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  1. Soucy is looking so confident right now that he seems to be playing a lot more offensively now. He's not looking half bad while creating offense either!
  2. Sounds like that was a wild one. A win is a win, but five goals against is horrible. I'm curious to see a highlight reel of the game.
  3. Another unknown: how are they going to play with no Staal, Koivu or Spurgeon. Unfortunately I won't have time to watch this one
  4. Koivu might have become a Selke winner in another team with a real 1C. The Wild had to/drove themselves into a situation where he was given a role not fit for him. He would have been a great shutdown line centerman. Considering the possible existence of any locker room problems, I still think Koivu would be a part of the problem. People say that he is grumpy after a loss. How does a rookie approach the captain of his team after a loss, possibly after the rookie has made a bad mistake, if the said captain is grumpy, or looks like that he doesn't want to be talked to after losing a game?
  5. A nice observation! Putting two and two together. Between the lines BB sounds pretty pissed off about the comment.
  6. It's looking very promising! If KK keeps improving, one day, as a bonus, we'll see him score an empty net goal. He had a few of those in the Finnish league.
  7. I remember reading somewhere some years ago, that there is a big difference in the training of Finnish goalies, compared to North American goalie training. IIRC the Finns emphasised concentrating on the first catch, letting the team concentrate on the hindering of any secondary opportunities, rebounds etc. If my recollection is true, that would be mean that Finnish goalies have much to learn on rebound control, when they come to the NHL.
  8. Well, that was an ugly game. Did we get just one shot in the first period. KK with a bad rebound. It got a lot better later on, IMO. I didn't see the last ten minutes nor the OT or shootout. Sounds like we are now using faster players - if we don't have PP. So let us pray for no PP time in OT! KK not looking very good in shootouts but the NHL doesn't forcefeed us shootouts in the playoffs, so that's not the end of the world. Perhaps he'll get better by time and practice,,
  9. Uh... not in the WJC team and he is a first round pick. That is horrendous. This smells like another totally wasted pick.
  10. Both Kahkonen and Georgiev were great in the Finnish league. We'll have to hope for KK to succeed. Dubnyk and Stalock can't be solutions for years to come, or even right now.
  11. The video worked in my phone: [Hidden Content] What was not mentioned in the article, was that Guerin realised it's going to be a culture shock for Kaprizov. He also didn't want to pressure the kid with deals yet, but wanted him to have a good season with CSKA, and was then confident a good deal can be made after the season. I kind of wish we had another Russian player playing for the big team to help in adjusting when the time comes. Kaprizov has his hands full in adjusting to the game, so he really should have a lot of help in adjusting to the living abroad stuff.
  12. Perhaps Koivu pouting after lost games is a double edged sword. Maybe he would have pushed Zucker to play harder, against Nino especially. But yeah, I do think Fiala playing with Koivu and Parise is a good thing. Koivu good in defending, and Parise can perhaps teach about the importance of getting close in front of the goalie. (With the NHL changing Fiala might be able to have a healthy career despite driving to the net Parise style, when needed.)
  13. The team looked really lost to me. Does losing Koivu and Spurgeon mean this much? On the other hand the Canes are really a bad team for us, for the reasons Hockey-78 stated. Speed, IQ and the will to win, the will probably coming from the first two factors mentioned, and we have a slow team with many youngsters in key roles still learning what can and what can not be done. Hopefully Fiala is a bit like Teravainen. Teravainen was booted from the Hawks for his lack of work and defense, and now he's playing PK time. I think Fiala might become our Teravainen with the right kind of mentoring - but who is going to be the mentor needed...
  14. If Kaprizov turns out to be like Svechnikov for the Canes, I'm more than happy.
  15. This is a mentally very interesting game: an old slow team that should be losing games versus an up-to-date modern fast team that should be winning games. Both are right now doing exactly the opposite that the player material points to. Probably the reason behind this is on the mental side. Lemaire was a mentally strong coach and there is a heritage the Wild should strive to keep alive.
  16. Here's a link to an article I thought collects nicely some major points on why the team has been doing better after the dismal start to the season: [Hidden Content]
  17. I think the 10 game point streak is about veteran players knowing what needs to be done to win and they want to prove everyone wrong. All their experience won't change the laws of physics, though. The lack of speed is a serious detriment I today's NHL and I dont expect them to make it into the playoffs. But I hope they keep proving what a jackass I am!
  18. I didn't see the game, nor did like the idea of putting a rookie goalie against the Panthers' offense, but it turned out well. Great win!
  19. All the best for Dubnyk! I hope everything turns out good. Important game for the future. How is Kahkonen going to play, will the team be doing their best to make the adjustment to NHL as easy as possible? They should not be fooled to think that it is only the Senators.
  20. Ottawa should be a similar or even lesser challenge for KK as the Devils were. The team really needs to help him, to give him the best possible chance to get a good game under his belt.
  21. 4 million is a lot money for an aging goalie. A trade would have to be sweetened in ways we would probably not like too much.
  22. If BB wants to play defence during OT, fine. He doesn't seem to realise that defence during OT is all about puck possession, though.
  23. Our youngsters coming through. Fiala, Greenway had a very good game. Eek Kahkonen Donato good enough. KK looked better along the way but needed the help of the posts. It would be nice to see him against a better team than NJ.

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