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  1. The Canucks came to play this time, instead of trying to just rough us out of the game. We were as ugly as they were in game one. It's going to be interesting to see game 3. We really need much more to go forth.
  2. Let's hope the Canucks keep on behaving like idiots, the refs keep on following the rule book, and we'll get another win easy. If they decide to actually play hockey, we might have some competition.
  3. As solid a win as one can be. The Canucks were awful. What on earth is Green trying to achieve? They had nothing against us.
  4. I agree there. His age matters. He needs to show his worth first season, and if not, the Wild should be prepared to cut the losses early.
  5. 50 would be great, 40 good, 30 a bit bland. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Wow. That would mean a huge disappointment for the predictor if Kaprizov scored 50 and ended up second in the Calder trophy vote...
  7. Thanks for the preview. It helps me getting into a playoffs mentality. (I have had problems getting motivated about the series for two reasons: the lottery with its 12.5% chance of getting Lafreniere, and the fact that the Wild were not a playoffs team at the moment the season prematurely ended.) Let the better defence win! "Offence comes from good defence."
  8. In case you missed this scouting recruitment news (like I almost did): [Hidden Content] Brackett sounds promising.
  9. I'm happy as long as I don't have to listen to the Finnish broadcast. They cover all of the NHL so they can't be that much in the know about the Wild. Plus they have to emphasise the Finns, even if the Finns are not achieving anything.
  10. Crease cut goal in a game Crease cut goal in real life. Perhaps I could watch some old hockey games and then try some real life moves in NHL94 to alleviate the boredom of social distancing
  11. The Finnish Broadcasting Company is still using teletext, and since there are no NHL scores to report they have started reporting games from 2010. You can find the page here: [Hidden Content] (Nothing has changed, though. Mikko Koivu is still plus/minus -2, and we lost to Chicago...)
  12. Surprise as well, I'd say. If I would look at him trying to guess when he is shooting, I'd fail miserably. I'm really no goalie, but he looks unpredictable to me.
  13. My wife told of two students of hers, one a tested Coronavirus patient, the other a non-tested one. The other told her that he expects the recovery to take weeks, if not months. The other told his sickness took 4 days of feeling ok at times and then having muscle pains where one would have wanted to take morphine to endure them. Even the milder cases sound pretty horrible. They should arrange for an E-sports hockey tournament. That would make it nicer to endure this quarantine (I live in an area in Finland, that is now shut out from the rest of the country, to help slow down the spread of the disease).
  14. I liked the determination of the 7 year old Hunter Jones in the YouTube clip story. Not many kids would have had the determination to stay with their wish to switch roles for a year, and not many fathers would have required the wish to live for a year. Hunter is a good name for a kid that seems to set his sights to something he wants with a certain doggedness. He gave a good impression about his character. Filip Johansson spoke about being happy to go to Frolunda, which is a good team known for its training. He seemed to emphasise the training and his development. He was asked about the new arena as well, which he seemed happy about as well ( - perhaps this tells about a major change, that could help when he switches over to North America. His former team was from a really small town while Frolunda plays in the second biggest town in Sweden.
  15. To think that with bad luck I might up end up in Intensive Care and then become an ex-parrot without ever seeing hockey again. I think this Covid-19 sucks.
  16. The future looks pretty hopeful! Who will know where Fiala Kaprizov, Beckman etc be in a few years! I can't see the video links in the article, though. Not with my phone's Opera browser or Chrome.
  17. Yeah, it's all about how to “flatten the curve” as was said in this article with excellent visualisations: [Hidden Content]
  18. I had an Amiga 500 as well. I never realised how advanced the thing was back then. I did write my first study papers with it. The print quality was horrible, and the typeset for the Finnish ä- and ö-letters was even more horrendous, but it sure beat typing with a typewriter. The first computer in our family was a Sinclair ZX81 with no permanent memory storage (it had cassette tape external memory units, but we didn't have one). Every program had to be typed in using BASIC, every time you used it [Hidden Content] I learned some BASIC, and the quickly learned that I am too sloppy for coding. Too many typos, too many numbers switching places.
  19. That's an old school approach to hockey! The fight starts at 9:45 and the poor loser is then dragged to the sin bin, apparently for the sin of losing a hockey fight, as the winner just celebrates on ice
  20. After NHL94 the stick handling, special moves and defense options started getting more and more difficult, eventually getting so time consuming to learn, that I lost all interest. NHL94 can be just picked up when you have a moment to spare and you're good to go. The defence of the Devils was great, Scott Stevens the star.
  21. If it takes a month or two, it's hard to believe they would find time for the 11 games. I'm guessing there won't even be the playoffs.
  22. Well. Sounds like it's going to be many, long no-hockey-at-all months... sucks.
  23. It looks like a season that is going to end prematurely any day. I won't be able to watch this game either. I sure hope I haven't see the last Wild game of this season, as watching Fiala has been fun!

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