.
  6. Parise needs to be one feet from the goalie. That's where he's one of the most dangerous guys in the NHL. He just doesn't shoot well. At the end of the period someone was barking at Eek again. I wish I knew how he does it, how he gets under their skin so easily.
  7. Looks WYSIWYG to me as well.
  8. Don't run me out of town, if I turn out to be wrong, but I have a good impression on Kahkonen's character. Seems to be positive and self-confident, social.
  9. The Preds sure don't look like they are going to the playoffs. The Wild was clearly better in the first period. I'd expect the Preds are done and the Wild keeps on clawing for the wildcard spot. Fiala 1+1, Granny two posts and 2+2 minutes in the box. It's looking good for us right now!
  10. 1. Four point game for the wildcard spot 2. Usurper goalies battle: two small used to be backup goalies duel, which one is better? 3. Fiala vs Granny. Can Fiala keep on proving Fenton made a huge trade? 4. Two used to be assistant coaches battle, Evason or Hynes? 5. Two d-man corps with offensive prowess battle about which is the more explosive offensively? Josi racks up points, but so does Suter, or could Spurgie score a hattie again? 6. If the Preds start struggling again during the end of the season, would Duchene or Johansen become available as 1C candidates? Would they even be worth considering, if they became available? 7. Does porn fiend Koivu want to keep on saving what little respect he has left? 8. Do they find a way of utilising the best scorer in the AHL? This should be a GEM of a game! Loads of stuff to follow
  11. Tavares's comments: Ayres lesson learned and they'll keep on striving towards consistency: [Hidden Content]
  12. The porn star spilled the beans, and the ex-mrs stated that hubby has been cheating on him for at least two years. [Hidden Content] Betrays his wife, his children by acting like an idiot, and betrays his team by losing his mask just when the organisation wants his shirt to be canonized to cover the lack of conference titles and Cup wins. Some captaincy.
  13. Excellent entertainment! Especially the first period, it had a bit of everything! The Caps did what they had to do, champs taking care of their business, but we were able to hang on quite well. I didn't see much hope in winning the game, but maybe we could have had a point or two, if we had been very lucky. Fiala is just a blast to watch right now. Pateryn is a disaster, though. It looked to me that our players are not passing to him when passing to his spot would be natural. If they really are avoiding passing to him, is it because they try to shelter him, or are they as ticked off about him as we are? Anyways, it's a disaster. Either you pass to him and face the consequences or you don't play him. It should be black and white. A great game, though! That was a game that reminds one of why one watches hockey. Hartman's fight against a much bigger player was a gem. If you're smart and gritty, you can manage quite well despite the size difference
  14. Russo says Stalock's playing. He's had problems with consistency, but now they are using him consistently. Perhaps he'll keep us in the game. This game will tell a lot about where the Wild really is. I'm hoping for an exciting game!
  15. Here's a link to a Guerin interview: [Hidden Content] According to this no rebuild but a retooling and developing the development of prospects.
  16. They took care of the business. Pretty consistent effort against weakened teams, as it should be. Staal's line players' combined TOI 47:46, Ek's line players' combined TOI 47:16, Galc's line 42:20 and Koivu's line 38:08. Stalock sharp. Let's see how they continue this against stronger teams. How about Fiala on that PP goal! He was like a hound dog, going after, even diving after that puck to keep the PP alive. I think Parise could be a real nice mentor for Fiala, in the sense that both have that admirable persistence when there's a chance to score.
  17. That's a good point about me seeing this as a team first thing, thus possibly paying too little attention to the individual side of the thing. If Koivu was not the captain of the team, I'd perhaps look at it differently. By accepting captaincy, he expanded his responsibilities over himself and his family. And even from his family point of view, one could argue he could've taken the team first road. The divorce is a fact he can't change anymore and the months in the Isles would not have needed to be the end of the world for the children. What he can still do for the good of his children is to live in a way that sets examples on how to behave when they grow up. One thing he needs to teach them is how to assess if one is strong enough to take responsibility of others, and if taken, how to carry the responsibility, even when that would demand one doing things that one would personally find very pugnacious to do. We all need to keep on doing our jobs to the best of our abilities, despite any personal tragedies life throws at us. If we can't handle the tragedies, we lessen our responsibilities. I agree on BG. I liked the fact he didn't do Fentonesque trades here. If there's no value, there should be no trade. Especially in the case of Brodin. If other GM's don't understand he's worth a 1C, let's just keep him.

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